Blackhawks Devastate Ducks In Anaheim

The Ducks played a masterful hockey game.

For 58 minutes.

Unfortunately for Anaheim, regulation NHL contests last 60 minutes, and it only took the final two for the Blackhawks to break their hearts.


Over the opening two periods, the Ducks methodically beat the Hawks around the rink. Chicago had more shots on goal (23-16) and more power play opportunities (3-2) in the first 40 minutes, but the Ducks held a 2-0 lead. Andrew Cogliano scored 62 seconds into the game and Chris Stewart extended the lead at 7:34 into the second.

Late in the first, Jonathan Toews had enough of Ryan Kesler’s cheap shot act and dropped the gloves. Kesler, predictably, waited for the refs to step in to act like a tough guy; typically pathetic, he dodged getting his tail whipped by Toews. Both headed to their respective penalty boxes for the end of the first period and start of the second.

In the third, the Ducks were able to successfully run clock for the first 17 minutes. But a stupid, worthless cheap shot opened the door for the Hawks.

Ryan Getzlaf tripped Andrew Shaw well away from the play and the Ducks were short-handed with 2:07 left in regulation. Getzlaf went to the room and Perry served the penalty. The Hawks took advantage.

Marian Hossa ripped a shot past John Gibson at 18:19 into the third for his fourth of the season. Just 74 seconds later, Duncan Keith received a pass from Brent Seabrook and blew a shot past Gibson for his fourth of the year.

With an assist on Keith’s goal, Patrick Kane extended his point streak to 18 consecutive games. He is now tied with Phil Kessel and Eddie Olczyk for the longest point streak by a US-born player in NHL history. Keith now has four goals and two assists in seven games since returning from knee surgery.

For the Ducks, the lead was gone and most of their players appeared to be in shock.

As the game headed into overtime, the Hawks finished the job in less than two minutes. Brent Seabrook found Artem Anisimov, who scored his tenth of the season to close the books on Friday night.

Seabrook posted three assists in the game, while Keith also had a multi-point night. Seabrook also led the Hawks with three hits in the game. Trevor van Riemsdyk led the Hawks with four blocked shots but wasn’t his best in the first two periods; he appeared tentative after he was boarded by Ryan Getzlaf early in the first period.

Teuvo Teravainen returned to the lineup and skated 13:07. He failed to win any of his four faceoffs and was credited with one shot on goal and one takeaway on the night. Marko Dano was the doghouse resident for the evening, skating just 7:17 in the game with one hit.

Brandon Mashinter dressed again; Tanner Kero was the scratch to make room for Teravainen. Mashinter skated 7:05 and did absolutely nothing.

Corey Crawford played a magnificent game while the skaters in front of him got their act together. He made 23 saves against 25 shots to earn the victory. Without Crawford, the game easily could have been a three of four-goal deficit before the third period began.

After a matinee in Anaheim on Friday night, the Hawks will return to the ice for a late night in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Puck drop on the potentially history game is set for 9:30 in Chicago as Kane attempts to set a new benchmark for US skaters.

53 thoughts on “Blackhawks Devastate Ducks In Anaheim

  1. Seabs is continuing with what appears to be headed for a career year offensively for him. Kudos to him.

    It was exciting beating the Caducks, Kesler & Bieksa, like that.

    Go Hawks!!!

  2. Ho-Leee Mackinaw! Wow. Had “that feeling” they were going to win this with the goalie pulled and its always just as much of a surprise when it actually occurs. Nice dessert with the cherry on top to end Thanksgiving ( for my American friends ). Simply amazing.

  3. That was sweet. Just wonderful to see Kesler losing one more time. That can’t happen too often to a guy who proves every day that he is a complete jerk.

  4. All I can say is could you imagine being a Duck’s fan right…. Or for that matter one of the Ducks?

  5. Reminds me of the Calgary game that turned the switch on. Plus this was against the SCHMUCKs.
    Don’t understand 53 playing ahead of 67 or 14 for that matter.
    6 looked exciting but like not really. Heard a rumor the Hawks were shopping Shaw with Daley to get a top 4 dman. Hate to think about moving TT but if you can also shop him with dead weight Runblad or maybe Bickell for a solid LW. I say lets do it.
    This team is so close.

