Blackhawks Fail To Score, Fall in Overtime

The Blackhawks got four power play chances and put 29 shots on net, but weren’t able to beat Cam Talbot.

The Rangers put 36 shots on net, and Corey Crawford was able to keep 35 of them out of the net. Unfortunately, the first shot of the overtime period cost the Blackhawks a second point on Sunday night.

Keith net collide

Crawford did all he could to keep his team in the game, making acrobatic saves throughout the game. Chicago out out-shot 16-8 in the first period and 14-8 in the third, but Crawford was up to the task. Unfortunately, a Derick Brassard blast beat him only 32 seconds into overtime to bring the game to a sudden close.

Brassard’s goal came on the first shift of the overtime, which saw coach Joel Quenneville showing a great deal of confidence in top prospect Teuvo Teravainen. Quenneville sent Teravainen out to start the OT with Jonathan Toews after his best game in the NHL. He skated 17:11 in the game and was credited with three shots on net and one takeaway but over-committed defensively in the overtime period, affording Brassard too much space to fire the game-winner past Crawford.

Quenneville mixed up his bottom six again in the game, putting Daniel Carcillo on his third line with Brad Richards and Patrick Sharp to start the game. Sharp led the Hawks with four shots on net, but skated only 12:49 while Richards won four of only seven faceoffs in the game. Carcillo skated 11 shifts (7:29) and failed to do anything. He is a wasted roster spot.

The Hawks fourth line of Andrew Shaw, Marcus Kruger and Joakim Nordstrom showed some decent chemistry again. Shaw finished tied with Michal Rozsival for the team lead with three hits, and he won four of six faceoffs as well. Kruger won only two of six draws but combined with Nordstrom to lead another exceptional evening on the penalty kill. The Rangers had two power play opportunities and both were easily handled.

Sadly, the Blackhawks had four advantages in the game and continued to be a frustrating mess on the power play. Ugly turnovers and bad passing have become a hallmark of a unit that hasn’t scored in 28 chances. Missing Patrick Kane is a significant factor in the lack of production, but the Hawks were a gong show on the PP before Kane got hurt. Something has to change if the Blackhawks hope to play far enough into the postseason to see Kane return to the lineup.

Bryan Bickell watched the game from the press box with Andrew Desjardins.

72 thoughts on “Blackhawks Fail To Score, Fall in Overtime

  1. TT- was one of the best forwards tonite…
    I don’t know/agree if that goal was on TT… imo- 19 was the last Hawk back… he should have been looking for the last Ranger who was open… but what do I know?

    Yes, Cbomb didn’t do much… like 29

  2. I thought our guys put forth a pretty solid effort after an incredibly lacklustre first period. Crawford had such a fantastic game I hate to have to blame him for that OT goal. From that angle and that far out? That’s just a save that has to be made. That aside he played a stellar game and you can’t win a game you don’t score in. I thought Teuvo had an excellent game. Carcillo a non factor per usual. Understand sitting Bickell but I would have liked to see 11 in his place. Our power play was literally abysmal. Like embarrassingly bad. It seems to be on a downward spiral well before Kane was injured so it’s not like that’s an excuse.

    Hard to feel great about how well this team can do come playoff time. Hopefully our new additions can gel quickly. I didn’t mind the play of 80 nor 44 but there combination is no 88…

  3. Overall a pretty solid game for the Hawks, they had a few chances but couldn’t dent the net. Crow and Tuevo were the 2 best players on the ice. They really miss Kane on the PP. I can’t help but think the Hawks are missing “something”. There game just seems off. The Hawks 1st line looked bad for the 1st team in a long time. Toews and Hossa both looked “off” tonight. If the Hawks are going to lose games, I’m fine with them losing in OT to Eastern Conf teams.

  4. I agree that was Teuvo’s best game yet but he was in no mans land on the last goal. It seemed like Toews had McDonough and 86 was just trapped in the middle.

    Once again, Crawford stood on his head.

    I would rather Bickell or Desjardins play over Carcillo.

  5. The Hawks ‘mojo’ just hasn’t been there for awhile. Agree with SSHM that some looked off for much of the game. Give Rangers credit, they are formidable.
    I don’t know enough of the fine points of hockey to comment on the missed coverage on the Brassard goal…if it was TT I hope Q lives with it…the kid has to keep playing, make his mistakes and learn from them. He was the best skater for them tonight. His ability to see the ice, anticipate, and pass direct to teammates or to open areas where teammates approach is second only to 88, in my opinion. That is a skill, instinct that few consistently have.
    Last point…Hammer is having an incredible year defensively. If the Norris was based solely on D skills, he’s right there.
    Let’s get 2 points in the next one…GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Agree Wall- 19 was very late coming back which caused 86 to over commit. TT was the best forward on the ice tonight for the Hawks. Sharp had another good game but just can’t buy one. Great game by Crow but have to agree the last goal was soft. 27 is coming back soon so that must mean 32 and 44 on the 3rd d pairing. That is ugly.

