Blackhawks Do Dallas, Win 8-1

The final score was 8-1, but the game wasn’t as close as the score would indicate.

Five different Blackhawks had three points in the blowout:

  • Bryan Bickell: 3 assists
  • Viktor Stalberg: 3 assists
  • Nick Leddy: 1 goal, 2 assists
  • Patrick Kane: 1 goal, 2 assists
  • Jonathan Toews: 2 goals, 1 assist

Toews won 13 of his 16 faceoffs in the game. Brandon Saad (two assists), Marian Hossa (two goals) and Duncan Keith (one goal, one assist) also had multi-point nights in the runaway. Johnny Oduya also scored for the Hawks .

Corey Crawford allowed one goal against 19 shots, 11 of which came in the third period.

The only part of the game in which the Stars were competitive was fighting; Antoine Roussel got the better of Brent Seabrook late in the second period. At that point, the Hawks were up five, but after Roussel threw a couple punches at Seabrook after he went down there was clearly motivation to keep the pressure on.

Hossa scored less than a minute after the fight to extend the lead to six. It was Hossa’s second of the period, and wasn’t nearly as pretty as his first. Just over 12 minutes into the second, Kane dropped a pass to Hossa who tipped the puck into the far corner of the net for Chicago’s fifth goal of the night… and Hossa’s stick was behind him and between the legs of Stephane Robidas.

There were plenty of highlights for the Hawks, and lots of guys padding their stats. Chicago is now 23-2-3 on the season and boast an NHL-best plus-35 as a team on the season.

34 thoughts on “Blackhawks Do Dallas, Win 8-1

  1. This was as complete a pasting as I could remember. Everybody who laced up their Bauers was on tonight. Besides the obvious kudos to those who had big points tonight, I thought Hammer was absolutely stellar, poor Fro hustles all night but can’t buy a goal if his life depends on it, and Kruger played a great 2-way game.

    Is anyone catching the Nucks/Wings game on NHLN tonight; have their ever been worse looking throw back uni’s than what Van is wearing? Just seeing them tonight makes me hate them all the more.

    Monday, the Avs deserve some pay back then its on to Anaheim. Does any one know if Perry will be back for that one or will he still be sitting with the suspension?

    Go Hawks!

  2. One more thing…Roussel’s continued pummeling of Seabs should not be forgotten for payback later down the line. Haven’t we all seen fights where one antagonist clearly has the other in dire straights of being hurt and backs off before someone really gets injured? Roussel got the best of Seabs early with a RH and showed no sign that he recognized it. Hopefully, that’s remembered.

  3. The Vancouver unis MIGHT be okay if they didn’t have the cream-colored pants and if the maroon was brighter. They just look dingy and dirty.

  4. @ZG – I think Perry will be serving his 4th game when the Hawks play them so he should not play.

    The game tonight – WOW! That was fun.

  5. ZG – I agree. He even continued hitting Seabs after they went down. Understand his frustration as both he and his team we having a horrible night; but he made his point with the first punch, no need to continue to pummel a wobbly opponent. I’m really surprised the linesmen didn’t recognize that Seabrook was in dire straights and step in, so I put some blame on them as well.

  6. Tons of superlatives to pass around for the Hawks, but one who should not be overlooked is Coach Q…he did not get down on this team when they lost two and since then has done a great job in the last 2 games of fielding the best lineups and rolling 4 lines…Bollig (who is getting better every game) played almost 10 minutes tonight…that means EVERYONE is fresh…and a fresh Hawks team is unbeatable.

    I think one of the chief causes for the Hawks 2 losses, and a drop in their play was illness…it was more than just Frolik and Hossa who were sick, and it seemed like in Columbus we were getting healthier and tonight we were close to all players being back to 100%.

    Victor Stahlberg is one of the best players on this team…he does everything well, including studying film and working hard. His speed is impressive as is his intelligence…he has great stick position, and body position on the ice. He is now +13 in case you didn’t know. Bickell and Shaw were great again, and our 3rd line is the killer for the opposition…some teams have the depth to go 2 lines with us, but not 3 or 4…that 3rd line simply OWNS the puck when they are on the ice.

    Nick Leddy is really coming into his own…his hockey smarts are really shining through, as he continues to make smart decisions out there…his instinctively jumping into the play on his goal, was a thing of beauty…he is now +13 and on pace for a 40 point “full season” total. Hammer, Kruger, Frolik and Saad also had very good games for the Hawks as well. Brandon Saad is now 8th on the team in scoring, is a plus 8, and skated almost 19 minutes last night. He is no longer “going” to become a very good NHLer, he IS a very good NHLer.

