Blackhawks Convention Canceled

On Wednesday the Blackhawks announced that the annual fan convention, scheduled for July 24-26, has been canceled.

According to the release, full refunds for hotel room deposits and/or Convention passes will be processed automatically by the fan’s point of purchase (Hilton Chicago, Ticketmaster or Chicago Blackhawks Ticketing).

232 thoughts on “Blackhawks Convention Canceled

  1. Trivia time:
    Which Blackhawk during the 2014 playoffs had the second highest “points per game played” for the Blackhawks????

  2. Brent Seabrook.

    With no convention, maybe John McDonough can come up with a decent advertising campaign. And please no more last shifts, unless he’s the one taking it.

  3. RETIRE number 28 Steve Larmer, who stood up to Mr. Wirtz, union rep, consecutive games and then leave the team Mr. McDonough.

    Bring back all the players Bowman traded or fired for one last shift from Panarin, The Hammer, Ladd, Nick Leddy, Big Buff to Teuvo, Danault, Nick Schmaltz, Mike Kitchen and Coach Q.

    Then fire Bowman and Colliton.

  4. @Hull…best post on here that I have ever read! Only a bad-ass owner would do something like that. Unfortunately, Rocky the Gunt doesn’t have the balls to fire these three clowns, let alone mock their firing by bringing back the players that they traded away.

  5. Nick Leddy is a good hockey player but I have to laugh at the description in the last thread that describes him as “over 200 pounds and solid as a rock”. This would imply he can play a physical game which, if you ever watched Nick Leddy, is not something he does. In fact he tries very hard to avoid physical play which is why he has always struggled in the playoffs but I guess the reality doesn’t fit the narrative.

    Rusty get with the program man – everyone knows the mantra is “One Goal” and that goal is to keep his job. Are you also saying you don’t want to see one more shift for Hawk legends like Jordan Hendry or Brandon Bollig? LOL.

  6. Who was the guy that thought we could use the convention for new gm/coachs/other for convention. We cant do that anymore.

    Steeger going to call the games now.

  7. One more shift has turned into a total joke!

    To bring back Blackhawk legends is one thing unfortunately when they they include a player like Adam Burrish they might as well include every player who has ever worn a Blackhawks uniform.

  8. Sure. Though with the honoring of Stanley Cup Dynasty players from 2010. I would do the whole group at once.

    After all the 2010 and Dynasty players are the only dynasty players since the 80s. You can count 95 m payrolls when every other tea,m had 20 m? payrolls. Thats would be like couting all those times in the first 50 yrs of hockey when MTL got the first 10 draft picks every yr, then other teams got to pick.

    Different eras sure, this is different. This is sections of the sport.
    1st 50 yrs-called the MTL top 10 pick era
    2nd 50 yrs-called the ? anything goes era
    3rd 50 yrs (starting in 2005?)-called the salary cap era
    4th 50 yrs (starting in 2050)-called the ? era

    You just cant compare or count to total amount because its scewered.

  9. Boys…I just happened to come this article in The Toronto Post Dispatch from April 1, 2010. Thought you might be interested,

    Toronto General Hospital Settles Case

    Acknowledging gross malpractice by the Hospital and Its’ Chief of Neurosurgery, Dr. Feydor Fukacraniumov, Toronto General and its’ carrier, Deny Coverage Insurance, paid Stan Bowman 1. 4 million dollars for wrongfully performing a double frontal lobotomy on Bowman in September of 2009.

    Triage nurses thought Bowman was looney when he told them he was GM of the Chicago Blackhawks. “ He looked like an accountant”, Nurse Crachitt was heard to say. The experts said due to the surgery, Bowman would have diminished mental capacity.

    Boys… this “ may “ explain his job performance since 2009.?

  10. Whether or not you agree with Burish doesn’t matter, it’s still done as appreciation to the person former player.

  11. Appreciation of what? Burish played 169 games and scored 31 points during his time here.

    Let’s give Antoine Vermette and Kimmo Timonen one one too. Nick Boynton, he was on the ice when Kane scored in 2010! He should get one! Kim Johnsson was included in the Leddy deal. That deserves some appreciation. He even played a few games before a wicked concussion ended his career. We can all appreciate that sacrifice!

    It got old fast!

  12. Whether or no you agree Ian you sound totally clueless. There might be a spot for you in Blackhawks management to help Bowman figure out the cap or possibly pick the next former Hawk for the next..One more shift. From “appreciation to the person former player” to Dunken Keith playing 5 or six more years to Panarins plan to sign with the Hawks so later he could become a New Youk Ranger…give us all a break!

  13. Ah… but there’s more. The “ hockey writers” ( someone once posted here that they are just shills for Hawk management) in their “ wisdom” ripped Tallon. Tallon & Q are going to make Panthers a regular playoff team. The same treachery of weakass scheming Bownhead getting rid of Tallon, of Q happened in Florida ( Inept Rowe fired Gallant ( winningest coach in panther hx. Nauseating… hockey writers saying Bownhead top GM. How much did you pay for that article, Stan?

  14. PS- the entire world has become spin & hyperbole. Hey-Mcdonough, Colliton, Bownhead- you can say ad nauseum an orange is an apple. Regular people like those who post here know what an apple looks like… you assholes!!! Pissed!

  15. Stape no need to attack and try to belittle people, no harm done to you, get your issues dealt with will you. First i never said Panarin planned to do anything, i did question if he used Blackha2ks to get his foot in the Nhl door as did alot of people. 2nd when i was writing post on Keith, i deleted that I didn’t think he would resign with Blackhawks but figured somebody would twist that as being anti Keith so tried to be neutral on it, guess sonebody to twist everything to their liking i guess. As far as Burish no idea what the reasons for appreciating him were, but certainly wasn’t to be petty or spiteful towards somebody. So stick to your own opini9ns and stop trying to tell me what mine are.

  16. Ah, well done Tim2!
    Panarin signed a bridge contract and then the Accountant who was in charge of the late fax to the NHL traded him. There is a reason why he is the worse accountant in the league…he’s the worse GM.
    The amazing thing is how the ex-blackhawks in management around the league, have stripped Bowman on every trade! Bergevin and Chevy to name a few!
    Maybe invite a few more ex-hawks for one last shift like Smith, Carpenter, Sikura, Knott, Hayden, Iacopelli, Peeters, Palliota, Morin, Gravel, Cagg, Shaw, Fleishman, Weise, Nylander, Kampf, Delia?
    Fire Pierre Gauthier, please!

  17. Wow, every highlight I watched tonight of Teuvo against Tampa in 2015 makes me cringe. To trade that talent away for no reason whatsoever? To keep Kruger instead who was overpaid once again by Bowman as a 4th line player is just another reason of how this idiot destroyed this team. There was a bridge contract for sure, easy money. Yet, he trades Teuvo, overpays Kruger when he could have traded him and used a less expensive and faster Danault as a 4th line center on a cheaper salary! Vermette didn’t stay and Richards retired! Just dumb and dumber!

  18. Vermette didn’t stay due to telling Q After (scoring winning goal in 2015) season was over… “Your system here aint gunna work no mo…you don’t have the players”…. Gone!

  19. Gentlemen, and I use that term loosely. I have just had 5 Mickey’s Big Mouths coming off of Lent alcohol free. So the truth is being spoken.

    1) Hull I am one of the few that looks to read your post. Yes it is redundant, but I believe you have some knowledge. Why not talk about what you would do instead of what Bowman did or should have done.

    2) Ian, I am siding with you on why people have to belittle others on their opinions. Because I say Cal ga ry and you say Cal gary doesn’t make me smarter. The smart person is the one that predicts or proposes something that comes to happen successfully. Those who put down others opinions to make them feel smarter are the insecure. You know who you are.

    3) The two coaches are a good read. Reay and Ivan keep it up.

    4) Mo, your enthusiasm and faith in the Indian Sweater is the best.

    5) Tab you do a great job. Thank you a million times for this forum.

    Question, is this Mitchell signing official yet?

  20. A follow up to JR Roman re Stape – Ian tiff
    JR- your post was “Gospel” like. Stape- Ian- I read you both, like both your posts. You know what? We are all frustrated… & sometimes we take it out on our own family. “ That’s” what we are boys…family! I think Stape just was having a bad day…I’ve had plenty of them. We “ain’t” each other’s enemies…we’re all just pissed…. & we all give a shit. JR speaks of “truths”. There were truths in both Stapes & Ian’s posts. Can all of us “ committed Indians “ arrange to attend Bownhead & McDonough next presser? I’ll bring the eggs & cabbage!!! Peace out my brothers!

  21. The “retool on the fly” strategy obviously did not work. It’s a rebuilding at this stage, whether John McMarketing (who I despise) admits it or not. What the Hawks need to hope for is to hit on the draft, whenever it is the draft happens. And hope that by 2021-22 season they are back to being playoff caliber. Going to be hard with a concussed high mileage old Crawford in net, a late 30’s Keith being relied upon heavily and Toews being little more than a 3rd line Center at that point yet still playing top line minutes because of ego management.

    Bowman isn’t going anywhere. I’m mixed on that. I think McMarketing is the biggest problem. And Colliton is not the long term answer. He preferably needs to go soon.

  22. Oh no…. HELL NO Turgidson!!!!!!You are NOT getting away with it!!!! I lost it when you posted. Damn, Buck! What a “ great” handle. Kudos!!!! One of my favorite movies. General… I just spoke with Brig. Gen. Ripper. He sends his regards… as do I. Much respect.

  23. general buck

    mc and bow are equally despicable and responsible for the state of the team. both must go.

    big buff now an unrestricted free agent. would love to see him back on a reasonable one year deal to teach this team how to play with aggression.

  24. Rocky has given John McMarketing the keys to the kingdom. I don’t understand it, but he has. Rocky’s taken a page from his old man Dollar Bill Wirtz in terms of undying loyalty to an idiot. For the old man it was Bob Pulford…for Rocky it’s become McMarketing. Bowman is safe with McMarketing because the later knows nothing about hockey and is ill-equipped to conduct a search for a new GM and Head of Hockey Operations. It’s a big fat mess.


    I told you never to call me here, don’t you know where I am?… Well look, baby, I c-, I *can’t* talk to you now… my president needs me!… Of *course* Bucky’d rather be there with you!… Of *course* it isn’t only physical!… I deeply respect you as a human being… Some day I’m gonna make you *Mrs* Buck Turgidson!… Oh, listen uh, you go back to sleep hon, and Bucky’ll be back there just as soon as he can… All right… listen, sug, don’t forget to say your prayers!

  25. Ian/Craig/Tim, is Tafolli a ufa this summer. Just saw a sign with his name on it. Could be good omen.

  26. I am going with we are going to trade with a caphit like 15/20/other and get Tafolli this summer.

  27. Hey boys-Toffoli is a solid player. On a good line, he could be a 30 goal a year guy. My fear is Bownhead in an attempt to “ look” like he knows what he’s doing, will overpay for him . The cap hit mess Bownhead created …. a mess. If I am GM ( here I go again) I’d go full rebuild, try to sign Clifford for reasonable & scour the sticks for one or two 6’3- 6’4- 220- 230 hitters & put them with Teply, Kurashev, Barratt, Entwhistle, Cat, Strome. Or not…

  28. PS-I’d love to have Buff back on a one year for 2.5 mil , but that’s me being unrealistic. I hope Buff stays retired, enjoys his wife & kids & goes sturgeon fishing with his buddies. There “ has” to be a reason ( besides the ankle etc) he didn’t play. He has nothing to prove to no one including himself.