  7. It boggles my mind that the PP continues to be this impotent. With 5v5 scoring slowing to a trickle, especially now with Kane out, it is all the more imperative that the PP scores at a much better clip than they have been lately. And it will be even more important in the playoffs when scoring decreases due to the officials swallowing their whistles on interference penalties. Q neend to remove Keith from the 1st PP unit and if he let’s Keith play on the 2nd PP unit, it must be with Keith’s word that he will never EVER shoot the puck again unless it’s a quick wrister – NO MORE SLAP SHOTS (or whatever that ridiculous big backswing thing is). TT needs to be on the 1st PP unit. D-men with NHL caliber shots should be on the points – Seabrook, Rundblad, even Hjalmarsson – but not Keith. Also, Sharp should never play the point because even though he has an NHL caliber shot – he can’t be relied upon to keep the puck in the zone.

    I like the 20-80-86 line. Please keep that together. Also like 42-16-65. Hopefully Q does that and then figures out the 1st and 3rd lines from 19, 81, 10, 23, 29, 91.

  8. PP… TT has to be considered for that 1st unit…

    TT – was the ONLY guy creating and able to get the frickin puck into the zone…

    wouldn’t mind-


  9. This was the best thing for us. 86 got important confidence and min./experience. If he becomes a good FW, that’s another we didn’t have in NOV/DEC (when we played with meaning/purpose after a 7-6-1 start). Same thing here we had that stretch of 6-8 in JAN/FEB start. Then we did good 4-0-3, took a couple a hits, then 4-1-1. Have to think big picture wise (not this 10-10 since news yrs crap thinking) Its 82games not what happens in JAN/FEB only logic.

    Coachs are making things happen. If this helps 29 then that’s another thing we could have going forward that we havnt had. Same with 10 scoring on a normal basis again. Q will probably get 13 in there whenever he can because its not going to be very often now that we got 11 and might have another good FW to the mix, 86.

    People wanted better Defense. A 1-1 tie and a 0-0 tie. There it is. This is important for our team game as well. We play good team defense, that’s what makes us really good. The offense will come the normal Blackhawks way once we get settled in without 88 for these 20games. We have one of the top group of FWs in league. We wont have to rely on a shot from farther out/side board angle, like that one today.

    Starting to come together.

  10. tremendously entertaining game for 60 minutes.

    **sharp is borderline useless. a couple of prime chances, one crossbar and nothing else, same result different game. hopefully uncle dale in florida or tim murray in buffalo (after he gets mcdavid/eichel), decide the need a veteran like him for 2 draft picks.

    **vermette and timonen for all the trade deadline hype, seemed like they were barely out there. then i look at the game sheet and neither is playing 13 minutes. sorry folks can’t blame stan for that. he was finally a buyer at the deadline and now q decides to shorten his bench and neither acquisition is getting big minutes ? i do understand that timonen has looked slow and at this point appears to be a 3rd pairing defenseman, but i thought vermette was the #2 center this organization has coveted, no?

  11. We are well into the backstretch but not yet at a critical point. We are sitting slightly pack of the pack, in good position, saving our energy. Not the time to make the move just yet, but it’s upcoming. We will begin to make our move a wee bit closer to the final turn and then burst out for home. Q owns a racehorse “Midnight Hawk”. He knows how to win a race.

  12. Mo…Have a hard time agreeing that 1-1 and 0-0 was better D. 78 shots against in last 2 games has to change. Opponents spending too much time in Hawks zone. Crow has been the BEST defender in these two games, and that is not good.

    I do not disagree with sitting 29…..but replaced by 13?? why?? That was a 2 man line all night……and I feel for Sharpie, can’t buy a goal. I thought that sitting Desjardins was a mistake. Here is a guy that seems super pumped to be on the Hawks and that adrenalin brings energy…..not to mention he is a better player than 13

  13. Getting one point from a quality opponent is not too bad I suppose, and there was bad and good in the game, maybe more bad than good.

    Good – TT look very good and definitely is gaining confidence, not even Q can deny that. Good game by Crow, but ya, the overtime goal has to be stopped, though it was a blast from the top of the circle, tough play for Crawford.

    Bad – Don’t look now but Versteeg is looking a lot like the waste of space he was last year. I thought he was very good earlier in the year on that 2nd line with 88 and 91, but he does not belong in Saad’s spot on the first line. Toews did not play well at all, he didn’t seem to be committed last night, you don’t see that very often.

    Hawks seem to be undisciplined in the D-Zone for long stretches of time, first and third periods especially, too much puck chasing, not enough awareness of where the open player is and cutting down passing and shooting lanes. The Rangers were so much better in their D zone, keeping much of the Hawks chances to the outside and giving their goalie comfort knowing he doesn’t have to swallow every puck.

    Again, all things considered, taking one point from quality opponent is not terrible.

  14. “Our power play was literally abysmal. Like embarrassingly bad.” – THIS! Bird said it right…

    Wall- I like those like… Hossa and Saad dont need Toews to do their thing… but Toews might get 10 going and with two guys like 10 and 19, i think we will get our best look at what TT can bring night in night out. Let him sink or swim with those two for a couple games. Then Q can play with the bottom 6 all he wants.

