Blackhawks Hammered At Home By Blue Jackets

Kruger Desjardins CBJ

The Blackhawks scored the first goal on Friday night.

The Blue Jackets scored five of the next six, chased Corey Crawford, and embarrassed the Blackhawks on their home ice.

Brandon Saad got the Hawks on the board less than four minutes into the game, but the lead lasted only 41 seconds.

Cam Atkinson’s first goal of the night gave Columbus a 2-1 lead in the middle of the opening period, but Jonathan Toews redirected a Duncan Keith shot past Sergei Bobrovsky to bring the game to a 2-2 tie.

Toews goal would be Chicago’s last of the night.

Columbus would score two more in the 4:08 following Toews’ goal, and Chicago coach Joel Quenneville removed his starting netminder. Crawford allowed four goals against 13 shots in 15:46 but got very little help in his time on the ice.

The game-winning goal from Kevin Connauton shows in the box score that it was unassisted, but he received a flawless feed from Duncan Keith. Two of the Jackets’ three other first period goals came on breakaways, including a short-handed tally for Atkinson’s second of the opening 20 minutes.

From there, the Blackhawks stymied the Jackets offense until Atkinson finished his hat trick with an empty net goal in the closing minutes. Unfortunately, when you allow four goals in the first period and only score two, breaking even isn’t good enough.

Making matters worse, Niklas Hjalmarsson appeared to suffer a hand/wrist injury with roughly three minutes left in regulation. He left his stick and glove on the ice and attempted to skate to the bench, but Columbus got another rush up the ice that required Hjalmarsson to stay in the play in spite of the injury.

Losing Hjalmarsson would be catastrophic for the Blackhawks at this point.

Chicago’s power play continued to be a dumpster fire, failing on five “advantages” on Friday night. They had a few good looks, including a Keith shot hitting a post in the closing seconds of the second period, but weren’t able to convert.

To his credit, Scott Darling played a strong game in relief. He stopped all 13 shots he faced, including a couple great glove saves to keep the game (theoretically) close in the third.

Toews also won 15 of 20 faceoffs, while Brad Richards and Kimmo Timonen led the Blackhawks with four hits each. Meanwhile:


After the first period ended, Quenneville predictably threw his lines into the blender. Antoine Vermette spent some time skating as a wing with Toews and Hossa, and Teuvo Teravainen moved back to the dot. Teravainen won four of five faceoffs and put three shots on net in the game.

Brent Seabrook led the Hawks with three blocked shots and picked up three hits as well, but finished the night minus-four. Saad finished tied with Marian Hossa for the team high of four shots on net, but failed to pull the trigger on three would-be scoring chances in the third period.

Newly signed defenseman Mike Paliotta was in attendance, and may be pressed into service given the struggles of the Hawks’ blue line group and potential injury to Hjalmarsson. Kyle Baun may get the chance to be a needed catalyst up front as well given the lack of production coming from some of the Hawks veterans.

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  1. Seabrook -4 and Keith -3. Hawks seem to be totally out of sync. Hammer possibly injured. Where do they go from here?

  2. The Hawks look done to me. It looks like they have no confidence and as a finesse team they have to play with confidence because otherwise they don’t execute passes and when they don’t execute passes they can’t play fast and if they can’t play fast – they’re done. They can’t beat anyone playing any other style because they don’t have players that can win one on one physical battles, at least not enough of them to win games playing that style.

    Maybe I’m wrong though about the crisis of confidence – I’d love to hear a different explanation because I find it hard to understand that a team that has so much success over the last few years is this fragile. There’s got to be a reason for this swoon and I’m tired of the old “it happens every year” meme. I went back and reviewed the games in late March and April last season – they weren’t nearly this bad.

  3. Perhaps SB should have been a seller…

    80 + 44 + 11= NOTHING…. which is less than the sum of draft picks and future the Hawks have w/ some anchors (29 and company)!!!

    But what do I know???

  4. Just got home from the UC. A lot of emotions at the game. From everyone. To me, the talent gaps on this team have demoralized the leaders of this team. This thing is caving in on itself. As you all know I am an unabashed Q supporter, but tonight he screwed up severely in pulling Crawford. I was absolutely stunned that he yanked him and I will suppose now that Crow is mightily angry at his coach. Crow has been defacto MVP of this team and you DO NOT show him up like that after his teammates crapped the ice in front of him. And now it looks like Hjalmarsson is hurt, which if true will be a body blow. I would just ask this?

    MAJOR changes coming this offseason. And it won’t all be becaise of rhe cap.

  5. ER Didnt mean to lead you astray I referenced the similar 3 game trip that fell the same weekend as now. Shutout in Bos by 3, 3-5 loss to a bad Ottawa team, and 1-4 in Pitts. I recall people here being very worried. It seemed eerily similar to me. I wasnt professing any fortunes were coming because of it

  6. Just flat out flat . . . Coach Q should coach, do MORE over the last 3 months than flip the switch up the Vitamix with these lame line changes. With this group any combination can make a Gilligan look like a genius. One good “proof point” for me, is when our d-men enter the offensive zone a la Oh-do-ya on Saad Goal tonight, and they drift and take the puck to the net the defense has to collapse and that gave Saad the goal. Hockey is a very simple game, and all won in “transitions.” Hawks drift out and are easily forced to the perimeter, which is how teams are designed to defend them, Hawks get good possession time and one shot and out. Poor Shaw got KILLED tonight in front of the net again wrong guy for the job, just not built to night in, night out provide that presence. I endlessly rant on poor Kruger having to chase on the dump in’s, Kruger? He’ll have a career ending catastrophe soon and it’s Hawks negligence.
    Hawks are good, they can compete with anyone on anyone night and even in the CUP years they got by with a late goal or tip in and never “Dominate” they can out skate but not dominate a game. Always one goal away from a win or a lose, they make it way too complex and must have flawless execution to win. Even Saad as I have ranted had 3 shots tonight be head was on a swivel looking for Toews.

  7. Vermette was bad tonight. He clearly is pressing and struggling way too much. I would have never guessed this because he is a rock solid two way Center who should have been perfectly adaptable to the Q system.

    Sharp and Richards remain wholly useless. It’s dumbfounding what has happened to Sharp ever since the selfish bastard lobbied to get on the Canada Olympic team. Since coming back from the 2014 Olympics his NHL performance has dropped precipitously. How exactly are the Hawks going to move that salary this summer? They have to move it, but who is going to take on a 33 year old Sharp who has turned into a virtual nothing for over a season now?

