Blackhawks Hire Marc Crawford

On Tuesday the Blackhawks announced that they have named Marc Crawford as an assistant coach.

Crawford has 18 years of NHL coaching experience and won a Stanley Cup as head coach of the Colorado Avalanche in 1996. He joins Sheldon Brookbank, Tomas Mitell and Jimmy Waite on Jeremy Colliton’s coaching staff. Marc’s son, Dylan, is an assistant video coach for the Blackhawks on Matt Meacham’s staff.

Is it us, or does this feel a lot like when the Blackhawks hired Joel Quenneville as an advisor while Denis Savard was coaching the team….

254 thoughts on “Blackhawks Hire Marc Crawford

  1. Hmmmm! Could be interesting- as will the draft! Still need some missing pieces to the puzzle on the ice!

  2. I think Colliton is on firm footing as HC. The team got progressively better last season with some mediocre talent in critical areas.

  3. I hope this is not a McDonaugh conspired back seat driver to look over Colliton’s shoulder. Colliton needs to have the confidence and autonomy to run the team – sink or swim. Otherwise just replace him now and don’t do some half ass plan.

  4. Good memory on that detail, Craig.

    Is it possible that may be Brookbank is the one that should be looking over his shoulder? That penalty kill was absolutely horrid last year.

  5. Collitin is fine. He got his man Mitell. Crawford did a good job (considering the gutted roster) in Ottawa when Boucher was canned. Crawford probably wasn’t too happy when he lost the job to Smith, so he had to find another gig.

  6. I feel like Stan wouldn’t be undercutting JC – after all he put his confidence in him after firing Q

    Crawford I would think was hired with JC’s approval – maybe it was even his suggestion to have an experienced NHL coach on the bench to be able to lean on for advice – JC’s no dummy

  7. Wrap i agree, because i dom’t think Bowmam hires another coach, he hand picked this guy and his job security is Colliton, he will give him what he needs to succeed.

  8. The Hawks were a lot better towards the end of the season. Defensive help within is two years out. Drafting third this year is huge. There is a very good mix of young players out there.
    They need to sign a UFA defensemen who can stabilize the back end and maybe another good journeyman forward.
    Crawford’s health is also key.
    DeBrincat and Strome will continue to improve and Kane and Toews will lead by example.
    Two years out of the playoffs is enough for both the players and their fan base.
    The Hawks will be hungry next year and want to get back to a winning season.
    Go Hawks…….

  9. JC is on firm ground. Crawford needed the job. Interesting comments about the PK.

  10. He picked the assistant coaches. This guy is suppose to be good at PK and Defensive coach.

  11. Good for Marc Crawford to gain employment
    Good for Marc to get his son Dylan Crawford employment in Chicago

  12. For as much as I liked the Mittel signing because I read that to mean that Colliton had full autonomy to be the Hawks bench boss without interference from management – I dislike the Crawford hiring for the flip side of that coin – I read it to mean Colliton doesn’t have full autonomy to be the Hawks bench boss now that management has put “their guy” on Colliton’s staff. Now, maybe I’m wrong and Colliton is fully on board with Crawford – I hope so – but it definitely gives me pause to think Colliton has free rein to run the team his way no matter what.

  13. EB hope what your saying isn’t the case. I would tend to think if Crawford is plan B it would be coming from McDonough and if things go south to start the year that Crawford would fill both coach and Gm jobs on an interim basis until end of year.

  14. Savard had no coaching pedigree. Despite that he did a decent job, but he was never the right guy to take a young club bursting with talent all the way hence Q. JC is a real coach and the current club is rebuilding. Very different situations.

  15. I don’t see where it reads this isn’t Colliton’s choice. We had already heard this summer that he had control over his bench.

    Crawford has spent a lot of his time coaching in Europe recently – in the Swiss league if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure they would have come across each other in overseas. A mutual respect or accord on vision or style could easily have been established.

    My point is this: unless it has been noted as a Bowman, McD et al. hire there is every reason to think this wasn’t Colliton’s decision.

  16. “Savard had no coaching pedigree. ”

    Jordy, This is why I think its to help Brookbank more than Colliton. Savard didnt have the trust. Im not sure Brookbank has it either.

  17. JC is in charge until he isn’t.

    The 2H of last year surely bought enormous credibility. Think about it: EVERYONE bought into a new coach following a legend, their star goalie was injured much of the year, a number of individuals emerged and demonstrated significant potential, the offense was stellar, etc. Frankly, the 2H rally was nearly miraculous and was a grade A coaching effort.

    JC is the guy, no worries whatsoever.

  18. As Aurora said and we all witnessed – the team played better in the 2nd half of the season as reflected in the results. The Hawks record through the first 41 games was 15-20-6 for a total of 36 points. Their record in the last 41 games was 21-14-6 for a total of 48 points. It can be argued that the turnaround really started after the 49th game (16-24-9 = 41 points) where they went 20-10-3 for 43 points over the last 33 games. Had they play the whole season at the rate they did in the 2nd half they would have qualified for the playoffs.

    Now, that’s a woulda/coulda/shoulda argument that many non-playoff teams could make by extrapolating cherry picked stats, but in defense of the case being made for the Hawks there is a plausible explanation rather than simply the ebb and flow in a season – understanding and buy in of Colliton as a coach and changes he implemented. With a training camp and preseason to more thoroughly implement his system it is not unreasonable to believe the same Hawks team can match and probably exceed their 2nd half play and results.

    That’s not to say the Hawks shouldn’t try to upgrade their lineup because having better players makes for a better team is self evident. But, I think it means they can be cautious where they make changes and spend cap space because they should be able to count on organic improvement.

  19. Aurora what we saw had alot to do with the schedule last year, posters starting in October posting the fact that until new years schredule was brutal and favorable the rest of the way. It was on different occasions early in the year before coaching change said that if they hung until January a playoff run was possible.
    Not trying to take anything away from Colliton and think he has control and blessing of management but just saying like it was. Team defense and pk were awful, pp good then last 20 games returned to what it was prior, so still alot of questions to be answered.

  20. Question. If we tell LA we are drafting Bowen but they can give us Martinez and the 5th for our 3 we still get one of Turcotte Darch Cozens. Is that a good avenue?

  21. JR – that depends if the Hawks see Turcotte, Dach and Cozens as equal. If they do, trading down to number 5 is wise.

    But let’s say after their meetings, the Hawks are sold on Turcotte and he’s their guy. Then if the Hawks trade down to 5, they run the risk of Colorado taking Turcotte.

    So the Hawks do not get the guy they truly want after winning the lottery. There is no way they let that happen. None.

  22. I have no way to know if Stan, Kelly and the scouting department think the same as I do – but I think Byram and Turcotte are close to equal but then there is a drop off after those two so I would not move out of the 3rd spot because I want one of the two best player available. I prefer Byram over Turcotte but only by the slimmest of margins and I would be ecstatic if Stan picked either one of them. However, Cozens, Dach, Zegras and the others are a notch below Byram and Turcotte and I would not settle for a lesser player unless the offer was ridiculously stupid like Edmonton trading Draisitl and the 8th for our 3rd – and that ain’t gonna happen.

  23. BoQ was ranked after Dalin at beginning of draft yr. Top 3 pick is another elite player. This is last time COL or CHI will get top 5 pick for yrs, unless you know, get the lottery top 3 pick. So it might be wise for us to control who we get and who COL gets/cant get. For how much shiiit happened summer of 17, last yr and this yr, well last yr and first 30 games this yr. Was a blessing and now we get a couple elite players for those couple yrs records.

    Could not have loaded up any better way for a draft and development. BoQ and top 3 pick are going to special players.

  24. Hawks will pick either Byram, Cozens or Turcotte-all are close in talent/ability to help and none are given as upper level players in the NHL (one of them probably will be, but it’s far from an exact science)–but picking this high the chances are better than 12th-enjoy!
    I think it’s best to pick in the top 5. All three will help.

  25. I agree with ER – the pick at #3 seems to be a choice between Byram and Turcotte

    The Hawks will draft who they think is the BPA so there’s no losing this unless they do something way off the board which is highly unlikely

    They won’t draft for need but rather the BPA so you have to excited – whether it’s Turcotte or Byram the Hawks think that player will be special at his position

    Turcotte might (if he forgoes NCAA) be in the NHL a year sooner but most likely either one will be on the Hawks in 20/21

  26. I think it would be easier for Turcotte to make the Hawks out of camp than it would be for Byram because it would be easier to shelter Turcotte on the wing and ease him in than it would be for a d-man thrown into the fray.

    Because Byram is a CHL player and won’t be 20 before 1/1/2021 – he won’t be able to play in the AHL next season or the 2020/21 season. Most likely he will make the jump into the NHL right from the WHL whether that’s the 2019/20 season or the 2020/21 season.

  27. I also think the three finalists are Byram, Turcotte, and Cozens. Am wondering if there is concern about Turcotte’s hip injury? If management selects Cozens, it is probably because he is more physical and may be more durable, while being almost as elite a player. Look at the hits St. Louis is putting on Boston. What do you think?

  28. I think the difference between Turcotte and Cozens is like the difference between Bergeron and Kesler. I would take Bergeron over Kesler 10 times out of 10.

    I’ve seen Turcotte play a few more times than Cozens so maybe I caught Cozens on some games where he didn’t play his best – but I came away impressed every time when watching Turcotte play whereas I’m still waiting to be impressed by Cozens. Turcotte has his nose over the puck all game long and he’s banging and puck hunting all over the ice and when he gets the puck he makes highly skilled plays with it. Cozens is just playing – Turcotte is on a mission all game long.

  29. Other then the fitness stuff at that event, where Byram and Cozens did better, I thinking Turcotte is better overall player. Hes ok injury wise long term wise then he would have had better numbers and maybe stand out better performance wise. BoQ was limited some when injured, wonder same for Turcotte.

  30. ER-Turcotte may be the more gifted player-but the word constantly used for Cozens is compete. Loves to play. No real drop off as far as motor and drive with these two.
    Can we have both? lol
    Also really hard to pass on the best D-man in the draft-doesn’t happen often for a team. Tough choice.