  29. For just muscle we can get Haley or Rinaldo for probably 750-800k. Muscle and little scoring maybe Maroon for 900-1mil. For some size sign Jumbo Joe for 1-2 mil. Still a great passer and tough on the puck.

    Like the addition of Toffoli. What is not over paying? Probably need to spend 5mil at least to get him.

    Saad Toews Kubalik
    Kane Dach Toffoli
    DCat Thorton Nylander
    Maroon Kampf Highmore/Rinaldo

  30. Wow JR- that’s one heck of a line up! If we don’t go full rebuild, I’d rather see Cat- Strome Rinaldo or Maroon. I’d put Toffoli with Toews- Kubalik & Thornton 4th line with Teply & Barratt. I’d trading Saad for cap space no matter what…& Nylander has huge potential over Kubalik BUT… Kubalik works- Nylander doesn’t. So.. I use Nylander- Saad-Murphy-DeHaan- Maata for trade or picks.

  31. PS-those guys you named, JR, ( Haley, Maroon, Rinaldo, etc) give us more size & toughness. I really want Kurashev in lineup next year too But… you may be onto something if those numbers are doable.

  32. NHLPA saying the salary cap will remain flat for 2020-21. Wow. Huge ramifications.

    #1) Strome is not getting a big contract. A 2 year bridge deal. If he and his agent want more, he’s gone at the draft. A 23-year-old, 50-point Center will have value.

    #2) There’s no reason to pay the #1 Goalie, $ 6 Million. Stan needs to pay for what he will get in 2020-21, not for what he received in the past.
    Personally, I’d love to see Khudobin for $3.5 to $4 Million. This guy stood toe to toe with Lehner in a game I attended in Dallas in November. He was stellar.

    Still giddy over the Mitchell signing. Things are looking up.

  33. With the Cap remaining flat for next season I would make the hard choices now.Move on from Strome.It was a mistake.Don’t compound it by having him tie up money and prime ice time because he is Debrincats buddy.Buyout Smith and Maata.If Dehaan is ready for training camp,which I seriously doubt,try and trade him.Most likely Seabrook and Shaw will not play again so that should take care of itself.If Crawford does not want to split time do not resign him.Take your pick of Carpenter or Kamph.They both can not be on this team next season.Give the group of young forwards a legitimate opportunity to make the team.Give Mitchell and Carllson a real shot at making the team out of training camp also.Go out and get a real Center that plays both ends of the ice and that can skate along with a couple of physical forwards who can move and hit.Lots of work to be done and I don’t think that we have the right people in place to make the moves and coach the final product.

  34. Tim W-Your plan is “ reasonable”,…you & so many of us on this “ post “ see” solutions ( especially with the capnBownhead gave us). I’d lobby for Strome & I’d lobby the real center you want is Barratt. But… your plan makes the hawks more competitive….& your right about Crow contract. Peace out.

  35. If Buff decides to play again, as welcome what his presence brings could be, lots teams be interested. He just turned 35, so be perfect candidate for a team with lots of room to offer him 1m + 2 or3m in performance bonuses on 35+ contract. That way if he plays he gets paid and not a big caphit to deal wuth if it doesn ‘t work out and not have him tie up what will be valuable caproom next year. Half the league or better could be interested in that.

    Shalunov hype sounds like may be just something his agent created to get him a better khl deal, so forget that unless he actually signs.

    JR and hanks, Mitchell is official only thing undecided is when it starts is why no details available. When season resumes that will be determined.

  36. PS- I’d like to be a fly on the wall but…Lerner should been signed & Crow let go. Lerner was critical at times of the Hawks management including the coach. Lerner is a little like Bobby Hull & Steve Larmer situation. Man… Bownhead’s lack of critical decision making is just brutal!

  37. PSPS- any sport requires character guys in locker room. Like a Hjarm, a Larmer, a Hossa. I see guys like Gilbert, Entwhistle, Barratt, Mitchell… bringing that. Hating to lose is as important as wanting to win. I’m off to work to fight with all those Raffi Torres Covids.

  38. Tim2 agree character and chemistry are extremely important, looking at cup teams tells you that, a contender on paper is just that without it.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Lehner brought back but comments by both sides at tdl make it seem unlikely. Probably waiting for final word on cap for next year before signing Crawford, reported that it’s staying flat but that report was disputed as not being cut in stone too. Possibly Mitchell could be burn a elc year or bonuses if not type deal, which could affect Crawfords deal too and caprom available.

  39. All the so called experts here on drafting , Let see The players available in Upcoming
    draft that the Hawks Have a Chance of snagging at their draft pick selection slot…
    Tell us who they shouls select BEFORE draft happens… this way we can see how they pan out next season and see who knows what… Not giving Blowman an out, just saying , criticizing AFTER watching players fail is easy… “Trump not doing things correctly”, after he tries to do right thing coming from morons who have No Plan.. NEVER say what he did wrong…
    Later Boyz…

  40. Let’s say the cap stays flat. We only have 7.353 mil room to have the same roster while needing 2 goalies 3 forwards and 1 dman. Moving Smith and Shaw retiring would add 7.15 mil of room.
    Smart move would be to get Shaw to retire and pay him as an Ambassador. He is owed 3.9mil for 2yrs. 7.8mil. How about a 1.56 mil Ambassador for the next 5 yrs.
    With only the Shaw move gets us 10.253 room.
    Give Kubalik 3yr 3mil and Strome 2yr 2mil show me. Replace Caggs with Maroon at 1mil. That takes care of our forwards and we have 4.753 left. Crow or equivalent at 3mil and a back up at .750 and Koekkoek at 1mil. theres the room for the same amout of players.
    From there we can make moves with what we have. My targets are Smith and Maatta. deHaan I believe is one good hit away from retiring but do like his play. If he becomes tentative(which I believe he won’t) move him.
    Keep Saad! The great Real Deal James Neal at 32yrs old has 19g 12a and a -20. So he’s been on the ice for 51 goals against. Pretty sure he had a good line mate that scores and still a 51 ga. Ed can enjoy that for 3 more years at 5.75mil. Saad at 6m for one more is 21g 12a +2 at 27yrs old. Don’t think anyone would give Saader any more so we might be able to keep him for less but with term. Say 5yr 5mil maybe 4.5mil.
    Starting a new campaign. SEAbrook is SEAttle! SEABS by the SEA! A great Blackhawk that I would miss but the time has come. I will be the first to buy a Kracken jersey with his number and a captian’s C on it.

  41. Still giddy over the Mitchell signing. Things are looking up.


    The salary cap thing will screw most top 10 teams and others. It will help us in the way that it will make us do the things we should do anyways, now. We donot have a roster loaded with HHNL deep players. We have them coming/prospects and they will be on elcs, hahahahahaha. This is huge for us and will screw a lot of teams. We deserve this because we are the dynasty team in the salary cap era.

    So what do we do and who do we take advantage of, by salary cap and exspansion.

  42. Neal was a -20 on a team with a decent record. Yea do not want that shitt.

    Get me this Tafolli guy.

  43. I will be the first to buy a Kracken jersey with his number and a captian’s C on it.

    You mean this mckracken.

  44. Time for a rebuild is now and quit fooling around. Get rid of everyone who is 30 years old yes everyone in the aging core included. Time to build around Dach, Boqvist and this years 1st round pick. Time to see if our young guys will sink or swim.
    With the team that we have now even with our core players the Hawks can’t even make the playoffs. This patchwork logic is obviously not working.

    What is the definition of insanity?? Blackhawk management is doing it.
    The goal should not be picking up guys like Shaw, De haan, Matta and the other four line veterans to try to make the playoffs.
    The goal should be to build a young powerhouse team that can win the cup.

  45. Saad-shaw- DeHann-Seabrook-smith-Need to be moved…However is needed… Keith next asap… this year or next…. “plays 25-28 minutes a game”—- Nope, stands around for that time out ….Sports is a young mans game.. stay healthy and produce… Lotta koolaid drinkers from yesteryear… Stop with retreads too… Youth only.. Obviously talented ones…. Let GM earn his pay and find them… Lets get this party started!

  46. tomorrow afternoon in Houston, game 6 against the bruins at 2 cst followed by lightning game 6 at 3:30 on nbc. Best two minutes in Hawks History Bicks and Bolls. I look forward to see both games.

  47. i also want people to remember it was kane. toews, handzus and bickell on the ice with keith and seabs in bicks goal.

    the other was bolland,frolik kruger, Hjalmarsson, oduya,

    I love seeing the crowd on the second goal,

  48. Trivia-what movie was ‘‘tis line In?
    “ It’s like a gift. It’s like I can’t control it”.

    Anyway-All the posts are great. JR- I respectfully disagree on Saad…I think for cap…& performance reasons, he has to go.
    But except for Saad, JR’s, Stapes, Billy Reays plans get the Hawks headed in the right direction. Man….I sure miss hockey. The boys

  49. @ Jr. Until Towes, Kane, Keith, Seabs and Crawford are gone the Hawks will never rebuild. My point was the Hawks need to get younger. Resigning Crawford is just a bandaid and not a solution. Just so you know 30 years old was just an age number.
    I could have just as easily said age 29, 28, 27. Lol
    Bottom line Hawks should replace aging veterans with young talent and do it now while the core still have a value. Yes I know Seabs has little trade value.
    What is the logic of not trading any of the core? Are they getting better with age?
    I’m talking strictly about the on ice product. A none playoff team needs changes.
    The core will always be remembered as Hawks legends regardless.

  50. Would Ottawa trade the number two for DCat and our 1? Or DCat and our 1 and 3? Ottawa has many top picks.
    My hope is getting Byfield. At the same time 5mil in cap space. Stape I would trade Saad (I know I said keep) only if we know we are not going to resign him for 21-22. Now there’s 11mil room.

    Coach Reay if we stay at nine of the players I think would still be there my picks are. Holloway Gunler Lundell and Quinn. Only going by size and what I’ve read. Have not seen any tape yet. ‘

  51. Stape – glad you’re not the GM – trading 19 and 88 doesn’t move this team closer to a cup

    They could still be useful pieces on a cup team when they’re 35 +

  52. As long as McDonough is team President Toews,Kane,Keith,will not even be shopped let alone traded.Any rebuild plans for the next 3 years will have to include them.Hopefully Crawford and Seabrook can be moved or retired to begin the rebuild.On the plus side they could buyout or move Maata and Smith.They could trade Strome,Carpenter,Kamph,and maybe DeHaan if he gets healthy.Shaw will not play again so thats another spot opened up for youth.So we are left with Toews,Kane,Saad,Debrincat,Dach,and possibly Nylander to start with at the Forwards.Keith,Murphy,Boqvist,Mitchell,Carllson,and Beaudin at Defense(See if you can get a Physical Veteran D-Man to plug in).At Goalie I would go young.Let Delia and the Russian take over.That leaves 6 Forward spots that could be filled with a couple of physical acquisitions along with a couple of full ice Centers.Hagel,Kurashev,Highmore,Baratt,and possibly this years draft pick could slug it out for 3 of the open spots.Sure would be an interesting Training camp.

  53. 2021, Frozal with the beauty tip that went off the post. That was Crows family behind the net area around row 5 6 7 after Bolly scored that goal.

    The dynasty team of the salary cap era.