    This felt like a playoff hockey game though. I liked the effort by the D. Hjalmerson played great. it was said above TT was probably the best all around player last night. This game just came down to the PP missing out. 1 shot through the first 3 PPs wont do it…

  15. All four Hawk Centers were pretty invisible last nite… Credit to the Rangers

    KHayes looked really good out there… Just think if JHayes would have been slotted on 1st line last year (could have had much better chance of bagging KHayes too)…
    But I don’t know what I am talking about… WAITING for Mox17- clever reply!!!

  16. A couple of more thoughts about the Hawks. Shaw played a good physical game. I’m sure bickells scratch didn’t escape Shaw. He’s fighting for his minutes and that’s not a bad thing.

    Sharp,…. This guy’s game is in the toilet right now. I kinda expected this seeing how his playoff last year minus game 7 were horrible too. I’d like to see Q give Sharpie a scratch too since he’s giving nothing much out there. I’m not sure if a healthy scratch will motivate guys but it’s worth a shot.

  17. Nothing “positive” about this lose except Crow, Rangers are much improved over last year. They Play solid d and block shots and will let you skate your self into a circle = discipline like the Hawks love to do. Not many second chances. Talbot is the real deal I have watched 6 games with him, steady like a ROCK! Very much like Henry! Coach Q is as usual IMO out coaching himself with Bick and these line changes “no chemistry”. Vermette needs more ice minutes and must be center on second line powerplay. Vermette cant be on a new line every other game, Coach Q is horrible, i don’t care what the BLOG says, if that is the way YOU GET PERFORMANCE, ouch! Q does it oo much! Timonen is a solid experienced “back up” but his lack of speed for a team that cant get the puck out of it’s own end is not good. Keith and Hammer and Seabrook are logging soo much time and hence their even “slowed” too. Powerplay has been bad forever, so someone (coach) head should have rolled many months ago! The PP entry is horrible, that is JUST THE DAMN ENTRY, and I believe the power play is hurting us as a momentum deflation. TT did look good, but AGAIN Rangers let you skate around as long as they square ya up block your shot or steal the pass or gently run ya out of the play, Rangers are not physical, they can be when needed, but they will let TT or Kane types drift and go in and out and make TT look good, but pay attention when a west team like the PREDS face TT, not good, or Kings, or Blues, these teams just want to destroy your rhythm and timing by knocking off your skates when they pay defense. But TT looked ok, Glad to see him get a chance on a good line. Bick Scratch was an old school move I would have put him next to Toew’s on the number one line and dare him to PLAY, I know BICK he would PLAY. Bick not the type of player to humble like that in the press box, in act if your going to send a message send him to the lame AHL for a month like in January! Q has a bunch of talent, the style they play needs a little adjustment.

  18. Q needs a radical strategy change on the PP. These boys suck out there 5-4. Not good enough to get past 1st round I’m afraid!

  19. How many times did Rangers get positioning between our D And Crawford only to have 50 bail the team out? TT was only player to gain offensive zone entry on PP through a rush. Others executed poorly and the dump and chase approach was Pee Wee level in its execution. Why Shaw at dot for FO in offensive zone on PP? FO win was only way to gain zone presence last night. Don’t know what Toews was doing outside blue line on OT goal.

  20. Teuvo had his best game by far. I’m still deeply negative on the kid.

    Sharp was abysmal. His minutes need to be decreased. Floated all night and I’m sick and tired of the no-nothing’s claiming that he is simply unlucky and it’s only a matter of time. Sit in my seat and watch him for several games. Then get back to me.

    The OT goal was on Toews if blame is going to be assigned. He had nothing left in the tank and badly lagged on the play. Teuvo was out of position and severely overmatched as the consequence. Crow stood on his head all night and this one play he didn’t. But it was a breakdown play more than Crow failing.

  21. Vermette is learning quickly to just get the puck to Saad and get out of the way.

    I have no idea why Q is skating Rozsival 21+ minutes against a very fast team, but two rings ya know. Keith keeps having to compensate for Rozsival’s general awfulness and routinely gets himself out of position leading to scoring chances. Oduya can’t come back soon enough.

    TT can play. Him and Saad should not be on the same PP unit because with Kane gone, they are the only two that are capable of carrying the puck into the offensive zone. And we all know how the Hawks PP goes when they have to dump and chase.

    Can Carcillo never play another game in a Hawks sweater? Seriously.

  22. Mook- Re: TT,,, he was the ONLY player on the PP that looked like he played Hockey…
    I have seen some of your concerns (and they have become my concerns too on TT’s terrible (turtle like board play)… and stated the Hawks – have turned around Stalberg and Runbad- who fell on their asses in board play early and often when 1st becoming Hawks)… “if TT does not improve this- he will not be a “Hawk” player for long…”
    Well- TT has improved his ability to keep skates along boards – drastically in last 3-4 weeks!!! In fact, last nite he even attempted a Hoss-type box out and deal- without falling on his ass!!! BIG improvement!!! So there is that to be optimistic about!!!

