Blackhawks Dressing John Scott vs Columbus

Joel Quenneville will play John Scott on the blue line over Sami Lepisto and Sean O’Donnell again on Thursday night.

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3 Responses to Blackhawks Dressing John Scott vs Columbus

  1. Adam says:

    …and he played well. I’m not a fan of him on forward, but at defense, he makes a simple outlet pass, plays well positionally, and limits opposing offense.

    What more could you want out of a 5-6?

  2. Jay says:

    John Scott is the reason nobody scored in St. Louis.. Fact.

  3. Zmorg77 says:


    Scott did not play well! There was one sequence in the 3rd period where he mishandled 2 consecutive back passes from the other D man resulting in point blank shot attempts.

    Just get rid of him. He sucks.

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