  54. Wrap- If you remember the last time the Hawks were in the playoffs they got steamrolled by Nashville in four games. Follow that up with three years of missing the playoffs. 19 and 88 were on the team during this stretch and I am in no way blaming them for the lack of success. My point being the Hawks even with 19 and 88 are not cup contenders they can’t even legitimately make the playoffs

    I would trade them now when they are at their highest trade level. If you wait until they are 35 they will have little or perhaps no trade value. I suspect both 19 and 88 will retire as Blackhawks if they choose to stay. How useful as players 19 and 88 will be at age 35 is another question.

    I personally would trade them and it would speed up the rebuild immensely.

    Look at what happened to Detroit, LA and even San Jose they like Chicago didn’t trade their veteran stars and do you think that they are going to win the cup anytime soon? Did you notice what has happened to Vancouver once the Sedin twins retired?
    They started getting a lot younger and a lot better.
    While I totally agree 19 and 88 could be useful pieces at 35 on a Stanley cup team realistically I don’t see Chicago contending for a cup any time soon.
    So with your logic let’s keep things status quo and be mediocre for years.

  55. Tim W., Kubalik should be a fixture at forward too. If Strome moved, filling center spot becomes a question mark. One option if they don’t move up in lottery could be to take Lundell in draft. He may not have biggest upside potential but on flipside projected to have least risk and closest to Nhl ready at that point in draft. Give that true 2way center to compliment Toews and Dach in top 9. Also agree don’t foresee any shakeups by moving the core contracts unless intitiated by players themselves. Then just ride out next year with what is available in house at 3rd center. Shaw more than likely a ltir candidate, so that could be used and moves made during season. Then in another year have Lundell or maybe someone else, Barrett and maybe Teply, he might be a little longer ready to compete for top 9 spots.

  56. The “Core “ is Done… Only Kane is a keeper… wake up guys…
    How the Hawks looking the last 5 years?
    Blame all the young players you want… Blame goalies too.
    The Old are not Hungry or Can’t do it.. which is it?
    Todays Hockey is a speed game… Hawks are Slow And can’t Score…
    Toews at $11 m and Saad @ $6.3 m Not cutting it… Keith is turnover machine that constantly plays out of position…
    “saad brought here to make our Capt. better”… Give me a break.
    Netflix time…lol

  57. Damn!I knew I was missing someone Ian.Kubalik was an obvious oversight by me.I would include him in the top 6.Matter of fact I might move Saad with him in the equation.Saad is not a 6 Million a year forward.

  58. Other than Kane what can we get for the core. Kane should and would have to bring us a top pick. We can’t win much less break even on a Seabrook trade. Can’t trade Crow he’s a FA. Keith probably a late round pick, prospect and NHL average body. Saad better pick maybe 2nd or third round. Better NHL body. Toews?

    What we have are vehicles with high miles on them. One is in the shop getting an overhaul to be ready for the summer. The dealer won’t give us much for them. We put big money into them to keep them running. They are probably worth more to us and get more out of them than what we get back. All except our hot rod Kane!

    How old and spectacular were Larmer, Eddie O. Gilbert, Mattaeu and Noonan when they won the Cup together? Could it have been coaching that won them that Cup? Physical play? They weren’t speed demons when they won it together.

  59. JR even if there was a chance, which there doesn’t appear to be anyways, that 2, 7, 19 will be to be moved. With the current cap issues coming for teams, it’s not realistic to think it could happen, loading team up with picks in return. With 3 years left they are not expiring contracts that get moved at tdl either. Reality is they are staying for another year at least. Resigning 50 not cut in stone so it is possible that doesn’t happen and 7’s future right now uncertain how much he can play going forward. Even limited amount of teams now looking for dead cap space of ltir to make cap floor right now.

  60. Billy Reay- you are spot on. Kane is the only keeper from core. I have a broken record pushing for rebuild, playing our young guys NOW!
    Billy- you hit on another “truth”….hunger. Hunger , a hungry player out to prove himself is huge. That’s why I have been sooo adamant about Dennis Gilbert…and adding two 6’3/6’4…220/230 pounders from anywhere ( for cheap) to protect this line up:
    Kane-Dach-hitter banger scraper
    Cat-Strome-hitter banger scrapper
    Mitchell-hotter banger scrapper
    I know I am going to pounded on Gilbert 1st pairing with Boqvist. I think Boqvist is going to be a star. Gilbert is the “ONLY” guy this year to do that effectively…& he is hungry- has something to prove. Gilbert WILL look out for Boqvist….& despite concerns by many on this posting site…I think Gilbert character offsets those concerns. Keith- Beaudin line speed will help them not get targeted…BUT with them, I’d always have a hitter banger scrapper FW on ice . Same with Mitchell. My pitch- Bownhead went smurf speed on D. Okay- let’s go with it but protect our new generation Bobby Orr’s.
    I read all the posts this morning @ 4:00. Most are seeing need for playing our young guys. Like Billy said above- hunger is a good thing.

  61. PS-some posts have had Barratt @ Rfd for awhile. That’s a sound idea…BUT I’m so into a total rebuild, I’d really line him with Entwhistle- Kurashev on 4th line. PSPS-Re trading Toews…I’d do it now IF we get a good deal. There are guys posting that know more about cap than me. I do know we have to get rid of dead money overpaid players.

  62. Colliton-Read this! I’m throwing you a bone… giving you a pep talk.
    Forget Satan Bowman advice, Scotty Bowman advice. Forget “ how” a coach is “supposed” to look, what analytics say about schemes, lineups. YOUare the f’ing coach…and you are supposed to be able to relate to young players. DO IT-PROVE It.
    Attack- attack/ attack. Go youth. No reversing along the boards dump & chase game…Have Boqvist- Beaudin-Michell skate it out or take pass in middle to lead transition. Did you even “see” the Dach potential he flashed using his ability??????IF you are going to lose, Colliton….make sure it’s your way, going down in flames playing your game. I cannot believe you actually want this staid predictabledefense oriented game. You have Patrick F’ing Kane on your team…& Strome& Cat& Dach . Unleash the dogs. I’d talk to Kane and ask him what he thinks. Toews too. They ain’t too happy with playing the game “ you think you should coach. F..k Bowman. And for Christ sake-insist Gilbert & two new hitter banger scraper FWS are on your team. There…. I feel better.

  63. PS Colliton- IF you don’t ever get pissed on the bench with the refs or one of your players…THEN… you don’t belong behind the bench!!!! If you don’t “ have” that… step down. Players deserve a coach that looks out for them!!!!

  64. Stape, thats the general idea and what I think most people want. With 19 88 and some others staying. A rebuild to load the young wave, just not everyone.

    If there wasnt a 19 88, then going completely by that would be thing to do, just like 2005 and before.

  65. Sometimes you give it more then one chance/time. Like somebody said here, we tried the add 5 or 6 good ufa players to have a full roster, not HHNL deep, but full to be able to play because the last two yr before we didnt even have 6 NHL defensemen. We tried that, it didnt work and even if we got 7 or 8 seed, who cares-other then experience.

    We want top 5 roster or top 5 skill draft player.

    That, basically, is the best way to get that. Really anyway is good with me.

    So the ‘tank’ufas and the ‘temp’ ufas worked, it got us 2 top 5 skill draft players so far. Can get another one this draft and maybe another next draft. After that we ll be to good to be picking in top 20 for long time again.

    So do it now. Not full rebuild just like what Tim/others say.

  66. Its fine to trade 20 even 12 17 and whoever, it does get cap space but you need to be creative if you do.

    You have to get 1sts and 2nds/or top propects and add a really good ufa like Tafolli. So basically were getting both for the price of one.

    We can rebuild with lots of, good moves-like we say here, and still kepp 19 88. The other core players contract will runout on there own when we need space for young wavers bridge/then real contracts. And by that time we should only have 19 88 anyways.

    Where all saying the same thing, just in different languages. Heck I speak english as a second langues.

    ‘two bloody marys for the second time.’

  67. I donot look at LA ANA other those teams because they have no good farm. I look at BOS keeping some of the core and having a good farm/top draft pick players and then they are top 5 again.

    We have what BOS did. Were not like those oher top teams that farms suck, with PIT joining them soon enough, as there farm sucks.

    We can do the same thing BOS did.

    Like Tim said though we need new system/gm/identity/fresh and fifferent. Different that works. Coolitan was new/fresh-didnt works, so that cool. Do it gaain and get a system/coach/gm that does works.

    Its not just the players. and teams are better/the same/or worse then there records are. Look at us in 2017?

  68. The Old are not Hungry or Can’t do it.. which is it?

    No ‘old’ in the league can do it, unless they have a full and HHNL deep roster to work with.

    Roll 4 lines doesnt even work when you have 19 88 2 7 81 10 in there prime of prime yrs, when the roster is not deep. 2011 is good example of that.

    We need HHNL deep lines.

  69. Roamn, yea were not getting much for core players anyways. Its not worth even doing that. 88 doesnt count, he ll be scoring goals/assists when hes 43.

    Its the creative rebuilding moves like trading 17 20 44 other/anyone who can get something and adding ufa like Tafolli and load young wave.

    I would rather have 19 88 when they are 35-40 then only one more top prospect added to young wave.

    Think BOS here, some core players stay, young wave ready, good team system-that works for the players.

  70. What has me excited the most, besides the beast they call 77, is the Horsemen are here. Not established yet though, rookies and green like the spring time.

    Once these guys get to the 200 game mark, look the F out.

    Its been 36 mth, 24 mths to go and we ll have a top 4 like NAS did for 10 yrs.

    top pair/Mitch
    top 4/BoQ

    Regula fits in there somewhere on how good he is.

    An entire young fast with enough size for balance and scoring goals to boot. Thats the new NHL defensemen right there.

  71. Its been 36 mth, 24 mths to go and we ll have a top 4 like NAS did for 10 yrs.

    Why didnt NAs win, other then refs/league allowing goal tender interference so they could help ‘certian’ teams, they didnt have great guys like 19 88 on there teams that lead the way and know how to win without cheating.

    Thats part of why we should keep 19 88 other because even at 35-40 and even 43 for 88, they will still lead the way.

  72. Moors- if I ever meet you… I’m gonna buy you beer until you get shit faced. Why? You had Gilbert in the D corps.

  73. Stape – I understand your reasoning but I don’t agree that now’s the time to trade 19 and 88 0 IMO that would be a recipe for prolonged mediocrity – you’d never get equal value back

    Maybe in 3-4 years if they’re asking for too much on their next contracts I would think about trading them

    While I agree the Hawks aren’t winning the Cup next or the year after 4 years away is too far to say they won’t be contending – 19 could still be a very 2C and 88 still a top 6

    The Sedin’s retiring had nothing to do with Vancouver rebounding – they already had good young players on the way – Van didn’t trade them away like you suggest CHI do with 19 and 88 so the comparison doesn’t even make sense form that POV

    Agreed they need to move on from others like Maatta, Smith, Seabrook (if they ever can), eventually Crow and Shaw, maybe DeHaan depending on his health but not 19 and 88

    IMO done right they could have a team in 4 years with 19 and 88 on it that could compete for the Cup – call me crazy!

  74. Simulated 1st game of 2020-2021 Season:
    Hawks v Blues-Hawks win 7-1
    The top D pairing for the Hawks, Boqvist & Gilbert, we’re a two man wrecking crew. On their first shift, Boqvist took a pass from Gilbert off the boards & rushed Bobby Orr-like up ice, weaving through the Blues, to Score a top shelf goal. On their second shift, Gilbert engaged Oskar Sundquist, knocked the outmatched Sundquist down, Sundquist losing his helmet. Boqvist received a 5 minute major for pouring a bowl of spaghetti on the downed Sundquist’s head, while Gilbert received 10 minutes for eating the spaghetti with fork & spoon off the top of Sundquists head. Boqvist tallied 2 goals & 3 assists. First year Hawk forwards Tom Black & Joe Blue both had 2 fighting majors each & 11 hits. Teply, Barratt, Entwhistle, Kurashev & Mitchell all scored for the Hawks.