    Finally, what a game by the captain. The first 2 goals to set the tone, great forward rushes bringing the puck deep into the Dallas Zone all night, great passing, great back checking and body position in his own zone, great pressure on the forecheck, and 13 out of 16 on the draw. This is why, IMO, he is the best player in the entire league and always the MVP!

  7. One other note, Rozy is such an improvement over Brookbank, I really don’t understand why he doesn’t play more…his passing is beautiful to watch.

  8. Saad- IMO- best game of year… finally showing patience and timing w/ HOF 19-81… if he continues to learn/grow- WOW!

    Hoss- that stick between D’s legs and behind him goal!!!!! Awesome!

    Tab- you are correct the game was not as close as score- Frolik, Hoss, Kane should have had Hat-tricks!!! Frolik is a true sniper… every time he shoots he hits goalie right in the Heart!!!!

    Lastly- Hawks NEED to re-sign Stalberg- You cannot teach speed. And I have said it before… 25 has grown/improved so much since the Hawks put him on the ice. His 1st 25 games w/ Hawks- I think 25 thought a cycle was something you rode to Starbuck’s on Sunday morning. Now- he is a stud!

    Last nite they played against 3 D-men w/ less than combined 90 games NHL experience… not to mention Grampa Jagr, Whitney… who did not show up in D-zone (aka Bruno)…

    Really can’t wait for next 2 games- to measure the Hawks vs. Avs and Ducks.

  9. Old fashioned beat down, ha. Let’s hope this portion of the season will put and end to any debates about whether Stahlberg should be in Chicago. I have felt all along he was worthy, and he is really having a positive influence this season. I’m happy for him. I only had radio for the game and don’t understand why Bollig did not seek out Rousell in the 3rd. Where they ever on the ice together?

    Any moves at the deadline will be very interesting. If it was me, and I am way under qualified, I would be afraid to mess with a good thing unless it was an obvious center improvement with little cost of the current lineup

  10. Seabrook dropping his gloves was the dumbest thing imaginable. He deserved to be punched while on the ground for being so stupid. Oh hey guy with concussion history, lets get punched in the face.

    Hawks got “revenge” for Seabrook’s dumb decision by pounding them on the score board. Q has been the coach for almost 5 years. If you haven’t learned that he doesn’t seek revenge with punches, you aren’t paying attention.

    Other than the silly Seabrook fight, nothing to really complain about in this game. Amazing how much more “chemistry” that first line has when some of the chances they generate actually go in. It’s also hard to deny that what Hossa and Kane have going on. Hossa knows how to finish those chances that Kane generates.

    Bollig with another solid game. Amazing how much better he is when he isn’t in the box for a useless fight. The fourth line was flying… all of the lines were flying.

    Crawford wasn’t really tested, but the few chances the Stars had he was pretty good at denying. Also, good rebound control once again.

    PK is returning to last years form. Probably time to change things up.

  11. As I stated before, you can be assured Bowman will resign Stahlberg…he made the deal to bring him here (I’ll bet Leaf fans aren’t happy about Stahlberg or Jimmy Hayes starting on the #1 team in the league).

    Bickell is the one who COULD be let go…but the way Bicks is improving each week, man, all of a sudden there’s a pretty high ceiling for him…his passing alone is becoming among the team’s best…and now with his consistent physical play, standing up for team mates, and scoring, Bicks is a real commodity…how many of us would have guessed this before the season started? I know I wouldn’t have..

    Ryan good point about Bollig…this has to be because of Q though, as JS said…Bollig must have been biting his knuckles not to hammer Rousell in the 3rd…and its a good point by JS to Seabrook…he has no business getting into fights unless its protecting a team mate…just skate away.

    Wall, Saad’s no look through the legs pass to Toews on the first goal was art…that line is starting to click, and that’s scary for the rest of the league.

    I think resigning Leddy and Stahlberg are absolute keys…and you know Bowman will, as he brought both players here…and if Bicks keeps this up, what do you do???

    The kids in Rockford are going to have to be given a chance, and soon.

  12. I agree with Wall and have also expressed thet Stalberg is/has grown into a complete player. He must be a priority for this team

  13. I agree Brad I think Stalberg, Leddy and Kruger will all be signed. They can free money by using the two buyouts on Matador and Olesz. If I had to wager I would say Bickell will not be resigned and I also think Bolland will be traded at draft time for some picks. He’ll be a UFA after the 13/14 season and he becomes someone unfortunately you just can’t keep with the cap going down.