  6. Shaw’s not going anywhere – once again he stirred the pot and got Getzlaf to take a stupid penalty that started the comeback. I’d like to see TT on the 3rd line with Krueger and Hossa. This would be an excellent defensive line that could also contribute offensively. I would have Kero center the 4th line with Desi and Tik. Right now I think Dano should get big minutes in Rockford. He continues to look very tentative. Let’s finish the trip with a big win at Staples tomorrow!

  7. Other than the first 10 minutes or so, when the Hawks looked to be half asleep and a step slow, I thought the Hawks played better than the Ducks,

    Tazer still dropped the gloves, although Kesler didn’t immediately oblige so the refs stepped in and decided to not let it happen – so now I’m really at a loss for why Mashinter is in the lineup. I thought it might have been an agreement with Toews that they would keep an “enforcer” in the lineup if he agreed to not drop the gloves anymore, but it’s now obvious that isn’t the case. So, what is it – arrogance? Arrogance that the Hawks can beat teams while playing a man down all game long?

    Good Crawford two games in a row – very nice.

    I love duck roadkill. :)

  8. I’ll let Hof break down the hogs game. Gotta say it was nice having both games on TV and staggered. Bickell was the first star and it got me thinking about his number. 44 is new to him but I think I figured it out. It’s his contract! 4 years at 4 million per

  9. MS- I totally agree with your assessment.

    Teravainen, kruger, Hossa 3rd line.
    Dejardins, kero, tikhinov 4th line.

    Let Dano spend some time in rockford.

  10. Reminds me of an old refrain from my teenage years: Fuck a Duck!

    But seriously, my favorite moment was one that maybe nobody else noticed. It was after Keith’s goal to tie the game. NBC holds a shot on Kane on the Hawk’s bench and seated next to him is Dano. Check out the expression on Dano’s face. He’s not celebrating, he looks dazed, as if he’s thinking, “Holy Shit, we just did that! I’m actually on this team!” Pure speculation on my part, but I sure hope this effort registers with some of these young guys and shows them what is possible with this team.

  11. For any team lacking consistent — or virtually any — offense from the collective ten or eleven bottom six forwards (including those currently in rockford) to keep dressing mashinter is laughable. Its a joke. Fools gold today.

  12. Have to admit that TT looked tentative-hopefully this was just some first game back rust-I hope he finds someone to gel with
    AA is making the trade look positive.

  13. As my 8 year old boy said when we flew down to attend game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in Anaheim, “Duck soup tastes best served in the Stanlry Cup!”

    There was absolutely NO WAY to win that game. But once again our boys– our beloved core – to a man- displayed hearts of champions. Seabs, Keith, Hossa, Kaner, Cro and even Johnny “Balboa” all put their marks on this one.

    Meanwhile, the Caducks seem destined to extend the Vancouver tradition of turning a ton of talent into stunningly underwhelming results. Just like the Sedin sisters- talent yes… but in the end, no heart.

  14. Nice to see the Hawks pull this out but I think Coach Q’s line blender might be taking a toll on some of the younger players. I get it that both Dano and TT were both out a few games but both of these players need to develop into top 6 forwards if the Hawks expect to be good in the future, especially after seeing some of the young talent around the league on this West coast swing. I would like to see TT on the first line with Toews and either Shaw or Garbutt, and Dano on the third line with Hossa and maybe Kero because he is a little more offense minded than Kruger. Then let Dano and TT play out the season at these spots. It may be a little rough in the beginning but come playoff time I feel the rewards will be there. With Shaw or Garbutt going to the 4th line then you are solid there too and have 4 nicely balanced lines.

  15. Nice to see the Ice Hogs game on local TV, it was Ugly Christmas Sweater night in Rockford and the Ice Hogs jerseys were styled in that manner, just hideous.