  75. Wrap- Just to let you know as long as current Hawks management is still here there is no way 19 or 88 ever get moved unless they want to be moved.

    I will just touch on the Sedin issue in more depth to try to make my point my point a little a more clear. When the Sedin twins were in that they might retire situation Vancouver GM stated at the trade dead line that he would not ask them if they wanted to be traded and it would be totally up to the players if they wanted to be moved. I’m pretty positive that they also have no trade contracts.. At the time I thought wow that’s bad management …Why not trade them both and get something instead of absolutely nothing. At least ask them. In my mind I couldn’t at the time and still can’t see how that was in the best interest of Vancouver.
    Also as long as the Sedin kept playing they were blocking two Canucks young prospects of making the team.

    Let’s look at the Hawks vets… In my opinion Crawford blocked Lehner from being Chicagos next goaltender. The younger Lehner could stand on his head game after game and Colliton would not relinquish the number one job to Lehner regardless.
    Crawford later said that he did not want to be a backup. Ok I get it no one really wants to be the backup. So you have to play Crawford because of loyalty?
    Do you really wonder why Lehner would be so frustrated?

    Duncan Keith is 36 years old and is playing crazy minutes. What would happen if Keith played 20 minutes a game instead of 27 or whatever he plays and the young defencemen on the team got more minutes.

    Chicagos power play is useless Instead of having Keith on the power play which I don’t really understand because Keith can’t shoot the puck why not give someone else a chance? Who is Keith blocking from the PP? Loyalty to a fault is what Colliton is doing.

    Why would Patrick Kane be on the ice in the last minute of a game with the Hawks up by one goal? I don’t see him on the penalty kill and I don’t really see Kane as a particularly good defensive player. Yes he is smart and yes he can score into the empty net.

    What happens when the vets don’t want to play the system that the coaches want to implement? We saw it last year the coaches turned into puppets and the vets ran the team.

    Please take what I am saying with a grain of salt it’s only my opinion.

  76. Stape.. Spot on… I saw as new coach was installed that after 30 games or so .. EVERY player played better when it comes to not running around like a chicken without a head… Except Keith… He still a tool… No evidence but I would bet behind coaches back he is a cancer to the team… Arrogant. Rots on PP. Ppl think he was soo good… Played career for the most part with Seabrook who when unger and healthy was the Bomb.Funny after Seabrooks health deteriorated.. Ppl start talking bout Keith “slipping”… He was Always slipping.. Most never noticed it.. Huge mistake playing his ass them minutes.. Should only get 10-14 per game. Let Faster kids have minutes.

  77. Stapes- Billy Reay… read your posts. You’re on to something re Keith. He has lost a step or two….I hope Seabs retires. He can’t need the $$. Keith time “ must” be limited. His cap hit bothers me…but I see him as valuable teaching & steadying the colts. Trading Toews is a tough call. He IS half Roenick half Hossa… but he IS NOT Kane & at times, he coasts…& he has lost a step. But.. he can help with the colts. It goes back to lack of tough grinders ( GM) & coaching. I repeat- Wirtz & Hawk players should be reading these posts. They’d learn something. What one poster misses… another picks up.

  78. Wow -all the focus on Keith and also his cap hit. This exceptional Hawk, who yes is getting older, and his play is declining, has been playing below his worth for quite a while and that actually helped the Hawks in a time that it was needed.
    His contract as wonderful 5 years ago and he has very much helped this team, this City and the Hawk fan base achieve a lifetime of Cups.

    Heart, Grit and Skill should equal a bit more respect, but alas in this day and age-(of ‘what have you done for me lately, or more accurately tomorrow’) nope.

  79. SPORTS is a GAME… When you are Good.. you make ALOT of cash…. when you’re not… you’re Out. Same as singing… Stop living in yesteryear… Wanna see Hawks win now. Not Watch replays of 5-10 years ago… When they bringing Tonyo and Hull back? No respect…lol

  80. Keith is a “tool” and possibly a “cancer to the team”! C’mon guys you must have too much time on your hands. The guy has won everything, is a lock for the HOF and yet somehow he is the big problem? Yes, he is not the same guy at 36 as he once was but he is a true warrior in my eyes. You guys are making me think the franchise is so bad that maybe Rocky should just sell it…….

  81. And he’s a tool in others eyes….
    Goes in corners-No.
    Scores goals-No.
    Keeps puck in opponents zone along boards(alway drifting)-No.
    Protects teammates-No.
    Blocks shoots-No.
    Passes the puck ALL THE TIME to Not get hit-Yes
    Opponents score 90% time on Hawks from goalies Left side-yes.
    Clears the crease-No.
    Makes 20 cherry pick passes per game with 1-3 connecting -Yes
    On ice for 20-27 minutes per game-yes…
    Some Hawk fans see things Differently.
    Had he been on NJ-Ottawa-Coyotes- Calgary years ago…
    He would of been ave. player…

  82. Billy Reay-You’re correct re Keith. I still keep him ( he’ll never agree to trade)limit his Time & teach the colts. It’s a mess Billy,

  83. PS-given Colliton & Bowman cluelessness, I d rather have the inmates ( Kane Toews ) running the assylum.

  84. Remember on Dunks, to me it looked at first he lost a step 4 yrs ago/whenever it exactly was, I thinking its more the whole league got fast. No excuse, just thats more part of it. ‘That’ is why guys like Sharpy Oduya who would be good enough to play 35-40 couldnt really anymore because of league speed.

    And why I think, maybe, Dunks can be a Rozy kind of player from 37-42 age and be that dude on the 3rd pair everybody loves.

  85. Another thing is, were not forced, to keep Dunks for full career but when your tyalking about dynasty core players 19 88 2 unless they are really bad you do. Anything less then 50% of prime yrs production, sure. Otherwise do whats best for team in the longrun.

    Longrun for 77 27 is next 15-20 yrs, not only the next 5-8 yrs.

    Were not LA ANA SJ PIT, the teams that farms suck, they have noone coming.

    We are like BOS, the teams that have a good group of young players coming. Thats why you keep 19 88 2. Anything better you get trading these guys, we can just ufa wise and then you still have these crafty wise veterans/dynasty veterans who will know where to be on the ice where young players will have to learn that.

  86. From my eyes….Hawks problem basically is – They can’t Score… No one parks in front of net on offense… defense cheats at blueline to keep it in due to being SLOW to get back.Lot of soft players… Then this all contributes on us focusing on their defense.. Wingers need to cover AND BLOCK point men on D.. Dman need to Clear the crease… Exposed all due to lack of scoring… Hawks need 4-5 GPG to offset DEfense inept. Saad not scoring where he needs to be… Toews also of late not either.
    So Debrinkcat.Kub. Stome.Dach.Nylander need to. and Kane Still does.
    Just my opinion…
    When I watched Hawks i; the 60’s & 70’s … Hawks would TRADE player when they were 30-32 years old for prospect & or a high draft to a shit team
    Now we keep them until their 40 years old.

  87. Not all NHL Players can play WELL past 33-34 years old. Only handful of freaks of Nature… Howe,Chelios,Jagr,Chara,Messier,Etc.
    Mileage and Game speed dictate when “it’s time”.

  88. Yea I was only talking about players like Sharpy Oduya and those thjat did ath the level of the like of Soaps Rozy. The other players like Eags Burr other arnt that kind of quality. I was thinking of before league got fast those guys could, now they cant even.

  89. Killington VT has opening mountain on June 15. So that ones of the top 5 or 10 states in counrty for least amount of viruses.

    If going by highest states for virus it would be later then that, July 1 15 Aug 1. That is way too late for a playoffs July 1 to Sept 15 is wks past labor day.

    Cant have finals in mid Sept.

    Season be cancelled entirely.

  90. If Dach does not make a big offensive jump at Center,one of the larger problems, along with Keith,s being overplayed,is that Toews defensively is a #2 Center and Offensively is a #3 Center.It will be at least 3 years before the Hawks have a true #1 Center if Dach does not blossom.In the background you have Saad,s lack of offensive productivity also.These young forwards have a lot of slack to pickup.

  91. Boys…I am so sad. Hockey is the closest thing to honest labor, fairness, justice on the face this planet. The majority of players work hard. In a world of crooks, crooked policians, crooked lawyers , crooked fake news… a guy offends on the ice- he gets a punch in the nose. That is the beauty of hockey.
    I’m sad about that. I’m sad Bowman has given “ us” speed, finesse players. Except for Gilbert… Not one Tom Wilson type.Add the cap mess, the lack of passion & qualification of Colliton…& wow.
    I get cheered up reading your posts. No shit. We may not agree on everything… but we agree on the essentials. That uplifts me cuz all of you are disgusted too. I can only hope Kane & Toews are disgusted along with us. “they” could do something about it!!!!

  92. Good thing we have a lot of FW coming and we can add players like Tafolli when we can/needed based on what caphits we have/move whoever to make space if need be.

    Having so many good young players on elc at once will allow us to do this, then we ll have to trade some, like Bolly then Leddy then Shaw.

    19 as a 2nd line center is only a good thing.

  93. We want those kind of centers anyways. Players that are really good 200 ft game. Not players like 17 others.

    Make it happen and gather thise kind.

  94. Tim 2 alot of people want a rebuild but think it shoulda been over with yesterday. Just not realistic in professional sports. The muscle players you talk about can be added quite easily and cheaply, whenever. Having too many finesse players right now and just surviving is tough but hopefully gives the chance to see which ones are right to keep. In 2 or 3 years when time to get really serious to keep who they want, ability to add a number 1c in fa like Tavares or top pair D man or winger is there if needed. Time there to add a new coach and Gm too, just have to be patient. Keith and others are fine until then if filling a void, when not in picture anymore or reduced role is needed then that should happen. Meanwhile enjoy the high draft picks and watching younger players develop.

  95. We all want Hawks to win some games and get another Run at the SC….
    Just Remember i; 2010 when the process was started and went into full bloom…
    It wasn’t done with Old slow players… It was young Fast talented ones …See lotta players (without naming names due to ppl here like him,them) who are on D and play ALOT of minutes Purposely shoot the puck (flipping it) at opponents Goalie to get a line change SO THEY can get off ice… Other team was Gased too…
    Why, cause they Can’t keep up..
    Later, boyz.

  96. We then had 4 lines to roll. We alos added a bunch ufa wise, not mostly drafted by us wise.

    Then young wave will get us bunch of players like 2009 did. In that there will be a bucnh of them. Even then we still added 81 82 11 27 to be HHNL deep. We need to do the same this time.

    Ian said 24-36 mth to get young wave really ready and time to add those ufa players.

    Lets get some moar top 5 skill draft players in the mean time.

  97. And Hawks also made great trades like for Sharp, Ladd and Versteeg! Madden was a cup champ as well at the time. The size and speed of that CUP team in 2010 was impressive. Neimi was solid especially against San Jose!

  98. Watching those Stanley Cup Finals Games from 2010 really showed how during crunch time Coach Q really shortened that bench.It seemed like Madden,Bolland,Keith,and Seabrook were out there every other shift in the last 10 minutes of those games.