  14. BSJ…sorry, I missed Kruger…he and Shaw will absolutely be resigned as well…they are Bowman’s two 5th round gems…they aren’t going anywhere…next year I think we will see another 5th round pick on the roster as well.

  15. Cap-Wise”:

    I think Hawks will try/want to keep all of the above mentioned… but 25-29 are playing themselves into a potential BIG raise… as mentioned Rusty/Monty will be axed, but we still may not be able to keep all!!!

    So, Bowman will look at the “Prospects” coming up, and evaluate which current Hawks can be replaced/upgraded soonest by these prospects…
    My opinion is you can’t replace Leddy and 25- elite skaters… then I would say 29, cuz he has good size and chemistry w/ Shaw/25… so In my eyes, Frolik and or 36 would be most quickly/easily replaced by Danault/ Teuvo/ and or Ross.

    The “REAL” Cap issue will come if we Win the Cup this year… (Great problem to have)

  16. Wall I forgot about Frolik, he will be another causality, Even tough he’ll make only 1.9mil the team can save a mil by bring up one of the guys from Rockford.
    Now lets hope the boys give the Alavs a little payback come tomorrow.

  17. I agree Wall, Bowman has the space by moving players…and as good as Frolik has been on the 4th line and PK, he is expendable…Bicks could be the other guy, but as you say, with his massive talent development this season, maybe not…so by releasing Frolik you open up competition between Ben Smith, Jeremy Morin, Jimmy Hayes, Garret Ross, TT.

    So Dave Bolland becomes the target…Bolland could easily be moved this summer for picks/prospects, and the Hawks would fill the void internally. Shaw/Kruger would compete for who centres Patricks Kane and Sharp, and players like Pirri, Danault, McNeil, TT, Jimmy Hayes would compete for the 4th line C position.

    Also, Rozy or Brookbank (likely Rozy as Brookbank is under contract) will be released to make way for someone from Rockford…the DMan in waiting has been Ryan Stanton, and he is very ready to step up and be that 3rd pairing defender (splitting time with Brookbank)…but Adam Clendening is insanely good, and I really can’t see him not making the Hawks out of camp…he has simply been too good in Rockford this season (his first).

    These 3 releases/changes make the Hawks younger, solidify the “3 line core”, and fit under the camp…do they make us better? Time will tell, but I would say at some point during next season, yes…

  18. Initially, losing 36 will not make us better… (Shaw and 16 are not as good now)… but IMO- the Prospects TT, and Danault are closer/better replacements for 36 then any prospects in system for 25 and 29…

    Possibly Ross can replace 29… but I have not really seen him play… his #’s look good, “plays like Shaw” is what I have heard… also think that Saad has verbally backed him to Hawks… cuz he played w/ him…

    Here is another guy on Radar… Alex Saulnier (center) playing w/ Danault in Moncton… the kid is undrafted… better #’s than Danault… most importantly- looking at stats- he is WAY better than Danault in Face-offs??? I wonder why he is undrafted??? Skating??? Anyone know???

  19. @wall – looked up Saulnier twins and read repeatedly that although they are good junior players they will probably never reach the NHL unless their skating improves dramatically. They’ve already been passed over 2 or 3 times so it looks like pro scouts don’t think their skating has improved enough.

  20. I too heard Saad rave about Garret Ross…I don’t know anything about Saulnier, but I will check into it…and you are right, the long term replacement for Bolland rests with either Danault or TT…likely Danault.

  21. Lots of scheduling quirks this season,… how bout Ducks next 7,…

    at SJ
    at CHI

  22. I like what Bicks has done this year, but has he “peaked” in a contract year? I remember Kopecky putting up 42 points in his last year with Chicago. I have nothing against Kopecky, but no one has missed his production here in Chicago.

  23. I was reading the Hawks link on the 4th period and they had mentioned Mike Roberio has a potential move for the Hawks, on paper that sounds like a solid move. However, I was checking his faceoff % and believe it or not its worse then Bolland. I So I was checking advance stats at and I came across a guy that is most likely on the market or can be had at a resonable price b/c his team is out of contention, he is 30, is a physical player and can play 2nd line center or wing and would be a cap hit of 2.9 million. He’s Steve Ott what do you guys think?