  31. Obviously none of us are skilled talent scouts, but if the pro scouting report is anything near the observations ER made between Turcotte and Cozens, then oh-my-goodness, Turcotte may be impossible to pass over.
    Just after the lottery miracle landing #3, I was fairly indifferent about it, feeling like it was a 2 player draft where the talent at #3 would be hardly different than the talent at #12. If possible and if Stan was interested in my opinion, I would have advocated some sort it trade-down. Since then, reading scouting reports and various opinions here, I’m glad Stan wasn’t interested in my opinion and didn’t make that call.
    If only we could snag 2?!? Turcotte or Byram would be excellent at #3; though, I’m thinking it’ll be Turcotte because I suspect the difference between Byram’s upside and the upside of Joki, Boqvist or Mitchell is negligible. If I had an oppty to pick another, I like Zegras quite a bit, from the beginning.

  32. I hope we pick Byram because we still need a true #1 defender and this guy oozes the potential to be that. If we don’t take him that leaves him for Colorado which, when you consider a possible 15 year partnership between Byram and Makar, could be hugely problematic for the rest of the division. I have no idea if that should or does factor into our thinking, but it’s a real.

  33. We also gotta remember scouts are looking at what they see 4 or 5 years down the road against Nhl players, not just basing it on performance against various levels of competition right now. Which sometimes can be comparing apples to oranges.

  34. @Ebony I hope that you are not serious about Turcotte being able to make the Hawks out of camp. As a winger no less!
    Mark Kelley has already said … While he respects all of these people making draft lists. These people are not affiliated with NHL teams and are not trying to build an NHL roster.
    As Ian said scouts are projecting what these kids will be like in 4 or 5 years and not just what we are seeing today.
    I personally am still hoping they pick Zegras not for the player he is now but for the player that I think he will become in the next few years.
    Remember Chicago is looking for the most talented player with the biggest upside 4 to 5 years down the road.
    That is why the Hawks picked Boqvist last year, skill and upside.

  35. Just remember that we picked the best d man in the draft ack in 04.. How did that one work out. ?

  36. Byram is the most logical and safest pick. Scouts say his has a lot of upside. The only d-man to ever lead all scorers in the WHL playoffs. Very good in his own zone who will get a lot better with training. You just can’t get a player like that. I know, we need a C badly, but a top D is harder to get.

    Aurora, Byram may have just a little more upside than the other d-men you mention, but he starts out much better than them as a 17-year old, meaning he will be the best d-man.

    Cozens, Dach, and Byram were among the better performers at the combine, particularly Cozens.

  37. Original mock drafters have made Byram a strong choice, how much actual scouting they did is questionable, i guess draft day will tell us if the team and their extensive scouting agree or not. As i have said i hope they take the guy that when we look back in 4 or 5 years, we all agree they got it right.
    One thing i don’t understand is where you think you’re going to find a Toews or Mcdavid type players easier.

  38. The comments I made comparing Turcotte and Cozens are just from my limited viewing of each player. I know my assessment of Cozens is in contrast to many of the analysts that have seen Cozens play a whole lot more than I have – so take my analysis with a grain of salt … but … I can only go on what I’ve seen and every time I’ve seen Turcotte play he has been impressively aggressive and skilled whereas Cozens leaves me wanting to see more from him.

    Doesn’t matter cuz Bo Byram is the guy anyway. :=)

  39. The Hockey Writers Mock draft:

    Note the large variations in rankings of many players among the three writers. Larry Fisher writes that Byram is the consensus third best prospect, which is what ER and I have been saying. However, two of the writers have Turcotte ranked much lower than nearly all other scouts. Two writers have maintained Podkolzin’s ranking at 3rd, while most other scouts have dropped him much lower.

    The Blackhawks traded their first round pick in 2015 and 2016, as well as Teuvo and Danault. Need to select the BPA to keep up with COL and others, and that would be Byram.

  40. Ebony, Why not let what ever prospect the Hawks pick at number three develop their game and their body until they are physically ready to play in the NHL?

    I’m not aware that Turcotte has taken regular shifts on the wing before. Mark Kelley and Stan Bowman will decide who Chicago takes at three and I haven’t heard who they will pick.

    Any hockey fan can do a mock draft and it doesn’t mean a thing.
    Larry who?

  41. Stape, I’m not advocating rushing whoever it is the Hawks select but it’s not that unusual for a top-5 pick to go right into the NHL if his game is such that he could handle it. I don’t think a tall lanky kid like Cozens at 6’3″ / 180lbs is physically ready but both Turcotte (5’11” 186lbs) and Byram (6’1″ 196lbs) are “thick” enough where they may be able to handle the physical part of the NHL game.

  42. Ebony, We will be hoping that who ever Chicago picks at three will be able to thrive in the NHL and not just survive.
    I guess we will find out soon if Chicago does pick Turcotte and then see where he plays next year.

  43. I think the Hawks will be picking either a future #1D (Byram) or a future #1C (Turcotte)

    If it’s a tie in their own minds I say take the #1D but maybe in their minds it’s not a tie or maybe they would disagree with my philosophy

    Either way I’ll be happy with either one – we got very lucky

  44. Yes. We not only get to choose first and get to decide which position COL takes.

  45. Some of the choices are seeming less likely but agree Zegras is definitely right up there with the others and may be the pick.

  46. I think it’s interesting to compare the projected ceilings of the top player, especially if they play the same position. Course, that doesn’t mean all of them or any of them reach their ceiling of that the comp used for each player is accurate or even agreed upon between those in the discussion – but interesting none the less.

    If we’re going to compare Turcotte, Zegras and Cozens – I would go with Bergeron for Turcotte, Barzal for Zegras, and Getzlaf for Cozens (although Cozens has better speed than Getzlaf but I can’t come up with another comp for Cozens).

    Who would you rather have (in their prime): Bergeron, Barzal, or Getzlaf? For me it’s Bergeron and therefore Turcotte.

  47. EB my opinion right now its between 3 players, Byram, Zegras and Caufield in who they take at no.3. Could be one the others, but they seem less likely now to me.

  48. Not that those two arnt going to be as good as Turcotte and Cozens. That has me thinking we go with #1 Defensemen.

  49. Mo, Zegras has the potential ceiling to eventually be a top center, with Toews they can give him a couple of years to develop.
    If they feel strong about how good Caufield can become and maybe have a Panarin like chemistry with Kane they may take him.
    If they believe Byram is special enough to be the next Keith and bring to the blueline what the rest of the prospects in the system can’t then he is likely the pick.

  50. Since Turcotte and Zegras played on the same team, it should be informative to know the roles they played. Zegras played 2nd center behind Hughes when Turcotte was out with the hip injury and mono. When Turcotte returned, he took over the 2C role and Zegras moved up to play LW on Hughes line. Also, Hughes and Turcotte were moved up from the U17 team to the U18 team and Zegras stayed on the U17 team.

    That indicates to me that the USNTDP coaches thought Turcotte the better player between he and Zegras.

  51. Fantastic write up by Scott Powers of The Athletic. He got roughly a half dozen opinions on Dominik Kubalik. Rave reviews galore on his size, shot, work ethic and determination to get to the net. This could turn out to be an amazing pickup.

    Back to the draft. The buzz is that Colorado wants a Center, as does Los Angeles. If true, the draft might go, Hawks=Turcotte; Colorado =Cozens; LA=Dach.
    This to me reinforces why Stan won’t trade down. If you look at the influence Center Ryan O’Reilly has had on St. Louis likely winning the Stanley Cup. He was the one piece you can point to as the acquisition that was key. So in this copycat league, the immediate question is, who is the Ryan O’Reilly we can draft ? Answer : a 200 foot top Center.

  52. ER. Solid information on the Turcotte/Cozens viewing + difference between Turcotte and Zegras on National Development Team. Very few opinions/experts note the Turcotte versus Zegras comparison.

  53. EB no arguments on your seeing today, just my opinon from what i’ve read that many believe Zegras may be the better Nhl player/center in a few years, so thats what i am going with. As i said the draft will tell us what the Blackhawks think, them being right is what counts not us.

  54. ER, good post idea and thought. Craig, I have been thinking Kabalik is like a 12th pick right there. We still get the top 3 pick. How do you reload the most ideal way. Get some tank ufas, for a couple shiit yrs record, you get BoQ top 3 pick franchise player, Kabalik like a 12th pick thats ready, The Four Horsemen by being patient, 21m in cap space for higher caphits and quality ufas or trades to chisel core and role players.

    Thats just great Anita,

  55. Did anyone notice the creepy young Bruins fan giving the Blues the finger as they left the ice last night. Really weak. I don’t know if I am pulling for the Blues, but it’s not going to bother me if they win (I’m no fan of Marchand either). Without Backes, Reaves, Ott, others they’re not the douches they were in past. That said, they still have to win one more and it will not be easy.

  56. Before the SCF started, I was one of those Hawks fans that wished somehow both teams could lose. I didn’t want the Blues to win because they’re the freakin Blues, and I didn’t want Boston to win for a number of reasons with the main reason being I don’t want Boston to join the Hawks, Pens and Kings as multi-Cup teams of the past decade (and I can’t stand Marchand). But, I’ve come around and settled on wanting Boston to lose more than the Blues. Hopefully that didn’t jinx them and I’ll need to take a shower after saying this … but … go Blues.

  57. See showing Kubalik has european clause, so likely on nhl roster or goes back to europe, early on anyways. Also showing, max A bonuses of $850,000 but not extra 2m in possible b bonuses.

  58. Agree ER with your emotional take on SCF – I have been aware of the fact that if BOS were to win they’d be put in the convo with the Hawks and multi-Cup winning cores and I don’t like that but then the Blues are still the hated Blues although they have improved on that front with players like O’Reilly and Bozak and I’ve always liked Tarsenko (even though he’s a Hawk killer) and Pietrangelo.

    I’m still on the fence – I guess I wouldn’t mind the Blues winning – 1st Cup and all and given how hard it is to repeat that could open them up for an upset next playoff year

  59. I forgot where I say the videos but 5 of the top draft prospects were in Boston after leaving the combine in Buffalo and were interviewed by Don Cherry and some other guy. It was Byram, Hughes, Turcotte, Cozens and Dach and they were hanging out together and and getting asked the usual questions but kinda joking around with each other at the same time – it was pretty cool. My takeaways were the size differences were very noticeable where Cozens and Dach were definitely taller, then Byram kind of in the middle and Turcotte and Hughes smaller. Byram and Turcotte were noticeably “thicker” than the other 3 who were thin. The other takeaway was that Byram was the alpha dog in the interview and supremely confident stating he thinks he’s ready to step into the NHL next season. He couched it by saying he’s going to be working hard over the summer to be ready.