    Rufus- I agree the last Goal was on 19… but not because he dogged… he actually beat scorer over blue line… but 19 should have seen that 86 had the High guy on right…
    so 19 should be more aware there was open area and trailer coming on weak side!!!

  23. Teuvo was allowed to skate last night. The Rangers didn’t really work to get in his way like the Western Conference teams do. So be careful in your biased wishful interpretations.

    So Rosival played 22 minutes last night. So what JS? Kimmo has his limitations and we all know the shortcomings of Runblad so by default Rosy was going to have to log biggish minutes. And it’s the same peanut gallery that rips Q on how many minutes Keith, Seabrook and Hjalmarason log each night ! Like it or not Rosy is the 4th defenseman on the depth chart boys and girls.

  24. Rangers blue line is the best in hockey save maybe Nashville. They are confident and for my money the favorite in the east. Prince Talbot holding down the throne just fine until the king comes back as well. Not surprised TTs best game when he plays with top 6 finally. If we want to see his best that’s where he should remain. Finally, Q seems to be sitting guys in the wrong spots. TT vs Edmonton, bickell vs NYR, just seems like games those guys would be needed in as they fit the opponents style better. Maybe that’s why they are sitting tho, to see if the others can play in the opposite situation. Oh well, take a point.

  25. Versteeg is nowhere near the player he was last year… He’s miles ahead of that. Just being healthy is a plus for this team. The whole first was out of sorts last night. I would slide Versteeg down the depth chart and maybe bring Saad (or even Teuvo) back up. Sharp and Vermette seem to have some chemistry.


    I don’t love Nordstrom as much as Q so I would even switch 11 with him.


  26. Teuvo will be a very good hockey player is this league for a long time. The kid is gifted with Kane-like silky smooth hands and has amazing vision. Why anyone would be negative about TT I have no idea. Perhaps the expectation is too high at this stage in his career.

    He looks stronger than he did when he first came up and is certainly improving and gaining confidence. The offensive production is the next step and I am confident he will start to produce. He just needs to consistently get quality ice time and it appears that Q is warming up to that, but who knows with this coach. Give him him more top 6 ice time and he will be just fine. I agree that 86, 80 and 20 will make a great line, but Q needs to be a little patient and let it come together.

  27. T2 is a hockey player. Crawford is playing out of his mind.

    How much does Brad Richards miss Patrick Kane right now? He has to be so sad.

    This coaching staff sucks at running a power play. 2 Cups though. At least the PK is really good.

  28. Rufus is Rozsival 12 minutes better than Rundblad? I think you get better minutes out of Rozsival if he’s skating 16 and getting a break every now and then. Obviously that is a luxury they can’t afford right now, but they could have earlier in the year and didn’t.

  29. Runblad sucks. He is so anti-Q in the defensive zone its not funny. The only thing he does is move with the puck on his stick and engage the passing game sometimes. But his accountability in the defensive zone is piss poor. And guess what JS…the Hawks have up 2 goals the last 2 games with Rosy on the ice in regular rotation, so your bashing the crap out of him doesn’t compute per usual. OF COURSE it would be nice to limit Rosy’s games played and minutes. That hasn’t been a luxury we have had.

  30. Teuvo was granted unfettered ice space by the Rangers last night. So again let’s be extra special careful in translating one fuck!ng game to say he is the elixir to the PP and opening up the ice otherwise. Good Lord.

  31. Whether TT is “given” space at ES is one thing and probably other teams will play him more physically than the Rangers did last night, but the PP is different. There is more space because of the man advantage and that is where TT should thrive. He’s not only a good passer (vision, accuracy, touch), he’s also a quick thinker/passer. He processes the play and reacts very quickly. That is the definition of a player that should thrive on the PP. As long as a teammate doesn’t throw him a hand grenade where the defender can get on TT before he can gain control of the puck, he will be able to pass the puck to either set up a shot of keep the defenders off balance. That is what Kane can do and what can help the PP – and TT can do that if given the chance. Hopefully Q or someone in the Hawks hiararchy notices and gets the word to Q that TT should be on the primary PP – like immediately.

  32. Not really sure where I was bashing the crap out of Rozy, just stating that he shouldn’t be skating so many minutes because he’s old and doesn’t fair too well with the high minute load. There is no reason to not give Rundblad a few more shifts, especially after watching Rozy get constantly beat to the outside.

    You’ve also anointed players as the Blackhawks savior before they even skated an NHL shift, so for you to try to squash peoples excitment about Tevuo is just funny.

    The Blackhawks have given up 84 shots in the last two games. Sure, they’ve only given up 2 goals, but if you think a .976 save percentage is sustainable, I want some of what you’re smoking.

  33. Also worth noting, the Canes just dropped 7 goals on that weak ass Oiler team we managed 1 against. Barry B. I see the same Versteeg you are,not the same guy as the 1st half. And don’t we have about 4 guys at Rockford that can do what carbomb does and probably better, at the same price?

  34. If I count correctly, we have been shut out 7 times now this season in 66 games. For this lineup to “accomplish” that certainly is disappointing.