  99. Tim, yea thats when Leddy never saw the ice in 3rd, as fast as he is and not as good at D.

    Rozy played Soaps played and that is where Dunks can when hes 40, in that kind of role if still here to age of 43.

    Theres were we need a 19 and 81 to play every other shift like they did on PK and certain times of the 3rd.

    Prob did the same with 36 16 67 and 65 16 11 in 13-15.

  100. We totally need another 11 16 for the next wave of good yrs, in addition to a top pair and top 6 player. Doesnt matter if they come from draft ufa trade.

    Just do it eh.

  101. When we thougt, I did 2 maybe 3 yrs, its going to 5 yrs. Whoch is actually a blessing in disguise.

    Instead of us getting two top 5 skill draft players, in it being a top 10 team again in 2/3 yrs. Having to wait 5 yrs is going to be, way, better.

    Were going to get Four top 5 skill draft players and one or more is a superstar/77. Thats way better and could be the difference in being a top team again.

    Four elite players instead of two makes the young wave better, so the ‘tank’ ufas and these ‘temp ‘ufas were actually genius by design or sheer shit luck. I am laughing.

  102. How old/age was Lindstrom when he retired. I am not talking about a Mick Leddy here. Talking about a Duncan Keith.

  103. I was wrong on 43, he played at 42. So I am saying Dunks can play to 42 in a role like Soaps and Rozy did on 3rd pair and still be on the ice in 3rd when players like Leddy are sitting the pine the whole 3rd when it matters.

  104. Who Rots at age 36… Time to move on….Keith aint Lindstrom…Tell me his star qualities again?
    List them .

  105. DON’t you ever notice other teams Constantly dump & chase into Keiths corner (to crows left) and get the puck 85% of the time? HOF ..

  106. I donot know if he can be as good to 42, Dunks is the Lindstrom of these 20 yrs. 3 Cups eraly on and add a 4th like Lindstrom did in later yrs.

    Would have won as many Norris s if same competition in same 20 yrs each guy played. Even if someone likes which ever one better, they basically accomplished the same same/at the end of 20 yrs played, considering the competition level (there are far more good teams when Duncks played then when he did) for each guys 20 yrs played.

  107. so thats why Lidstrom got 7 Norris trophys and Keith only got 2… I thought it was cause Lidstrom was a great player… my bad…lol

  108. If Duncan Keith is still playing for the Hawks at 40 this team will be worse than it is now. Come on Morrison you can’t believe that nonsense. Keith needs to go now while you might get someone to take him.

  109. Didnt say Lindstrom got more because of that, that Dunks would have got more/got less then he did because of it.

    Lindstrom played the 20 yrs Dunks does he gets 4 maybe 5 and that is how many Dunks should have got. They sort of gave Lindstrom so there at his end/padded it.

  110. Another thing is if Lindstrom had to play 20 yrs in salary cap era, he would only have one Cup.

    The only, only, reason red wings won 4 was because of no cap.

  111. Somebody else posted yesterday or day before, we wouldnt get what these guys are worth trade wise, not sure its worth trading then.

    If return was good enough, sure, what evers better for loading young wave is what I want.

  112. The red coats, tucked tailed and run, to the weak east conference when they started to suck.

    Instead of paying there dues and taking poundings after poundings from the Blackhawks and other top teams for almost ten yrs now.

    Sorry I donot respect teams that buy championships like Yankees. 95 m payroll in the mid?-90 s when every other team had 25? at highest.

  113. Ever wonder when you mention trading a Keith or a Toews, WHY you wouldn’t get what you think they’re worth? Cause other team don’t drink same koolaid as you… lol… js

  114. I have been reading the NHL Mock Drafts, and they have the Hawks picking #9 0r #10 depending on the probability of the lottery. Most prognosticators have the Hawks selecting a center from Finland ( Anton Lundell (LC, Finland, HIFK Liiga)) or a bigger defensemen from the USNT program (Jake Sanderson (LD, USA). The center is compared to Jonathan Toews and the LH-D is compared to last years top defensemen, Byram. The scouting reports on both are exemplary. Do your own research and tell us who and why the Hawks should draft.

  115. Based on we have Four top Defensemen coming and we already traded one. Have 77 so I guess we would get the top 3/6 FW if they are equal quality to each other.

    Best available might be both.

  116. Tommy, thanks for change of topic, would also put Askarov in that conversation, projected as a future franchise goalie which Blackhawks need, but Bowman seems to like acquiring goaltenders and placing a lower priority on drafting with high picks. Questionable whether Crawford could bridge the gap until he his ready to be no.1 also.

    Lundell who i mentioned before may not have highest a ceiling but proably least risk of the 3. He gives a true 2way center, fos a ?, to compliment Toews and Dach. He his ability to play like the 3rd defensman in Collitons defensive system may fit will with him also. He would likely be able to start playing Nhl level in another year. Moving one to wing if a star no.1 center acquired by ufa or trade would be easily done.

    Sanderson has a high projected ceiling, but has a bigger risk. Playing in Usdp and being a Dman, he is further away from Nhl ready and more of a project. Playing an Nhl type schedule in Chl or against older competition like Ncaa or European top leagues, closer to Nhl sometimes makes the risk alot less.

    Of those 3 i say they take Lundell.

  117. Lundell would give 3 2way centers, Kane, Cat and Kubalik give 3 goal scorers and if Saad stays plus Barrett and Teply 3 power forward winger types and have Kurashev, Nylander and Hagel who could land spots as top 9 winger too, before considering any adds.

  118. If this draft is like the BoQ draft, heavy FW and that was heavy D. We got a top 5 player at 8th pick being deep on Defensemen. This is same for FW and we can get a typical top 5 player at 8th again, being FW-having top 12 players being FW except for one maybe two.

    Sort of make s sense to get a FW. I would be totally fine with another Defensemen if they were really good.

    Thing to rememeber is we/were only going to have so many chances to get top 5 skill draft players. During these off yrs. Then thats it once young wave gets established, were back to top 10 team again-very fast like COL/other. So we are lucky/blessing to get Four instead of Two top 5 skill draft players during these yrs now.

  119. When people complained/and rightfully so on the roster last three yrs, it was actually genius to get those ‘tank’ ufas and ‘temp’ ufas because that is why we got 4 instead of only 2 top 5 skill draft players for young wave.

    So to me that means FW.

  120. I like that Lundell/Holtz have size where the others ahead of them are small 165 smurfs. Only top 2 are big.

    This Lundell dude might be a nice 1 2 punch.

    Going to be same size as 19 is.

    Size and strength down the middle.

  121. If they move Strome it will be Lundell.If they are intent on keeping Strome for the future they will take Jake Sanderson and most likely Maata and Dehaan will be gone.Murphy and Keith will be the only veteran d men left.

  122. @Ian @BigMO @TimW

    I enjoyed reading your spot-on posts. I am in complete agreement that I would select the C – Lundell as well. His video highlights are excellent. He looks like a responsible defender, yet has an excellent offensive skill-set. Johnny-Lite!! I believe that when you pick in the top 10, if there are two players that are ranked the same, and one being a d-men and the other a forward, you must always go with the forward because you can always get some kid to learn to play defense. But, you can’t get a kid to learn to play offense. Yeah, let’s just stay positive with this team now, we have a lot of good things to look forward to with this team, plus Panarin, Tuevo, and Danault are not walking through the door.

  123. Tim W, if they take Lundell, he would likely play another year in Swedish league or possibly over here in Chl or at Rfd. With not likely alot of money/capspace for contracts this year, maybe Strome takes a reasonable 1 year deal to try and up his value. Then he could moved next summer or at tdl.

  124. Lepage — Anton Lundell, C, HIFK (FIN): The forward (6-1, 185) had 28 points (10 goals, 16 assists) in 44 games in Liiga, Finland’s top pro league, and has developed into one of the most complete centers available in this draft. The Blackhawks already have begun to prepare for life after Jonathan Toews by selecting Kirby Dach with the No. 3 pick of the 2019 NHL Draft and could opt for a player with a similar skill set this year.

    How many pts did Teravainen have when he played in that pro league?

  125. Hi boys- been reading the posts. Lundell & Sanderson seem to be the front runners. I was off today, so I scoured the scouting gurus….for edgey, size & acceptable speed- scoring. Drafts can be a crap shoot & keepers who find success are found in the 2nd & 3 rd rounds… sometimes later. Guys like Kane,McDavid, Crosby are no brainer picks. Byfield & LaFrienierre ( misspelled I’m sure) are in that category. I’m not sure Lundell or Sanderson are.
    So.. I want you guys to consider these guys in the first two rounds-Tyson Foerster; Jake Neighbors; Sam Colangelo; Ridly Greig; Dylan Peterson; Roby Järventie; Jacob Perrault; Daniil Torgersson…in no particular order.
    My reasoning- we need young wings with attitude, edge, size….corner muckers… jus talkin outloud…

  126. Seeing mostly Lundell and the goalie. Would the goalie be good if Lundell is already picked. Would be kind of neat to have ‘the next one’ on the farm.

  127. JR-I like all those guys. Moors-I never liked drafting a goalie high unless his name was Tretiak. Lundell is probably the right pick. It’s jut that some of the FWs I mentioned above add to a Dach- Entwhistle presence on the Hawks.

  128. Funny how the FW ahead of mocks 9th pick are smaller guys/little guys. The players with size are mocked around 9.

    Lundell seems to be the right fit for FW size 200ft player speed mocked at 9th.

  129. Moors-I like Lindell. I just checked on Teuro stats. He tore it up in Finland. Damn- imagine Teuro on Hawks still. Another example of Bownhead f’ups… overpaid Bickell… used Teuro for cap relief. Geez!!’

  130. Teravainen

    18 pts 40 games
    31 pts 44 games

    I though it was similiar to Lindell in some ways comparable, strictly pts wisse not whos a goal scorer pass maker 20 ft player, both prob good at D.

  131. Moors- I misspelled Lundell…. Lindell. Must have been thinking of pillows. Anyway-I googled Teuro & he did well in Finland prior to joining hawks. I could be wrong… but I sure wish we would have kept him. Lundell’s profile is good. What you think of Holloway, Greis, Peterson, Neighbors in 2nd round?

  132. Not sure on draft other then what Ian said mid season being really deep 1st round quality. Top 5 or so quality at 10th or so picks, top 10-15 quality at 20 or so picks.

    Just deeper in more good players available. Which is perfect for us and what we deserve, to get another top 5ish player like BoQ at 9th pick like him at 8th pick.

    We timed it out right, for sucking record wise. Normally your not getting as good of player like BoQ and who we pick this draft at 8th and 9th picks respectfully.

    When the top 10 teams get the same crap shoot 20-30.

    Just like in 2011, only ANA and CHI were top 10 teams with top 10 farms. Were not close roster wise yet to that, but our farm is now. Were prob a mid tier team roster wise, this yr, and then addition by subtraction and bring in young wave. People will say your only as good as record, I think what they mean/trying to say is, is as good as record is-how good you played, not how good you really are.

    Look at CHI in 2017, STL in 2019, others. I know what they mean but really its, how good you played-not how good you really are. team by team basis here. For most maybe that is true/right. Not for us and being held down/anchor with this defensive system.

  133. Nothing agasint these coaches team system. Be interesting to see how this system would do with a full elite and good young fast Defensemen that we have coming. Once the whole group is established we are fast and ‘new’ NHL style. Be interesting. Right now/this yr, no way to tell because we have some camels out there, trying to do this system that I donot understand.