    Bo Byram is da man.

  60. Scott Powers has an article in The Athletic were he talks about several things – one of them being that the Hawks talked to Columbus about trading for Ryan Murray. He said there’s nothing pending but he wouldn’t be surprised if they revisited the possibility of Murray coming to the Hawks. The caution there is that Murray has missed lots of time over the years due to injuries – so that’s a concern. But, he’s a pretty good d-man when he plays.

    Acquire Murray, draft Byram, and here’s your starting lineup:


  61. Wrap, thanks for Button’s ranking. Turcotte, Dach, and Cozens got demoted. Byram’s the one! Go get him, Stan.

  62. Thats also with more of the Four Horsemen coming. Trade one for a young FW.

  63. I really like the Murray idea/scuttlebutt. Keep in mind Columbus only has 2 draft picks in this draft. They are supposedly trying to acquire more.
    The thing is, from what I understand the Hawks want to move up from #43 in the second round, possibly into the latter part of the first round.
    Hmmmm, two weeks until draft night. It will be a great night for the Hawks.

  64. Like the way Murray plays, strong on defense, limits his mistakes. Durability wise his last full season was 2015 16 and has 74g on ir in last 3 seasons, a concern.

  65. Skinner signs in Buffalo for 8yrs, 72m or 9m aav. Whats that make Panarin worth 11m per or maybe closer to 12m per likely.

  66. Craig,

    Would (or could) the Hawks package some of their defensive prospects to move up like that?

    If so, then taking Byrum makes perfect sense.

    Actually taking him makes perfect sense regardless…

    Same for Turcotte & Cozens, after that its a crap-shoot. IMHO

  67. If the Hawks really liked Turcotte or Zegras over Byram they could probably trade down say with LA who might prefer Byram then at #5 the Hawks would still be assured of getting one of Turcotte or Zegras

    Just taking Byram still seems the best option but I’ve read rumours that the Hawks are leaning towards taking a centre

  68. Here’s a thought on Byram: if he is a generational talent, a true #1 defenseman someday in Norris consideration annually, then wouldn’t he also be in consideration for 1-2? Since he’s not, then isn’t it more likely that Byram is talented but just incrementally different, with both pluses and minuses, as compared to Boqvist, Joki and Mitchell?

    I’m not poking holes in case for Byram, since a Norris type of d-man of the future would be stellar. I’m all aboard the Byram train, if he’s something different than what’s already in-house. Instead, I’m trying trying to triangulate comparative value of Byram vs. the pipeline vs. other highly regarded d-men recently drafted. Then again, maybe Byram is unique and it’s lucky for the Hawks Hughes and Kaako are pushing Byram to the Hawks.

    Don’t know. This is a very intriguing draft (for all the obvious reasons.)

  69. Wraparound. The thing is the Kings and Avs both supposedly want a Center. So if Stan trades down, he runs the risk of watching Turcotte and/or Dach taken. Suddenly the Hawks don’t guy the guy they truly wanted.

    Joey Z. I think that’s very possible.

  70. Aurora agree, he is not considered the generational type prospect but his all around ceiling is potentially high. In some ways i think he is likely considered high risk high reward in that can he bring both his defensive and offensive games to an elite level in Nhl, and thats why he isn’t in conversation with one and two spots.
    Craig hope they do package some defensive prospects to move up in tge draft.

  71. Aurora, While I don’t think Byram rises to the level of Rasmus Dahlin, the #1 pick last year, I do think he is a notch or two above the other d-men taken taken last season as well as Jokiharju and Mitchell. Focusing just on the 4-horsemen, only Boqvist is elite level offensively – Joki, Beaudin and Mitchell are all pretty good offensively and good puck movers, but Boqvist is a cut above them. Byram is right there with Boqvist offensively. Where Byram has an edge on Boqvist is size and physicality so he is overall better then each of the 4-horsemen. If I had to put a 1-10 scale number on then with Dahlin setting the ceiling at 10 – I would put Byram at 9, Boqvist at 8.5 and the other 3 guys in the 7.5-8 range.

  72. Trading prospects that arnt Four Horsemen to move up since we have how ever many. Getting a player like Murray theres whats in that trade. Trading one of the Four Horsemen for a young FW. Having 21m in cap space for what we need and to add players. Sitting and waiting would take longer. Using what we got and when the young wave is ready were ready. Getting players like Kubalik is key.

    Byram Turcotte Cozens or one of the others with maybe higher b p a when they start the prime yrs. Visualize how good the players are going to be then and size they get to.

  73. We agree Byram isn’t considered a generational talent and drafting him for the purpose of hoping he can fill that type of role for a number if years is definitely in the high risk/reward category. Maybe after their extensive scouting on him, they are confident he can.

  74. Craig – you wouldn’t trade down to #5 unless you had assurances from LA that they were taking Byram leaving the Hawks one of Turcotte or Zegras

    I had read that the Kings would love to get Byram – that’s why I envisioned that possible scenario

  75. I don’t think that thinking Byram can become a #1D is any more of a gamble than thinking Turcotte, Cozens, of Dach can become a #1C. They all project that high but there’s no guarantee that any of them reach their ceiling. There are no 100% guarantee generational players in this draft – the last one was McDavid. Some of these players will become very good and maybe elite players but the probability percentage is more in the 80’s and 90’s than guaranteed – so there’s some level of risk with every player in this draft.

  76. Then you draft Byram and then trade with LA for 5th pick. That makes sure COL cant get Byram and LA does. You still get the FW and COL gets choice. What would we get from LA for doing that.

  77. Thats true EB, no guarantees, but as Mark Kelley touched on in his interview, it is alot easier to predict where a center will be in 4 years vs a defenseman. A center can still fill a top line winger or be an upgrade on center depth if he doesn’t become no.1 center, which is an area 9f need. Defensive depth is a strength if Byram doesn’t become the no.1 defenseman also.

  78. I think a good argument can be made for 3 or 4 players and all of them are better players than we would have gotten at #12 (or #13 or #14). So it’s all good. That said – I still want Byram. :=)

  79. Mark Kelley may be correct that it is more difficult to predict where a d-man will be in four years vs a center, but I doubt he means it is too risky to select one with a high pick. Based on most rankings, Byram is less of a risk at #3 than the three centers.

    ER, although we both want Byram, I disagree with your comparison scale with Boq. Byram is easily the better 200ft player than Boq is today. If Byram is a 9, Boq is probably 7.5-8 and 7-7.5 when drafted.

  80. With not being considered for 1 or 2 can be that thing about top pair # 1 Defensemen do not pan out as much as centers do. Dalin was only Defensemen that was considered that since who. What I like in a way is there isint a clear cut top 3 then everyone else to 12th. Which might mean they are about the same and we get franchise elite player no matter what. Sure not generational like those that are, the top two picks arnt that.

    We need one of those kind of players and deserved to get this top 3 pick. Which ever way we do it its going to be beautiful. Wondering if acquiring a good player like Murray means trading a Defensemen or drafting Byram or not. Prob just loading up when we can and have the cap space to do it, like 21m.

  81. One thing for sure-the draft needs to happen soon or my head will explode with all the variables and possibilities.
    it’s one guy-they know who.

  82. I hear you. We got every angle covered. Good conversation getting the top 3 pick then the ones with a mediocre picks. This is our time though again. We waited for this after being top team for most decade. From draft lottery to after july 1 its exciting because were past transition now.

  83. I’m ready for the draft to happen too. Believe it or not, I’m even more interested in #43 which is even harder to build scenarios around. Like I said in an earlier post, once past about the first dozen players, it all feels the same to me; though, others mentioned the goalie as one to watch. We know Loads of value exists beyond the first round and I am looking forward to seeing how this draft class shapes up and the direction Stan takes it. Remember Kubalik is already a pretty nice add.

    Let’s get this going!

  84. I like Mo’s perspective on Kubalik by considering him like a #12 pick, and actually it would be like a #12 pick from 2-3 years ago since he is ready to step in and play now.

  85. Kubalik is a fantastic add. Robb Blake in Los Angeles was likely kicking himself when Stan came calling. It’s surprising his scouts did not double back and see what the Hawks are seeing in him. To Blake’s credit he turned a 7th rounder into a 5th round pick. However is Kubalik matches Kahun in terms of numbers in his first season, it’s a huge “get” on Stan’s part.

    Back to trading down. Wraparound, I’m curious if Los Angeles wants to move from 5 to 3. If so, what would the Hawks receive. If I’m Stan I demand pick 33 and Blake’s word, they are drafting Byram. Unfortunately the bugaboo becomes Colorado. What if they want Turcotte and the Hawks want Turcotte? They get him. Stan and Mark would then have to choose between Zegras, Dach and Cozens.

    So by trading down with Los Angeles for an additional 2nd round pick, we don’t get Byram or Turcotte. Hmmm. Risky.

  86. Aurora if the Blackhawks do pick at 43, a couple of possibilities are Albin Grewe and another talented speedy Swede and Nathan Lagare a big 2way fwd with goid mobility and scoring touch, both have top6 potential. Also Peyton Krebs tore his acl, picked to go in top 10, see hiw far he drops, could be a steal if teams let him drop out of first round as speculated.

    Craig be interesting to see it play out, it very well maybe Byram or Turcotte they leaning toward and thats great but i still think there is a strong chance it’s Zegras, as alot see him as highest ceiling of all guys being mentioned at 3rd.

  87. Craig and Ian – that was my thinking too – that if the Hawks had Turcotte and Zegras in a dead heat or even preferred Zegras then the trade scenario with LA could come to fruition

    I still think they’ll go Byram though

  88. What you could pull out of LA is the key.

    Hey Rob I’ll give you Byram for Your three with Trofoli and Martinez plus we’ll switch 33 for 43.

    Stan how dumb do you think I look? Let’s just do 3 for 5 and 33 for 43 and I’ll give you Dion.

    Rob now you’re thinking I look dummer than you. Let’s do Byram for 5 Trifoli and any defenseman that doesn’t have a four letter first name that starts with D switching 33 43.
    Sorry Stan can’t give up that much.

    Ok Rob here’s a win win. You keep Trofoli let’s go with Byram for 5 and Martinez and you don’t have to switch 33 for 43 but throw in Campbell as a sweetener…….