  35. The Power Play is disgusting! They run around the perimeter, hold, look, finally pass, never have enough traffic at the net & then wonder why it never works! Player after player talks about how it needs to improve, but NOBODY DOES ANYTHING!
    Same thing with the passing. It’s gotten really bad–no real tape-to-tape and our players keep trying to pass through 3 or 4 opposition players. The drop pass was collected more frequently by the Rangers than by the Hawks! They other team watches the tapes–obviously more than the Hawks!

  36. Rufus… i dont think anyone here is annointing him the next coming… but id say its fair to say the kind has talent, and unless given a shot we wont know what that means.

    I for one would like to see him play with 19/10… if he doesnt succeed with those 2, he probably never will… if he does, then let him stay in a role where he CAN succeed.

  37. I don’t know if anyone knows this…..

    Linesman & local boy Andy McEllman lined his 1400th game last night!!!

    Truly a class act,

    Congrats Andy!!!!

  38. A. Rosival has logged signficant minutes on the ice the last two games. In both those games the Hawks gave up 1 friggin goal. And Rosival from my seat was rock solid both games. Nuff said.

    B. If the time comes that Rosival is out on the ice more than Keith, Hjalmarsson and Seabrook then some of you can have a right to bitch. But if he is out on the ice more than a 39 year old Kimmo and a God-awful putrid in the defensive zone Runblad? Well then STFU.

  39. I am not going to waste, and I’m certainly Joel Quenneville is not going to waste, the last best shot this current core has at winning a Cup on feeding the fu(king Teuvo experiment with more ice time than he deserves. Good Lord we are trying desperately to limp to the playoffs with enough points to get a decent seed while simultaneously praying to Lord Stanley in heaven that Patrick Kane can heal like a maniac and return EFFECTIVE in the playoffs. We aren’t here to piss away too much time to Teuvo the pip squeak carnival act. I get it that the kid has some nice stick handling and can skate. But the next time he gets 5 feet close to the dasher board more than 2 or 3 accidental times in a game then I will throw a fu(king parade on his behalf. This kid should NOT dress every night, and God save the Queen if we have to dress him AT ALL once the playoffs start. He’s not ready and he’s not an asset. Not right now at least. This isn’t fu(king Edmonton or Colorado where we suck and have time to invest in an experimental pip squeak Euro-soft novelty act to see if he can be part of the future.

  40. Andy McEllman was my mentor for years at ref camp. He’s a solid dude, but he gets overlooked for the playoffs. The guy is a class act. Congrats on 1400 NHL games, Andy!!!

  41. No need to bash Hawks really, this current Hawks Team is pretty well built right now consider the holes on our defense. Coach Q does needs some examination with his line mash ups and inability to stick with lines and chemistry that work. The d-men have logged lots of minutes and Hawks have been pretty lucky with few big injuries except for Kane’s disaster. ( west teams in playoffs, blues + Pred’s + Ducks will attempt to break it again, maybe a D. Rose scenario coming up I hope not but i have a vision it He’s in trouble coming back early is one thing coming back in the playoffs, well i would sit him! ) The NHL currently has about 7 really good teams but NO GREAT TEAMS. So Hawks are in okay position to beat anyone of them in a 7 game set, if CROW can stay solid & focused and stay calm and square hawks can surprise ya, maybe not BEAT as in BEAT but win by a goal if luck is on their side. Our D-men are asked to do a lot the last few years to make up for average offensive “Finishers” Hawks seem to be built of passers, that is why I do like Sharp and even Run-bad loves to shoot ! Hawks d men do try offensively but still don’t fill the lanes and gaps on offense and get near the slot, not sure how they’re coached? Currently it’s grade school hockey approach to it, going wide, dump ins and LOOOOONG slapshots from Berwyn. The powerplay is so bad but it is Exhibit A into Hawks problem, even on dump in’s always wrong guy on the ice to dump it to, I say again 2 guys can get the puck on a dump in Bick and Shaw, poor Kruger Should sue the Hawks for when he’s my age and can’t walk due to him having to give up his body in those corners. Nord-strum is improving but like TEVO not built for that shit! Really, and that’s okay, we need guys like that, BUT that is why Coach Q is over rated! Has the wrong guys doing the wrong task in the wrong position on the ice. Hawks got talent, just need to configure it to max it out, they should not be this average! And ya cant blame 3 or 4 players every game, Sharp almost won the game last night!

  42. Soooo Rozy has been pretty poor at holding the blue line, torched constantly to the outside and beaten down low to dumped in pucks. Playing with Keith, like playing with Leddy last year, hides some of that but it certainly isn’t something you want out there for 20 minutes a night in the playoffs.

    I think he can eat 12 minutes effectively enough, especially if they’re picking the match ups.

    The Hawks gave up “one friggen goal” in either game because Crawford is playing out is his “friggen” mind because the Hawks cant suppress a “friggen” shot.

    T2 needs to be on the ice right now because they need some creativity that isn’t straight north south to try and change the dynamic of the game a bit. The more comfortable he is attacking the net while Kane is out the better off the Hawks will be.

