Blackhawks Demolish Dallas

The Blackhawks hammered the Stars in Dallas on Tuesday night. In front of Antti Raanta, six different Hawks players had a multi-point night as Chicago emerged with a 6-2 victory.

Hawks DAL

Patrick Kane was credited with one goal and two assists to lead the offensive onslaught. Brandon Saad and Patrick Sharp had two goals each, while Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith had two assists each as the Blackhawks sprinted to a two-goal lead and never looked back.

Michael Kostka returned to the lineup and scored the first goal of the game only 2:04 into the contest. Just over 10 minutes later, Kane took a perfect outlet pass from Seabrook in on a helpless Kari Lehtonen and deposited the second tally of the first period goal.

Saad scored the eventual game-winning goal only 2:46 into the second, and then Sharp stole the show. He put a missile past Lehtonen from the point on a power play to make the score 4-0 and chase the Stars’ starting goaltender for the evening.

Less than three minutes later, Keith hit Sharp with a long outlet pass that he easily put past Dan Ellis to extend the lead to 5-1 in favor of the visitors.

Saad added his second goal of the period and 11th of the year with 45 seconds remaining in the middle frame to make the score 6-1.

In net, Raanta was strong throughout. He only faced four shots in the first period and 29 in the game, and was aided by an exceptional shot blocking effort from the skaters in front of him. The Hawks blocked almost as many shots (21) as the Stars had on net in the game; five different Hawks were credited with a team-high three blocked shots in the game.

Raanta stopped 27 to earn a big win just hours after the Hawks announced they would be without Corey Crawford for around three weeks. He has allowed two goals in each of his appearances this year.

The Blackhawks successfully killed all five of the Stars’ power plays in an all-around impressive performance.

Only two Blackhawks – Keith and Niklas Hjalmarsson – skated over 20 minutes in the blowout. Jonathan Toews won only four of 11 faceoffs and was credited with an assist in 18:27. The assist was his 400th career NHL point.

For Dallas, Antoine Roussel scored both goals. He was also credited with nine hits and 16 penalty minutes in the game.

The Hawks return to the United Center to face the Flyers on Wednesday night.

38 thoughts on “Blackhawks Demolish Dallas

  1. It was nice to see Kostka back in action and how bout a goal and an assist for his first game back. It will be interesting to see how Q manages that #6 d-man spot with Rozsival, Brookbank and Kostka all active.

    There were a couple times when I wondered if Raanta got hurt. The time when he did the splits and made a toe save and then kinda got pushed back into the net. He kind of laid there in the net for a few seconds and I though oh-oh, and then the other time is when after having a Dallas player pushed over the top of him, he was laying on his belly and #4 from Dallas stumbled backwards over Raanta and just “happened” to land full force on Raanta’s head. But the little guy is tough. The first Dallas goal was a little soft but he made a lot of outstanding saves. I’d say Raanta’s arrow is pointing up.

    MANCHILD! I love that guy.

    Duncan “Norris” Keith with outstanding plays all over the ice. How about that half slapper pass to Sharp – outstanding!

    And speaking of Sharp … I owe a mea culpa on him playing the point on the PP. I thought it was a bad idea and I’m admitting I was wrong. We have found someone who can hit the net from the blue line and he made a nice defensive play to prevent a shortie against tonight too.

    Other than Tazer still not seeming to be 100% and of course the injuries to Crawford and Bickell, everything going pretty well for the beloved.

  2. Nice post ER…with Sharp playing point, his biggest weakness was that he wasn’t hitting the net with his shots, and then not getting back on defence…suddenly Sharp is hitting the net, scoring goals, and defensive transition really isn’t an issue…

    I think the Hawks will be fine without CC…he hasn’t been great for a lot of the season (not that he’s been bad), but over a large game sampling, on the defending SC champion team, CC’s numbers are near the bottom of every goalie category…while Raanta’s #s have been very good considering he is still learning not only NHL shooters, but his own team mates, especially his DMen…and Kent Simpson can play…if he can settle down and stay calm, he will turn some heads during his opportunity…