  8. EbonyRaptor – While I might mumble on this blog, you are “dead-on” on WHY Hawks can look this bad, it really is obvious. Yes, they do need to play near perfect to win and execute flawlessly, tape to tape. Yes on a dump in they need to send 3 guys in to get the puck. (only challenge I have is they do have or had enough, Hayes brothers, Pirri, Morin to play other styles, strategies and game plans, hence my Coach Q over rated) Thanks ER! Re-Read post below!

    > As a finesse team they have to play with confidence because otherwise they don’t execute passes and when they don’t execute passes they can’t play fast and if they can’t play fast – they’re done. They can’t beat anyone playing any other style because they don’t have players that can win one on one physical battles, at least not enough of them to win games playing that style. > Amen

  9. *#@!&!!!!!!! I saw part of the Keith interview post game and he was totally deflated…Not good! What a frustrating season! And, today I receive the 2015-16 season ticket invoice with a 12-13% increase over this season’s cost. Even worse! Sorry, but this slump can’t be compared with those from the last 7-8 seasons. Given Keith’s obvious emotions, there is something more going on here. The way they played the last three games, it is quite conceivable that they won’t even make the playoffs with the schedule they have left.

    Come on boys, let’s go Hawks!

  10. No worries RyanDale – you aren’t the only one singing that tune. And I agree that pulling CC was the right move for to reason – the first reason is that he wasn’t playing his best with not being able to stop what was essentially 2 shootout attempts and he didn’t get the long undeflected shot from the point either. The other reason as already mentioned is that Q tried to shake up his team which is a normal ploy by every hockey coach immemorial.

    As for critiques of individuals:

    Let’s start with Bickell. He must be having a problem over and above the normal uninspired and soft play we’ve all come to know and detest. I’ve never witnessed an NHL play fall down as much as Bickell has been over the past month or two. He didn’t used to be THIS bad. There’s got to be something wrong that accounts for it – either a bad knee/leg or an equilibrium problem – something. But whatever it is should be seen by the coaches and he shouldn’t be playing until he’s better.

    To keep this post from going on and on, I’ll limit this to only one more player critique – Rundblad. Rundblad makes good plays in the o-zone … Rundblad is a d-man … nuff said.

  11. Pulling 50 the way he was pulled was inexcusable. And I was not the only one in my seat enraged when it happened.

    All this talent? Give me a break.
    – Bad or disappointing virtually all season…Bickell, Sharp, Richards, Shaw, Runblad.
    – Inconsistent or non factor types…Teuvo, Rosivsl, Oduya, Versteeg, Carillo

    I just rattled off 10 players on a 22 man roster. And that doesn’t count the less than impressive so far Vermette and Kimmo.

  12. If Keith and Toews wave the white flag because it is their assessment that the roster isn’t good enough to get it done? Well…then might as well get the golf clubs unpacked becaise this will be a quick playoff exit. Are Keith and Toews demoralized? I don’t honestly know the answer to that. They are rhe two principal leaders. As their mood goes so goes the entire team.

  13. If Hawks can’t get the puck up and out of their zone in 4 seconds or less they’re an average team and have to work/ skate too hard to keep the game close. If we had a goalie who could play the puck behind the net 40% of those dump in’s, the timing would be thrown off and we’d take pressure off our d-men. Hawks d-men can actually skate the puck up and out like Oh-do-ya and Keith do at times, but when teams take away the lame “Stretch pass” Hawks again are average and d-men are left looking, looking and looking then checked into a bad pass. Getting the puck out of the zone should not be an adventure. Too much talent to not execute exit out of the zone and power play entry that is all PRACTICE AND COACHING . .. coach q?

    Since 2010 Post Byfuglien Era, even with ye ole 100 point season and a Cup the Hawks can not dominate, not in the net with Crow (good not great), not physically on the forecheck or clearing the crease for Crow, it takes too much out of players to play at the level that is demanded. And all 4 lines . . . cant remember a game Towes just carried us? Kane return will spark us but sadly as i have “predicted” it will last 3 games or so, this is not a Kane issue.

  14. Bickell? Well, my conclusion is he worked hard to get his NHL payday and the proceeded to play turtle hockey. It happens a lot in this league as it has for many years. Guys get paid, then they maybe get married and have children, and all of a sudden the intensity on the ice vaporizes and they play to preserve. In other words they play turtle hockey and go into a shell because they got their money and want to go home at night with all their teeth and body parts intact to be with wife and kids. Bickell doesn’t play like a soldier prepared to put himself in harm’s way on the ice.

  15. Keith plays sooooo many god damn minutes it’s sick, like sick sick! He is tired, other d-men need to cover some nights. Keith is a gamer he covers all the ice, end to end, at a very high speed it really is amazing how he competes at his size and with heart. He is the only player I ever defend, Oh-do-ya had rest, and most Hawks need a rest, as i said best thong is KANE being out, he’ll come back and spark them, not sure how long it will last?

    Sadly no one is really “dogging it” i wish it was true what many bloggers say about guys like Sharp but he’s playing and playing pretty hard, i can not say it enough LINE CHEMISTRY IS EVERYTHING especially for a team that likes to over pass. Can’t keep changing lines, YES get a hot player double shift him, but VITAMIX has to stop.

  16. Rufus – LOVE that Turtle Hockey talk . . . that’s funny and possibly very true, game is so damn physical and intense if you don’t play at a high level it’s over. Your right, ya get a check and get fat sort of like many people we all work with downtown in their bloated cubicle eating Jimmy Johns!

    I predict Hawks will POUND (out score) the KINGS. . . just saying, they might not win another game after that, but Hawks will beat the KINGS book it.

  17. …maybe it’s time for somebody to “flip the switch”? …Keith? Toews?

    I don’t mind…(here, “in the woodwork”…) I never get tired of hearing about “…know what we have to do”, “…play the right way”, “…we have tons of skill on our team”, “…not the start we wanted”, “…we know we have to play better”, “…do uncharacteristic things and it ends up in our net.”, and “not going to overreact and get down on ourselves” (the last two not quite as over-played, clichéd).

    It’s OK – they can always pull out, “Kane, the best player in the league, unfortunately was injured, and…”, as their excuse for failure. Perfect. “It’s all good.”