  43. RTF-thanks for coming down from the heavens to deal with us mere mortals-it must be exhausting and frustrating with your level of genius.
    Good Lord-oh yah that’s you-sorry!

  44. Rufus, I think it’s just the opposite – I think the Teuvo experiment, as you call it, is needed big time. He will be needed in the playoffs so the best course of action is to get him as comfortable and settled into his role as possible. The meme that he’s afraid of physical play has been proven to be not true, so please stop with that bogus line of misguided thinking please. Hopefully someone on the coaching staff starts using him as the primary playmaker on the PP and for that alone he should be in the playoff lineup. Yeah – he’s not the second coming, but with Kane out he is the best playmaker tha Hawks have and for a team that has trouble scoring it should be obvious he should be in the lineup and gaining experience to be better prepared for the playoffs. Plus – he’s pretty good defensively so it’s not like the Hawks have to give away defense to play him.

  45. TT has some moves and certainly can pass, as we’ve seen since we all started paying attention to him after scooter drafted him. He is certainly shying away from contact when playing at this level, IMO. He is very unwilling to take a hit to make a play. He needs to be in the weight room getting strong enough to take a hit. I never will expect him to drop bombs on people but he has to gain enough physical confidence to be willing to get dirty and take a hit to make a play.

  46. Whoa! Some perspective here. Hawks went 5 and 5 in last 10 games of season last year. 34 goals allowed over that span. Many issues called out by us posters. Roll four lines. No 26, 52, or 32 on a regular basis. Play Morin and Regan more. PP sucks! End result – One goal from SC finals. At least the GAA is lower . . .

    Now, would someone tell me why 65 is put on ice to take PP draw in offensive zone when FO win is our best hope of gaining offensive zone time on PP right now?

  47. Wow, what a fun read you guys have been this time around with these comments….almost as entertaining as our beloved Blackhawks. Lots of good laughs. EspoForver..I never counted the number of times we have been shut out so thanks for that stat of 7 times…Ouch!…thats like not good. Not the kind of stat that I want to dig up ’cause it scares the bejeesus out of me. Word has gotten around the league on how to keep us at bay thats for sure. Its downright kind of embarrassing with this team. Morrison..right on! Lion in the Savanna! This team will have us all on edge until our last game…which we hope ends with Lord Stanley in our possession.

  48. I don’t think it was stated earlier (please, my regrets if it was) but Coach Q in the postgame said that TT was not out of position on the OT goal. He slipped that statement in there at the end of his discussing how effective the kid had been in the game (like he was anticipating a reporter’s next question). So he probably was referring indirectly to the Capn’.
    What the heck was the deal with all the drop passes to….NOBODY? I don’t think I’ve seen the Blackhawks play a game where they seemed to have such little idea offensively of where the other players were. Anticipating someone moving up directly behind them when there was nothing but empty ice. Weird.
    I dunno, Sharp may float around, but I do see him get to the net when I don’t see much of anyone else doing it. I’m not ready to run him out of town yet. It does seem to me from the TV vantage point that he’s battling for pucks in the corners and along the boards when some other guys seem to be lackadaisical.

  49. Whoa! The reading sure has been entertaining. And, no game until Thursday night. Yikes!

    I looked back at the last 10 games of the regular season for the Hawks in 2013-14. Five and five record with 34 goals allowed. Not a good way to enter the playoffs, eh? A sampling of the year-old posts if memory serves me well . . . Sit 26, 52, and 32. Roll four lines. Morin and Regan (sp?) need to play in PO because they are the only guys crashing the net. PP sucks! Q is being too stubborn with his line-up. Olympic burn-out. And, of course, an oft-repeated proclamation by one individual that the team is playing on “fumes” and will not make it past the first round.

    There are some thematic similarities in message from last year and this year. I still believe that there is the “next level” switch that the Hawks will “turn on” at some point, probably not until the playoffs start (unless they need wins to get “in”). Whether they get past the first round or to the Finals, who knows?

    And, now a wishful thought . . . Here’s hoping that 27’s stint on IR rejuvenates him for one last SC run. A fresh 27 will (hopefully) do wonders for our back-end.

  50. Rufus vs. Ebony re:TT…both have made valid arguments on polar opposite sides regarding placement of TT going forward…play him in the playoffs or not…I think Q would side with Rufus. Lets say we are Winnipeg vs the Jets and Big Buff lines him up in the middle of the open ice and launches him into orbit …he would come down somewhere around St. Paul…if it was in Chicago then same thing… he would come down roughly around St. Paul. Timonen I’m not sold on yet but could work out just fine, Desjardins and Vermette will get used to our system and prove value. Lets hope Kruger, Sharp, Bicks, Shaw et al “return back to their normal points/scoring” and then we can hang on and go full speed hitting our stride just as Kaner gets back in. Crawford keeping us in there for now.