  89. Anyones worried about not getting Byram or Turcotte and trying to get extra with trade with LA. Draft Byram at 3 and then trade with LA at the 5th pick. That way if COL pick who we would want for FW we just keep Byram. Otherwise we should pick who we want and that keeps COL from getting that player no matter what. We can move up by trading other stuff to get to 15-25 area, which ever area of first.

    How about getting Kabalik like a 12th for free, makes up for one of the 1sts we traded in 16. Draft the top 3 pick, franchise elite player. Trade for a pick in the 15-35 area and keep the 43rd pick.

  90. Thats the thing COL or LA want Byram so bad and were ok with a couple of the centers. We have the handle on the whip this time after having to do what you have to, during a dynasty. Thats why we deserve these things, because we already paid our dues. One thing though having a group of Defensemen with, The Four Horsemen Bryam Dunks Murf Gustoph Murray or other add, is killer. Would prob trade in there somewhere.

    Do we need that good of a Defense.

  91. That is what I’m thinking. We can get what we want with the 3rd pick. It just matters how bad other teams want what they need or want. For me the perfect setting is Tkachuk from Calgary and their number 26.

  92. With the talk about Murray, Zaitsev wanting out of Toronto, Trouba trade talk, Flames supposedly shopping Brodie and Hamonic, Isles shopping supposedly Leddy and Hickey, Canes looking to move a dman and Martinez available from Kings, looks like a buyers market for getting a defensemam this summer.

  93. I want to add a Defensemen 2nd pair quality, not that we wouldnt take a top pair, whether we pick Byram or not. Load up and make trades that get us good young players. We anrt doing it to just make changes, doing it to add good players to the group.

  94. There was a trade proposal on another board that had the Hawks acquiring Jeff Carter from LA. I think that could be a good move if Stan can trade Anisimov and not take back salary. Carter has 3 years left on his $5.3M contract whereas AA also has 3 years left on his $4.5M contract. Carter would cost $800K more than AA which in my opinion is worth it. I don’t dislike AA and I think he is fine as a 3C at $4.5M but I think Carter is an all around upgrade, including a lot more speed.

    Toward the end of the season, the AA/Saad line was getting more 5v5 TOI than the DCat/Strome line and I suppose you can think of the lines as 2A and 2B, but I would suggest that the Carter/Saad line would be the 2A line and get more 5v5 time, especially in d-zone starts and in a more defensively responsible role. A side benefit would be by slightly reducing DCat/Strome’s 5v5 TOI it would potentially slightly reduce their 5v5 scoring which could theoretically give Stan a little more leverage in contract negotiations.


  95. Ebony, you still have AHLers on your board? Sikura and Kahun? If those two guys are playing in the top 9, Hawks are out of the playoffs once again. Let’s be serious here, anyone watching the final? The size and mobility of the Blues on the defence. The size and grit of the forwards ? And on the Bruins? You have Sikura on the top line? That’s where Marchand plays with the Bruins? Now Marchand might be under 6 feet tall but he is a load, he has skill and is fearless. Let’s stop with these soft little players. It is the reason why we have missed the playoffs the last two seasons. You can’t replace Sharp or Hossa by Sikura and Kahun??? Kane and DeCat is all we need, and maybe Caggiula can be a 4th line player. We need to develop Perlini who is still young but we mostly need size and speed up front to compliment Toews and Kane. How many Cups has Kane won playing with Sikura, Kahun, Panarin, Caggiula, Decat vs playing alongside Richards, Saad, Bickell, Ladd, Hossa, Sharp, Kopecky, Handzus, Frolic, Bolland, Eager, Stalberg??? Answer= NONE! Shaw is no Sikura either.
    Bowman missed his chance to upgrade the forward position on the wings the last 3 years and ignored it during the draft as well by picking 4 undersized dmen in the first two rounds of the draft. (2 would have been more than enough or at least draft Bouchard or Dobson). Now, he signs guys like Wedin, Nilsson because his coach is still living in 2nd division sweden??? Bowman has no clue what he is doing, this is proof. Now, JC is controlling personnel and the president brings in Crawford. Oh yeah, and the president allows Scotty to interview Junior players too. What does he ask them, nothing because he talks about himself 24-7.

  96. JR, very creative trade proposal. We get a high-quality LW (+27 career) and a late round pick in a deep draft, and Calgary picks Byram. I doubt Calgary would make that trade.

    Kubalik another excellent trade credited to Stan. I was a harsh critic of Stan prior to 2016. Has made mostly very good decisions since then. Let’s keep it going with a good draft, trades, and summer FA.

  97. We have made good moves overall, when we wernt strapped by salary cap situations. Looking at adding Kubalik, its like getting that 1st back from one of those yrs. With him being like a 12th pick, its sort of a better pick then what we traded that yr. You kind of have to look at it as a whole and not one trade because you have to do what you have to to have a dynasty. The yrs we didnt have a full roster recently are necessary to reload with good players through draft.

  98. Hull, we simply disagree. I can no more change your opinion than you can change mine on Sikura and Kahun. We’ll both see how it plays out. In the meantime I will continue to believe what I believe and slot Sikura and Kahun in the 2019/20 potential lineup.

  99. I’ve been told, the Hawks are still looking to move up from #43 into the back end of the first round. Two 1st rounders appears to be the plan with this draft. Very encouraging.

  100. This league is disgrace. You cant have two days in between games more then once in every series. Only after game 4 or 5 do you do it and do it once only.

    It screwed the timing of playing every other day to STL first time, to BOS second time, to STL the third time. Get out of here, only once after game 4or5, then every other day is games.

  101. This is first round BOS has to earn it. TOR outplayed BOS this yr, last yr BOS did them, and should have won TOR vs CLB. BOS didnt have to play TB like last yr and CLB had to wait a wk to play at that screwed them up even though up 2-1. Same thing for CAR having to wait a wk to play that gave BOS 4 free wins. Also on the platter for BOS was being up 1-0, 2-1. Then STL tied it at 1-1, 2-2 and up 3-2. Hardest game to win is the 4th and got no sleep and tight. While BOS played as hard as they can had to played better and STL tight.

    Now BOS got no sleep and tight while STL play as hard as they can and play better. BOS has had everything after TOR handed on a platter, until STL. TOR outplayed them. This time STL earned it, like WAS did after being a top team for yrs and not winning, not keeping players because of cap and not as good WAS won and now STL turn to won.

  102. One thing for sure-the finals needs to end soon or my head will explode with all the variables and possibilities.
    it’s one day between games-they know better.

  103. The playoffs last yr were a better. Had a deserving team win, with help from TB not showing up, and blowing out VEG.

    This yr playoffs were exciting, for the first round only with every top 5 team losing. Problem with that is you have teams that shouldnt be there and teams you do not like will win.

    The good news is, in a yr maybe 1.5 yrs, there will be more top 5 teams again then theres been the last 4 yrs. League has been watered down by cap and that has allowed these teams the last 4 yrs to do good and win, when they couldnt from 2008-2015. Cant wait for the league to get back to what those 10 yrs were like.

    Better competition.

  104. Hull makes a valid point on the Hawks’ softness. This is one of the softest teams I can remember. One reason why my choice is Byram. Very skilled and strong. Does not get pushcd around. Joki, Mitchell, Boq, and Beau show lots of skill but they are soft.

    Give Sikura another shot – but if he cannot score his first NHL goal after 12 games, a one-way ticket to RFD or trade.

  105. Just resigning the fwd rfas, the starting point coukd be.
    93 19 88
    20 17 12
    Ku 15 24
    91 LJ 64
    11 40

    Sikura played well went back to Rfd and found some offense and deserves a chance. Perlini and Hayden give size to play against teams like Blues.

    Won’t be final roster but starting point to see where they add and subtract from.
    Players like Entwistle, Wetin and Highmore possibly Kurashev give some good depth starting in Rfd for callups.

  106. Regarding team-building and the relative importance of skill/speed, grit and toughness.
    As an armchair GM, it makes sense to me focusing first upon skill/speed at the expense of smashmouth bruisers would be the smarter move since that skill set comes at a premium and you can never have too much of it. Since the Hawks have been fully rebuilding, over-prioritizing skill/speed first and acquiring as much as possible is the right move, especially since the Hawks haven’t had premium draft positioning until this year. With the 3rd selection, the Hawks have the rare chance at acquiring speed, skill, toughness and grit all in one package. That’s the significance of winning the draft lottery. Given the direction of the league, team roster ratios of skill/speed and toughness have shifted favoring the former. Still need both, but more of one and less of the other.
    It’s clear the Hawks are focusing upon the more important element, Byram or Turcotte will help with the complete pkg and expect the Hawks to add valuable muscle here or there as the oppty arises.
    Whether they choose the right talent or not, the approach seems right to me.

  107. Great post Aurora – STL this year is a bit of a throw back team in terms of how physical they play – they actually chase hits like ANA used to – the Bruins take the hit when it’s there but don’t chase hits that can result in injury to the perpetrator, suspension or getting out of position

    I think the Barbashev suspension hurt them in game 6 and that may have been their best chance at the Cup

    In the next few years I think we’ll look back at this STL team as an anomaly – even the B’s are more of a speed/skill team now with a good amount of grit as well

    Kuhulman was inserted over Backes for that reason speed and skill vs physical play and that worked in the Bruins favour as Kuhulman scored and repeatedly drove the Blues D back with his speed

    The Hawks are on the right track – I’ve no doubt they’ll pick up the requisite toughness to compete in the playoffs (assuming they get there) or even compete for a Cup

  108. If interested:
    June 12th- Game 7 finals
    June 15th- 1st Buyout period begins
    June 19th- Nhl awards
    June 21st- 1st Round Draft
    June 22nd- Rounds 2 thru 7 draft
    June 23th – Ufa interviews start
    2019-20 Schedule usually announced any time around June 21st- 25th
    June 25th- Final day to Qualify RFAs
    June 30th- 1st Buyout period ends
    July 1st- Unrestricted Free Agency opens

  109. Get the guys in there that havnt been yet. As well as the others that have.

    To me the future of the NHL, 10 coming yrs, starts with this yrs draft.