    …from here (“in the woodwork”), it looks like if somebody doesn’t “flip the switch”, they’ll lose in the first round.


    step back from the ledge. they arent playing their best hockey right now, they will be in the playoffs, they will play hard teams in any round they play in, they are not the favorites to win the cup, they do not have 0% chance to win a cup. its ok. just watch and enjoy that theyll have a seat at the table.

  19. I would go back to and stay with these lines:


    I would slot in 42 when healthy for 11. If possible (cap wise), at some point if 23 & 29 don’t start earning their salaries, bring up a combination of: Ross, McNeil, Regin, Abbott. I saw Abbott vs. Wolves recently and the guy is a ball of energy and can skate.

  20. The Hawks must think they can just walk through the middle teams, not happening. I watched the Pens get whooped by Carolina…..same thing. Looking ahead to to games against top teams is a huge mistake. Not much difference from top to bottom in the NHL. And these teams with nothing to lose at this point relish the opportunity to stick it to playoff teams.

    Hey……The Icehogs won again

  21. A brutal playoff defeat, it really sucked losing another demoralizing playoff game in the playoffs. This will go down on their permanent record of sucky playoff losses. The Blue Jackets showed a lot of blue jacket pride in this, their first playoff win of the 14-15 season. This really put the Hawks in a big playoff hole, from which an obviously annoyed, withering, simpering p*****, Duncan Keith, will not emerge. General manager/Head Coach/Goaltender Crawford will not recover from his absurd benching by team owner Rockwell Wirtz, who personally pulled his fragile, mercurial employee from his net with a hook, ala Sandman Sims, to the horror of stunned onlookers (although they did like Wirtz’ softshoe routine). It remains untold what the rest of the playoffs will hold for the pathetic blob of perennial also-rans that once was called the Blackhawks (Assistant lace tightener Joel “lump with a mustache” Quenneville has leaked that the team has relinquished their old nickname in favor of the more fitting “Whiteflags”), but one thing is for certain, the playoffs are going to move on without the Chicago Whatevers thanks to the brutal beating meted out by the Blue Jackets. Really, fans should be thanking them, and the Loveable Losers themselves, for not prolonging the agony of this trainwreck of a 100 point season any further.

    In other news, jeez, I hope #4 is ok.

  22. Scottie P… hawks are 7 pts. ahead of Flames…

    But SB went all in — gifting Draft picks for Has been rentals… NOT good business, considering the Hawks need to get younger, faster and CHEAPER!!!!

    Flames GM… has done it right… stocking picks… and NOT mortgaging the future!

  23. As a former supporter of 29, Bickell is clearly a lost player and has been a ghost since he got his a$$ kicked a month or so ago. Not willing or able to step up and defend yourself when you’re supposed to be a big bodied, physical player for your team is a bad mix. Brutal.

    So instead, Shaw is our tough guy in front of the net? Guy’s going to have a short career at this rate. Further, he’s more cheap shot than physically intimidating which is not my favorite hockey.

    This team lacks the will and heart to engage and play physical hockey. Unreal that other teams are now punishing with vicious cross checks that go uncalled and we simply skate away. Softest team I may ever remember wearing the Indian Head. Painful to watch for this old school fan.

    Btw- what IS a “cross check” in the NHL these days? The league has obviously and sadly returned to the grab, hack and intimidate ear prior to the lockout- which is NOT good news for the way this this team is built.

    Going to be a brutal next 2 games at this rate, Winnipeg and then Kings. You can book it we’ll get physically beat up and overwhelmed. 0-2 is my prediction. Hope I’m wrong and someone steps up and plays like it means something, but right now this is most discouraged I’ve been in years…

  24. Wall,

    Two questions: do you actually enjoy the Hawks losing, and do you really think you know more about building/managing a hockey team than Q and SB? Serious questions here.

  25. Q made the right move in pulling Crawford. That move gave the team a chance last night. Darling played well and there was at least one soft goal that Crawford gave up. I’m sorry it can’t all be on the defense when you give up 4 goals in a period. Something has to be on the goalie. Otherwise you may as well put all your money into defense and go cheap on the goalie. Start Darling in Winnipeg, he might be on a roll and the Hawks need that now. I saw T2 playing well in the third, what was his ice time. Also any word on the Hammer injury? Did he play at all after he got hurt?

  26. Mox17, I do NOT know more about hockey than Q…

    But I really do have an “EYE” for what look’s right and what doesn’t…

    ex.) I have never heard of Hoffman from Sens… saw him for couple shifts vs. Hawks…
    And I said.. who the hell is this guy… looks like a real asset/player…

    Does that make me better than SB… NO!!! But I think I see what is going on…
    More Importantly, I don’t fall in love with players/people… this is a business (which I do own/manage a Business) and sometimes you have to go with your wallet… and not your heart.

  27. The 800 lb. gorilla in the room – The rumors about Sharps dalliances with women other than his wife may be having a much bigger effect on the team than otherwise thought….?????

  28. Wall, I would like to form a logical argument against you again, but you are beyond logic and reason. At this point you are like the bum on the corner, only instead of repent, your sign says, “The end is near, TRADE CRAWFORD!” You really sound like one of the old ‘Kane for Miller’ guys at this point.

  29. ^^

    I think on this trading draft choices for rentals situation, Bowman ought to be judged on what he’s able to do at the draft, can he get some of these picks back.

    While I hate trading high draft choices for rentals and neither Vermette or Timmonen have looked good, I can see why he did it, the team has some world class players in their primes – and the chapter of this season hasn’t been written yet.

  30. On my way to Winnipeg to try and right the ship. Clouds of doom moving in. Last night 1st period a debacle and not acceptable. Next 2 games we will see what the guys have left in the tank . More later.
    Let’s Go Hawks!

  31. wow so much pessimism! The b2b wins over NY teams wasn’t that long ago. What has changed? Possibly the opponents style I suppose. Dallas , Philly, CBJ all play a more physical game and the Hawks are not making adjustments?? At this stage of the season it is probably a mental grind for the guys and with playoffs looming they may be conserving, but wait the playoffs are not a crrtainty so …. Q better get the troops back in the hunt, so something has got to give. When times are tough, well you know. I believe the coach has to be more creative, this line blender approach is asinine, especially with the new additions TT included. Perhaps the players are tuning the coach out. Lots of questions from this side of the affair, hopefully answers come soon. As for me I will try to be optomistic and believe that the veteran leadership on this team will overcome, in spite of Q.