  51. I’m just wondering if everyone thinks we should be dumping Crawford still? I mean, Darling can easily replace him, right?! Guy has a few bad games earlier and you all forget the compete level is one of the highest in the league. But wait, it must be a rock solid defense that’s improving his numbers…

  52. i guess the last thing i can say for TT right now, is that to the people are saying hes not ready/he cant play in physical games, etc… I have to ask how does hiding him in rockford teach him to be ready? Give him that shot… let him take a lump or two with a line where he can show some skill off. If he turtles and shys away, then i guess hes not ready. He if takes his first “backes” style dirty hit, and next shift comes out and puts up a good shift… maybe hes more ready than we thought… The kid should play with a good/responsible defender as one linemate and a true shooter as the other…. thats why i think 19/10 is a the perfect pairing for him… even 10/91 isn’t bad, but i think 10/19 helps 10 too…

    I just want to see him sink or swim for say 5-6 games… we arent going to fall out the playoff picture in that span. If he fails miserably, then you know… if he starts to click.. then you know… but give him that chance IMO.

  53. DarkBird… not everyone believes in dumping Crow/contract… mostly me (and a couple others question)… Yes – a rock solid D/Team helps (see Emery stats 2013)…

    Lastly, Crow has been solid- a good goalie/better than average- I believe… But scoring Zero goals- will NEVER win You a Cup!!! FACT…. and Zero goals in seven games this year (from the vaunted Hawks core- telling)

    saying Darling can’t/can replace Crow…. OPINION
    saying Hawks wouldn’t be better with $5M worth of another player(s) in front of Darling … Opinion!!!

  54. DBird- My opinion on Crow is that he is “replacable”… but his cap $$$ would need to be spent wisely to “replace him”. Right now, given this team… we are ok to pay Crow, and we will be going forward with the Young Rockford players we will have coming in over the next few years. So while im not actively shopping him, so to speak… if another team wanted him… i’d be listening to the offer… but this year , there wasnt that team so i’ll take 50 all day! He may not be a top 3-5 goalie, but top 10 for sure and definitely capable of taking us back to the finals.

  55. What is amazing is being shut out SEVEN times is 66 games (shut out in 11% of games played). Yet the team is still 11th in the league in scoring (almost top 1/3) and 4th in the league in goal differential. I believe the goals will come soon. We had better hope that Crow is up to the task the rest of the way. Wall, I completely agree that given the HAWKS set of circumstances, Crow is “expendable” in order to use the gained $5mm to shore up the D core. I would like to see a solid #4 and a prospect or 2 in next year’s lineup.

  56. In the last two seasons, the Hawks have been shut out in 33% of games that Patrick Kane has missed. But yeah, not the MVP of the team or anything.

    Also, if TT isn’t playing, who is playing in his stead? Carcillo? Desjardins? Because those two players help you win playoff games… maybe if you believe in GRIT and whatnot and not actual hockey skills.

    As AJ alluded to, the Hawks are having a major problem with shot suppression right now, and that can not continue if they plan on having success in the playoffs.

    I highly recommend people 1) follow Jen LC on twitter and 2) read her blog. She’s absolutely brilliant when it comes to analytics in hockey and she makes it really easy to follow. She’ll probably even help you down from the Patrick Sharp ledge. Believe it or not, he’s getting his chances from the same area as last year, just has an unsustainably low ES shooting percentage. Or maybe she just needs to watch the games from Rufus’ seats to see how bad Sharp is.

  57. Is it just me or has Sharp hit WAY more than his fair share of posts this year… As the old Gordon Bombay saying goes… 1/2 inch the other way….

  58. Tim- 10 could easily have 5 or 6 goals in last 2 weeks- just on Post shots…

    AJ/JS- exactly right on the shot suppression… has been trending downward since end of 2014….

    DBird- the above stats/ shot suppression- further prove my point/opinion… the Hawks need some help in front of Goalie…. cuz even P Roy ain’t going to win get out shot like the last couple… at least on a regular basis- and it ain’t the Goalie’s fault!!!

  59. Sharpy has been hitting this many posts the past couple yrs, but the few yrs before that he wasn’t. He also was scoring 30-35 goals a yr.

    I would say trading 50 and going with more high end players is a good strategy, but with 10 not scoring 35 goals and 29 not playing good during the 82games and whoever is not doing what they normally do. I think we need 50 more. We get another Hammer or Saader type player, then I would go the lower goalie caphit way. We will eventually do this when Darling/etc are good enough anyways.

    I like Walls 10-19-86/20-80-81 lines. Load up and get people going, whatever it takes. Then we can balance the lines later.

  60. Can we just watch and copy one of the top PP teams tape and do what their doing. Its really unacceptable.

  61. This continued talk about small personnel moves misses the real point.
    Quenneville and Bowman brought the Hawks to this mess. (yes they will make the playoffs but does anyone in their right mind think it won’t be a 1 and done?) It starts with the bad contracts & bad personnel decisions by Bowman. And I still haven’t heard one defense of Bowman that rings true.

    Then there’s the grumpy, old man coaching by Q. 2 assistants who are the epitome of an old boys club. Anybody who has watched Toews and Keith sleepwalk through most of this year knows that a shakeup is needed. Those guys will play for anyone but you can see the boredom on their faces knowing this is a lost year. Q’s my way or the highway style of coaching wears on veterans and rookies alike.

