Blackhawks Dominate Blue Jackets

On paper, it shouldn’t have been a close game.

In reality, it wasn’t.

The Blackhawks dropped the hammer on the Blue Jackets in the first period and didn’t let them get close the rest of the way, as Chicago got two points closer to a playoff spot.

Points were awarded like Halloween candy in Columbus on Tuesday night. Duncan Keith had four assists, Patrick Sharp has two goals, Marian Hossa had a goal and an assist and Andrew Shaw had his second straight multi-point night as the Hawks scored early and ran away from the Jackets. It was the first four-assist night in Keith’s career.

The Hawks’ five goals came from Sharp (two), Hossa, Shaw and Brent Seabrook. Bryan Bickell, Dave Bolland, Marcus Kruger and Viktor Stalberg each had an assist in the game as well. Chicago scored on both of their power play opportunities.

Unfortunately, there was cause for concern in the third period when Nick Leddy was boarded at 3:23 by Darryl Boyce. Leddy took one shift after the hit and left the bench early. It’s too bad he’ll feel hungover the morning after his 21st birthday and won’t have a legitimate reason for it.

Corey Crawford couldn’t hold on to what would have been the first shutout of the season, but did make 24 saves against 25 shots on the night. He has now allowed four goals against 93 shots (a .957 save percentage) in his four appearances since taking over for Ray Emery after the first period against St. Louis.

The Hawks swept the season series from Columbus, which marked the first time since 1971-72 that the Hawks had swept a season series (St. Louis).

Chicago now travels home to face the Canucks at the United Center at 7:00 pm CT on Wednesday night.

15 thoughts on “Blackhawks Dominate Blue Jackets

  1. Oduya= 3/4 Campbell’s ability at less than 1/2 the price. (3,500,000 vs $7,142,875)
    Stalbergs cost per point-$23,648 Malkins (Nhl point leader) cost per point- $94,086
    Stalberg -6 gwg Cost per goal- $145,833 Malkin -9 gwg Cost per goal -$966,666
    Hossa ppg cost – $72,260
    Sharp ppg cost -$60937

    Just some interesting numbers.

  2. As much as I like the Oduya signing as he’s been a nice addition, he’s not in the same overall offensive class as Campbell. While he’s a strong skater he really hasn’t shown the playmaking abilities that Soupy has.
    And I don’t care what the cost per point differential is; there’s no comparison between Malkin and Stalberg; if Pitt wants to move Malkin to us for Stalberg, salaries included, I’ll take that trade every day and twice on Sunday.

  3. I’m also recalling postings months ago from various individuals wanting to move Sharpie for all sorts of names…I think I recall Dubinsky being mentioned more than once; are you kidding me? Those were truly screwy proposals.
    And Hossa is a beast with or without the puck!

  4. Another nice win for the Hawks…Marcus Kruger and Andrew Shaw are here to stay in Chicago for a long time…neither will score 50 in a season, but they do EVERYTHING well, and play with character…you win with guys like this…

    The defence was great again…Oduya has really solidified this group…mainly because it forced Hammer to the 3rd pairing and not Leddy, like many thought would be the case…at $3.5 million a season, I can’t see him staying much longer in Chicago…

  5. Yeah, but where can you move Hammer? If Dale Tallon in fact has anymore cap room he’d probably snatch that right up. He’s got a penchant for AWFUL deals.

  6. Agree on #4 or Monty– would be great to move one or both in off season and pay Yabba-dabba-Duya.

    Big question is if and when Toews comes back… Bollie line playing great, 25-16-10 playing great… so will we see 88-19-81… perhaps 88 is better skating up middle of ice as opposed to getting choked/taken off the puck on the boards?

    I would rather see 88 stay in middle and reluctantly move Kruger to 4th line… or try Kruger on wing w/ 88-81.

  7. I dont think we will see 88-19-81 on the same line. I think is more likely to see toews center Stalberg and Hossa then Krug, Kane, and Sharp on a line. 2PP goals in the 3rd is re-assuring. Shaw has been big the last two games. Greg said it right, you cant compare Malkin and Stalberg. Goals arent everything… Malkin kinda leads the league in points. All those assists, his hockey IQ… Malkin is a monster.