  32. Wall, “Flames GM… has done it right… stocking picks… and NOT mortgaging the future!” — certainly you can see the difference between the Hawks and Flames situations at this point in time. One last shot at another Cup with this group (a legitimate contender/favorite going into the season) vs. team rebuilding (6th in their division/13th in conference)…

    Negzz, “This team lacks the will and heart to engage and play physical hockey” — that certainly appears to be true. Maybe that changes when they “flip the switch”? “The league has obviously and sadly returned to the grab, hack and intimidate” – this also appears to be the case. “Important people” in the NHL want to see more scoring (to the point of introducing ridiculous measures – equipment size, etc.) – this can be accomplished if the officials called the games according to the rules…especially the obstruction fouls.

    Hofmeister, ^^ AGREE completely. Although, with each very subpar effort, for me, it is getting more difficult to believe this group will be successful…(one and done?)

  33. The Hawks will limp to the playoffs and bow out after the 1st or 2nd round. This roster is no longer good enough or deep enough. And perhaps the leaders of this team see that and things are starting go collapse under the weight of things. Bowman has major work to do in the offseason and the question becomes is he up to the task. We are no longer a serious Cup contender as currently constructed. Sure, we can make the playoffs and anything can happen from there, but really in and deny what I see. Crawford, Kane, Toews, Keith, Seabrook, Hjalmarsson, Saad and an aging Hossa is what we really have left at this point. Certainly a very attractive core, but… The rest is faded veterans and interchangeable role players, who collectively haven’t been good enough and arent good enough moving forward. Sharp, Richards, Bickell, Versteeg, Rosival all need to be gone via free agency or trade dumps. And you might have to add Shaw to that list too. If Teuvo is our next great young thing? Well damn we are in more trouble.

  34. Why is Wall a pariah for suggesting that CC gets traded in the offseason and the cash used on upgrading the team in front of him?! Too funny. CCs rebound control, glove hand and out of net puck handling continue to be average or less. He’s a sound positional goalie who has has had some good streaks and played well last playoffs. So now he’s Lundquist!? Get a clue and stop listening to Foley and Edzos homer commentary, Crawford is hardly an untradable asset, particularly with the goalies we have accumulated behind him ( let alone is anyone who thinks this way “irrational”). Unreal commentary and nonsense…

  35. Crawford was left out to dry. The only reason the Hawks are in a playoff position is the play of Crawford. I believe giving up high draft picks for 44 and 80 was a big mistake for two reasons. 1- I did not think they were that good and 2- The loss of Kane was too big of an obstacle to overcome. I do however think the jury is still out on the trade. If the new guys are instrumental in the Hawks moving through the playoffs until Kane is back or Stan can get his picks back then the trades were a success. If not then the trades were a big failure.

  36. Unless someone has iron clad no movement clauses, any player is tradeable. If they flame out like they’ve been doing lately, all options will be on the table.

  37. The WPG / LAK games will go a long way to telling us what will happen to the team. Both opponent’s will come at the Hawks with all barrels loaded so will be interesting to see the response. We could be looking at a wild card spot come Monday night. Something(s) has/have come across the club…deteriorating skills, age, off-ice allegations, over-valued & appraised talent, mojo, puck-luck; who knows what? It surely looks like the window is closing quickly right now.

    If there isn’t a miraculous rebound / turnaround which results in, at least, a respectably deep run in the WC playoffs, this team will have a significant transfusion for next year. We likely will not even see 88 again this year the way things look. Probably several years, at least, of results that we’re not accustomed to seeing with many new faces from RFD. So we’ll finally learn if the depth of the organization is truly what it’s been made up to be.

    Off-season…try to trade Crow and un-load the salary. Go with Darling, especially if the playoffs are a disappointment and there are major subtractions to the roster; no sense having a $5M goalie with a re-tooling club. Only no-doubt keepers are 2, 4, 7, 19, 20, 81, 86, 88. Try to retain 16 as well, if it works, 81’s contract is a deterrent to moving him plus he’s such a pro that he could still be productive (although declining) & a look-to model for the kids. IceHogs…let’s really see what they can do…Johns, Pokka, TVR, Palliotta, Hartman, McNeill, Rasmussen, Ross, et al. Is it feasible for Darling / Rantta to share the net next year if Crow can be moved? Will also be interesting to see what is brought in via trade…

    Geez, hoping that the Hawks that we all have known make a comeback but right now I don’t see it.

  38. All valid points wall. Good answers. The line-changing every game is killing us. And the forwards are pathetic defensively, and they’re also not getting pucks to the net often enough. I feel like when we have the puck in the offensive zone, too often we’re stuck to the boards behind the net. Can’t figure out what the issue is.

  39. I want to agree with Hofmeister regarding Bowman’s trade deadline acquisitions, I think he wanted to go for it one more time with this group. Vermette was the number one name out there at the trade deadline, I was a little surprised with the Timonen deal but after Sekura went off the board he went for lightning in the bottle. Desjardins for Smith was a salary cap move. I’m not quitting on them this year they still could jell and I don’t think it would be a bad idea to insert some kids for a burst of energy. I think Q will have to overcome his reluctance to play younger guys and he needs to settle on line and defense combinations now!

  40. Phil, it didn’t look good/pretty during long 7 game road trip, the last two games we then played with focus and won those. Heres to bringing good luck to the team like you/swig (we/tailgating here) did when we broke out offensively and beat MTL 5-0.

    Lets go Bristol Bay crab fishing.

  41. What an ugly game. Our “tape to tape” passes have all but disappeared and our fragile confidence has been shattered. Q didn’t pull Crow because he was upset with his play, he pulled Crow because the team wasn’t supporting their Stanley Cup winning goaltender. How many odd man breaks do we have to give up before our goalie snaps and throws his stick at someone?

    Look, let’s back off of the ledge……….just like us, this team is frustrated and disgusted with their play. But they have to keep working and preparing for every game until they can get through this rough patch. Duncs, Seabs and Hammer have logged HUGE minutes this year, so maybe it’s time for Q to give them less ice time or sit them a game before we hit the playoffs.

    Right now our confidence as a team is gone, but they can’t stop playing the game. These guys are professionals and they will work through the problems and make sure that they are ready for the playoffs. Right now I would rather be a Blackhawk than a Bruin or an Avalanche player.

    The bulk of this team are Stanley Cup Champion players, let’s see if they can work through this and get some confidence going into the playoffs!