  110. After viewing the phone call from Stan Bowman to Mark Kelley on the Blackhawks website from the draft lottery. The pure elation from both men tells me, there is no way they are moving out of the #3 spot. They are using words like franchise changing and invoking Toews as being taken 3rd overall, also including remarks from Toews.

  111. Its huge to get the top 3 pick. When we were all saying we need a top 6 skill pick during the season, at times people were like screw the draft picks lets play to win. Once we made the roster adjustments around game 30 we took off from there. For a few reasons we did that good. Roster was more complete then half a roster we had first 30 games, coach systems difference new, schedule was more normal in the 2nd 40 games and was stupid the first 40 games. Everyone of those things made a difference.

    We win games because we are a borderline top 10 team, when we play, even though were not deep yet. need more good players in a few positions. On the two worst yrs we could ever have in 19 88 career, we get 7th and 12th pick. With draft lottery 8th and 3rd pick. Good trade.

    We win games almost make playoffs with 3/4 or three qtrs of a full roster and then get rewarded with the top 6 skill pick we all talked about, needing, to reload the most ideal way possible.

    Seeing these videos of Bowman and crew it does make it seem were picking the 3rd pick and sort of have a gist of it being a FW. The Defensemen would be good to, being a #1 so were really getting rewarded with, doing it the right way.

  112. I agree Craig. Fans like to generate their own trades and draft scenarios, but trading down from a top 3 spot seldom happens and for good reason. If the objective is to get the best player then why move to a weaker position. Byram at 3 please.

  113. Keeping in mind that the objective is take a legit run at the Cup in the next few years while Toews and Kane can theoretically still be elite level players. While we can hope for the same with Keith, it is less probable he can continue to be a #1 d-man over the next few years because he will be 36 next month.

    A legit argument can be made for drafting either a future #1 center or a future #1 d-man as both will be needed at some point. However, Keith will need to be replaced sooner than Toews so if the objective truly is to gear up to win within the T&K window, I think a stronger case can be made to draft the future #1 d-man (Byram) over the future #1 center (Turcotte/Cozens/Dach). Even if it takes Byram a year or two to be able to replace Keith’s #1 d-man minutes – it would still be within the T&K window whereas Toews wouldn’t need to be replaced yet. The fact that Byram is already close to NHL ready further strengthens that argument.

    Bo Byram all the way.

  114. Would LA or Det or Buf want two of our Horsemen but not Joker and Boq together for their number one pick. Then we can have Byram and either Turcotte Cozen or Dach.

  115. Thats a interesting one. I am always for better quality then more players, though thats one of the good young wave players. Prob only way to get another high end pick. With that your looking at Buckaroo and Mitch for one of the high end centers, along with already drafting Byram.

    Could be interesting, we make moves like that and others. There really is some surprisingly creative moves we can make with having loads of cap space, the number of good young players and free ufas we already have. We havnt been in this aggressive position since 2008. Lets do that, be creative.

  116. Button firm that Byram best player at no.3. Found it interesting though that he said watching them come up through the developmental program, he always saw Hughes, Caufield, Boldy and Zegras as better players than Turcotte.

  117. Button’s comment was something like (paraphrasing) all the times he watched the USNDTP team play, he never came away thinking Turcotte was better then Hughes, Caufield, Zegras and Boldy. However, Turcotte has been acknowledged to be the best 200′ player of that bunch and compared to Toews – that makes me think of how Toews is less appreciated by non-Hawks fans because they don’t get to see the full body of work that Hawks fans see – the so called “intangeables” that Hawks fans appreciate more than non-Hawks fans because we see them over the body of work where they don’t. Could Button’s comment on Turcotte be similar where Turcotte’s “Toews like” intangeables are not getting the proper respect?

  118. If I had the 5th, 6th, or 7th pick – no way would I trade it for a couple prospects taken at the end of the 1st round and/or 2nd round. The players taken 5/6/7 should be better than prospects projected to be top-4 d-men – the 5/6/7 guys should be projected to be top-line players. That’s not to say Joki/Beaudin/Mitchell won’t be very good top-4 d-men but that’s less than a top-line player. And yes, I prefer quality over quantity – a 5/6/7 pick is better than a 27+28 picks.

  119. Hear what you want but his final rankings show 1 Hughes, 4 Caufield 5 Boldy 6 Zegras a.nd 10 Turcotte, he said he arrives at those rankings by how sees them performing in Nhl not what they are doing now.

  120. Button explained that he uses “groupings” for when there isn’t much difference between a group of players and he had Hughes and Kakko in the top two spots followed by Byram and then the players he has ranked 4-10 in a grouping where he would have no problem with those players ordered differently than the way he has them. I understood that to mean that Turcotte could just as easily be the 4th ranked player as the 10th ranked player and the same can be said for the other players in that grouping.

  121. If you say you never somebody as a better player and rank them a few spots lower, chances are you don’t mean you think they are better too. Lol

  122. It was surprising that Button didn’t show Turcotte more love but the good news is that he agrees that Byram is the 3rd best player and that’s where the Hawks are picking and who I still think they’ll select

    I also like ER’s reasoning on having to replace Keith before Toews and therefore strengthening the choice of Byram at #3 even though Byram could be selected simply because he’s the BPA

  123. Same thing for 1st line players are more often available then top pair Defensemen ufas/trade wise. I want a #1 Defensemen or 1st line center with size. They both are that then were smoaking.

  124. Were going to be very good in 21 season and on. The upside of several the good young wave, Kurachev Horsemen BoQ Byram-Turcotte in addition to 12 and 17. Its a lot like the 2008 roster, theres large wave of good players coming at once.

  125. Thanks Wrap for all of the rankings. Lots of disagreement between Dach and Cozens. Have been saying for many weeks that Byram is low risk, high reward. It seems that anyone else at #3 is at least a slight reach.

  126. If Bowman going to make some trades, his roster moveable fwd options including rfa under control are Saad, Strome, Kahun, Anisimov, Hayden, Kampf and Perlini. Of the non roster can’t see much return outside of Sikura, Entwistle and Kyrashev, Kubalik a doubtful trade chip right now. Debrincat not available.

    Defensively Murphy ? , Dahlstrom, Koekoek and Forsling. Non roster you would have to believe major deal to move Boqvist and Jokiharju, and Beaudin and Krys may draw some interest. Mitchell only unsigned prospect that would bring any return alone right now. Don’t see any goaltenders bringing alot right now unless somebody were to want Crawford for a run or liked idea of Lankinen or Gravel in their pipeline.

    Picks no.3, likely untouchable and with Byram as favorite for choice. A 2nd rd. at 43 and 2 4ths, a 5th, 6th and 7th as options.

    Be interesting to see how he uses them in the next month or 2.

  127. Let’s start a rumor that Turcotte has a degenerative hip ailment, that would drop him down for the Hawks to take him in the 2nd round….. (take Byrum at #3)

    After the hawks take him they can say “it was a misunderstanding, it was his FATHER that has the hip issue”…

    Hey! It could work….

  128. Definitely leaning toward Byram for reasons stated above. Additionally, adds to an area of potential future strength. Hopefully, a majority of these guys develop into NHL caliber talent. Assuming we get a good hit rate, that’d solidify our d corps and also give us some trade chips to fill other areas of need.

  129. Bruins have made the Cup finals 3 times like the HAWKS. They drafted Beregeron in 2003. They won the cup in 2011 after the HAWKS were gutted. How many players have the Bruins drafted since 2011 that are on the roster today? Compared to the HAWKS?

  130. Hull the Bruins have 3 fwds drafted from 2011 until now, Pastarnak, Kuraly and Kuhlman. 3 dmen McAvoy, Grzelcyk and Carlo.
    The Blackhawks 2 dmen Dahlstrom and Jokiharju with more coming for sure. 3 fwds Saad, Debrincat and Hayden with possibilty of 2 or 3 more next year.

  131. I agree that getting the best player available despite organizational needs should be the priority when drafting this high in a draft and if Byram is really the third best player available, the Hawks should not flinch at taking him. However, I am concerned that a) He is ranked higher than he “should” be simply because he is the best defenseman in a draft weak on defenseman and b) taking him does little to improve an area of strength in the Hawks system.

    I am not convinced that Byram is going to be the true dominant #1D that everyone has spent the last couple of months convincing themselves he is. I really fear that he is getting inflated ratings simply because he is the best defenseman in this draft. By the same token I feel that some centers are being downgraded slightly because this draft pool has so many highly rated center prospects that are close in skill/talent. How much better would Cozens or Turcotte or Dach or Zegras look if some combination of the others were not in this draft pool? Is that why Byram looks so attractive in THIS draft, because he doesn’t have three or four other prospects that look almost as good as he does? Or would he still stand out like Dahlin did last year?

    How much better is Byram than the other defenseman prospects in our system? Will adding him to our glut of D prospects really improve us that much? If so, I could see the value in his selection. But if Byram isn’t going to grade that much better than Joki or Boqvist, then I think we are missing an opportunity to strengthen an area of need by not drafting a center when this is a draft that is strong with centers. Any one of Cozens, Turcotte, Zegras or Dach would immediately become the top forward/center in the system and likely be a third line NHL center in the next couple of years before being groomed to take over for Toews as #1C down the road. Byram “might” be the best D prospect added to the Hawks but if so it would be debatable how much better he is than the current prospects. Maybe drafting a center over Byram at three would be a “reach” but I am still not convinced that adding Byram to our group of prospects would do as much to improve our prospects as one of the highly touted centers would.

