Blackhawks Fire Mike Haviland

The Blackhawks surprised many on Tuesday afternoon with the announcement that the team relieved assistant coach Mike Haviland of his duties.

Haviland was reportedly a finalist for the coaching job in Winnipeg last summer, and was loved by the players in Chicago. He spent four seasons as an assistant with the Hawks after serving as the head coach of the organization’s AHL affiliate in Norfolk and then Rockford between 2005-08.

15 thoughts on “Blackhawks Fire Mike Haviland

  1. Keep Kitchens and fire Haviland, REALLY!!!! Can’t imagine why Hawks are going to crap with all theae brilliant management decisions. Hum

  2. WHAT….. if Kitchen survives this season and stays at the side of Q…… then Q needs to go. The worst PP and he stays. Kitchen should be next. I can’t believe this! Both should go. And if not then all three. One and out two years in a row isn’t good enough. A weakening defense. It better come out tha Haviland was critical of the D and voiced his opinion…. otherwise I am losing faith in Hawks.

  3. I met Haviland at O’Hare the week after the SCFs in 2010. He was flying home to Jersey. I spoke to him for about 10 mins while we waited at the gate. What an awesome guy. I’m sad that he’s been fired but understand that things behind the bench are broken and changes needed to (still have to be?) made. Mike will find a good home with another club.

  4. In his comments to the media, Quenneville indicated that Kitchen was in charge of the top-5 ranked PP unit last year, and Haviland was running it this year when it fell apart.

  5. I saw Kitchen with the mini easel board in the playoffs when they were working a power play out. WTH!?!

  6. Interesting…..if Q isn’t full of shit and is to be taken at his word on that statement, the obvious follow up question is if Kitchen was indeed in charge of last season’s 5th ranked power play unit WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU MAKE THAT CHANGE, Coach Q?

  7. Well this is something I really did NOT want to hear, Kitchen sure but Haviland… really? I guess all I have to say is good luck to him will probably see him get hired by the start of next season.

  8. AFAIC They should have fired both assistants. Its not like the penalty kill was awesome.

  9. a couple more head scratching moves and we will have gone from 2010 Champs to being nearly dysfunctional

  10. I am very sorry to see Coach Haviland go.
    Great guy, great coach.
    First it was Coach Torchettii and now him.
    They both deserved a better fate than what they received.

    Again very disappointing season, disappointing GM, disappointing trades all last season long.

    This team needs to know that they are under a microscope not only by the front office but by the Fans!

    And as quickly as hockey came back to Chicago, it can just as quickly slip away in the blink of an eye if they don’t watch out!

    Those that don’t commit to the Indian need to be dealt with!

  11. In the aftermath of all of this, there has been talk about dysfunctionality amongst the front office and the coaching staff. Hope it doesn’t turn out to be a war between the Q contingent vs. the Bowman contingent. And for God’s sake, don’t let John McDonough settle anything! He doesn’t know jack about sports. He’s a marketing guy who helps put butts in seats, which he is very good at. But he should never, EVER, be given personnel responsibilities. He’s a lifelong Cub for gosh sakes. He runs a good bar, but that’s about it.

  12. Jesse Rogers has an excellent blog article on the dysfunction of Chicago management/coaching relationship.

  13. Hawks got rid of one of the most winning coach he should have been head coach . He is a leader and the players respect him and by the way he wins.

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