    As for the Hawks recent “slump” you can chalk it up to 3 things…one, the injuries are beginning to take a toll and the “core” is getting a little tired…the loss of Andrew Shaw hurt…fans, even on this site, still don’t fully understand what Shaw brings to the Hawks game night in and night out…he’s the single largest reason for our PP turn around this season…and his physical game keeps opposition DMen on their heals, which helps out our forwards…two, our goaltending has been average while the opposition netminders have been OUTSTANDING…even Hillier versus ANA…he made 3 or 4 stops that flat out should have been goals…and finally three, Q resisted dressing/playing 12 forwards and killed our “rolling 4 lines” mentality…his ridiculous stubbornness to dress/play Pirri/Morin in the face of skating DMen on our wings and constantly re shuffling 3 lines, is hurting this team…the Hawks, even with these injuries, are still the deepest team in hockey, and with Kostka back, we now possess the best Defensive core in the league…when Q trusts in his players and rolls 4 lines, we are virtually unbeatable…when he skates DMen as wingers and reshuffles 3 lines, we are a .500 hockey team at best…plus, we aren’t developing ANYONE for later this season or next year…

    So, even without CC and the mounting injuries, if the Hawks decide to roll 4 lines, we will still continue to win hockey games…

  3. 21’s cheezey 70’s stache has got to go… he looks like a pedaphile from “Boogie-nights”.

    Now that is Hawk’s Hockey… defensively- did not give up many/any “A” grade chances- that is exactly how the Hawks gave Emery/CC – nearly the same gaa last year- And Emery is NOT good!!!

    Sharp- has been finding the net from the point… BUT that slot PP one-timer still seems way off!

    ER- agree on the Raanta/injury outlook… the kid Looks like Bruce Lee out there… doing the splits while face planting and bodies flying around him… he is a NINJA!
    The KID has moxy- he seems to do a lot of resting while talking to the refs- and the refs seem to engage with him – for what that is worth- maybe nothing- BUT making friends w/ Refs… never a bad idea!!!

    JS- You make great arguments on the whole Fighting/eye for an eye thing…
    but 21 – boarding Smith and slew footing Keith… Dirty/dangerous… NHL needs to review shit like that and suspend… OR the players WILL have to police!!!

  4. That was a very focused effort last night. After the tough loss a week ago to Dallas this quick re-match I am sure had Hawks players looking to answer and they did in a big way. Dallas D men looked like they were skating in slow mo all night. Some excellent passing by Hawks really shredded the Stars. Noteworthy was Keith and Seabrook threading the needle. Two blowouts in a row. Good for both the players and us fans too!

    The old adage of you can’t score unless you hit the net surely applies to Sharpy. Funny, now that his shots aren’t flying high or wide, he is starting to pile up some goals. He has a very good shot, but without accuracy, it become shoulda, woulda, coulda. Keith needs to get on board with more shots ON net, and he will start scoring too.

    Young Raanta made some nice saves last night, but obviously is not in cool, calm collected form yet. It looks rather clear that the team is rallying around the young netminder and have concentrated on playing strong team defense. Back checking forwards make a huge difference when they help out the d men and don’t try to cheat to much with breakouts near our blue line.

    Sr. Brad rightfully points out the importance of rolling 4 good lines. Most teams can’t do this, but the ones that are able tend to be successful and prevail in tight games. It is especially valuable in the 3rd period when fatigue becomes a factor. Brad you are also 100% correct about Shaw. The kid has become one of the “glue” guys on this team. For a little guy to make such an impact on a game is amazing, and his lack of fear gives him an edge. That can cut both ways as he exposes himself to injury, but you have to love watching him play the game. A tireless competitor. I have some Hawks Indian head t- shirts, but only one with a players name, and that’s #65.

    Even though it’s 2 back to backs this week, the Hawks should beat Flyers tonight and handle a depleted Leafs team in Toronto Saturday. The game looming ahead is LA on Sunday who are playing some pretty good hockey right now.

    I hope Q starts giving Morin some ice time. He looks much more comfortable playing the past few games. The top core guys on this team have been worked pretty hard. Not that we can say for sure, but Crawford’s injury might have been due partially to being overplayed. Pity that Khabby wasn’t playing well and got badly hurt. Part of last years success was Razor coming in and holding the fort while Corey could get needed rest. Maybe Antii can be that guy. Let’s hope so.

    If the Hawks play smart tonight we should chalk up another W.

    Lets Go Hawks!

    Lets’ get Crow healed up. No reason to rush him back on what appears to be a groin injury. Those are rough in all cases, but for goalies it becomes even more fragile.

  5. Thanks Wall for pointing out Roussel BS. I have railed enough about that guy lately so I’m glad to see others are paying attention. Ultimately, as a certain Mr. Kramden once said, he will get his.

  6. I think Morin was trying to earn himself some extra ice time by going after Roussel at the end. Which probably means he’ll be benched tonight for a defender at forward.