    That said, it is reassuring that there is a growing consensus among the “experts” that Byram is really as good as advertised and is very likely the third ranked prospect in this draft. It does assuage my concern that Byram’s rating is artificially inflated to some degree, but not completely. I think I am guilty of projecting my desire that the centers in this draft be of higher quality than they are grading out and worrying too much about Byram being the real deal. If the Hawks didn’t already have one or more of Joki, Boqvist, Beaudin and Mitchell waiting in the wings, I might be more excited at the prospect of adding a Byram…

    Above anything what I want is for the Hawks to get this pick right. Whomever they select, I hope they find the best player available and don’t look back in three years and see that someone they passed on ended up being better than their pick. I think I recognize that I am not smarter than the Hawks scouting and development department (despite any opinions I express here,) so I will defer to and applaud whomever they pick, I just wish the choice was a little more obvious than it is proving to be…

  132. Wouldn’t that be something if the NYR saw Byram as their future #1 D and took him 2nd – perhaps it’s not that far fetched since as we’ve all pretty much agreeing that a #1 D is the hardest thing to find not a #1 winger

    Then the Kakk Man falls to the Hawks and they eventually turn him into the #1C to replace Toews

    Pipe dreaming I know…

  133. To me it’s down to Byram or Cozens and if sure of his health Turcotte — and I think all are safe-smart bets. Hockey News has their final order -Turcotte 3 and Byram 4 (Cozens 6-Dach 8)

  134. Miro, if I thought Byram wasn’t appreciably better than Boqvist, Joki, Beaudin and Mitchell – I would want the Hawks to select Turcotte or whichever center they think in the best. But I do think Byram is a cut above the “4-horsemen” and here’s why – Byram’s skating and puck handling in on par with Boqvist so the two of them are a cut above the other 3 offensively. Byram is bigger, more physical and as good or better positionally than Boqvist and therefore he’s better defensively than Boqvist. All 4-horsemen project to be top-4 d-men, if not a #2, but only Byram projects to be a #1 d-man.

    That’s my take … I could be wrong ,,, but that’s my take.

  135. Hull,

    BOS has 3 conference finals in 9 yrs.

    CHI has 5 conference finals in 7 yrs.

  136. Miro, I though everything you said during this time. I think better of Byram now then I did at first. What I like is who we pick FW or D is going to be that good.

    Trust the Bowmans.

  137. Noonan, thats who I have had for awhile, since the start except for adding Byram.

  138. Yea I am thinking the Four Horsemen could be #2, maybe one of them a 3 or 4. How about Buckaroo, that guy just has those intangibles. Hes a winner like Dunks and Hammer.

  139. Yes Ian, you had forgotten DeBrusk?
    So, players drafted since 2011 on the roster today that have played games this season?
    Heinen 2014
    Ryan Donato 2014 (before the trade this march)
    Karlsson 2015
    Cehlarik 2013
    Bjork 2014 (injured)
    Senyshn 2015
    Lauzon 2015
    Blidh 2015
    Vaakanainen 2017
    Federic 2016

    How many for the Hawks? Roster today, played games this season and drafted by the Hawks?
    Forget about Goalie Peeters who was technically as a hockey and soccer goalie this season played in Div 2 hockey, in Belgium??? I guess flying out anywhere in Canada to draft a goalie or any other hockey market was out of the question too expensive?

  140. They had 2 bad yrs in 15 and 16. We had 2 bad yrs in 18 and 19. You have to wait until we are 3 yrs past those 2yrs, like they are now, to compare.

  141. Miro agree with you 100%. If the Blackhawks believe Byram is everything we are hearing then great, 100 % want to see him become the next Keith, if they pixk someone else then behind whoever to be the next big star. The important thing is the Blackhaeks being right not any of us posting here.

    Hull your insistance not let facts get in the way of your version of the truth never ends does it.

  142. Hey Ian, love my Hawks. Besides taking care of accounting, a GM needs to draft well, sign good free agents, make good trades, get good players or prospects in return, and not sign only undrafted players. He can’t skate and play hockey so why does he get a pass when he does not fullfill some of his functions. I mean, he continues to sign marginal free agent euros from swedish 2 DIV? Czech leagues? Really? He is basically desperate for players and goalies because he has not drafted top players or goalies for a long while (Schmalt and Teuvo were great except, he traded them away)(not just 1st rounder but you build your prospects with solid 2nd and 3rd rounders as well). Certainly you need to explain drafting a Belgium goalie? That’s just lazy arrogance. Laughable. But, let’s see what he does with the 3rd pick overall. He screwed up the last 2 seasons by only drafting 4 dmen when he also need 2 of those to be forwards.

    Congrats to the Blues with 14 Canadian players in the lineup tonight. Sounds like the HAWKS in 2011!!! Happy for David Perron, a free agent signing that Bowman never saw play the last 10 years!
    Congrats to the Bruins who might have deserved a better fate but they lost to another goalie wearing #50!!!
    Also, a heartfelt BRAVO to an Indigenous brother , Head Coach Berube!

  144. Congrats to the Blues. What a season for them. From last place in the league in January to Stanley Cup Champions. What a pick up in O’Rielly. Hot goalie in Binnington. Just shows a season isn’t lost until you have been eliminated.

    2019 2020 Let’s Go Hawks!

  145. Hull, so you think Schmaltz and Teuvo were great draft picks? I thought you didn’t like small Euro players and perimeter physical avoidance players? So you call them great draft picks so you can then blame Stan for trading them … got it.

  146. BOS is going to be a top team for the coming yrs. But this yr they had it handed to them on a platter. TOR outplayed them and should have won, not last yr but this yr. CLB had to wait a wk to play and that screwed them up even though up 2-1 They didnt have to play TB, you know what happened last yr with TB.

    Same thing for CAR, had to wait a wk to play and that screwed them up. Being up 1-0, 2-1. So BOS is a 5-10 team this yr, and I think a top 5 team for the coming yrs now because they will get a little better each yr with younger players wave, same for CAL and because teams like TB TOR CLB are going down roster wise. See what happens with other top 5 teams, NAS WIN.

    Until STL, BOS had it handed to them on a platter. I do belive they will be there, conference finals or finals, again 1 or 2 times in these 5 coming yrs. Just like I believe COL and then CHI are coming and are going to be very very good. Better then BOS and CAL and others, once the wave of good young players are established,

    Good for BOS coach, Nordy, and the respectable BOS players. Most of my friends like BOS so 2013 and this is tuff for me because of that. I did however want to see trams win that deserved it and I didnt think BOS did, even though they are good now again and played good. To me WAS and STL or SAN if they won deserved it and is bringing hockey back to being good again.

    Lots of things are going to change to the top teams this draft and summer. Big changes coming and a new league in a yr or 1.5 yrs is coming for the better.

    BOS will be better then they are now, COL and CHI are coming.

    Marchand cant do a line change with 15 sec left in period, thats why they lost game, even though it prob was happening anyways.

  147. I will however route for BOS in the coming yrs, I couldnt this yr because of the platter thing. Unless they are playing against Blackhawks again.

    Would be proud to see BOS win, then COL win, then CHI win a couple more Cups in these 5 coming yrs.

    WAS and STL are bringing hockey back, with teams that paid thei dues for a few yrs/5 yrs or so. Then win on a yr later when there not as deep. VEG should take that as scripture and maybe be deserving after sucking for 10 yrs, as all expansion teams should. SAN karma.

  148. Just like us, I did not ever take STL as a bottom 10 team. They were a borderline top 10 team, roster wise, that was just sucking real bad. Almost as much a surprise as NAS not showing up to play like we did in 17 and TB in 19. I would have us in the 10-15 category teams because of only 1/2 to 3/4 roster this yr.

    Give us a 3/4 to full roster and young wave.

    New coach, system, elite players and deep roster. Thats what STL has and did. Thats what we have, coming.

    STL got those higher caphit ufas players to load their roster. It took a while and whaayla. It can happen fast. Although they had the roster from the start.

    War tactics. Run into the missile before it can defend itself.

  149. I don’t believe it even matters if Byram is better than the 4 horseman. What does matter is that he is the BPA and better in the near and long term than anyone else that the Hawks could have selected at 3. If he is that’d be a win if he isn’t, that’s a lost pick.

  150. Miro, all of this writing about your concerns with Byram for what? Wrap put together rankings from the major sites and found 11 of 14 have Byram at #3. Feel free to believe that people who do this for a living are artificially inflating him because he doesn’t have any competition. You are wasting your energy with your “what if” scenario about Byram not living up to expectations. Why not throw in all players in any sport. One thing is certain: Many players selected with lower picks will turn out better than the higher picks. Keith drafted #54; Hjalmarsson #108; Byfuglien #245. Guess you will just have to be disappointed.

    I trust the scouts and analysts in any sport more than myself because they know much more than I ever will. I do not believe Byram’s rating are being inflated. Here is one example: Central Scouting had him rated #2 NA skater before the WHL playoffs, where he became the first d-man to lead in points.

  151. So St. Louis wins the Stanley Cup. The question : how much better are they than our Blackhawks ?
    The Hawks were excellent from January 1 on. So the encouraging part is it’s possible to add defense and be right back in there competing in the playoffs.
    The Hawks retool is going full steam ahead with Strome, Caguilia, deBrincat up front. Excellent players.
    On the back end, we need to find the next minute muncher that Nik. H was.

    So let’s add TWO blue chip prospects at the draft then add TWO free agents on July 1

  152. January 1 : Hawks 15 21 6 36 pts. Blues 15 18 4 34 pts. Looks like 5 less games so a possible 10 pts. Better/right mix of grit and skill plus a hot/change in goal got them there imo.

  153. Craig who do you see as best chances to finish ahead of in Central division to make playoffs. Minnesota seems obvious choice, but need to finish ahead of 2 others, maybe one if pacific weak.
    Stars looked good late in year and playoffs, Blues enough said, Avs an up and coming contender, Preds and Jets are still going to be strong. Work cut out there to finish ahead of 2 of them. Hopefully starting year in Europe doesn’t give them a slow start as often happens to teams in that position.

  154. Does anyone else see this off season as one of Bowmans most important, the draft obviously and how it influences things long term, but shaping next years roster and what kind of opportunity is left in the 19 and 88 era.

  155. This off season is crucial for the Hawks to contend for the Cup within the T&K window. The right moves make it possible whereas the wrong moves almost certainly doom the chances for T&K to hoist the Cup in a Hawks jersey one more time.

  156. I do not think it was STL got hot. They had the roster from the start/suumer, with those highish caphit players they added then. They just flat out sucked, in a different way then we did/actually worse for how good of roster they had those first 30 games. We were playing with 1/2 roster until we made our roster adjustments around game 30.

    So like you guys are saying we add what we need and when the young wave is established were like BOS and COL in youth and have enough experienced but not too old players like STL.

    Remember STL was deep in every position. Sharpy said that in round 2 or something. Whether they were up or down in every round, they were ‘there’ throughout and that is why I though after game 3 they would be there to win. as long as it was 2-2, 3-3 along the way.

  157. You could see in that game, even though BOS is fast and has skill. STL just tackled them, in a hockey play check?, and it was like chess. Being deeper roster wise made there team better then BOS/the team with the better younger players and speed.

