Blackhawks Fire IceHogs Coach Ted Dent

The axe keeps falling in the Blackhawks organization.

Chicago relieved Ted Dent of his role as head coach of the Rockford IceHogs, the Blackhawks’ AHL affiliate, on Tuesday. Dent took over as the head coach in Rockford before the 2011-12 season. The IceHogs put together a 221-179-33-21 record under Dent’s leadership over six seasons.

“The Chicago Blackhawks thank Ted for all of his contributions throughout his tenure with the organization,” Chicago Blackhawks Senior Vice President and General Manager Stan Bowman said in the statement released by the team. “He played a major role in helping a number of players reach the NHL level with the Chicago Blackhawks, many of whom became Stanley Cup champions. We wish Ted and his family the best.”

56 thoughts on “Blackhawks Fire IceHogs Coach Ted Dent

  1. My prediction for the “new” coaching staff: the Hawks will hire Dan Bylsma as associate coach…

  2. Well there goes that. Been around a long time. Not really his fault how terrible Rockford was this year. His roster was kind of pillaged by the big club.

    I will take a hard pass on Disco Dan

  3. There was a cancer running through this organization that the general public / fans could not see or hear. Obviously, either SB or Johnny McDonough is making sure they have more control within the organization.

  4. What’s the criteria for an AHL Affiliate Head Coach? Is talent development first and foremost? Wins? I’m just curious how the minor leagues are evaluated compared to the big leagues. Clearly at the NHL level it’s all about the Cup. How does the minor league team help the parent team with that goal?

  5. I always figured we WANTED out AHL team out early so we could have the Black Aces around.

  6. Players in the AHL want to win just as any athlete wants to win. Yes the AHL is a developmental league and winning is not everything. BUT winning is a thing that all coaches want their players to get used to. Coaches and organizations surely do not want their prospects thinking losing is OK. And the Hogs had better than a 62 point team.

    That said, the Icehogs had a wretched season. 62 points and a minus 71 goal differential in 76 games. Hogs gave up 3.24 goals per game !!!!! Someone had to get fired.

  7. According to a league source on Blackhawks firing Ted Dent: “Great guy, but they absolutely needed a change there.”

    Scott Powers

  8. It was tough to assess Dent’s performance. Rockford has been a middle of the pack team during his tenure and I never heard a player specifically give him credit for their development. Hopefully with all the young guys heading to Rockford next year we can begin to develop more of a winning culture. It would be great for development purposes to make the playoffs on a regular basis and play some meaningful games.

  9. There are a lot of prospects that are headed to Rockford especially defense I’m sure they will pick a teacher type coach. I’m thinking Debrincat plays with the big boys

  10. This is surprising, honestly this Hogs roster was a hot mess. No goalie, poor defense and no impact players. What did the org expect was going to happen?

  11. Kind of wonder just how the power chain goes with the Blackhawks.
    Does Rocky really say much, dictate much? Or does he delegate mostly?

    Does McDonough really boss Bowman around? I still can’t help but think of McDonough as the Marketing guy and not the Sports guy. Maybe he’s given more authority with the Blackhawks, but I still think of him in some respect as the guy that was the head marketing guy with the Cubs for 25 years. And those were 25 years where winning was not a priority. He did a great job filling seats and keeping the brand alive, but he was really just an image and money guy.

    I get nervous when money guys have too much power in a sports organization. Yes, they are indeed needed. But, not to make the sports decisions. Marketing yes. Choosing coaches and players and even GM’s, no.

    People will say that it’s apples and oranges, but the Cubs had to get the right baseball people in to set the course and win. The Bears continue to let the money people make their decisions and they are just awful. I realize ownership is a huge part of it (hence my comment/question about Rocky). I think I’d rather have McDonough worrying about the contract with Comcast and souvenir player soft drink cups than calling the shots on players and coaches.

  12. I also think McDonagh for the most part is pretty much a marketing guy. But here’s the problem and the biggest difference between the cubs and Hawks. Cubs don’t need to win to fill seats. Hawks do.

    Smart guys make smart decisions. And the guys upstairs regardless of background are pretty smart.

  13. No way Debrincat jumps to the show. Might play a handful of games, but he takes the Hartman route. Snuggerud might be the guy that makes the jump.