  42. Mook — Define ”carry”?. JT just had his best scoring night this season with 2+2=4 and 76% dot. That was just 10 days ago in the NYI 4-1 W . may or may not qualify ??

    Phil, no pressure but you formulating a Win , in that Arena, could save Chicago fans enough stress that life expectancy numbers spike…good luck !! and how bout those traveling Coyote fans….Thurs. they went all the way to Buffalo apparently! ha

  43. again, so NYR would be well served to jettison Hank and sign CC to get some extra cash for skaters ? yes/no ? im just curious, i am not promoting either way.

  44. Hof – I think Stan could re-coup some of those picks by trading with Buffalo. Obviously the Sabres are not going to trade the McDavid or Eichel pick, but they have stockpiled lots of picks from their trading of veterans and I think they are at that point where they needs to fill in holes everywhere in their line-up with NHL talent and have cap space to do it.

    For instance, Rantta, Sharp, Bickell, maybe Versteeg, maybe Shaw.

    Just brainstorming a bit, but much like Winnipeg was more than glad to trade picks to the Hawks following 2010 and again in 2013, same might be true for Buffalo.

  45. RD: “so NYR would be well served to jettison Hank and sign CC to get some extra cash for skaters ?”

    Ok, I’ll bite as I now live in the NYC area and have actually had this convo with several NYR fans that have debated the merits of such a move over beers (only in view of Talbot’s emergence is his outstanding back-up/starter role.)

    1st of all, it’s a DIFFERENT situation in that:
    * The Rags do not have a serious cap issue looming (i.e they’re not paying 2x guys $10.5 ea next year), and are not facing a re-tooling and/or losing critical pieces.
    * As Hank is earning $8M+, if the Rangers moved him and signed CC (in your scenario), they would only save $2M-ish (vs. the $5M the Hawks would save next year by trading CC and going with Darling/Raanta.)
    * I will withold comment on the the difference in talent between CC and Henrik and what their comparative losses would mean to each team, although anyone outside of my hometown Chicago is clear on that difference.

    On the other hand, the SIMILARITIES are:
    * Talbot and Darling have both been excellent in extended fill-in duty and show great potential as every day goaltenders in support of a Cup contending team.
    * THAT SAID, they are also UNPROVEN in that playoff capacity (as was CC when he was given the pipes as the starter for the Hawks.) As such, it would be a clear risk for each team to assume the next guy could handle the next level of pressure as starter.
    * Both teams play team-oriented defensive games and (when playing well), support the goalie.

    My view? Rangers would NEVER do it in view of the significant differences in situations. Hawks should give it serious consideration and such a move depends on the return on trading Crawford.

  46. As for recouping draft picks, I hope we don’t think we will get any #1’s for what we are looking to dump.

  47. Also, saw Bickell on Hawks all access show, he was stick handling through those 10 yr. old Naperville Sabre girls team like nobody’s business. I think he could dominate that league.

  48. Columbus beat ST L tonight for back to back wins over Blackhawks and Blues. What do the spinners of fine webs make out of that? Would the Blue Jackets beat both teams on successive nights if all were playing play-off style hockey? Perhaps it is true ,as suggested by someone on this blog, that most teams are “Locked in Position” at around the 60 ish game mark and coasting sets in for those destined to make it (barring a collapse). There is, of course, some movement in respective wild card candidates.

  49. Lots of great college hockey today and tonight. The most impressive hawk prospect in my amateur opinion has been Luke Johnson of North Dakota, fantastic forechecker. Hard on the puck very good positionally, you can tell he has been extremely well coached. The puck just seems to find him and he makes good plays all over the ice.

    Schmaltz has skill but certainly does not dominate his shifts. Does a lot of toe dragging, which is junior hockey stuff. He will benefit from hitting the weight room. Still a kid.

    Nick Mattson is a very good college defenseman. He makes excellent short passes from defense to the forwards to get the breakout going. He thinks the gsme extremely well. But he is 23 years old. Stan and company like him. He will play pro. I’m just not sure if he is anything more than a bottom pair ahl defenseman much like say Ben yours.

    Chris Calnan from Boston College is a banger. But he doesn’t really stand out yet. Next year he will get more minutes as a junior.

    Just my 2 cents on what I saw today.

  50. “This teams depth had been overrated all year. [Even with] Kane and Johnny back and we will still not play for the WcF….. this season has been over.”

    “It can’t be ignored that this team has performed very poorly since the beginning of January. In fact, if the last 3 months were the entirety of the season (which of course it is not) we wouldn’t even whiff the playoffs. I’m not overreating to this or that. It’s the growing body of evidence that has led to my indictment of this team’s chances of doing anything at all in the playoffs.”

    “…with the way the Hawks have been playing lately it seems insurmountable. You can’t just flip a switch and turn it on for the Playoffs.”

    “I’ve followed this team for many years. I love this team. But make no mistake, the Blackhawks are done. You can stick a fork in this team. They know it too. So does Bowman, Q, McDonough. This team doesn’t have it in them in terms of what it will take to go to war in the playoffs.”

    “Unless Q changes his stubborn mind set……We are one series and out for the playoffs.”

    All quotes drawn from 3/30-31/2014 after a 3rd straight loss (punctuation being the Pens loss and Toews injury). We’ve been here before. One of these times these bozos will be right and they will boast about it for the next 20 years (neglecting to recount the number of times they wrote this team off and were completely wrong)

  51. With Minnys win we are now in the wild card…huge 4 point night for the Blackhawks vs. Jets ,this is some serious buisness tomorrow. Not going to miss this for the world…don’t know what Phil looks like so can’t pick him out in the stands…hold a big sign that says ” PHIL”. Methinks if we win this game we are in for sure, if we lose it is very possible we don’teven make it in. That simple.

  52. Mining man – methinks what youthinks is dumb. Hawks are in, Calgary isn’t catching them

  53. the Red Wings would not make the playoffs if they were in the Campbell Conference. That’s why they pussed out and went to the East Conference.

    Big Buff sucks, ya fuck.

    We did it in the Salary Cap era. You did it with a 95m cap payroll. Hmmm.

  54. Butt hurt.

    Is that why you went to a Permanent position.

    Whats up Big Perm, I mean Big Worm.

  55. Maybe, you need a new name. Tell us your real name.

    To answer your question. Watch the reruns on Back to the Future and you’ll get your answer.