    So we need skill speed young but enough of grit and tackle guys. The biggest thing to me is, HAVE to have deep roster at every position, that it why STL beat the teams it did and really deserved to win. So I an happy that WAS and STL won because they deserved to.

  158. With Flames shopping Hamonic and Brodie who are ufas next summer and looking to upgrade now in goal and win. Would it make sense to move Crawford for one if possible and pursue Lehner in fa for more long term security, the Flames with Tkachuk and Bennett to sign probably won’t have alot to shop with, so retaining salary is something Bowman could do easily for one year. Also buy young defense time to develop, without undue pressure. Probably never happen, not sure the interest be there from the teams.

  159. @O6, When talking about hoping the Hawks get the #3 pick right, I was specifically talking about the pool of players actually being considered for the third pick, not referring to players taken later in the draft like you listed.

    @ER, Your conviction in Byram being “the guy” for the Hawks to take is very compelling and almost convincing to me. I know I am probably overthinking it and my logic may be faulty, but I still can’t shake the feeling that there is a better choice for the Hawks out there.

    #Wrap, I like your pipe dreaming and could totally live with that scenario, lol.

  160. Miro, everyone here said and thought the same things you did about Byram and the centers for the last mth, over the course of the mth. You just did it in one post.

    What I like is Byram and a couple of the centers are that good and that is exactly what we need and deserve to get. Elite players.

  161. Miroslav, I have/had similar concerns regarding Byram. If he is an apex #1 defenseman, then I would assume he’d be in consideration for #1 or #2. Since he’s not being discussed into the top 2, then concerns have merit. However as others noted here well, it doesn’t diminish the possibility Byram can be become an elite player; it doesn’t diminish the possibility he’s already notably better or has higher upside than those in the pipeline; and it doesn’t diminish the possibility he’s BPA at #3. Here’s what I like about the Hawks selecting Byram, doing so affirms all three of those possibilities. If they pass, then we can safely assume selecting Byram didn’t offer the upside, getting instead a #1 C.

    It’s all good.

  162. Ian, you think we do any trades before draft.

    We have been waiting for this moment, draft lottery top 3 pick and draft and july 1 ufa and trades, for 2 yrs. 2 yrs of transition and bad thoughts/habits sneaking its way into heads.

    One with the world. One with the universe.

  163. Could happen, all Gms get together at draft though, makes it more likely serious talks happen then.
    Bowman has found some talented fwds, you think they believe that collectively that group can win or a major shakeup happening, getting back some grit for maybe some of smaller skilked guys under contract now. Have some size now but not many who actually play big or handle a heavy game well.

  164. Good Omen.

    Chris Kuc,
    After leaving the Blackhawks beat full-time following the 2015 run to the Cup, I contributed coverage of the team for a couple of more years before I found myself in Washington, D.C., last season writing about the defending Stanley Cup champion Capitals for The Athletic.

    I had a great time in D.C. and made some friendships that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. But, as a rather notorious former United Center tenant once said: “I’m back.”

  165. Aurora, Miro, all – I’m just a guy and my opinion is just the opinion of guy who happens to be a life long Hawks fan. I admit I’m way too “invested” in my hopes they draft Byram because I don’t have any better insight on these prospects than any fan who does a modicum of research. Stan and Kelly have whole other levels of information than I have so when they step up to the microphone and announce who the #3 slection is – I’ll be OK with whoever it ends up being.

    That said … I still want Bo Byram :=)

  166. I am same way about bad reffing, instant replay people, and league schedule people, and league suspension people, and Bettman people.

    I just want an evenly reffed game and you cannot fuuk up any instant replay call/no call. You have to get those right, everytime. Or you need to update the rule on that rule/

    I am going to do my best to keep the ref, instant replay people, suspension people, schedule people, and Bettman orchestrated people to a Hanson brothers attitude and ‘should have kept your mouth shut’ and ‘dont wake the bear’ edicate.

  167. EBONY,

    Teuvo and Kane where the smallest players on the HAWKS up front along with SHAW. That’s it. And Teuvo was a 1st round pick, MVP at WORLD JUNIOR, and Schmaltz is not small, can skate like the wind, great playmaker, awesome College career, high IQ, can shoot the puck, great backchecker…anything else”? Oh, I think both those guys are miles ahead of cast away, undrafted free agents like KAHUN, WEDIN, KAMPF or poor cereal hype SIKURA??? Pretty obvious, I guess you are also a fan of goalie Peeters?

  168. Nothing agasint what your saying Hull.

    I think Shawzer is the biggest 5/10 player in hockey.

    Schmaltz is like Leddy. Fastest of the fastest players and thave good skills at what there good at. When the Stanley Cup is on the line, your playing in conference finals and finals games. At ‘that’ time of the game/3rd period, they arnt playing/or as much, just like Leads sit the pine. Its better to have guys like Hammer or Strome then Leddy or Schmaltz.

  169. We all want the same results thats the big thing even though we get a bit over the top from time to time. Next Friday the answer will be known, and hopefully a superstar to be.
    Do have to admit the thought of Byram and Boqvist developing and then paired together working their way towards one of the top pairs in the league over the next few years is an awesome picture.

    Hull, how do you cheer for a team, when you hate the players, coaches and front office,

  170. It’s good that some of us have a hotline into the GMs office and know better deals were on the table and offered to unload Bickell’s contract without having to include Teuvo. The existence of other and better deals to unload Bickell surely must have existed, since our stumbling, bumbling GM didn’t recognize that Teuvo was our brightest young player at the time and including him in a cap move was unnecessary.

    If it wasn’t for those other reasons and the existence and unique insider knowledge of all those other better deals on the table, it might look like another attempt to build a narrative that doesn’t really hold-up well to inspection.

    Instead, we might discuss the nature, impact and consequences of serious injuries (Bickell, Hossa, Crow) to the roster and to the Blackhawks trajectory both past and present. And whether our stumbler and bumbler in-chief has done enough to backstop Crow and others if another serious injury occurs.

    Bickell’s illness was such a shame for him personally (duh!!) as well as for the franchise. StanBo, he’s probably a B+ kind of GM. He does some things well. He’s had some misses. Though, the Hawks can win with Stan as GM and seem poised for a resurrection, given a little luck and injury avoidance for key players.

  171. Hull, my point was be consistent. I get that you’re dissatisfied with Stan and the state of the team but you rant about too many Euro players and perimeter non-physical player on the roster and then call Teuvo (small Euro player) and Schmaltz (perimeter non-physical player) great in order to slam Stan for trading them. If you can’t be consistent with your criticism – then your entire criticism falls on deaf ears.

  172. Agree that this summer is huge for Stan – IMO the Hawks have to make the playoffs next year and Stan’s job may be riding on it

    They need to continue the upwards trend we saw at the end of last year and to give legitimacy to any future Cup notions

    I don’t believe in trying to figure out who the Hawks need to beat out to get into the playoffs – they should and will be IMO focussed on themselves and attaining at least 94 – 96 points – that should comfortably get them into the playoffs (COL got in this year with 90 pts)

    Teams go up and down the standings much more fluidly than ever before – look at STL as one example – they missed last year’s playoffs and were as we all know in last place in Jan this year before winning the Cup

    I don’t think the hype on Byram is misplaced – I get that he’s not as sure a prospect as Dahlin from the 2018 draft but if anything his stock is just finding it’s proper level now because he had a slow start to his WHL year

    So his body of work at this high water mark is limited to a half year but on the other hand he’s only just turned 18 today (June 13) so what he’s accomplished in 2019 is as a 17 year old – the trajectory for his development into a #1 is realistic IMO and having watched a game of his (shift by shift) on video coupled with what I’ve read on him and interviews with him I believe he’ll get there

    Despite Hughes and Kakko likely being picked ahead of him he could actually be a sleeper pick at #3 and it wouldn’t surprise me given his relatively mature physical stature that he makes the Hawks roster this fall

    Of course maybe I’m all wrong and the Hawks pick someone else

  173. Not sure how Boqi, Beaudi, Mitchy, and Joku woiuld handle playoff hockey in the next few years. But, you look at the size and mobility of Blues Defence and wow, Sikura and Kahun will ask to be healthy scratches!!!

  174. Wrap, ER, and I agree that Byram should be the pick. However, I wouldn’t bring him up until the second half of the season at the earliest. Additional development will go a long way.

    Despite the Blackhawks picking three d-men in 1st rd and two in the 2nd rd the past two years, this still does not completely solve the future D problem. Boq may turn into a 1st pairing with two or three of the others likely to become a 2nd pairing. To Hull’s point none are physical. Byram has size and strength, while being the more complete player. One of the others can also be traded for a FW.

    Our current roster no longer has a #1. Keith, Joki, and hopefully Murphy are 2nd-pairings. Gus should be shopped for a good FW prospect. The others are third-pairings.

    At least the group the Hawks are considering have both skill and are are strong, which is a step in the right direction.

  175. Wrap not saying figure out who to beat, just making a point playoffs not a given next season. You might get in at 87 points as Wild did a couple of years ago or maybe 100 points it takes.
    At just 18 and 195lbs, for Byram if taken to bring his style of game to Nhl likely means bulking up. Being ineligible for Ahl he would go to juniors to do so if needed and not be able to be brought back until his teams Chl season ends, which could be late May. So the opportunity of seeing him next season would be a training camp/early season decision similar to Boqvist.

  176. Not thinking about points for standings but you got to think that the top teams arnt only going to 15 over .500, or maybe they will again because its by far the hardest division in hockey, team wise, that the records are more balanced then the other 3 tipsy topsy divisions.

    This is why they should go back to top 8 teams get in after reg season standings division winner. You have to say that this division has been the hardest in hockey since at least 2008 every yr. and prob deserves 7 team in playoffs on some of the yrs. With 5 teams someone not getting in. MIN CHI this yr, COL and DAL on other yrs. You have to pay your dues in this division then just be that good. COL did that. Now were doing the same.

  177. I like idea of a 1st line center with size, a player that be Elite two way center.

    I visualizing BoQ and Byram as a wicked shutdown top pair like Dunks and Hammer were. That is just drool right there.

  178. This is an interesting quote from the director of scouting from the Colorado Avalanche : “The first two (picks) are set in stone, it seems like,” Hepple said. “We’ve got a few guys targeted. I have an idea who Chicago is going to take just by talking to people, but it’s never set in stone until they make that call. It’s real unpredictable.”