    The game, however, was not hideous, a 3-1 Rockford win in a very chippy tilt. Josh Brittain, Chris De Sousa, and Viktor Svedberg all with fighting majors.

    Goal scorers were Morin (he banked one in off the goalie’s skate from below the goal line, Bickell (on a hard wrist shot from about 30 feet out) and Pokka with the final tally on a fat rebound. POKKA POKKA POKKA is now the team points leader. Ice Hogs held their own and then some in the physical department … De Sousa, who continues to be noticeable and impress, absolutely leveled a Wolves player with a huge neutral zone hit and then got the takedown in his scrap.

    De Sousa has played every forward spot this season – was at RW this game. He looks to be a Shaw type; small guy 5’9 tops but solid on his skates and in the midst of everything. He is not without skill but his value is energy, versatility, and playing the body. He is really trying to make the most of his chance and to me has earned a spot in Rockford, but contracts will ultimately decide.

    Leighton in goal and some updates on the lineup … Defenseman Dennis Robertson was back in after being a healthy scratch the last 7 games. He played well and also got into a scrap. Ice Hogs went with 7 defensemen, they are short up front. Nolan Valleau continues to impress, he is very calm and cool with the puck.

    Garret Ross was out, he was dinged up a few days ago but is close and Dent said he’s day to day. Philip Danault is not far away, he will travel with the team for the upcoming road trip and will probably hit the lineup soon.

    Kyle Baun is out for a while … he got his arm sliced open from a skate in a road tilt two weeks ago. Vinny HINObsession was energetic last night and almost potted his first goal on a wrap around but was denied. He shanked another good chance from in front and appears snake bit. He has 7 assists in about 15 games.

    Ice Hogs are now on the road for 5 games I think, they are in Milwaukee tonight.

  16. Two more quick comments on the Rockford game …

    Kyle Cumiskey is out with a lower body injury, Dent said he will take his time coming back. He played 4-5 games and got hurt.

    Billy Gardner does the color for the Wolves and has the “gift” of gab. If something requires a sentence to describe, Gardner will tell you about it in 6 paragraphs. His loquaciousness knows no bounds. He has never grasped the words “brevity” or “concise”. Ask Billy Gardner what time is it, he’ll tell you how to build a clock. He does the color commentary like he’s being paid by the word. Get to the punch line, Billy.

    Other than that, enjoyable game.

  17. Once again… I pose the question… where did TT look best last nite?

    My answer: 2nd w/ 72/88 (but there- TT can’t win a face off… and surely 15 makes 72/88 better than TT)

    Just sayin… Hawks need another forward (To help/allow TT to fit better into the line up)… before a D man… (unless they can get legit top 3/4 D guy… to push TvR down into 5/6th…

  18. An indescribable game. Shaw was game MVP because once again he gets inside the head of an opponent and they do stupid things. Getzlaff has truly devolved into a head case, dog on ice and BIG problem for the Ducks. Imagine being an Anaheim fan right now. Jeesh.

    Dano needs to go back to Rockford and I’m sure that is where he is headed upon return from the road trip. He needs a lot of work to his game. It just goes to show the dramatic differences in standards of hockey play here versus a hockey purgatory like Columbus. But honestly this kid needs serious work to his game and painfully clear his brain is overwhelmed playing for this team. There is tough standards to live up to and why there are 3 recent Cup banners hanging in the UC rafters.

    Teuvo? Good Lord how can any of even his biggest fans keep defending the guy? It happens sometimes where a player is simply a rotten awful fit on a team. Teuvo does not have a viable role. I’m sick and tired of trying to ram a square peg into a round hole. Quenneville has been inordinately patient with Teuvo too. Sorry folks, but it is time to ship him out of town while he has some measure of trade value. I want him gone. And I strongly suspect Quenneville and the leaders of this team on the ice would strongly echo that. No more of this bullcrap of trying to play him at LW or even C. If he can’t cut it on a bottom line at RW then sit him in the press box or have him bum a ride to Rockford with Dano if he can’t be traded.