    In the history of hockey, when it has had 82games. No team has had a good/really good recored in a total of more then 40 games in the 82. That’s why MIN will eventually take some losses, why NAS did, and why ANA and STLK have been .500 for longer then we have (in JAN/FEB) the NYR are now and yea the over rated NYI and the PIT.

    Big Picture.

    Zoom out and you can see Handsome Rob.

  56. Haeks 58, 61, etc. We are going to win the Stanley Cup with Kaners coming back. If 88 doesn’t come back, then we might not have a legit chance.

    Keep the Faith.

    No negative Nancys here.

    You’ll never shut down the real Napster.

  57. Mining, we are still ahead of MIN and WIN (winning the games in hand). Nothing is fucked. Looks like STL might drop to the 4 seed based on peoples worrys.

    CHI 20
    MIN 19

  58. MIN and WIN winning games help keep LA out of the playoffs.

    Were fucking 20 games over .500, the 9/19/11 seeds are 13. Git a grip guys.

    Cheer on Kentucky Basketball in making history. Then we can prepare for the playoffs. The game that matter. Our guys don’t give a flying Rufus fuck (sorry Rufus) about the 82 games.

  59. hawks 58… I have taken some comments to heart here… and nowhere here have i said trade crow…

    it is a broken record… and you still don’t get the point… lot’s of “troubled areas” in front of the goalie… which need to be addressed… and buying Old rentals… for young , cheap , picks- not a good business…

    Hof- you are right on the SB/picks… he will have moves to make this off season and can right the Pick/pool… But – could have had more… and could have easily did nothing/at TDL… and just said… deals weren’t right.

  60. Watched the ND-Kent. basketball game last night-huge fan of the Irish. But I watched one of the best BB games in many years and didn’t feel down-ND played their heart out against a bigger, stupidly athletic team.
    Hopefully the Hawks show up in the next 2 weeks and make it interesting. Looking forward to see how tonight’s game unfolds-it will tell us a lot-the core knows how much this game means.
    Grateful to be a fan of this team!

  61. Good morning from windy Winnipeg. Headed over to morning skate to check on the troops soon. I chatted with some people around the team and they feel the guys have plenty left in the tank although recent play has been baffling on the amount odd man give-ups, sloppy play. Hawks get alot of respect from locals I have talked to. Jets fans feeling they are new kids on the block and have to earn respect. My response is with Hawks fans anyway their is already much respect for Jets game.

    Jackets game left a bad taste in my mouth but I had no problem with Q pulling out CC. I thought he was going to do it after the 3rd goal to be honest. While Shaw has had an up and some would say mostly down season, he played very hard Fri night. Prout could have had 5-7 penalties for what he did to Shaw. Bob gave Shaw a huge whack in the ankle with his stick that should have been called as ref was right there. Ref even gave Bobrovsky a warning as he went to bench moments later. Call the penalty and save the lecture. Hawks special teams brutal the other night to add insult to injury. If teams are going to beat you up, make em pay when they go to the box. Shaw took plenty for the team Friday and its a pity the rest of the guys didn’t bring that effort. Ghost Bickell where are you??

    More later.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  62. Light player turnout at morning skate. No Hossa, Keith Seabrook, Hammer. Paliotta 47 skated and took added practice once every one went off the ice. Likewise, for Rundblad and Darling doing extra drills. Guys looked loose especially Saad and Shaw. TT looked great with one timer drills as did Shaw, and Saad. TT took extra drills with tip ins. Kid has a pair of soft hands. I hear Hammer plays tonight, but we will see. Without him Keith or Seabs its trouble. Oduya was putting everything on the tape, and for me 27 has been really solid since coming back from injury. Quiet efficiency.

    Winnipeg is jacked for this game tonight and why not? It’s big points on the line for both teams. Fans here very respectful of the Indian Head logo. At least its a 6:30 start here tonight. Lets get it on, and

    Lets Go Hawks!!

  63. I hate to date myself, but I remember the Islanders 4 SC wins in the early 80’s and also remember that they weren’t always the “dominant” regular season team. I was watching a Bobby Nystrom interview from about 20 years ago where he said, “when the playoffs started we changed our game and played with desperation. We had the ability to “flip the switch” and go into overdrive”.

    Maybe, just maybe the Hawks can do the same and kick into high gear as we get closer to the playoffs.

  64. Looking at the standings and the remaining matchups in the West, I quess I should not have stated that there is a chance of not making the playoffs…it appears we are a lock. The combination of dropping to a wild card and perhaps holding the last wild card along with our recent on ice losses have me in a slight panicky mode. Vancouver and LA will really be fighting for every point and the 2 games against St. Louis could be nasty buisness. I would really like to see Calgary get 3rd in the Pacific displacing LA and possibly even catching Vancouver. Its a slightly weird season with Toronto going from everything to nothing ( they lead the NHL in GF at Christmas ) and teams tanking all over the place. Cinderella stories in Calgary, maybe Winnipeg, strange dominance of Nashville, even the Ducks with all those one goal games and low +/- differential, LA what up there?…and then there are the Blackhawks who have been kinda not so great since the Classic. If it was not for CC I truly believe we would not be in the hunt because our role player and grinder guys combined dont have as many goals as P___i. (Don’t want to start up that argument again.) Just see vulnerabilities everywhere but truly believe when we clinch and get in we can really tear it up with all that experience. My sincere apologies for getting panicky.

  65. Reg, good point about dynasty type teams. After the team has been through thick and thin the team has a knack for going full throttle for certain reg. season games and for all of the playoffs. If that’s what it takes for the guys to be at our best, then these guys know what there doing, even when we all want to dominate/win every game just because we have a better team.

    So far in the salary cap era, we are like the redwings (4 cups in 20yrs, broke records and really good reg season most of those 20yrs) and LA (so far) are like NJ (won 3 times but didn’t have as many good reg season and break any records). The best team for 20yrs took 20 yrs to win 4 cups. Salary cap era is much harder then it was those 20 yrs.

    It feels righteous to know that were on track to be that team. So proud to be a Blackhawk.

    Phil, good stuff. I feel the same way that we want to get 2pts in more of those games/last10games but just had off nights/shit happens. We will be fine. Were preparing for the playoffs not for a 1 seed.