    And I’m sick of people trying to complare Oduya and Campbell. Is Oduya easing the pain, sure. but they are opposites. Campbell is a start the rush, get in the offense player. Oduya is a Defensive Dman, chip the puck up the wingers, hold the boards to keep the puck in player. But yes, Oduya has played outside his mind, and has really helped us out. He is playing the way Monty was suppose to from the start. I think Hammer is still good and I would hang on to him. No need to resign/extend him down the road with our prospect depth however. Monty for 4th or 5th on draft day would work for me if we lock up O.

  8. I was thinking the same thing Wall… who is the odd man out to get knocked down to the 4th line when Toews is back?

    You don’t split up 29-36-65. So really that leaves Brunette and Krugs in the current top six. While I think Brunette has been nice on Kane’s wing, he’s missed about a thousand scoring chances too. I’d rather see Kruger stay on the second line.

  9. Also on the Malkin thing… Stalberg is in the final year of his first contract. With the year he is having, statistically he is compareable to Ladd and Brouwer before leaving the Hawks. They are now making 4 and 2.3 Millions each. I would expect Stalberg to be resigned somewhere around 3 Million. If you use that number… the “value” is close to equal ( about 10 points per million ), but to think that stats tell the whole story is nuts. Like Greg said, I would take Malkin’s cap hit at 9 million if we are getting 90 points. And how many goals has Malkin’s presense on the ice created. James Neal has been a 80 point player. Kunitz has 20 goals, Cooke is on pace for a 20/20 season, Dupuis will get 50. Malkin is a big piece of that.

    Not to down play what Stalberg has been, because he has been really good for us. but to try and compare the two is nuts.

  10. Tim, I like Kane/Hoss together and Kane @ center (Kane has played his best this year w/ Hoss.). Sharp/Krug/Stal are playing as well as ever and provide a speed line.
    3rd line has been effective. I would hate to move Kruger down to 4th line and watch him disappear…

    Hawks, have legitimate scoring threats 1st three lines…
    CRAZY idea— to limit his ice time, and not break up balanced attack… Toews on 4th line w/ Mayers/Bolig/ or Frolik. SOUNDS ridiculous, but think about the other teams match-up problems, think about a Toews against other 4th line talent. Or Toews/Saad/Mayers on the 4th line soon!

    Nice to see the Hawks PP use the MIDDLE of the ice and attack the typical 2-2 PK zone from the middle (like I suggested about a month ago)

  11. Oduya has been huge for the hawks and even more so with Hammer back. People need to stop worrying about Hammer’s salary. I like our D pairings as is for a playoff run. Crawford is playing better now and thats huge. Maybe put Stahlberg, Toews and Sharp together on line one, Kane, Hossa and Brunette on line 2, Bolland, Bickel and Shaw on line 3, Kruger Mayers and Hayes on line 4. If Frolik gets going he could be put in somewhere and Bolig as needed. Its very painful to put Brunette out there with Kane and Hossa so Id be looking to replace him(Brunette) with somebody. Maybe one more young player could be added so we could bounce Brunette out of the lineup.

  12. Last few games, we have seen the Hawks get a lot more physical. Anyone think that there is a Bollig effect out there? Even though he is averaging about 6 mins a game. He has shown no problem fighting opponents and will protect other Hawks at all costs. Other teams seem less likely to take a run at our guys while he is lurking. Maybe I’m thinking too much into it, but wouldn’t mind seeing how much room on the ice is given to Hossa, Sharp, or Kane if Bollig is out there with them.

  13. @wall

    Can I have some of what you’re smoking? Toews on the 4th line? GTFOH

    If he returns,



  14. Imagine playing the Canucks again only this time having both Bolland AND Shaw able to antagonize the twins. It’ll be 2 on 2 now instead of 1 on 2.

    That being said, I’d like to finish 6th still

  15. Jordan- They might choose to keep kane and hossa together too, and i would have no probelm with that… so the only change I would make to your projected line up would be to keep Kruger on the second line over Bruno. And then rotate Frolik/Bollig/Bruno on the 4th line based on match-up

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