  179. Boqvist a shut down dman? Nope….Great offensive skills though but not a shut down guy. Sorry.

  180. Hull, there’s an area of agreement – Boqvist will almost certainly never be a shutdown d-man. The best hope for Boqvist is that he will be “Erik Karlsson like” offensively and “adequate” defensively.

  181. Wonder with all this talk about long problem contracts, when negotiating a new cba if using a system of option years on contracts like baseball. They could count as years toward maximum years limit but allow teams a buyout option at a reduced caphit for the last 2 years only, if player is under performing. It would have to be modified for Nhl. You would think it would be workable too as it would reduce risk of teams giving long term deals and if your performing theory would be you get options picked up. If called a buyout it wouldn’t be limited by nmc.

  182. Just meaning current buyout system often worthless with contracts are paid and buyouts calculated.

  183. Why does Byram get tagged with the size and strength label? He is listed as 6′ 0″ 194. Joki is almost identical at 6’0″ 192 and Boqvist is 6’0″ 181. I get he is a talented player, but I never heard of him being tagged as overly physical. I never thought he was much stronger than Joki… Am I missing something?

  184. Miro, Byram was just measure at the combine and he grew and is now 6′ 3/4″ and 196 – just to be up to date. He is still 17 and may still grow but he is a year younger and Boqvist and 2 years younger than Joki, and does play with more of a physical edge than either Boqvist and Joki.

  185. I didnt mean BoQ was a DEF Defensmen. Just that BoQ and Byram pair would be good at D like 27/4, along with much better at OFF. So I guess the better shutdown pair would be Buckaroo and Byram.

    The players get, what, 10-20 bigger then they are at juniors once they fill out.

  186. With as many blue chip Defenesemen we have coming. We could essentially load up with none of those guys being the shutdown pair.

    ?/Murf-shutdown pair

  187. Miroslav is a skeptic, which means he’s probably hovering more closely to the truth as compared to the Byram or bust crowd. I want Byram to be the real-deal, hoping for Doughty-level upside, but still feeling good about whichever direction the Hawks take. Less than a week away now.

    “We’ve got a few guys targeted. I have an idea who Chicago is going to take just by talking to people… .”

    Since other franchises feel like the Hawks have a tell or have been showing their cards, do credible rumors exist out there? Where are our junior investigative journalists?

  188. FWIW I’ve seen Byram listed at 6’o” but also at 6′ 3/4″ and at 6′ 1″

    Still not a big height difference over Boquist but the 13 lbs. difference is significant plus in watching him play he’s definitely has more of a physical game than Boq

  189. Mo like to see them get a Hamonic or sign a Nemeth this summer for that other spot. Then let the next pair develop and not rush them if Byram picked.

    Miro Byram undoubtedlly will need to add some bulk to play his game at Nhl level. Thats why i doubt he plays in Nhl next season, he plays with bit of an edge but his defensive play is more positioning and good stickwork . He could benefit more from another year in juniors vs a survival role rushing him to Nhl likely, and Blackhawks usually take the time to properly develop route.

  190. Truer words have never been spoken:

    “Agree that this summer is huge for Stan – IMO the Hawks have to make the playoffs next year and Stan’s job may be riding on it[.] They need to continue the upwards trend we saw at the end of last year and to give legitimacy to any future Cup notions[… .]”

    With the Hawks’ still excellent but aging talent, full-on rebuild has been out of the question, needing more of a reload. To Hulls credit, one has to wonder whether the reload had more than it’s fair share of misfires creating reload after reload. In my opinion, bad contracts are the worst, worse than salary dumps and iffy trades. Unfortunately, the Hawks have had a few of these, and still do. And, these are the reasons the reload has gone sideways in a couple of ways.

    So coming back to Stan’s job security, I think he’s Ok provided progression is demonstrated. I think the entire organization was likely read to move-on from Q, but JC needs to build upon the 2H with progression and talent development. Given all the youth, maybe talent development is the single most important aspect to judge JC and Stan against for 19-20, since we all know 20-21 is the year.

  191. I am with the FW or the D guy. The organization will pick the right player. Look at how well we draft.

  192. Yea, have a yr like COL did this yr for the 20 season and play good in playoffs against top teams, and beat one. Then were primed for yrs, like COL is now.

    One thing I like is COL being this good for the coming yrs, its going to make us even better. Having to compete with that. Raise both teams level.

  193. Kelly says to Bowman in episode 2, the separation is not great. Must mean Turcotte and Cozens.

  194. Mo, when Kelly said to Bowman the separation is not great – why do you think he’s talking about Turcotte and Cozens?

    I’m still a Byram guy with Turcotte a close 2nd but I’m warming up to Zegras lately.

  195. Yea, I was guessing who he meant. Which two players were close to each other, not for the 3rd pick. That Turcotte and Cozens are very close between the two.

    Which would mean Byram would be ahead or behind them.

    I still very happy with Turcotte or Byram, and I want to be because we should be as excited as we were when we watched the draft lottery top 3 pick ping pong balls.

  196. Just a hunch, first second thought, that it was between two centers, with saying separation is not great. Could be another center or Byram to.

  197. Hey, I agree Ebony. Now once and awhile we can also agree on Bowman’s bad trades, desperate free agent signings and suspect drafting. One day!

  198. I agree Hull, in the same way that one day we may also agree on Bowman’s good trades, astute free agent signings and solid drafting. As Hawks fans I’m sure we would both be pleased to talk about that.

  199. Mo i believe it’s either Byram or Zegras, unless they really believe in Caufields future it’s one of them.

  200. Yea it was just my first feeling, to my head, when I heard him say it. Who is he talking about and thats who was in my head/came to thought, without thinking about it.

  201. He did say, Bowman, like you did and others that this is a player were going to have for 15 yrs. Saying he didnt care who would be ready in a yr or even a yr and a half. So theres your other centers like that guy and its all about whos the better player when in prime yrs, prime of prime yrs, and prime yrs after prime of prime yrs.

    Really just like you said about the 4 or 5 yrs from now thing, he was saying the whole shabanga once established.

  202. Which also tells me that he thinks like I do on 19 88 being good for a long time. Its 2 that is closer to 40 then, just a guy I mean superstars/generational players, that are 30 and have 8.5-10 yrs of top 3 picks prime yrs at same time. With Chara being that big and slow and still being able to play, not prime yrs Chara, but be able to play only because of having a full roster. Chara was shit was BOS sucked for two yrs 15/ and 16.

    That 2 can play good enough to Chara age now. With a full roster the ‘older’ guys will look half decent and make a difference at times/contribute crafty old fellows. I can see Dunks doing that like Lindstrom.

  203. Another report of Blackhawks talking to a team about a top 4 Defensemen. So looks like were preparing for a trade at draft with the Murray Faulk Dehaan Hamilton reports.

  204. Are we just going to be golden with the expansion draft. We have a large wave of good young players coming. They are all protected? We make some guys wait a little longer to play so they cant be stolen.

  205. We planned this out right, timing wise, the expansion kidnappings. The teams that are loaded now are going to get abused.

  206. Mo if Canes they wouldn’t be looking for Nhl ready defense, maybe pipeline one like Mitchell. Saad most likely Nhl ready fwd. Anisimov in a package with picks or prospect maybe. De Haan never thought of before but be good for right return.

  207. This is fun. We can bicker back and forth about who we want Stan to select with #3 but these are all really good players. I just watched the 2018/19 highlights videos of Trevor Zegras and Alex Turcotte and they are both outstanding players. The style of play is very different between them where Zegras is a perimeter player with great vision and fancy passes and Turcotte is always around the net making really nice plays. Zegras may end up being a Barzal type player but I’ll still take Turcotte over Zegras and the other centers in the draft.

    I’m still hoping for Byram though.

  208. Interesting second city and other mocks have Byram in LA and CHI and COL taking centers Turcotte and Dach. The two possible higher ceiling centers at 7 and 9.

  209. It sort of like when you read or hear, the so called pros, say this player that player it gains weight and then every wk its a different song.

    Thank hockey Gods our scouts are the shniza.

  210. Thats the only reason why I havent worried at any point on who I want the most because these players are close and most importantly are elite players, that good.

    After having two shht yrs and not having 81 and 4 after prime of prime dynasty yrs, we are getting rewarded by the Hockey Gods with the top 3 pick a Stud.

    Now its time to load up to compliment the young wave coming. Just clear the expansion illegal aliens teams nappings.

  211. I like Murray or Haan as they are more DEF oriented then these others, have size and are fast for size and good passers for new team system.

    Thats being creative, trading a Horsemen and extra for a 25-28 DEF top 4 shutdown Defensemen to pair with Murf or whoever.

  212. The key is the young wave, having one coming. We have that and a top 3 pick franchise player coming already, to go along with De Bob Lee Swagger Cat.

    So get the rest of the roster full and deep. When wave is established were already on the way and have a couple yrs getting new system down pat.

    We have a top 5 OFF already, without even having a full roster. Getting these other players and the young wave is going to let us play with a good DEF as well. You know were we have a PK like we did in 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 again.

  213. Please not Hamilton. Sure seemed like he avoided contact and coughed up the puck too much and at $5.75 per there are better choices. Would rather have De Haan at $4.55 per

  214. So now in a copycat league, everybody is going to want “big defensemen “.
    Actually with Murphy, Koekkoek, Dahlstrom and Seabrook they have size and plenty of 5 through 7 guys.
    What they need is a really good 2ND pairing guy.
    Keith and Gusty are the top pairing. Colliton has already displayed that.
    Murphy appears to the right side, second pair guy. So the big hole is who plays the left side ?
    Ryan Murray? DeHaan ? Ben Chiarot? Olli Maatta ?

  215. Must be why other teams are reporting were asking them trade price for good 2nd pair DEF Defensemen with size and speed.

  216. I think it worked, for them, because they had a full roster. They were deep STL which allowed them to look better. Same with BOS, wasnt as deep as STL but dep enough to make Chara look decent enough. Have to remember STL and BOS prob both should have been beat by faster teams of SAN and TOR and both got by by the skin of their. STL did get to play some teams that they match up well against to, WIN DAL.

    Still think speed skill is the way, but we HAVE to have deep roster so we do not get overwhelmed like BOS did as soon as they played a team as deep or deeper then them, that was it for them. STL did get a little faster and less size then they were previous yrs though.

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