    Noonan, I am a big Kentucky person. I give ND full credit for playing really really good, better then I thought they ever could. Not taking anthing away from them playing that good, Kentucky did really good in some areas (one of the big men had a really good game, 3pt shooting and making 9 shots in a row when the game was on the line) but Kentucky didn’t play a good team game for Kentucky. Played an ok game for Kentucky. I know most people would say that’s bs (if they like ND or hate UK) but I have watched every game in 96,97,98,12,15 and know that because its just one game not a series if Kentucky has a off night or ok team game and the other team plays really really good like ND did, it could happen. This Kentucky team is one of the best in 40 yrs, no matter who thinks what. I blame the selection committee for having ND in Kentucky bracket, ND deserved to be in their own (like the VILL/VIR one) because how amazing would that have been if that was the National Championship game. That committee does this on purpose to make it a easy path for certain teams. When ND deserve to beat Duke, again, and be on the other side of bracket. Full respect and credit to ND for playing their guts out like that. That might have been the best National Championship game in 40 yrs if the committee, got it right.

  66. I wont bring up that sport again in this blog.

    I was really drunk last night, so disregard some of those 5am posts if I offended anyone. That wasn’t my intention. I was sleep walking/celebrating UK.

  67. If you want to be upset with this team, fine. But don’t blame the players, entirely. They can only work within the system they are given. And IMHO the writing has been on the wall, in all caps, for all to see for a couple of years now, and it reads: Quenneville. His style of coaching is a thing of the past. And I don’t give a shit how many victories he has. His love for changing lines, changing D-pairings, his healthy scratches, playing Carcillo…makes it look like he’s winging it. The only constant with this guy is he hates young players, in a league that is all about young players. And the team has suffered. How can you get used to line mates if you never know who will be on your line from game to game and you only find out about it in the morning skate? Yeah, yeah, I know,”he does it to motivate the team. The guys are used to it, they’ve all played with each other over the years and they’re fine.” Well that’s all PR and, like most PR, it’s 24-carat bullshit. The players know it, and so do the other teams.
    After last year’s ousting in the WCF, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we jettisoned Rozsival and Oduya, who played like shit in that series, and started to bring up our young D-men in the new season to bolster the core of Ketih, Seabs, Hammer and Leddy. Well that didn’t happen. Leddy was in Q’s doghouse, so he had to go. The fastest skater on our team, a great young d-man, but he wasn’t good enough, and someone tell me why, because the reasons (cap hit?) I’ve heard so far from various people are all nonsense. Van Riemsdyk got a shot and played OK, really, but then got hurt, so we won’t know how he does in a full season until next year, assuming he’s not traded, too. Why did he get the shot over all of the other guys, guys I thought were more skilled? I watched the preseason games – his camp wasn’t that much better than the rest. Was it his name that impressed Q? Stupid thought, perhaps. I digress. We tried Clendenning, traded him. We tried Dahlbeck, traded him. Erixon, Comiskey, Rundblad – nothing. In Rundblad’s defense, he has shown signs of being skilled offensively, but then again he is a defenseman and that’s what we need him to be. In Comiskey’s defense, he showed signs of great speed, recognition, good decisions with the puck, but that probably reminded Q of Leddy, so he had to sit. Big problems on this team, And that’s only the D.
    Up front, we’ve got Bickel. He’s 6’4″ though you’d never know it. He’s not a power forward, he’s not a play maker, he’s not a very good skater. He takes up 4 mil in cap space. He needs to go. Sharp – love the guy – but he’ll be 34 next year and his skills are diminished, and this is a business. A 5.9 mil cap hit for the next two years for a player like him is not wise. He needs to go. Marcus Kruger. RFA next year. How much do we spend to keep him? Do we keep him? I don’t know. I like the kid and the way he plays , but not sure if someone in our system couldn’t step up and fill the 4th line center role and give energy to the PK. And here’s the real reason these things are serious. If you want to see Brandon Saad, the only real power forward we’ve got, spend the rest of his career in the Indian Head sweater – and I sure do – then it’s going to cost to keep him. Also an RFA after this season, he’s up for a huge raise, and he deserves one. I can’t image they would let him go. Versteeg. In my opinion, he could be a great energy guy on the 4th line with Shaw, and rotating to other lines when needed, but will he be happy doing that. I don’t think so. He could be gone, too. Seabrook. I keep him. His influence and strength make him a keeper for at least another year. Oduya. Gone. Rozsival. Gone. And even with all of this, we’re still going to be dangerously close to the cap next year, which most estimates predict will be around 73 Mil. Not a lot for a team like ours. Do we want to get bigger and stronger and add to our speed so we don’t get beat up in the playoffs by teams like the Kings? (That’s the reason we lost in the WCF last year. They were stronger.) Let’s see Baun, Paliotta and Johns on the big team. And let’s let them play, Q, for more than a game or two and let them make more than a mistake or two. I’m through here. I don’t think any of this will amount to a hill of beans, just a fan amongst fans, ranting to the general yonder. BTW – we’re going to lose to Winnipeg tonight, and to the Kings on Monday. We may miss the playoffs altogether, though I honestly think we’ll squeak in. We better start the rebuild as soon as we’re eliminated in the first round, before it’s too late.

  68. Mining, I care as much as you and want to get the maybe the 2 seed but I am not worried at all about the 4or5 seed/or not in. I think we will hold off MIN, they have to run out of energy at some point. They have been playing extra hard for 30 games now.

    No matter what seed we get, we are the Blackhawks.

  69. Ah yes, the Q is a bum crowd is coming out of the woodwork. Because a flawed roster and the weakest of his 7 year tenure isn’t dominating NHL play. And because Q doesn’t play the youngsters, even though Hjalmarrson, Leddy, Saad, Bickell, Crawford, Niemi, Kruger et al broke into the NHL and carved out careers undee Q’s watch. But alas, since Q didn’t turn a turd like Morin into gold, or that Teuvo the pip squeak can’t flourish, and because Pirri couldn’t skate or play defense, etc,…well Q is a bum.

    Morons in our midst. That’s all that can really be said.

  70. I agree Tony- The idea that we had to trade Leddy because of the cap is absolute BS. Stan should have had the balls to tell Q Leddy is staying. Rozy and Oduya could have been dumped and we would have had plenty of money for Leddy. It was obvious to anybody that understands hockey that Leddy was a much better option long term than 32 or 27. We keep two old guys at the end of their career instead of a 23 year old with tremendous potential. I thought Dahlbeck played well in the camp and had some great upside also. He plays three games and then is gone. Are you kidding. This line blending crap has to stop. You can’t build continuity when you are playing with different line mates every night. Anybody who has actually PLAYED hockey knows that is the case. As a coach I would be embarrassed to pencil a guy like Carcillo into the lineup.