    I thought Kane was just going to win the Art Ross this year, but if he keeps playing like this he might walk away with the Hart as well. Ridiculous season.

    I thought the Hawks definitely played their best defensive game of the year. Limited scoring chances and kept the Dallas players away from the crease. The latter was especially important because I feel like Raanta never knows where the puck is after it hits him and he gives up a lot (A LOT) of rebounds. I think he’s played good enough for this Hawks team, but he has a lot of work to do on improving his game… but that’s just because I believe he has an incredibly high ceiling.

    Wall- The Hawks took multiple runs at Roussel last game and they fought him. Bollig invited him to multiple fights last night and they were roughing with him all game. What can the Hawks do to police that? The slew foot on Keith should be an automatic match penalty, but since it’s the NHL and no one got hurt, it won’t be reviewed.

    What can the Hawks do to stop Roussel from going after people? Pretty obvious fighting wasn’t a deterent. Hard (legal) checks weren’t a deterent. What will work? Just win the games and keep your head up when he’s on the ice.

  7. I do not know why SB just doesn’t trade Morin and Pirri now. In a beatdown Morin only logged 8 minutes and his 17 shifts were extremely short. Did he play a great game or a horrible game?….No. Did he work hard and create some chances, take some shots (3 on goal) and stand up for his teammates?…Yes. I just don’t understand what Q wants.

    I have nothing against Bollig. I said earlier this season that he has matured as a hockey player and teammate. But, Bollig is basically a dump and chase player on offense and a dump the puck out of the zone defensive player. He has little creativity, does not possess a lot of instinct and will never score more than 8-10 goals a year. That said I would rather have Bollig on a wing instead of BB. However, both Morin and Pirri are better players than Bollig AND have more potential.

    It will be interesting to see what Q does on D. I was an early advocate for Kostka because I think he simply has more ability than BB and is faster than Rosy.

    Last, anyone know why Saad played under 11 minutes last night. After Morin’s pitiful 8 minutes Saad was second lowest.

  8. Phil, Sharp + shots that miss the net = Bollig

    JS- the #’s of targeted shots to the head and Boarding plays- seem to be down…
    cuz the NHL has made it a priority… The NHL- needs to make it a priority to review “cheap shots” that are missed during the game… and penalize/suspend them accordingly- THIS is how they should be policed.

  9. Exactly Wall- it’s a league issue that can’t be policed by the players. If they think he is crossing the line, they need to go to the league about it and the league needs to talk to him/watch him more closely. He will get the reputation eventually.

    Mike- Saad is being punished because Q doesn’t want to shift Morin, even in a blow out. Oddly, that line was pretty damn dominant possession wise.

    I also critiqued Sharp at the point on the power play. He’s been getting a lot of goals from there lately, but I still think he can do better. He’s much improved from the start of the year, but if he starts taking advantage of open ice, look out.

  10. Mike- I am guessing 1 or both of those guys might be traded… but 1st Hawks should increase their value w/ some NHL points… and second- The better Hawk Prospects need to be given some more time to Mature…

    I also liked what Morin has brought to last few games.

    Also, liked Saad skating on 3rd line w/ 65/11… more balanced lines…

    I think Saad took a nasty shot off of inside of skate on PK- so perhaps that’s why his minutes where down.

    26- has been very good on PK- (knock on wood)

  11. Toews eluded to Morin probably saying something stupid in practice or during a game that irritated some established players or the staff. Plus Q isn’t forgiving to young players. See Nick Leddy.

    Also, look at the TOI for the third line in general. Saad played 10:46 wow. Shaw 13:06 yikes. Bollig played 12:34 so who knows what kind of rationale is going on. There were a lot of penalty minutes as well which did not help.

    Either way they destroyed Dallas which was awesome. Philly should be another 2 points and hopefully stat booster for Kane and Keith.

  12. The Olympic break is coming up and I wonder if it’s time for some big picture thinking. Depending on how things go with the young keepers, wonder if it makes sense to rest CC – you guys have been saying he’s been playing too much – and allow him to fully heal. We’re going to need him healthy and on his game for the playoffs.

    Not sure he was going go make the Olympic team, but he had been in the discussion after last year. Wonder if this impacts that and/or his desire to hurry back.

  13. Re: Toews “might be injured” – I really wasn’t buying this idea at first…
    BUT- he continues to “bobble” the puck and his FO’s seem to be trending down (not using official #’s- just seems like it)- so maybe there is a lingering wrist or hand issue!


