Blackhawks Get Back On Track, Beat Sharks 4-3

After a Sunday afternoon loss that had many fans asking for immediate changes, the Blackhawks got back on track with a solid victory against a hot San Jose Sharks team at home on Sunday night.

In spite of the glaring weaknesses exposed by the Red Wings, the Blackhawks have successfully earned seven of eight possible points since Patrick Sharp left the lineup.

And on Sunday night, it was the same names filling the stat sheet that have consistently stepped up since Sharp was hurt. Viktor Stalberg, Dave Bolland, Jonathan Toews and rookie Andrew Shaw scored for the Hawks as they took an early lead and hung on for the regulation victory.

For Shaw, it was his fourth goal in only seven games in the NHL. For Bolland, it was his fourth in his last four games. For Stalberg, it was his fifth in four games. And for Toews, it was his 24th on the season, which is tied for second in the NHL.

Assists were credited to Andrew Brunette, rookie Jimmy Hayes, Marian Hossa, Patrick Kane, Marcus Kruger, Nick Leddy, Stalberg and Toews. Only Toews and Stalberg had multi-point games against the Sharks. Shaw was also tied with Kruger and Jamal Mayers with three hits on the night. Mayers was exceptional at the dot, winning seven of nine faceoff opportunities.

If not for 30 seconds early in the second period, the Blackhawks dominated every aspect of the game. San Jose scored their first two goals to tie the game in a span of 26 seconds, but were held to only eight shots in all three periods for a game total of 24, or only three more than Detroit had in the first period alone on Saturday.

The Hawks had to kill off a penalty in the final minute of the game, but were able to stay perfect against all three Sharks’ power plays on the night.

10 thoughts on “Blackhawks Get Back On Track, Beat Sharks 4-3

  1. Consistent, better effort through the lineup tonight. Puck pursuit doesn’t show up on the scoresheet but Hossa was a beast tonight. Did anyone catch, with about 6:20 left in the 2nd, when he flew diagonally across the ice from the near or bottom boards on TV all the way up and across to the left and stripped a Shark of the puck? He looked like he was shot from a cannon. My initial thought was that it may have been Clowe for a little legal payback to the cheapshot Clowe gave him in the last game.
    Shaw, so far, has turned out to be a big surprise. His game is just what they need. The kid appears to be locking up a permanent roster spot…well deserved.

  2. Crow was also very good in this game. Great reound control. I wasn’t very happy with the referees in this game especially the calls against Hjalmarsson at the end of the game and the no call when Shaw was taken down not long before. I don’t like complaining about refs, but they have been really bad of late. Shaw was a 5th round draft pick and now seems a bit of a steal. I love the energy in his game. I hope him and Jimmy Hayes are here to stay. Stalberg had a fanatastic game. He was fighting for pucks and never slowed down i the game. Great win after a disapointing loss in Detroit.

  3. Much better game. They dominated that cycle and made the Sharks look very slow. Andrew Shaw is energy out there. Reminded me of Roenick as a rookie. Loved it.

    Btw…I was watching the Sharks feed and when they showed the Chicago lines, they got the numbers right but the names wrong. #39 Khabibulin, #15 Ruutu, #22 Lapointe and my favourite…#8 Fahey. lol

  4. Shaw and Hayes were very good again…and for those that continue to hedge their comments on Shaw, give it up…this kid is here to stay…he is simply too good at doing the things that matter…goals will always come to those who play the game hard, and go to the net…do any of you ever envision this kid NOT doing this???

    Call it what it is…Stan Bowman has done a wonderful job drafting players for this hockey team…Shaw was a STEAL as a rookie contributing big time, drafted in the 5th round…this just doesn’t happen any old year…this is a once in 2 decades phenomenon.
    Jimmy Hayes picked up by us trading one of our THREE 2nd round picks? Are you kidding me?

    These 2 are here to stay…Bryan Bickell, Andrew Brunette, and perhaps Frolik are not.

  5. Was at the UC tonight — fantastic game, great energy in the building, love the Hawks. Wondering if anyone can help me out — the goal that was disallowed after a video review…what was the deal on that? We didn’t get any explanation at the rink, and it appeared to go in the back of the net cleanly…thanks and Go Hawks!

  6. matt- you can’t kick the puck into the net (and you can’t kick it off the goalie or another player and into the net either). you can intentionally redirect a puck with your skate, so long as there is no kicking motion. the refs were correct to wave the goal off.

    brad- fro and bickell need to go… but brunette? if you have brunette on your fourth line, you’ve got depth… not many teams have a veteran, puck-protecting scoring threat on the fourth line. good net presence for the power play too. never complains about minutes, team-oriented, awesome presence for the kids.

    i’d love to know what adjustment the hawks have made in their cycle game. it’s like a coach flipped the “on” switch. people are cutting through the slot, making small (borderline illegal) picks to create space, drawing more than one defender to leave someone else open… it’s beautiful to watch.

    probably one of our top 3 performances this year so far… dominant far more than the score indicated.

  7. Please don’t remind Hayes and Shaw they are rookies. They are bring the mojo back to this team that seems missing from some of the old farts. Pretty humorous that last night against the Sharks, the WGN reporter asked young captain Toews about the excitement that these young players bring to the ice. Isn’t Toews 22?

  8. Please don’t remind Hayes and Shaw they are rookies. They bring the mojo back to this team which appears missing from some of the older veterans. Pretty humorous that last night against the Sharks, the WGN reporter asked young captain Toews about the excitement that these young players bring to the ice. Isn’t Toews 22?

  9. Appreciate the explanation Travis! Couldn’t tell, either live or on the in-arena replays, that it was a kick-in. Thanks again.

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