  19. TVR? And I’m not saying this to gloat or to be a prick, but my Lord this road trip has definitely proved that Van Riemsdyk is just a guy. Give TVR all the credit in the world for working bis tail off and becoming embraced by the very tough evaluator that is Quenneville. But my goodness his physical limitations have become too damned exposed on a top 4 pairing. So anybody who says we don’t have screaming need for a blueliner can go fly a kite. And hence why Bowman needs to keep working very hard to dump the Trevor Daley crapatular in the blue zone just as fast as humanely possible. We need a trade for a creditable top 4 pairing for this system, and so then TVR and Rosival can handle chores as the 3rd pairing.

  20. What a wonderful sports Thanksgiving for us Chicago fans. Bears beat the hated Packers in Lambeau on Farve love fest night, and then the Hawks pluck the Ducks in stunning fashion at the end to gloriously steal 2 points. Memorable stuff I must say. That Getzlaf and Kessler continue to be the selfish guys they have always been and can be counted on to always be is impressive. Yes, the Caducks is a good one Booman. Adding cheap shot artist and not so esteemed Canucklehead Bieksa this year will leave that team cursed. Breaks my heart.

    Hawks post Cup salary cap purge lineup is still in it’s infancy. It will evolve. Rufus beating the dead horse yet again with Teuvo, and or course your other whipping boys Daley and TVR. You promised to end the debate didn’t you? Teravainen is a very young guy with limited NHL experience. He is a talented and I believe has a promising future here in Chicago. To be so irrationally judgmental regarding a young player is pretty bizarre. Yes it is a pity that Saad made a mistake with contract negotiations and left for what amounted to be peanuts salary wise over many years. He is missed. I prefer to let SB and Q figure it out with this team. They will do with the roster what they feel is right to keep the Hawks in the hunt for another Cup.

    Duncan Keith and Seabrook have been magnificent. Money guys when it counts.

    Meanwhile lets hope the Hawks keep the fun rolling and beat LA tonight.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  21. To Phil and Rufus’ polarized debate; the good news is when you are as good as the Hawks are you can use the regular season to figure out the role players that fit best and adjust for the real season. They aren’t worried about seeding, especially with division format, and 8 teams won’t finish is front of them. Continue the debate in a few months

  22. Well said Phil. Your comment along with Keith’s at 1:37 am makes a lot of sense. I think some consistency playing 56 LW3 and 72 RW1 or RW3 will help pay dividends come this Spring. 57 is a good young D man that should continue to develop. We can still use a producing LW1 and or a 2nd pairing D man. Christmas is coming and maybe Stan can work some magic with the cap and trades to bring us a special present!

  23. This is more about the Ducks then it is about the Hawks. How mentally fraigle is that team. They are the stanley cup pick to start the season and they completely wet the bed with nearly the same team as last yr.

    This Hawks team needs to learn how to win on the road. Ita still a work in progress. Hossa has taken his demotion and stride and has promptly been returned to the top line and is making plays.

    Rosy needs alot more games to round into form. Hopefully he gets there. TVR had a few bad give aways but hopefully he continues to progress.

    Hawks will take the pts when they can get em!

  24. Rufus, Imagine we are in the year 2018…. Basically every single core Hawk player will be on the wrong side of 30. What do you do then? The current young players on the team need to develop to prevent having an aging team in the future. You may lose a few games in the process while they are learning, but there is no other choice.

  25. Rufus – Get used to TT cause he aint going anywhere. No chance we give up on a young guy with a cheap contract, defensively responsible with lots of upside. Put him with Hossa and Krueger and I think we will have a solid line. Regarding TVR, it seems like you are making a huge deal over the fact that he is a poor 4th d-man but would be a good 5th d-man. I am as surprised as anyone with the improvement he has shown this year and acknowledge his physical limitations. However he thinks the game at a very high level and is very poised in his play. I have to agree with Wall that a LW is likely higher priority right now than the 4th D slot.