    It just seems like something aint greesed or a nut is loose somewhere. Got people running around and no one in front of net? How in the F does that happen.

  134. I would love to see the Hawks move Maata,Strome,and Nylander for one of Ottawa,s 1st round picks.Maybe Ottawa throws in a physical forward or D-man.

  135. Moors-I don’t get Colliton. His says he wants offensive pressure & better transition… but his D. Scheme is along the boards ( push to outside) & his O scheme results in predictable dump & chase. In both cases, we have no net presence.
    Tim W-I could live with Maata-Strome- Nylander to Ottawa for 1 st rounder . I want Shaw & Seabs to retire, & I want DeHaan, Maata, Nylander, Murphy, Kampf, Smith, Carpenter gone. I’m all in for rebuild. I want to keep Strome…but I could live with your proposed trade. What you think of some of the prospects I cited?

  136. Tim 2,I like your choices.I would lean towards bigger more developed players.Drafting guys that have to develop physically would take us out of Kanes and Toews window.Lundell and Sanderson may take a couple of years but I think they are worth the investment.Of course winning the lottery and getting Byfield would work also.

  137. Tim W. The Hawks should be drafting who they think has the most talent with the biggest upside size would be a nice bonus.

    Who they draft should have absolutely nothing to do with Kane and Toews.

    This Kane and Toews window narrative is silly. The Hawks are not even close to being serious cup contenders. If Chicago keeps trading draft picks away and picking up veterans with no upside we will be looking at a mediocre team for many years.

    There is no chance Ottawa trades-either of their first round picks they are in a rebuild.

  138. Yea that s what i was thinking other night, none of the ‘real’ bottom 10 teams will tarde there top 10 picks because they are doing a ‘complete’ rebuild.

    We should take best player no matter what. Half the roster wont be here in 24-36 mths as young wave takes over bulk of 23man.

  139. Stape-Besides Byfield the guys I listed are the ones that are the highest rated players on the board that will be available to the Hawks.Of the current young superstars in the game which are the ones that spent any amount of time developing?It just so happens that there are some physically well developed players in this years draft and I would take advantage of it.If it so happens that they are ready to play in the NHL sooner than later,all the better.I am speaking of the high 1st round pick.If you want to develop players for a few years use the lower picks for that.I have never advocated for obtaining the mid tier garbage that Bowman has obtained the last couple of years.I would rather see young players who earn a spot actually get that spot.

  140. Without looking very hard at all
    Detroit sucks right now…. They are in a rebuild
    Moritz Seider the big defenceman who targeted and somewhat manhandled Dach in the prospects game.
    Played in the minors to develop and was not rushed to the NHL
    Joe Velano not rushed…. Not ready
    Filip Zadina the sixth overall pick in 2018 draft while finishing the year in the NHL has not been rushed to the NHL
    My point is the Redwings could have easily played Seider and Zadina in the NHL this year instead development seems important to Detroit.

    Problem in Chicago they have not yet decided to totally rebuild instead throw band aids on their many issues. With this band aid approach the Hawks will never be a powerhouse team. It’s just a matter of time until the Red wings youth movement will allow the winds fly past our Hawks in the standings.

  141. If we donot trade the players listed by Tim/others, then I have a big problem with not going to the young wave entirely. Regardless of 19 88 2.

    Bowman/other have next 12/24/36 to move all of those players as the young wave comes in.

  142. I want best available, but not extreme million dollar baby gamble that could be.

    Were not HHNL deep for 24 mths or so, so by then who ever we draft should be ready/close for what we want for that.

    The org needs to do these things, otherwise that is where I draw the line.

  143. GUYS and GALS! Found a new toy! Tankathon is a mock draft site that has a draft lottery simulator! I pressed the simulator button at least 10 times. Had the Hawks picking from 3rd to 11th.

    Consensus top 3 are La Franchise, ByFly and Studz always in that order. Had every team picking them whenever they landed there.

    Hawks took Studz when they landed at 3. When they landed at 11 they had them taking Zary I believe. If they landed in between always Lundelly so far. Never once the Russo goalie yet.

    Going back to playing!

  144. Lundell sounds like the ‘BoQ’ pick of this draft. A better player then your typical 8-11th pick.

  145. Gander any enjoyment we get as fans or any number of reasons given, is window dressing. There are no revenues coming in right now, and that’s the bottom line because Gary Bettman said so.

  146. I can and will tell Bettman, right now, to go and stick it.

    If you cant play a full playoff then there is no playoffs. 4 7 game series. Thats it. Cant fit it in, then the 21 seaons is cancelled or just go past boardwalk and collect your 200, bitches.

  147. Just spent the evening watching Brandon Saad score big-time playoff goals and the Hawks win some big series’ in 2013, 2014, and 2015, courtesy of You Tube.

    Think I’ll watch some big-time playoff Panarin goals and Hawks/CBJ series’ wins now…………..ok, that was quick.

    Bowman is a bozo, but this trade was not one of his top clown moves.

    Panarin is huge in Dec-Jan.
    He is a wallflower in Apr-May.

    And no one has won a Cup in Jamuary

  148. Jim just watched Blackhawks win 2015, with a bottom 6 of Teuvo, Versteeg, Vermette, Shaw, Kruger and Desjardins, all under 200lbs. A 34 year old shell of Richards at 2nd center, 36 year old Hossa and 33 year old Sharp as Toews wingers. An aging 33 year old Oduya playing big top 4 minutes. A 3rd pair of Timonen and Vans Reimsdyk, no big bruisers and Crawford who had gave way to Darling early in playoffs. Hard to believe they did it.

  149. Well we didnt have a HHNL deep roster when Bread Man was here.

    Its hard to say Bread Man or Saad. Bread Man 2 Cups Bread Man 0. Regardless of style of play, which says vise versa style of play is reason. You donot win Cups with 50 goal scorers and not with 200 foot Gods like Hoss. You donot. you do with a complete roster.

    So its not Hoss Bread Man Saad, its having both kind of players and having a complete roster. Simple.

    When a Hoss gets a virus that kills the population, you have a Saader/other. the Bread Man comes when he comes. De Bob Lee Swagger Cat, anyone.

  150. You are living in the past Jim and we get it you don’t like Panarin. Absolutely terrible trade for Chicago. Superstar traded for a guy who scored some big playoff goals six, seven and eight years ago.

    And Saad does not have one playoff point since his return to Chicago.
    No one has won a cup when their team consistently misses the playoffs.

  151. We need both types of players to win, Saad and 72. It doesnt matter, lilke he said, untill were deep and have both kinds.

    Bread Man might get us into playoffs, but not win in playoffs. Saad might not get us into, but will win playoff games. We need both for both.

    Teams that build for playoffs, LA, were usually 8 4 5 seed, but when they get in they are top 3 teams. Thats Saad right there.

    We need both though. We had Hoss and Sharpy not one or the other.

  152. It was Saad not Sharpy who had to go to 1st line to stop BOS to line, Sharpy couldnt do it. Even with 19 81/top defensice FW in league.

    Bread Man aint stop that BOS line.

    We need both.

  153. Mo thats the thing, when players like Saad or Toews have slip in production, they still contribute as elite 2way, pk guys who can still deliver in the clutch . In Toews case one of top fo guys in league also. Panarin will put up the offensive numbers but at 29 next fall with 6 more years of 11.64m cap hit, the last 2 or 3 years of that contract might not be pretty if his production tapers as he enters his mid 30s. Basically one dimensional could be easily become an albatross contract the last 3 or 4 years. If Saad stays around that trade has potential to look alot more favourable as time goes on. Having Panarin right now is not enough to make the difference in this team being a contender, so his benefit would limited to personal stats and not likely much in the teams overall success.

  154. I woukd still look at what it would take to get Sergachev away from Tampa, they are in world of cap trouble and overloaded in top 4 left D under contract. He is 21 with potential to be long term top pair guy alongside Mitchell or Boqvist.

    Another note on Panarin not only a 11.64 m caphit for 6 more years but dreaded full nmc until the end of it.

  155. Who would you guys rather have Patrick Kane or Brandan Saad if your goal is to try to win the Stanley cup?

  156. Saad vs. Panarin……….Sorry Stape but I have to agree with Jim Rutherford . I admit that I haven’t seen much of Panarin since he left Chicago but from what I have seen he’s still the same “perimeter” player that he was in Chicago. The Hawks have enough perimeter players, more balance is needed. Panarin has the more impressive stats for sure but is not a 200 ft player while Saad most definitely is in my opinion. Saad’s style, while not nearly as pretty as Panarin’s pays big dividends in the playoffs. I’ll take that over the defensive deficiencies and highlight reel goals from Panarin. I admit to having a bias towards complete albeit less flashy players mainly because it leads to more consistent success and that’s how I was coached since day 1. It drives me nuts to see professional players refuse to play a total game and give marginal, inconsistent effort.

    Subject change……..Have Bowman and the heavy breathers finally come to the conclusion that it’s time for the re-build? Let’s hope so. I was ready to start on it after getting knocked out in the first round by the Blues, as unpopular as that would have been. I can’t see any scenario of working around the edges that will result in anything more than a possible playoff spot and 1st round knock out. Personally that does nothing for me. Sad that we have wasted 4 years and allowed a number of valuable “assets” to diminish in value.

  157. WINGATE Glad you are back in the game…I want to thank you for your…What you would do if you were the GM comments.

    Panarin is probably in the top 3 for mvp this year currently tied for third in the NHL scoring race and is a plus 36. Hardly seems like a defensive liability.
    If you take into consideration that come playoffs the other teams top defensive players will be trying to shut down guys like Panarin not guys like Saad. Much easier for lessers player to succeed in the playoffs.

    Myself personally I don’t see Saad as anything more than an expensive third line player, hands of stone and in no way a top defensive shutdown guy in the NHL.

    I totally agree that the Hawks have a surplus of perimeter players and total lack of size, might I add fourth line players that cannot score.

    Patrick Kane and Artemi are very similar in style and skill would you trade Patrick Kane for a similar player like Saad? I wouldn’t. Superstars don’t grow on trees.

    WINGATE I agree again valuable assets being allowed to diminish and a rebuild is totally over due. Hawks management is in denial just like a lot of people on this site.
    Living in the past and thinking things will get better and with no apparent plan for the future doesn’t make sense.

  158. You guys all make good points. I am thinking we need both, not just one or another.

    I look at Sharpy where he was a 30 goal scorer, not as many goals as 12 or goals/assists as 72 but a better FW at defense and still potted 30.

    Not saying 12 72 are weakling they are tuff, but not Sharpy tuff size wise.

    I guess what I mean is we need both. Were not winning in 2011 when we have core in prime of prime yrs and no deepness. We need that HHNL deepness, which is having a Sharpy/or Bread Man or De Bob Lee swagger Cat or whoever is next 30-40 goal scorer sniper.

    So I look at it as, when we are HHNL deep, who do we have/need-want. I say both.

  159. I love Bread Man and 12 but maybe another Sharpy is what we need more.

    200 ft players, that can score 30 goals.

    3rd line or not 20 10 29 all played 3rd line and were vital at times on 1st. Need that compatibility amounst the lines like that.

  160. It drives me nuts to see professional players refuse to play a total game and give marginal, inconsistent effort.

    This is what happens when there are toooo many laws that protect these Fricken kids, wen what they need is a square foot in the arss. You have to beat them, discipline wise of course.

    This is where I like Q style coaches, nothing agasin tothers, just that theres a proper etiquette play/effort style. Didnt someone say this yr something about a word, structure.