  14. I am also perplexed at the minimal ice time that Morin has received. As others have noted it seems to have impacted his linemates on the 3rd line as Saad’s ice time the last couple of games has been noticeably reduced. I completely agree that the Hawks are at their best when rolling 4 strong lines.

    Regarding the many posts about Pirri, I have to say that while he shows phenomenal hands and a great shot his skating is clearly below average and he is not very strong on the puck. These are serious weaknesses for a potential 2nd line center regardless of his offensive talent. I would be surprised to see him get significant time this year unless there are further injuries.

  15. I am gonna say it again. I DO NOT LIKE the format of the Olympics. NHL players owe the fans and owners 100% of their hockey energy from game 1 to game 82. The Olympics should be just before the start of the season or better yet played by players below the AHL level or its equivalent around the world. If other counties cheat….I don’t care. Any player missing games due to Olympic play should be “docked” for NHL games missed. If Toews has a wrist issue, he should bow out of the Olympics and allow the off time for healing.

  16. I agree about the Olympics being very rough on NHL players. I would much prefer it as a amateur sport. The problem is defining amateur. Of course, while I think the Olympics hurt the Hawks more than many teams, the hockey tournament is truly world class in that the best players in the world get to skate for their respective countries. It is really fun to watch, and for the players it is a great honor to skate for ones country. We just have to hope our guys don’t get hurt….

  17. MS, While Pirri is not great skater, he is at least an average NHL center. As we have all said, he may not be 2C material but he worth developing. Even this year with limited ice time he is a half point per game scorer and a +6 which is better than several Hawk forwards, his shooting % is basically the highest on the team at almost 20% and only 6 players on the team have more goals than Pirri. What is he doing in Rockford??????

  18. Wall’s right about policing…the rats are running the ship with the in-stink-ator rule. And when big government (shanty and the refs) try to handle everything, it leads to floppers and fakers to ruin the game.

    Brad…I wonder 2 things about all the dressing of Brookbank…

    1. Could be they had another D man nursing an injury and they want that insurance policy dressed. (If so, good on them keeping it quiet.)
    2. Could be they have a certain number of games left for Morin and / or Pirri before they become waiver-eligible, so keeping their GP down maybe so we can move them around without having them go the way or Ryan Stanton? Agreed, it looks bad now, but for long-term strategy it might be wise.

  19. Just noticed that Toews only took 11 draws yesterday and Sharp took 7. Definitely going with Toews being injured. I’m pretty sure he took a nice slash across the wrists a few weeks ago, I wish I could remember which team it was against (DAMN YOU BOOZE).

    Also, something to look at that I saw on the Twitter machine yesterday:

    If you don’t know how to read it, it basically says that Kane’s is scoring half a goal more per 60 with Pirri on his line than with Handzus. And if you just read his production with Handzus, it’s about as low as it gets. Kane scoring at this pace in spite of his center is truly remarkable.

  20. AJ, where did you hear about Toews comment on Morin…it makes sense, as something is up…Morin continues to look good and play well and is NOT getting rewarded for it…and the limited minutes to Saad and Shaw, while Bollig skates 12-14 minutes a night is ridiculous…boys who play games for a living always remain boys…

    I don’t think that Kostka is an adequate DMan or 3rd pairing fodder…I think he can flat out play…if he has any ceiling in his game, Kostka could become a really good DMan…he’s a huge boost to this team.

    Wall I too think Toews is playing through an injury…he simply isn’t the same player over the last 2 weeks…

    JS, I agree on Raanta…he has LOTS to work on his game, but he has a high ceiling…this kid has the tools to become an elite goaltender…

    Mike…IMO, there nothing wrong with Morin’s game right now…I literally think that Q isn’t giving him any opportunity to make a statement about staying in the show…for whatever reason there seems to be a real dislike on Q’s part and Morin will be sent back to Rockford as soon as Q has the bodies available to do so…which is ridiculous as Morin is a good, young hockey player…the same goes for Pirri…I hope for both of these kid’s sakes they get traded out of this organization sooner than later…

  21. Espo, I think you are right about BB…I don’t think the Hawks like the way that Rozy has come back this season…he still hasn’t hit his mark yet…plus BB has played his best DEFENSIVE hockey for the Blackhawks this season…but with Kostka healthy and playing so well, its going to be tough for either Rozy or BB to get into the lineup…Kostka’s play is a notch above the others…