    Yesterday may have been the last gasp for Boudreau (I know this breaks Hawks fans hearts). For the last week he has been throwing various players under the bus. In today’s articles in the local paper he trashed the #1 PK unit for throwing the puck away under pressure. The Ducks are imploding and will have another coach very soon.

  26. The problem with the Ducks isn’t Boudreau. Rather it is the roster that Murray constructed. That and the fact that Getzlaff has devolved into a big loafing pouting problem for them.

  27. Getzlaf – idiot, cheap
    Kesler – cheap, punk, wuss
    Bieksa – habitual punk, probably from birth

    Just when I was thinking to myself that the Hawks were really showing inconsistency and how things might be rough…..they go and tough out a great comeback against a bunch of jerks.

    Sometimes they look so blaaah that it reminds me of that year they had Bruno in the lineup and lost in the first round to the Coyotes. Then they flash all of the talent and heart that they’ve got and reverse that feeling.

    If they were to trade Shaw, I’d go into a sadness induced coma. He’s their net presence and is always working. TT’s obviously got talent but is his output due to who he’s paired with or due to just his seemingly tentative play?

    Will Bickell ever see the bigs again? He looks great in Rockford (watched the game on TV last night after the Blackhawks game). Seems like he’d be better than some of the other forwards that are getting a chance, but is he destined to play out the contract in the AHL until he’s gone otherwise?

  28. I didn’t rip TVR. Quite the opposite. But he is just a guy and right now out of necessity he is in a role he is ill suited for.

    Teuvo will be gone by midseason. He doesn’t fit. And everybody associate LF with the Hawks knows it. Zero chance he is here by the trade deadline. Zero. I’ll take the bet with anyone on this too.

    This tired argument that Q doesn’t play the kids all over again? Hmm. TVR, Kero, Svedberg must all be figments of the imagination !

  29. Yeah Rufus, now you’re taking bets … you and your motley collection of user names.

    Aren’t you still paying off the bets from “Book it. Kane will never play another game in a Blackhawk sweater, you don’t know Rocky Wirtz.” ???

  30. Rufus, what Keith is saying, I believe, is to play them consistently. Where was Kero yesterday? Where is Svedberg now?

  31. I don’t want to take sides and certainly don’t want to get into a pissing contest with anyone, and even though I’m not anti-Rufus, I have to sidle up to Phil with his last post – agree with it all.

    We’re 23 games into the season, barely past the quarter pole so while it’s not “early” there is still lots of season left to assess and react. The Hawks are hanging in there and taking 7 of a possible 10 points (so far) on this road trip allows Stan the luxury of not having to do anything from a desperate perspective. We don’t need to be the best team in the league right now – only to stay in the playoff hunt and get better as the season rolls along.

    As for the Ducks, it isn’t just this season that the sum is less than the (perceived) part. Recall last year how odd it was that their record was so much better than their goal differential would indicate it should be. So maybe this season is more reflective of the type of team they really are. I’m not counting them out because Getzlaf and Perry are still elite players who are very capable of flipping the switch and leading that team to lots of wins. But, there’s a “fowl” smell coming from that team and I couldn’t be happier about it.

  32. I don’t want to take sides and certainly don’t want to get into a pissing contest with anyone, and even though I’m not anti-Rufus, I have to sidle up to Phil with his last post – agree with it all.

    We’re 23 games into the season, barely past the quarter pole so while it’s not “early” there is still lots of season left to assess and react. The Hawks are hanging in there and taking 7 of a possible 10 points (so far) on this road trip allows Stan the luxury of not having to do anything from a desperate perspective. We don’t need to be the best team in the league right now – only to stay in the playoff hunt and get better as the season rolls along.

    As for the Ducks, it isn’t just this season that the whole is less than the (perceived) sum of the parts. Recall last year how odd it was that their record was so much better than their goal differential would indicate it should be. So maybe this season is more reflective of the type of team they really are. I’m not counting them out because Getzlaf and Perry are still elite players who are very capable of flipping the switch and leading that team to lots of wins. But, there’s a “fowl” smell coming from that team and I couldn’t be happier about it.