  71. Tony, I think its as simple as 57 was more consistently responsible defensively then the other guys. Which made him more ready at that moment in time. With Leds he is not as good as 27 is defensively regardless of how good he is off. Theres no way to know that 27 would have an off first 60 games then. 27 is now back to normal and at the right/more important time of the season. With 8, I would not have done that minimum 3.5m contract let alone 5-5.5m that’s what Dunks gets.

    Bowman and crew has everything written down on charts for caphits/contracts short, mid and longterm for all possibilities. Every few yrs were not going to be able to keep a couple guys and need low caphit/elc guys in those positions so we can reload for a deep roster and keep the main core players (until really good young players like 20 are part of the core) as long as possible and just reload with every couple/few yrs with fresh role players. 8 is not a core player, on this team.

    In the 5 coming yrs, I see only Krugs being in the bottom 6 of the guys that are there now. I am thinking on yrs 3,4 and5 is when we will be stacked again. Just like we were in 13, 14 and 15 (which are yrs 3,4 and 5 after 19,88 and 2 contracts kicked in) This time we have 8yrs (of 19,88 and 20 contracts kicking in) so I see us being loaded again from yr 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 this time.

  72. One other thing that might have been the longterm thought process of the Bowmans was getting Pokka. 17 is as good/or better then 8 once hes ready then it was a good move. Which fits right in with our wave of good young/fast and large defense men that are coming with the Calvary.

  73. What keeps getting ignored, or forgotten since it has been explained multiple times here, is Oduya has a no movement clause and Leddy just got 5.5M from NYI, impossible to afford that but keep saying that’s BS louder and louder because then maybe someone will believe you.

    In a cap world, assets have to be moved at certain times and also forgotten is they got a very good young player in return for Leddy, maybe two if they sign the goaltender Nilsson.

  74. I remember when Stan signed Leddy to a two year extension and said he is one of our core guys and will be here to stay. He could have made a longer term Leddy signing happen. Letting 32 go and not signing 91 would have helped. I also think 27 could have been moved under the right circumstances. I do not think the attempt was made to move 27 because Q hated Leddy. Sorry Hof- I am not buying the cap excuse.

  75. Leddy was a 5th defenseman at the zenith of his role in Chicago. The mathematicians amongst us don’t understand that a $5 M plus contract per year for Leddy was never going to work in Chicago given the cap. Leddy is not remotely with that sort of money given the cap reality.

    So let the meatheads and bozos continue to tear Quenneville a new ahole. They are clueless.

  76. Perhaps Leddy would have signed for less then 5 mil, who knows. Perhaps if Stan had not signed Bickel for 4 mil then we would have had no problem keeping Leddy.

  77. Q is in love with Rosenberg- Frankenstein on skates- ….. The guy is OLD-SLOW-SOFT-& ALWAYS OUTTA POSITION… BUT HE STILL PLAYS!!!!!!! coaching staff NEVER addresses why Toews is the one in the corners digging pucks out and then the useless wonders he’s playing with are doing the ice capades figure 8’s around the zone instead of being in front of net—- really should be in corners. Instead of Toews…. Ass backwards…. D-Men can’t play D…. Only defense hawks have is strong goaltending….. And when goal tending lets great shots in – you all blame them….. SMH….. Bickell the pickell needs to be. Put on waivers and outright released….. Useless minor leaguer…. Thats all for now…..

  78. Q doesn’t play Carcillo and hawks good players – Toews & Kaner get POUNDED…. Oh thats right kane is hurt on CHEAP SHOT… No retaliation from SOFT TEAM… Not happening if car bomb is out there…….Sits Carcillo out but CONSTANTLY PLAYS ROSENBOMB— who costs us games & shutouts…… Soooooo Clueless…. Maybe next year guys…. Keep drinking the koolaid…. ????

  79. Hawks shouldda moved Sharp ,Rosenburg and Bickell…. And sign Ryan Kessler….SMH…. Riding roster into $$$$ stadium sellout history… LMFAO!

  80. Hawks61, everyone understood why Bowman gave Bickell the contract he did in the wake is the 2013 Stanley Cup championship. In hindsight, it was a mistake. But Bickell was a physical sized force in the 2013 playoffs for a Hawks team that was/is largely devoid of it. Leddy is an offensive defenseman. If you foolishly give Leddy the $5.5 million that rhe Islanders gave him? Well forget about keeping Saad. And Seabrook too when his deal expires.

    Rosy and Oduya are gone this summer. Johns, Paliotta and Pokka will all be given a chance to make the defensive mix next fall. It’s the way the money game has to work with the cap.

    The Hawks are in trouble this year. No doubt about it because the roster simply isn’t good enough and the loss of Kane was a kick in the nuts that is unrecoverable. But I can understand why Bowman went for it this season. It likely isn’t going to pan out, but he had to take a shot.

  81. A lot of great thoughts by everybody, boy did Stan do Leddy a great favor moving him in his contract year, he just made much more than he would if he stayed, but he would only have stayed this year with the cap issues no matter what. I thought O’duya and rozy had limited no movement clauses, whatever that meant. I think Rosival was Q’s D partner in Hartford. And like all I miss cap geek a lot.

  82. Lefty 1956, you are a sad ass troll if there ever has been one around here. Give it a rest and change the formula for your Kool Aid or else patent it, for those that want to get really loaded.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  83. 61,

    You don’y have to buy the cap reasons for the Leddy situation, doesn’t matter, it doesn’t fit your narrative anyway, I get it. But the cap is the reason it happened, whether you think so or not.

    As for saying Stan Bowman could’ve made a longer term Leddy deal happen, you know who Leddy’s agent is, right? The same guy who has caused the Blackhawks problems in the past, look it up. Leddy got 5.5M, you think his agent would have settled for a bargain deal with Chicago, I think not.

    And as far as your “Stan should have had the balls to tell Q Leddy stays” comment well that’s just a dense comment. Yeah let’s question the GM’s manhood.

    Oduya had a no movement clause and was coming off a broken foot. But you think Bowman could have moved him. Sure, Ok . We all have opinions and are free to express them as you’re so fond of saying.

    I’m on to the next topic, this Leddy one has been beaten over and over again. Go ahead and have the last word if you want.

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