  14. Really tough variables for any team that has experienced as much success as the Hawks in a football/baseball first market-
    staying in the playoffs and the post season revenue with high expectations and big crowds vs. the realities of the up and down cycle of the real cap world–no wonder there is some in-fighting between some of the people that make decisions. Can they make another run-maybe, but it’s with some declining assets. Eventually you have to pay the piper. (or sit in a state of limbo-even then you will eventually falter)

    D-Cat fits in that thinking-yes he certainly isn’t a Eichel, Matthews or McDavid and can’t expect to slide right in but he is a marketable chip, in a fan base that could start to lose some interest for the first time in many years. I feel he is a Hog but his play and development and the play (and scoring) of the team will the the factor in how many games he plays with the Hawks.
    Interesting times. Suits vs, hockey people, Gms that have both long and short term considerations, and a shelf life.
    BTW-The game tonight is huge to see if he plays in the Memorial Cup. Down 2-1

  15. I really think Dcat will take 1-2 years in Rockford before playing for the Hawks Motte who will need another half year in Rockford ….the one that i see moving with the Hawks is Fortin who was a Q style of player ….But Fortin would probably benefit to get a few months in Rockford also….also wish i could see Snug play a few games with Pokka in Hawks uniform….Forsling will also be another guy to watch geting stronger and haave a bit more experience now about NHL …

  16. McDonagh is waaaaay more than a marketing guy. McDonagh is President & CEO of the Club he is SB boss. I can’t remember but one the Hawks bad contracts was rumored to be thanks to McDonagh. The rumor was McDonagh telling SB that this player really should be resigned, I want to say it was the Bickell deal but I can’t be 100% certain. Publicly McDonagh says he stays out of Hockey Operations however I’m not sure that is the case.

  17. These moves are less McDonough driven and more Scottie Bowman moves. Whenever Scottie felt complacency, he changed coaches, trainers, etc. Scottie liked his teams to feel a little uneasy most of the time. McDonough went out and got Scottie from the Red Wings. Since then, hockey decisions run through the Bowman’s.

    McDonough’s job is to maximize revenue, which he’s done brilliantly.

  18. McDonagh goes on scouting trips. He may not make decisions. But he puts pressure on the people under him to make the decision he wants. It’s an interesting dynamic, Similar to the Cubs and Crane Kenney before Theo arrived.

  19. H-Facts… how does Bowman… handing out NMC contracts- ever make guys uneasy??? especially ones that will require- throwing in a “sweetener” to get rid of the contract/player…

  20. Wall –
    Pittsburgh has 10 NMC/NTC contracts
    Hawks have 8
    San Jose has 8
    Wild has 7
    Anaheim 6

    Question – Which of the players traded in the last 2 years would have made a difference in this year’s results?

    Oduya, Sharp, Johns, Danault, Bickell, Teräväinen, Nordstrom, Morin

  21. ESPN shows once again how much of a sham they really are. Care not about the quality of work. Ratings whores. Can’t wait to see hear Eklunds voice calling in on an ESPN show because he won’t show his face.

    LeBrun, Burnside, and Joey MacDonald all got the ax.

  22. H-Facts… which player(s) make difference???

    Johns + $6Million cap relief (cuz I moved Seabs)
    Danault- + $2Million cap space (trade Kruger) + picks you lost + what ever u Got for 16
    TT- responsible, smart asset… albeit- incredibly soft in corners (then again Toews- didn’t kill it in Board play Vs. Preds either)

    Don’t know if any of the above make Hawks 2017 much better… but gotta believe the picks from above + around $7Million in better players -would have made Hawks a little better than ZERO goals in 2 PO games at home… and 3 goals in 4 games!!! That I am convinced of!

  23. @ Wall

    I’ll buy Danault and TT but I’m not going to buy Johns. He hasn’t shown is more than a bottom pair guy at this stage in his career.

    I listened to a good POD cast from PuckDaddy and another yahoo contributor recently and he called the Hawks blueline prospects abysmal. He wasn’t big on Chad Krys the kid the Hawks have from BU either, He actually said he was BU worst Dman. Granted Puck Daddy is one guy, a Hawks hater, and a Wings fanboy but take it for what its worth.

  24. SSHM- Johns- is/was a stop gap… the real “difference” would have been the New/different Players Hawks would have signed –Minus– Seabrook and His $6.8Million wallet!

    add that $2M from No Kruger + Danault (Kruger replacement @ 1/3 price)

    and Now SB would have been able to sign about $8M worth of player(s)

    and that would have been better than what Hawks skated– pretty sure

  25. Why is “difference” in quotes?

    Love the qualifying statement… “pretty sure”

    If we assume youre replacing Kruger with Danault and Johns with Seabrook. You’re left with a massive hole on the top 4 d that Johns simply does not fill. Last year Jason Demers got the most money for D-men. Jason Demers or Brent Seabrook…Seabs.
    2015 had Andrej Sekera get paid at 5.5 million per…Seabrook again.