  24. SSHM…bringing in a guy like Ott for the remainder of the season who can be physical and win crucial face-offs would be a good thing…the Hawks are making a huge bid for another Cup, and ultimately we need to do whatever we can to give us the best chance. Not being able to win crucial draws (outside of Tazer) and not playing tough are 2 things that can expose this team in the playoffs.

  25. Ott… he’s an emotional wildcard that I wouldn’t want on the same roster as Carcillo. If you watched the third period of last night’s Sabres game, you saw him bait a youngster into a stupid penalty in the third period (good) and then take a ridiculously stupid penalty of his own in the game’s final two minutes (again, stupid). On paper, the numbers Ott puts up make sense but I just don’t see him as a fit on this roster.

    re: Ribeiro – I was on TFP Live on Saturday afternoon and Hawks trade speculation came up. If I was looking at a center in Washington the Hawks might be targeting, I would be more inclined to focus on Matt Hendricks than Ribeiro. Walk year, $900k cap number, good at the dot and physical. More of a bottom-six center than the 2C we’re all hoping Bowman can go get.

  26. Brad while that would be a nice pick up, I don’t think the Hawks could afford him next year. Unless they get sweat heart deals from there free agents or don’t sign one of Kruger, Stalberg, Leddy. His salary is basically the same same Bollands.

  27. Agree Ott is a head case at times, proceed with caution! Ribs is making 5 mil in D.C. in his last yr

  28. Doesn’t Ott play more of the bottom 6 center roll anyway?

    I’m dreading what the faceoffs are going to look like in tonight’s game.

  29. JS- I agree the Hawks look very vulnerable against some of the better face off teams. The 2 biggest concerns I have going into the playoffs are faceoffs and lack of physical play. Specifically when they go up against big physical teams like the Ducks who I really think the Hawks will meet in the Conf finals. I am very curious to see how the Hawks come out against the AVS, who have now fallen to last place in the Conf

  30. BSJ, anyone we trade for (unless its a Ryan O’Reilly type player) will be a 3 month rental nothing more…with all the talent the Hawks have in their system we simply CAN’T add anything more than a temporary fix/improvement.

    I like Ott, and think that to win a Cup, for 3 months he would become a very smart, disciplined hockey player. The bottom line is this, in this year’s playoffs we MUST have someone else who can be on the ice during a PK situation and win face-offs besides Toews. To that end, Tab’s suggestion of Hendricks makes sense…its just with Patricks Kane and Sharp you need a centre who can consistently win draws to dominate puck possession, and with Bolly this doesn’t happen…I hate to say this, but come playoff time, its this line (even with a healthy Sharp) that I worry about.

    BTW…even with Hayes in the show, Jeremy Morin and Brandon Pirri have remained on fire in Rockford…Morin scored 2 more goals the other night…not withstanding his lack of speed, I think Morin is going to make it as a pro. Adam Clendening is ridiculously good…and really, who can he be? The AHL is playing very good hockey right now, and AC is a rookie, 2/3rds the way through his rookie season…you have to believe that AC is going to become a very good NHL DMan…I like Leddy a lot, and Leddy was NOT this good in Rockford at the beginning of the season.

  31. Brad I agree we need someone else to take face offs. The thing with getting Ott is he has another year on his contract like Bolland. Not sure who or what we what need to trade for him, but if it’s not Bolland then we have Bolland and Ott to trade next year.

  32. SouthSide… I was doing the same thing 3-4 days ago, looking for a Cap friendly Rental/power Center… and also came up w/OTT… I don’t know if he skates well enough to help 2nd line… Anyone know???

    Brad- Regarding AC: I saw same thing in Rockford Leddy was average in AHL…
    Now he is skating like Brian Campbell… AC’s #’s are impressive so far- but can he skate like Leddy? Speed-wise or elusiveness??? I don’t know- the 2-3 times I saw in World Jrs…. he made a lot of mistakes. But I know where you might be going with thoughts…

    If AC is ready next year… D could be even better + Insurance if Leddy thinks he deserves 4 mill + and Hawks can’t sign… but I think we will sign him.

  33. SS- I am interested to see how Hawks handle the Avs tonite… like you imply- another ass kicking by the Avs- would make you think that Hawks are vulnerable ( and NEED something changed /tweaked before Cup run)… in case we run into similar team/style… apparently everyone else can beat on the Avs.

    No excuses- Run is over- we haven’t played 6 games in 9 nites…

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