  161. Wingate very good post, i wasn’t all in on rebuild after Nashville series. I posted at during that time that either go all in and try to win again, which i was ok with or go total rebuild, that i didn’t see retooling and doing both working out. Well here we are in what appears is going to be a longer retool than thought. Don’t believe in reliving the past because basically what good are any answers you get anyways, just seems pointless. So have to say that some good pieces have been picked up along the way, are they good enough to form a core of a contending team when current stars from cup teams are gone, remains to be seen. I’ll give them a chance to prove me wrong and make a retool work and be very happy about it.

  162. wingate

    panarin’s game no different than kane’s. both play matador, low energy defense. although they both piss me off, you need those types as well as the saad types. and i totally agree with you on 200 foot players. all that takes is effort and pride in your play. no one expects or wants kane to muck in the corners or get crushed on the boards. but it isn’t asking too much for him to be on the south side of the hawks blue line, positioning himself in the passing lanes. and trying to have a good stick. a lot of very good defense can be played in that manner without ever having to deal with contact.

    two years ago january i wanted keith, toews, and kane made available at the trade deadline. not given away, but seeing what is available. i believe if management went to all three and told them the hawks were all in for a total rebuild they would prefer to be moved to a team with a chance to win rather than go through what they have the last three years and what is likely to continue.

    i would be thrilled for them to be gone for some combination of draft picks, prospects, and cap relief. the hawks have gone nowhere with them for the last five years.

    there are a lot of newbie fans who have been around for the last decade and are fans of these players rather than fans of the sweater. i have been a fan for more than fifty years and many who frequent this site have been fans for multiple decades. our fan favorites come and go. the sweater remains. i am pretty sure no one favors having their favorite players stay with the team and losing continue over seeing their favorites traded and the team play at a higher level.

    past time to clean house. preferably without the ceo, gm, and coach.

  163. Wingate, sure but its not like we traded picks prospects, other then 65, everybody we added was for free.

    We could do this rebuild and keep 19 88 maybe 2 and the young-enough age wise plaeyrs.

    Isint that what we are doing, better be.

    If we start resigning 7 15 44 6 then yea thats a big problem and where we have to cross the line.

  164. BB Bowman, the later part of your first paragragh is what we didnt to in 2009, backcheck. Hoss and other made it point to make everyone on team to backcheck good in 2010 and we were off, for a dynasty.

    Wingate, know what your saying, just saying other then going full NYRags, we havnt wasted anything other then picks for 65 other then a few yrs. Which we would have had to wait anywyas for for the young wave to develop after draft.

  165. I have been a Blackhawk for 35 yrs and have only seen one set of dynasty players in that timeframe.

    So I understand needing to do whats needed, just think we can do it with 19 88 staying. The others, sure. Like you said it depends on the return. Would you trade 19 and 88 for two Dach and have 3 Dachs?

  166. Dach is going to be really good/elite/superstar, but if he is only a Getslapped.

    3 Getslappeds not necessarily equals 1 Dach and 19 and 88.

    I see the entire 10 prime of prime yrs thing, so that tuff.

    Any other decade, when we donot have a dynasty. Yea go to that formula where we only keep noone past 30 and recycle.

  167. Stape,
    Enjoyed reading your response. I must admit that I don’t really focus much at all on stats, maybe I should. I prefer what my eyes and experience tell me. Not sure how much of the plus 36 for Panarin was due to power play goals but as recall from his days in Chicago power play goals were his forte. That’s great, as stated by several posts a team certainly needs guys that can score. In my opinion though, Panarin dogged it a lot defensively in Chicago. Sounding like a broken record here but I can’t excuse that from anyone. I don’t recall Q trusting Panarin too much outside of the power play but I could be all wrong . I also like to watch what a player does when he does not have the puck, can he be counted on to give high effort defensively, does he work tirelessly to gain puck control, etc etc. . True leaders are always pushing themselves and I just did not see that from Panarin. Let’s just agree to disagree on this one (friendly).

    Morrison, I also agree on the need for both types of players, I just think we have too many of one type. Too many floaters and not enough guys that will consistently do the work that has no glory in it and most uneducated fans would not notice. We arm chair GM’s know who they are. I’m certain Bowman does also. On the other end of the spectrum there is Dach. Obviously has had great coaching and just as importantly has taken that coaching to heart. Combine that with skill and a high end work ethic…….a winner! Same could be said for one of my all time favorite Hawks….Steve Larmer. Not flashy, did everything right. And not a high end draft pick as I recall. Worked harder than anyone.

  168. saad gets paid to SCORE goals (not only 16 for $6.4 m/year)… -and a Turn over machine in offense zone.. stone hands…. want a forward player who plays plays defense and can’t score as being paid? dime/Dozen… being back Kruger… only be 1.5-3m./year… Never winning with this… Hawks have 4-8 of these clowns….
    Dehann–Seabrook-Keith… Out with OLD or SLOW or injured or turnover machines who do one good thing per game and some here get giddy over it… Past is Yesterday…
    5 YEARS AGO.

  169. Jacob Nilsson signed to play in Sweden next year. That leavee 37 under contract and 8 rfas under control for next season. 3 in system unsigned who become fas on june 1st if not signed. Forward From and Goalies Gravel and Peeters. None may be signed.

    Cagguila, Kubalik, MaCosham and Subban arbitration eligible. Strome, Fortin, Koekkoek, Tuulola not arbitration eligible. Nylander, Hagel, Barrett, Teply( slide candidate and could return to juniors), Altyvbarmakyan, Entwistle, Hakkarainen, Soderlund, Kurashev, Beaudin, Carlsson, Delia, Tuulola, Lannkinen and Johnson all waiver exempt. Requiring waivers are Sikura, Fortin, Quenneville, Koekkoek, Highmore and Tomkins.

  170. Dach still have to return to juniors not go to Ahl. Boqvist and Mitchell are waiver exempt bu considered all 3 likely to make big league roster.

  171. Yeah we got too many floaters. It doesnt matter who we added and what the caphits is for the guys that are here for 3 yrs or less because the young wavers wouldnt have been/arnt ready yet. After that yes yes. By then is when we need to do that by, if not the that crosses the line.

  172. Like you said Bowman knows if we do and I am thinking that was the plan all along. It pretty genius when you think about it, that when we have to wait for young wavers to be ready-the whole chabang of them. Get ‘tank’ ufas and now ‘temp’ ufas that keep us developing and rettards the record somewhat.

    Which is the only reason we got 2 top 5 skill draft players and maybe 2 more coming. With a top 3 superstar to boot.

    If Bowman and crew would have done what Hull/others wanted-which is what you think should/is better, have better players during these last 3 yrs. Then we would have picked 10-20 all of these drafts and that wouldnt have the young wave core/group as good.

    So we win by doing it that way. Just get shet together and make it happen when the time is right. Like you said get/acquire those 200 ft responsible players and hard working players like Krugs Frozal Bolly Shaw kind of players. Like someone said who wants a James Neil that score 40 goals and gives up 60. Is better to have Saader kind of players who score 20 goals and gives up 10, thats a +.

    kind of lie the 20 19 81 line. Went head to head with others teams top lines and won, not by much, won by a little. That allowed the trickle down effect, where then the 4th line checking line could check the other teams 2nd best scoring line. Which has our 2nd line score lots and lots of goals points and our 3rd line bum slaying the redcoats.

  173. Stape – I appreciate your posts but I think trying to compare Kane and Panarin by saying would you trade Kane for Saad? leaves out the obvious fact that Panarin has no where near the playoff track record of Kane who has scored clutch goal after clutch goal in the post season

    Agree that neither plays defense much and that you need these pure goal scorer/offensive driver players to succeed but if they’re not going to play defense they better produce in the playoffs not just the regular season

    So far Kane has and Panarin, while he hasn’t been terrible in the playoffs has yet to really star in the playoffs – certainly not to the tune of 11.5 mildo

    That could change one day but for now Panarin is a much less version of Kane IMO

  174. I guess I’m in the minority but I don’t see how people can be so quick to declare the Hawks aren’t going to win the Cup again with 19 and 88 and therefore we should start the total rebuild now

    Things can change for an NHL very quickly and while I don’t think the Hawks will win a Cup in the next 2 years I believe there’s hope in years 3 and beyond with continued growth and smart player acquisitions

    Of course you could say that Stan is not capable of smart acquisitions but that only creates a reason for firing Stan not for trading 19 and 88

    By the time hockey starts again Bergeron and Ovechkin will both be 35 playing big roles on two of the front runners for the Cup – no one is suggesting that they should be traded or Malkin who will be 34 in July and I could go on – even Crosby will be 33 in August

    19 and 88 will be 32 this year – hardly too old to be significant contributors in 3 or 4 years to possibly a cup contending Hawk team

    Those two IMO should be part of the solution in CHI – them being on the team is in no way a problem

  175. I call it as I see it, Stape.
    If that is living in the past, then I am reminded of Santaya, who said during the creation of the Treaty of Versailles, ‘Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.’

    Panarin Superstar?
    A superstar wills his team to victory in big games.
    A superstar sacrifices himself for the team in big games.
    A superstar scores big goals in big games.
    A superstar does not disappear in April- May.
    A superstar is Messier. Kane. Orr. Howe. Gretzky. Sakic. Hull.

    None were the multi million dollar springtime wallflowers Panarin currently is.

    I’ll take a playoff performer in Saad over a playoff ghost in Panarin all damn day.
    That’s how you win Cups.

    Saad had two.

    Jethro Tull out.

  176. Wrap. Hawks fans would never consider trading Kane for a player that is similar to Brandon Saad. Some fans think the Saad for Panran trade was good for the Hawks which is fine everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    While I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on to try to compare Panarin playoff stats to Kane’s I look at it this way it’s like trying to compare apples and oranges.
    Those cup teams were power house teams and it should be pretty obvious that stars on really good teams that win cups will produce some high scoring players…Patrick Kane being a star and the Hawks winning cups.
    Panarin never has and probably never will play for a powerhouse team that will win a cup. Timing is everything.

    I will say this I would trade any player on the Hawks right now for Panarin including Patrick Kane
    Look at their stats. When Panarin was in Chicago the word was Panarin only got that many points because of Kane. Well guess what Panarin has gotten even more points without Kane and has a real shot at being the NHL MVP this year.
    11.5 mildo is the price that the Rangers had to pay to get him to sign as an unrestricted free agent.
    Plus 36 is determined by even strength and short handed points power play points have nothing to do with plus – minus

  177. Stape – we’ll have to agree to disagree – I wouldn’t trade Kane for Panarin

    Besides Kane’s pedigree Panarin is 29 this year – if you believe that the Hawks are many years away from contending and should be doing a total rebuild why would you bring a 29 year old who will be 34 or 35 when the team might contend?

    19 and 88 are only 32 this year and yet you want to trade them now – something does not compute

  178. Wrap I was saying that I would trade Panarin for Kane just to make the point of how good that I think Panarin actually is.

    You are totally correct age wise, cap wise and in Chicagos situation I would not be trading for Panarin.
    I would be trading for draft picks by trying to trade aging stars and hoping to get really lucky.. Like Ottawa trading Karlsson and hitting the jackpot.
    Not going to happin in Chicago everyone has a no contract.