    Are you still “pretty sure”?

    Simply spreading your money over 3…maybe 4 guys instead of 2 doesn’t always work. Great theory though.

  26. Ernie you’re right. Cap space gets you nothing. Defense will be the key.

    There hasn’t been a true superstar (Norris worthy) defenseman enter the league since Hedman – before that Karlsson/Doughty. That’s only 3 guys (27 or under) in the last 5 years.

    Some of the young guys in Philly, Columbus, etc may develop but the bottom line is you have to take chances and put young guys out there or you’ll never again get the speed game going. If the Hawks don’t do this (somewhat like Pittsburgh did last year) –There is no chance. I believe that is the lesson of this year Campbell/Oduya versus Forsling/Kempny. We’ll see if the Hawks learned it.

  27. Southside- Reasons why you don’t get rid of Seabrook.

    Markov- 38
    Weidman- 34
    Kulikov- 26
    Stone, Del Zotto, Franson…

    This is why Seabrook got paid…and why he stays.

  28. Hawkfacts- I agree. It’s why Pokka has been passed by other guys. I’m still not sold on Kempny yet. He has trouble picking his spots but that got better. I’m not as bullish as I once was on Forsling. But I think he has the potential. He struggled a bit in Rockford, but so did everyone else. He needs confidence. Forsling had 8 points in 30 games in Rockford and was -13. Snuggerud taken 15 spots behind Forsling in the 2014 draft had 6 points in 13 games and was only -2 and jumping into a system right after college.

    If you’re talking about Gostisbehere possibly being one of those next great d-men. He needs to learn how to defend more. He was a healthy scratch several times last year. Justin Schultz had a brilliant rookie year and just recently looks like he might live up to expectations. Schultz was almost run out of the league.

  29. This is another crossroads year with Stan & Q. One core guy will go (and yes, it will cost the Hawks a sweetener). If the forwards stay the same and you see a bunch of young guys running around on defense, then you know Stan won. If older guys are running the show back there, then Q won.

    I predict youth will be served, several AHL’ers will be churned over and the Hawks will draft/trade for 2-3 young d-men prospects.

    And if Q balks at that, well, you know what will happen next.

  30. “Southside- Reasons why you don’t get rid of Seabrook.

    Markov- 38
    Weidman- 34
    Kulikov- 26
    Stone, Del Zotto, Franson…

    This is why Seabrook got paid…and why he stays.”


    Thanks Ernie – I approve your message 100 times.

  31. It’s easy to say any “difference” would have been better given the ,,,,, abyssmal performance in the playoffs.!!! ??? Playoffs? Are you kidding me??? I think something intangible was the main reason rather than the current roster.

  32. Ernie- I was thinking Danault + Johns + two $4M players…

    “Difference” was quoted- cuz that’s what HFacts asked about in earlier post.

    Does anyone know if it would have resulted in better PO performance??? really – no

    That is why “pretty sure” comment… no guarantees … just like Cubs ain’t guaranteed of winning WS again… pretty sure they will in next 10 years– but NOT guaranteed


    2014 Aaron Ekblad top draft pick and Calder winner might not be a superstar defenseman yet but is pretty darn close. Oh and he’s 21. He had a “bad” season battling injuries and still had 21 pts in 68 games. Which is right around production wise where Hedman was his 1st 5 seasons in the NHL


    I never said anything about signing any of those FA. Just making a point that Seabs has value based on that cast of misfits. Very rarely do good Dmen hit free agency in the NHL.

  34. Southside- Our comments were in support of Seabrook and why you pay him. Because those goes guys can’t be bought. We’re trying to debunk what Wall is selling. Sure Seabrook has slowed down. But still, guys like him aren’t for sale. And there’s a reason for that. Ekblad could be great. He looked like he was on his way, but he’s had multiple concussions…this year. And without Campbell he was struggling before that.

    Wall thinks Danault and Johns + 2 players with 4m salaries automatically make you better…maybe. I’ve gone through the guys available to replace Seabrook as a top 4 guy as Johns is yet another bottom pair guy.

    So GM Wall…which 2 players are you spending your 8 million on? I would assume you grab a D and a forward…So who do you go after with your new found mythical wealth?

  35. @ ERNIE

    I understand your perspective but I believe it is wrong. Is Seabs an outstanding talent, Yes. Do the Hawks win 3 cups without him? NO! The issue has always been icing a championship team with a fixed cap. The biggest challenge over the last 8-10 years hasn’t been a team, it’s been the salary cap. The deal was bad when it was signed, it’s worse now. At 32 with another 8 years left on his deal Seabs MUST be moved if the Hawks want to contend for a cup. There just isn’t any other choices that can be moved at this stage, unless the Hawks go Nuclear and move Toews, Kane or Crow(all have NMC).