    Mike, Pirri is a decent 2nd line centre right now…and had 3 points and was a plus 3 in his 2nd game back with Rockford…I agree, he has no business playing there…and to Wall or anyone else, Handzus hasn’t done ANYTHING well this season…even his goal the other night vs Florida was the slowest developing goal in recent memory…Handzus has value, but not playing every night and NOT as our 2nd line centre…that’s a joke…and as JS points out so well, Kane is producing well in SPITE of Handzus as his centre…Q is definitely old school…because Handzus is as old as it gets…

  22. When Morin had first been sent back down they had an interview posted on ESPN where Toews was talking about Morin having a lot of “confidence” and that he needed to remember to keep things simple and defense first and blah blah blah with a stupid grin on his face.

    I’m under the impression when you call another player “confident” in a backhanded way with a stupid grin on your face after he gets sent down that alludes to saying arrogant which wouldn’t surprise me.

    Morin also said in an interview that the only he could learn was to be on the ice so that was a nice dig at the staff as well. JS pointed that one out.

    Rather passive aggressive but it fits into the narrative.

  23. Somehow Kostka averaged 22 minutes a game in Toronto last year. Jesus is their defense corps BAD. Going to bring up sample size again with Kostka. Guy is 28 and has played 38 career games, all in the last 2 seasons. While I hope he turns out to be a diamond in the rough, odds are not in his favor. He played on some pretty bad teams that he couldn’t break into the NHL with… maybe he’s just a really late bloomer?

    As far as Morin goes… the kid obviously has an attitude. He knows he can play in the NHL and doesn’t belong in Rockford… with Kostka finally back off the IR, the Hawks are strapped for roster space. When Bickell comes back, there is no where for Morin to go but down. Brookbank has played well enough this season to give him some value on the market… right?

  24. For some reason I thought Toews received a wicked slash on the wrist in the Colorado or San Jose game at the start of the circus trip.

  25. I don’t know JS, I see no reason that Morin is sent down while Bollig plays or IF BB is on wing. Morin can play. If Q is the coach we all think he is he will help make Morin the player he wants him to be.

    Brad, I am with you on Kostka. I really liked his signing as a cheap mobile Dman. Maybe Kostka is a late bloomer a la Daniel Cleary. No one heard of him till he was 30. All I know is I would rather have him in the lineup instead of BB or Rosy day in and day out. Until Bicks gets back I would like to see

    Saad / Toews / Hossa
    Sharp / Pirri / Kane
    Morin / Shaw / Smith
    Bollig / Kruger / Smith

    When Bicks gets back to the 3d line drop Morin to the 4th line and demote Bollig


  26. Thanks AJ…something is definitely up there…JS I know what I have seen with Kostka since the beginning of the year, and the guy can play…maybe he is a Dan Cleary late bloomer type (we are owed a Dan Cleary btw)…and BB definitely has trade value, as he has had a pretty good season of D so far…either that or move Rozy…I can’t believe how bad Rozy has been…and he just isn’t really getting better…so many turnovers.

  27. Whether you like it or not Bollig has a specific role that Morin will not replace. Further Q seems to be very comfortable with how the 4th line has been performing as evidenced by their growing ice time. By the way it seems that Q’s confidence in Ben Smith has grown dramatically over the past few weeks. He is taking key draws in the defensive zone and playing significant PK time. After plenty of ups and downs it seems Smith has finally solidified a spot long-term.

    Regarding Bollig or BB vs Morin I believe this is a pure salary cap issue (once Bickell returns). Morin can be sent down since he is still on his first contract without clearing waivers while the others would have to clear waivers. Morin may just have to grin and bear it like Bickell and Smith before him before he earns a real shot at some ice time.

    I also would agree with earlier posts regarding the impact of Shaw. I felt there was a noticeable drop in energy in the games he sat out. He has become a key player not only on the ice but also for his energy on the ice/in the room. Amazing at how far he has progressed in a relatively short time.

  28. I agree 100% about 19 getting chopped on the wrist early on the road trip. I remember him coming off the ice shaking his hand and then some more on the bench. Can’t remember the specific game though. It is clear he is physically lacking right now, and it nothing to do with effort. If it is a wrist injury those are slow healers since it is tough to immobilize and still play effectively.

  29. Can’t demote Bollig without him going on waivers. Unless Crow is going on IR, there isn’t a roster spot once Bickell gets back. Then when Crow gets back off the IR, and you send Simpson back down, THEN you have a roster spot. But….