  33. Sorry about the (almost) duplicate posts. I really need to remember to proofread before hitting the “Post Comment” button.

  34. The problem with the Ducks isn’t just some of their players. Bruce Boudreau is the WORST coach in the game. Period. His match ups are horrible, at key points of the game.

    The reason this guy loses key games is because, when the game is on the line, he puts out the wrong match ups. He doesn’t even look for match ups, he just throws out a line. The Ducks have a VERY good team that needs a good coach. Ol’ red face will be gone by Christmas if they don’t turn it around.

  35. Mudturtle: Thank you for adding the correction. I think the addition of Bieksa to the Ducks’ lineup this year made me, for just a split second, forget the Douchecanoe that Perry is when ranking their dislikable attributes.

  36. I had the Ducks Broadcaster on, and all game long they said the DUCKS played a great game, I DON’T THINK SO!

    The NHL has no real dominate teams so this “Stuff Happens” But Hawks as ranted before are hard to BEAT you can be up a goal or two but hardest team to “put away” in the NHL. Crow was so tuff again as ranted . . .down low, ice level, big pads work and just held Hawks in it.

    Hawks puck possession was off the hook! The Artist ( hail the artist ) came back in the OT 3 on 3 to back check old man Ryan Getzlaf to save the game IMO.

    All in all a very good performance top down, no real weak links except Line changes!

    Kings will dump and bash tonight! Thats the only way to do it vs. Hawks.

  37. Baron Von Bickell will be back, no one has really broken through on that third line so Bick is lucky no one is in line, this is first come first serve. Bick will get one more shot, but the longer he stays down the better, bring him up in January, rest and PISSED OFF and PLAY hard!

  38. I say keep Dano on the ice! This lame AHL crap is no place for future development, great place to recover from knee surgery but he’ll learn zip down there. Bad move and impatient move.

    Dano can play, good speed, good stick, great shot okay on defense, good back check, only thing he does not do well to ” Lean & Drift to the front of the net, Establish position and hold it” he often drift wide in no mans land! Hawks got one guy Shawsy who is any example of dominating the net front, you don’t learn that in Rockford.

    Also not much better right now from my pov . . . They need Dano to play and paly well!

  39. Looking forward to seeing he boys live tonight. I’m sure Staples will be jumping with Blackhawks fans, as always. Nearly identical records for both teams, so it should be a good one. I hope they come out with some urgency and establish the pace early. Darling’s in net tonight and it looks like Dano is scratched in favor of Kero.

  40. Same lineup for the Ice Hogs in Milwaukee as last night’s game. Among the scratches (injured) are Mark McNeill, Kyle Cumiskey, Garret Ross, Ryan Haggerty, Kyle Baun, Mike Liambas and healthy scratch winger Daniel Ciampini.

  41. Thanks for the update Tony. Bring the boys home a winner. Speaking of updates, Hof your Hogs reporting is much appreciated along with contributions from others in that regard.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  42. TVR is showing great progress, TT is a slow starter who will be just fine by mid season. AA is showing some clutch to his game!

  43. We played a good game, but we were a step slow which is understandable given the fast turnaround. We had it if not for the bad giveaway that gave them the tying goal. So many close calls. TT had a great chance and almost had a 5 holer on Quick.
    Bottom line: 8 out of 12 points on this road trip is OK by me, and pretty indicative of where we are as a team right now. It was pretty special to see Kaner set the consecutive point streak record for an American born player. I’ll remember that one despite the outcome.

  44. Hof, thanks for quality info on farm.

    Phil, I love Teravainen. We watched him in Lake Placid for two summers at world juniors and think he’s going to be wicked.

    Nettle, your right historically 86 goes on tear midseason.

    Wall, I like your idea of getting someone that can work better with the dragon like 80 & 10 did.

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