  179. Anytime you get more value for an aging player that he is worth in the “present” , you trade him…Thats how you get or keep the “ team” in contention.. Not drink the koolaid of 5 years ago… Ask Detroit on keeping aging good players for 10-15 years
    —-> “ howd that work out”?… Kane is only one I keep, along with crow…Toews is overpaid due to having same agent as kane,,, Saad has no moves with puck, only forehand shot,offense zone turnover machine too (paid too much).. Keith,Seabrook are done.
    Place players on market… Entertain offers to see what market value is for them…
    Then we see….No need to trade if bag of pucks aint full….

  180. Trade Kane? Please, stop the nonsense…Only in Chicago we treat stars with no respect!!! Hockey or Basketball!
    You think the Pens will ever trade Crosby, answer is NO! Players like Kane, Toews, Keith you never trade! It’s your fondation, it’s what keeps an organization relevant.

    Instead, FIRE THE GM first because the last 5 years, he has been horribly bad. Look what happened to the BULLS when their GM became a fool? How many playoff appearances have they been in since Pippen, Jordan, and Coach Jackson left? 5 times since the last NBA championship?
    Make better trades, sign better FAs, and draft players that have talent through the first 4 rounds every year and then you can have your stars play the playioffs every season. And HIRE A REAL COACH!

    Oh yeah JC and Stan, thx for giiving us Nilsson. Another 2nd div. swedish league player going home. How many Canadians on the 2010 & 2013 rosters?
    Be safe everyone and don’t be stupid like the president and drink bleach!

  181. Stape,
    Until Panarin changes his game in the Springtime, Saad is the better Springtime performer when it comes to hoisting the Cup.

    You’re a hockey guy
    You know you gotta get dirty and maybe bloody to get your name on that thing.

    Point is: When your team is selling out all over the ice, doing whatever it takes to bury the puck in the opposite net, while trying to keep it out of theirs, and you are still trying to play a pretty perimeter game, you will never achieve superstar status or get your name on the Cup, regardless of what kind of team you have around you.

    Once Panarin learns that, he will get to play NHL hockey with his teammates longer in the Spring. Especially for the money Panarin is getting and the talent he has.

    You are right, timing is a factor (See Dirk Graham), but is not the ONLY factor.

    Peace Out.
    Long Live Ritchie Blackmore.

  182. Hull agree with your post, true the roster trend is less canadians each year during Bowmans term. Part of that, not doubt a big part is due to having to look elsewhere because of cap issues, some of which were inherited and some that weren’t.

    Woud love to see them get a Sergachev, who can bring size and skill, away from Tampa who have alot of work to do to keep him, and may or may not put a priorty on it. Have him with Boqvist and Mitchell as big 3D for next decade and playing with , learning from Keith for until they develop into their roles. Also can benefit from Seabrooks presence even if he doesn’t actually play alot more.

    Was a big fan of Panarin playing with Kane when with the Blackhawks. Seriously though with Kanes elusive ability to control the puck and sick passes he makes, put him levels ahead of Panarin in those categories, plus put up 40 goals too. For 11.64m aav, if you take Panarins lethal one timer and goal scoring ability away, what else are you really paying for him to do, doesn’t standout beyond that, except occasionally. Just don’t see them in same category.

  183. Tuff to compare in ways. 20 had the line of 20 19 81 where not even a better FW in Sharpy who better at D then 72 couldnt play that 1st line against BOS. It was 20 with 19 81 who shut down the line and team that shutout PIT.

    Even if Bread Man scoreed more goals points then 88, I still would want 88 because he is just waiting for a HHNL deep roster, to ‘really’ play again. Those guys know you cant win without a deep roster and we need a young wave core to get taht. its coming.

    Would want 88 not 72 because it would feel better to win a 4th Cup with 19 88 maybe 2 then a 1st with 72.

  184. I am liking this Sergachev trade. We realy can take advantage of the top 10 teams salary cap mess.

    We are in position to do that because we donot ‘have’ to keep a bunch of players.

    Lots of teams are in trouble with cap not going up for this 21 season and maybe one or two season after that.

    This will help us add a gem like Sergachev and be like a 2nd expansion steal of every team at cap/with important players they need to keep and cant. Think Nemo Hammer for 10? teams.

  185. This is the reset, besides the expansion steal picks, the top teams are going to have to give away good players and not have any leverage.

    Timing makes a difference and its big for us. Couldnt be a better time to have a bottom 5/10 record to get another top 5 skill draft player and watch those top teams lose good players just because of the coronavirus.

    Thats an act of Hockey? God.

  186. To rephrase that, if teams weren’t going all in on Panarin shooting, how much room would he have to make a cross ice pass he does now, not likely very much. Kane makes his passes from nowhere out of nothing.

  187. Winning another Cup in this era will be quite a huge long shot for the Hawks. If they were a top 5 team it would still be quite a feat. Think the younger players-some they have a some to follow and be a strong competitive team again.
    Losing Kane would be tough as he is why many of us are interested at all these days. But no one is untouchable at this point (other than perhaps Dach) so you never say never.

    And as some have said-a fun, eager team that hard to play against. That’s what I want to see. Just to enjoy the games again would be wonderful. But..
    Hopefully these times have reinforced to all that sports is an outlet, not real life and winning or losing at a game, really is a superficial value.

  188. Some think we cant win until 19 88 are retired and some think we can with a deep roster. If we knew we cant then trade everybody, even Wirtz and the rink.

    The only thing that matters is having a top 5 roster or a bottom 5 roster like ER said.

    To win you need top 5 roster. The odds of winning, when having a top 5 roster doesnt matter. The only thing that does is to have a top 5 roster.

    Cant say the odds the odds, they are the same every yr for every top 5 team basically.

    Just get top 5 roster and in order to do that have bottom 5 record and we are doing that last 3 yrs and mybe 2 more.

    So we are right on sch.

    Trading 19 and 88 wont get us squat other then a mid 1st or two mid 1sts. That does nothing for young wave and make roster weaker. Just cant have 19 88 at 10.5 when they are 35-40. We cant have 19 young wave players because they all would need higher caphits at the same time, so having toooo many of them doesnt work because we cant keep them all.

  189. It wont be long before 7 2 and already 81 10 4 retire. Then we ll only have 19 88 as players over 29 and the young wave will get deeper every top 5 skill draft player we add.

    You cant tank and go for 1st pick because the ping pong balls most times goes to a team that doesnt have the worst record.

    Getting a top 3 pick every draft is better, otherwise anywhere from 1-5/8ish is as good as it gets. Were doing that.

    If we were a little too good for our own good and picking between 12-20 every draft, then that is a problem.

  190. Bowman is the guy who loves to trade away his young prospects.
    Why would Tampa even consider trading Sergachev?
    Young defencemen that are really talented don’t grow on trees…besides other than perhaps Dach or Kane Tampa wouldn’t want anybody on Chicago.

    Well… perhaps Tampa would trade Sergachev for two time Stanley cup champ Brandon Saad? Hawks probably wouldn’t want to make that trade anyway.

  191. Wonder if Hull tried drinking the Bleach… Follow what idiots on tv say… sheep material.

  192. Bolts on leftside D have going into next year
    Victor Hedman 5 years × 7.88m nmc
    Ryan McDonagh 6 years × 6.75m ntc
    Braden Coburg 1 year × 1.7m ntc
    15 of 23 roster spots filled at a 76.2m caphit already. All big caphits have no movement clauses except Braden Points who’s don’t kick in for another season until is eligible to have them with ufa status and isn’t going anywhere.

    Looks like a team that might be willing to move a player like Sergachev, worth the due dilligence anyways, nothing lost if not.

  193. Thing to rememeber as hard as it is to win and you sort of need a top 5 roster to be able to, be there, anyways, its the salary cap watering down the top teams of the 10 yrs when teams were stacked.

    So what I mean is from 2008-2015 the top teams were so stacked, teams like WAS PIT couldnt compete with the top 5 teams, untl league watered down top teams like LA BOS CHI ANA then they all of sudden won. Thats the reason.

    My point is this I donot think there will be teams again, because if cap, that will be that stacked again like 2008-2015. So we wont have to have the kind of powerhose teams we had in 2009-2015, a dynasty deep roster.

    We can have a similiar/as good roster as the other top teams have now, and win.

    Now teams like WAS are top teams and BOS is back after sucking for only 2 yrs because you donot need the kind of stacked roster from 2009-2015 anymore to be a top 5 team.

    You need a good team system and enough good players like BOS has now. I think we can do that in 24 mths-with last 36 mths building the top 10 prospects draft players.

  194. With salary cap and now the coronavirus cap, theres a better chance/% that a bottom 10 team can win Cup then there being another dynasty team.

    So lets just build roster to top 5 again.

    The top teams now, prob wont be anymore once we get back. Prob only COL will be there.

    We should get/steal a player like TB Defensemen when we can and not just sit on our arss while we collect top 5/10 draft players.

    Do something like that while we have to wait. Build it stronger and not bleed it out.

  195. ian

    always worth the due diligence. you will never find the needle in the haystack if you don’t throw some pitchforks into the haystack on occasion.

    every player has a price tag. if someone wants to be stupid and overpay for kane, or any other hawk, out the door. i am asking another team what they are willing to exchange for any hawks player. if someone wants to overpay it is our gm’s job to have his ear to the pavement when the other gm is in that mode. sacred cows only exist in india. hell, bobby hull left town for nothing. the franchise didn’t fold. in fact they had 93 and 105 points the next two seasons. and that’s with no return for hull. no one is bigger than a lopsided trade in the hawks favor.

    admittedly, trusting bowman to understand what would comprise being overpaid for kane or toews might be a stretch.

  196. Noonan agree, you can put together the roster any way you want, but without the players all coming together with the right chemistry and ultimately getting it done, it ain’t happening. Leafs, Oilers lately, how many years did it take Blues and Caps to finally find that cohesive team unit to get it done. With 31 soon to be 32 teams there is no sure thing when it comes to going all the way. An ot goal against Kings cost probably another cup, a few breaks that maybe if they didn’t happen could have taken away another one or 2. Flip side a game 7 ot goal against Canucks or Blues could have resulted in a couple more long playoff runs, that’s why it’s called sports.

  197. how many years did it take Blues and Caps to finally find that cohesive team unit to get it done.

    I think this happened becaue the top teams were hit by cap and got watered down. WAS STL and PIT couldnt compete for 10 yrs before when top 5 teams were stacked (2009).

    I think STL was the better team of these teams during. With WAS and PIT being top 6-10 teams then.

    Why all of sudden, there wasnt CHI LA BOS ANA tehre anymore to get by.

    Timing yes, but also better teams not there anymore.

  198. Sure thers some yrs we should have won, and 2014 is another level of shoul dhave, and some we might not have. It doesnt even out over time, for some teams it does and some it doesnt. The only thing you can do is be there so many times you get at least your fair share.

    Lets do that and get back to top 5 roster and take it from there. Because we aint doing shit without a top 5 roster.

  199. Were going to win again. Be nice if 2 is still here, if not fine 19 88 prob be here though.

    We get a top 5 pick for 19 or 88 is that worth it? I say no because we can get a top 5 pick and keep 19 88 by trading every older player and just being bad record wise and get a top 5 pick on our own. I guess the though is 2 top 5 picks.

  200. I look forward to seeing the top 10 teams lose a bunch of good players because coronavirus cap is flat for next 3 seasons.

  201. Don’t think anyone is reading this thread but,

    @Ian chemistry is the most important aspect for a team in my opinion. You need all to come together. Allstars Muckers and Muscle.

    @BBB correct on if someone wants to over pay for one player. I give you Lindros. Lindros did more good for Quebec than any other team. Loved his play, great player, Hall of Famer but Quebec/Colorado enjoyed the winning.

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