    Going into next season the Hawks have VERY limited cap space. They need to sign a backup goalie. I think Darling gets his money elsewhere. Kempny needs to be resigned. They have cap overages total 3.7 million also. It doesn’t look pretty

  36. My point is who do you replace him with? There isn’t a reasonable facsimile. You’re gonna bitch about Seabrook being old, slow, and overpaid (all opinions…not necessarily disagreeing). Then if they trade him you’re gonna bitch about not having a top 4 d. Something they don’t have now. They have 3. If they do dump him you have 2 top 4 down and 4 bottom pair type for the immediate future. I get what you’re saying. I just don’t know how they compete without him.

    I tend to side with mudturtle that it was something intangible with what happened in Nashville.

  37. @ ERNIE

    There is nothing intangible with the Nashville series, they got completed outskated and out-chanced in every way. There is no Brent Seabrook clone out there. The answer is you move on from him and try to make your team better next yr in other places, as Wall is saying. Let’s pretend the Hawks move Seabs and some idiot takes him off the Hawks hands. Keith, Hammer, Kempny, and/or Forsling, TVR(depending on expansion draft) are your top 4. Gus and Pokka are your bottom pair. It’s a step back no doubt. However, if you added a pick, a young player and cap relief moving forward it was the right move.

    The thinking, however, is depending on your long-term outlook of the team. I think the Hawks window as an anual contender is closed. However, if you are like most fans and believe the team is “only a few tweaks away” like in 2011 & 2012 you hate this idea and think it’s silly.

  38. The question with Seabs, and I’ve been a huge fan and he is part of the reason for the Hawks success, isn’t should you (you should) but can you?
    He’s had some good stretches, and yes he is a #4 still but he has gone the wrong way since ’15 at a pretty good rate. Only to be more obvious in a couple of years-

    If 88 and 19 cost you 16 to 17 million (and I know this a tired argument-and they got what they deserved) you could kind of entertain keeping a 7 million cap hit on #7. But regardless I can’t see him moved unless you sweeten the pot and retain some of his salary. And then you might be weaker anyways—
    and 5.2 on Hoss up to almost 42.
    The price of success.

  39. Of course they were outplayed, outskated, and every other out word you can think of. Why did that happen? A first seed 50 win team that had some long streaks of playing excellent during the season and winning tree outta four against Nashville should not lose that badly. There was little or no fight, no sense of urgency, etc with the team even in the OT loss.

  40. Another issue with those trading Seabs is that we need a right handed replacement not named TVR. Food for thought – that’s all.

  41. Ernie- This Hypothetical – would have been done last summer- so I don’t know D guys out there? Russell? D guy from Vancouver- Hawks supposedly wanted last TDL… Hamuis???

    SSHM – said it nicely- don’t know if you fully replace Seabs- immediately – but you probably get stronger in other places… and longer term.

    Lastly- if u make a mistake signing a $4m… it’s a lot easier to swallow than a $7M mistake….

    ex.) Hawks ate Bickell’s deal and still won in 2015…

    Yes- none of this was supposed to happen- who thought oil would go from $110/barrel to $30’s??? but it did…

  42. Ernie- I could never be a GM… would require Public speaking ( and Lying on a regular basis- to the masses)… and it is a difficult job- for sure… gonna be wrong more than right when trades/drafting… just the way it is… but You have to avoide the HUGE mistake- Seabs- will be a back breaker… only way to work thru it… sign/draft cheap stars (Shaw/Saad- like)… which will require a lot of luck!!!

    I did beg for the Hawks to try to deal Crow or Seabrook to the Oilers for Draistl a few years ago!!!

    and- I think Toews for Matthews pick a few years ago… well let’s just say Matthews and McGod– are the future… and Kane and Toews are the past…

  43. Good point on youth and speed something to think about. I wonder for a 3rd or 4th line next year if Fortin, Jurco with Hino or Motte would give you a solid line to ro?l. Speed go burn, Jurco gives some size all able to battle for the puck and privide a good forecheck. Fortin has shown this year he could be sleeper on the faceoff circle (65%) that is missing and all that speed gets them back to cover defensive responsibilities and all have a potential upside offensively.

  44. Public speaking and lying aren’t your only faults. I’ve got more than a few as well. I’d like to think I have a decent concept of reality however.

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