    Also, please stop talking about this great farm system that has players who can’t seem to break into the lineup, especially when the two Hayes boys given away for nothing have 29 goals between them and yet cost less than $1.6 mil for both of them. We do however have Carcillo, Desjardins and Nordstrom. Sheesh!

    Sadly, it didn’t have to be this way. But these guys will be around for many years and the Kane/Toews years will be wasted away. Rocky should spend the money on a Bergevin/Babcock pairing and do it right.

  62. I like the idea of Sharp being moved up to play with 19. Firstly to spark the offence and get Sharps confidence higher going into the playoffs but also so that his numbers look great in case he has to be moved at the Draft (which seems likely).
    Shot suppression is a good point as the Hawks have given up a lot of shots lately, thankfully Crow has been up to the task.
    Anyone else notice that the Hawks ALWAYS get EVERY teams best game. That’s why I think they will be ok come playoff time. Prime example the Oilers were rotten the games before the Hawks game 5-2 loss to LA Scrivens 24-29, then Scrivens stands on his head and goes 38-39 against the Hawks and then they get blown out by Carolina and then lose to Detroit and Scrivens goes 21-24.

  63. That’s the thing. Look at COL and DAL because they surprised everyone last yr they had good records/didn’t get opponents teams serious game. Even when people knew they were a good team at 40games, teams still did the same/effort against them. That yr. I see NAS and WIN having much tougher opponents game next and on. Even though I think these two teams will be better then COL/DAL are this yr.

    I look at PIT and maybe they finally figured it out. That they do not need to be a higher seed then not win year after yr. I see PIT winning against NYR/NYI. NYR has all the pressure now. Like BOS last yr.

  64. hawkfacts… thanks for paying attention, and using facts to back it up… especially 1st and 3rd paragraphs.

    Mo- I like both NY’s over Pens… but should be good battles…

    Q is a very good coach… to a fault… he sees/recognizes flaws in players to the degree- that he won’t play them… or at least won’t “Fit them” in where they could be most effective…

    Examples… Pirri and JHayes… I can see the reasons he doesn’t like either… BUT- Q has to consider the cap or “the lady he brought to the Dance”… Pirri- should have skated over 26 last year – all the numbers indicate that… But Q sees what Rufus, Me, and others have pointed out as 37’s flaws, weak on boards, slow to average skater, and not a lot of stamina…

    I thought hayes was not an option on checking/D lines… cuz he is not Agile skater, not quick, good straight line speed. He has excellent hands to finish around net… so basically I suggested Q should skate him on 1st line w/ 19/81… not because Jhayes is super gifted… but he could be good/effective winning a board battle, and picking up garbage around the net (you know – what we pay 29 $4M to do)… skating w/ two studs to cover his weakness (stopping/starting/reacting on D)… but never really got shot there… played mostly on 4th line w/ lower end guys vs. higher end guys (who could expose him),,,

    Point is there is/was a cap… and Q could have slotted him in on 1st at a low cap Hit… and how bad could he get killed playing w/ 19/81???

  65. I stand by Crawford 100%…would be disastrous to lose him…we have plenty of defense in reserve upcoming for bottom pairing and top 4 D can’t ask for more! No way this team survives without his contribution..he is holding the fort so many times …his 6 mil is a downright bargain put next to Bicks at 4 million. I flinch and moan when I see the disrespect to Crawford. He is core Blackhawk. Period over and out.

  66. hawkfacts – I may very well be “not in my right mind” … course, I’d be the last one to know :) but I’m optimistic about the Hawks chances in the playoffs and although the way things look right now I can understand the pessimism, I think it is way too early to conclude that the team we see now is the team we’ll see when the playoffs start – for a couple reasons:

    1. D-corps has potential to be a lot better than they are right now. Oduya will need a few games to get back in game shape, but he should should provide a boost once he does. Timonen will still need another week or two to get in game shape and once he gets there he will be better than he has been in his first three games. TvR could be ready to contribute in a couple weeks and if he plays at or near the way he played before getting injured he will be an improvement over Rundblad/Rozsival. I think there’s a very good possibility that the starting 6 will be: 2-7, 27-4, 44-57 – and that should be much better than we’ve had lately.

    2. Vermette and TT are going to be more comfortable and settled in than they are right now. It’s still a work in progress getting those two players integrated into the lineup and establishing some continuity. This should be Q’s mission from now until the playoffs start and I have confidence it is and the team will be playing better a couple weeks from now and going into the playoffs.

  67. ER, 27 and 44 look to be back in game shape about the same time/week then. 57 will have about 3 wks to plays some games (maybe split w 32). That’s why I base our playoff on when we play good/really good not when were in a slump because we will play, in the playoffs (and right before/10games).

    Nothing against anyone but theres a major difference in the Defense (ie. shot suppression) when we have 27/44/32-57 to compliment out top3 then there was when we were giving up a lot of shots (but not many goals) with 5/26/34-32 in there all at once.

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