    From what has been said, it looks like Khabby has every intention of making a come back. Once Khabby comes off LTIR (and you demote Raanta), the Hawks only have cap space for 22 men on the roster. With those 22 players, they have $414,000 in cap space.

    So… in order to open space you can make a trade or demote someone.

    Main roster players on a two way contract this year (can be sent to Rockford without clearing waivers:
    Saad (not going anywhere)
    Shaw (not going anywhere)

    I really feel like the Hawks MUST make a move to give themselves flexibility, unless they are ok with playing a defender in place of Hossa or Handzus (because they are going to get hurt, right?).

    Best option is obviously moving Brookbank and his $1.25M contract. Gives them the flexibility to take on salary at the dead line. It would also enable them to have two Rockford kids on the 23 man roster if need be. If Rozi were to get hurt, you’d have Kostka to play, or Clendening in a pinch.

  30. I think Rozi has had some really good games and some stinkers. And thinking back to last year, he didn’t REALLY come on until the playoffs where he was amazing. He also can’t be traded because he has a NMC this year. I’m still kind of surprised Stan gave him 2 years. This is why I think Brookbank has to be the guy to move.

    Also, as MS said, Smith/Kruger/Bollig have been taking on top lines and doing really freaking good. I don’t know how it’s possible either… but they have been!

  31. The 8 d-men on the roster was a head scratcher coming out of training camp. The question went away when Kostka got injured but now that he is back, so is the question: why have 8 d-men when 7 is adequate and the extra roster spot can be used to tryout prospect forwards and give Handzus a game off here and there? I assume Q has his reasons and accept that I don’t have to know what those reasons are – but it’s a head scratcher nonetheless.

    Another thing I accept is that Bollig is going to be the 4th line LW. I don’t necessarily disagree with that either, athough I can understand the call for him to be replaced on the roster by Morin or Pirri. But, it matters not what you or I think because it’s pretty apparent Q thinks Bollig should be in the lineup. Period.

    I’m not sold on Kostka yet, but only because I haven’t seen him play enough to have formed an opinion. Certainly he has done well jumping into the offense, but I haven’t seen enough on the defensive side – good of bad – to have a feel for his defensive abilities.

    Smith has won me over. I was pretty meh on him until the last 10 or so games. I think he has cemented his spot on this team, at least for the remainder of this season. The fact he can take a draw and win his fair share is what pushed him over the finish line as far as I’m concerned. He is a solid player and that’s fine for the 4th line and PK duty.

    If it ever comes down to Pirri v. Morin this season, I’d pick Pirri, even though I like Morin better. The reason is the Hawks are flush with wingers and need a center more. I know his production had slowed down before Pirri got sent back down, but I’d much rather see Pirri at 2C than Handzus and once Bickell comes back I’d like to see this lineup:


  32. Rozy to my memory seems to play better against stronger teams. However, he has had some clunkers this year, whereas last year his play was much more consistent. I still think Rozy can play so if they can platoon him in and out with Kostka and BB fine with me. I don’t know it works with cap space and contracts, but JS has laid it out clearly. For whatever reasons Q likes BB. I think Sheldon has played much better as a d man this year that he did a year ago. As a forward, he brings nothing to the table and is a waste on the roster IMO as a winger. If he has to go, so be it.

  33. JS- Yea, 52 & 28 arnt going anywhere with one-ways. Moe will and 6 if need be, we can always bring any of them up if we need to. I think we keep everyone and the option for adding another at deadline would probably then trade 17 contract. I guess it depends on who we could get… Whats better, a depth Def. better than 17 or a decent pk FW w/size/fo 4th liner. We sort of already got a really good (deadline)player when we got Versteeg.

    I love that we got Versteeg, now we can have 20 & 29 w/65 on the 3rd line.

  34. Thinking back to Hawks pre-season/camp… 42 and Kostka were the two nobodies that played the best!

    Rosey- has been bad and good!

    Morin- can play… just a cap issue now-

    rather see 20 on 3rd line… for better balance. That shift when 20/65 (20 scored)crashed net from blue line was the best the “3rd line” has looked all year…

  35. Other than speed we sort of already have that decent FW pk/fo 4th line guy with 26. For the playoffs I like the 26-16-28, its a lot like the 16-36-67 one…

  36. I’m pretty sure that Kostka has to clear waivers if he is sent down. He was sent down last week under an exemption for “conditioning” that I believe cannot exceed three games. This makes the 8d logjam an issue that will be around all year.

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