Blackhawks Investigating Marc Crawford

Less than one hour before puck drop against the St. Louis Blues on Monday night the Chicago Blackhawks announced assistant coach Marc Crawford will be away from the organization while he is investigated for his treatment of players in the past.

In the wake of the Mike Babcock firing in Toronto and Bill Peters resignation in Calgary, Crawford has been accused of being physically abusive by former players, including Sean Avery, Brent Sopel and Patrick O’Sullivan.

The Blackhawks were a big part of the Peters story. Former Hawks prospect Akim Aliu accused Peters of directing racial slurs toward him while Peters was the head coach of the Rockford IceHogs. Peters was also accused of physical abuse by players in Carolina. Aliu is meeting with the NHL regarding his part of the story this week.

Crawford, 58, joined Jeremy Colliton’s staff on June 4 of this year. He led the Colorado Avalanche to a Stanley Cup championship in 1996 and has also served as the head coach of Vancouver, Los Angeles and Dallas. Crawford finished the 2018-19 season as the interim head coach of the Ottawa Senators.

Crawford’s son, Dylan, is an assistant video coach for Chicago.

50 thoughts on “Blackhawks Investigating Marc Crawford

  1. I can only hope and pray that Bowman is involved in this racist investigation . He had to of known fire him . He totally destroyed a dynasty. Bring Chris Chelios in as GM to replace Bowman

  2. Does Hull still want Crawford as a coach to replace Colliton? After skewering the organization for Peters. You can’t be surprised by this. Crawford was forced to go to Europe for a reason, and it wasn’t just the Steve Moore incident.

    If you compare the 2 incidents, you have a few common denominators. An old school coach. And players with lengthy histories of being difficult to deal with.

  3. Not enough cap space to call up a player. Wow. And one of the players is Nylander. Good job Bowman. Three coaches behind the bench with none having nhl experience prior to last year. Good job Bowman

  4. Hawks are heavily involved in the Bill Peters mess also.With former Stsnley Cup Team member Brent Sopel being one of the players complaining this is not going away or getting buried by McDonaugh.

  5. Hopefully Bowman is involved so the Hawks can can him and bring in Chelios as Gm and Savard as head coach .

  6. MarkKassal- the salary cap and father time destroyed a dynasty. Decisions had to be made due to mis management by the previous GM. To hope someone was involved in racism solely because you want them fired is disgusting. If this team continues to suck, Bowman will be fired. I’ve seen nothing in Chris Chelios resume to warrant being a GM.

    Fwiw, Chelios was interviewed this summer and liked the Maatta, Shaw, and Lehner acquisitions

  7. Didn’t the Hawks already try the former fan favorite turned coach thing with Savard once?

  8. Who would ever think a hockey or football coach would use “stern / harsh” language?!?!?!?

    Next thing you’ll tell me is politicians lie!!

  9. Do not look now but we are in 5th pick place for top 5 draft player.

    DET 12
    OTT 4
    NJ 3
    LA 3
    CHI 2
    ANA 1

    No one is catching DET, are they diving for the next superstar or what.

    Were right there for 2-6th place pick.

  10. 4 players injured or sick for less than 21 days so they can’t use LTIR for them. And it’s Bowman’s fault they can’t recall a full roster

    Lehner- 5 million
    Keith- 5.54 million
    Shaw- 3.9 million
    Strome- 865k

    I would venture to say that half the league would struggle to fill a roster under those circumstances. Essentially trying to field a team without 20% of your cap space. If they could deem Keith’s injury long enough for LTIR, this is a non factor. If the Blue’s couldn’t put Tarasenko on ltir theyd be in bigger trouble with Steen and Sundqvist on IR.

  11. Hopefully this gets resolved quick for everyones sake. To those hoping for Hossa as coach, he isn’t officially retired until July 1st 2021, not next summer so he is not avaiilable i believe until then.

  12. Rusty coulda sent Nylander down with his $850 , 000 bonuses and cleared 1.6m in cap and recalled 2 fwds but chose not to.

  13. When Dale tallon was the colour man with Foley on TV I thought it was as Big a joke as Olcyzk is now. When the Hawks named Tallon director of player personnel I nearly crapped my pants in disbelief. But look what he did so you never know. And then the Hawks organization screwed him To promote that idiot Blowman.

  14. It’s like in football where they say don’t make 2 moves to fix 1 injury. I think they see Strome or Shaw coming back shortly so it’s 1 game of double shifting a few guys (Kane).

    I also don’t think your math is correct. They currently have 237k in space. Nylander makes 863k. His bonus money is calculated separately and not part of the cap… at this time. That’s a season ending total. So the Hawks would have 1 million to call up 2 players. NHL Minimum is 700k.

    Double shift Kane with Nylander…or have Kane, Nilsson, and Sikura. For 1 game I’ll take the former.

  15. Look at EO’s tenure in Pitt.

    2003-04 NHL Pittsburgh Penguins 82 23 47 8 4 77 .313 .329
    2005-06 NHL Pittsburgh Penguins 31 8 17 0 6 24 .258 .258
    Totals 113 31 64 8 10 101 .298 .310 0 0 0

    He makes JC look like Scotty Bowman.

  16. Marc Crawford kicked Sean Averys ass… literally. What person in hockey hasn’t wanted to do that?

  17. Hossa got cleared for the Hockey Hall of Fame to be eligible before he actually retired. Chris Pronger got paid to work for the league when he was getting paid not to play for the Flyers and Coyotes.

  18. They are over bonus limit of 7.5% of cap by little over $600,000 so that counts against daily cap, they have $850,000 cap space without it. So his bonuses plus caphit no longer count against cap if in minors, which would clear actually over 1.7m in room. If everybody stays healthy what you say is correct. To me needless risk if someone injured or game misconduct happens when could be avoided. There is a real reason for doing it not just oh well.

  19. There is definitely something going on in the dressing room . This team looks uninspired after 2 periods. Just going through the motions. If there is no one in the minors better than Nylander then we’re in real trouble.

  20. Think Kaners min were 14 ish, so 21 isint bad. Must be spread out good then.

    Does it really matter.

    This game is pretty even. They looked like they controlled play a little more and we have outshot them by a little. Basically even. They get lucky bounce off boards and crap weak back hander on same bounce. Kaner gets tripped then trips, should be offsetting, though it was delay of game over glass. pretty much even but were down 2, just no vibe no feel no identity.

    Its like were playing with passes here and over there and some guys are going fast and some are going medium speed. no ones going together in units. Try to play like that. Not even 80s Oilers 2010-2015 Blackhawks could do good playing discombobulated like that.

    Man I hate this. Greater good must be a 3rd top 5 draft player.

  21. Who would be wort while calling up from Rockford …slim pickings to say the least.

    What a shit show .

  22. Bobby we have better players, there just not NHL ready yet. 92 prob isint as well. Some good players coming are in college as well.

    For right now, yea there just isint that much NHL ready yet. Thats why we got so many good players this summer, so we wouldnt have to rely on anyone from Rockford.

  23. Mo Highmore just up looked good when he played, Sikura has probably earned a callup played up before as have Fortin and Nilsson. At least gives a full bench and Nylander out wouldn’t hurt any. Maybe wouldn’t play much but be avail8able if things went bad as is a 7th dman if really needed are on the bench.

  24. Actually running this way so on the edge capwise and over bonus limit, makes you wonder if they are just keeping Dach until 40 game mark and limping through until then.

  25. And for the love of god can we get the collars on the jerseys, right his time.

    These alternate jerseys have the correct collar on them. The entire thing is the supporting color. Entire thing.

    That looks normal.

    So much for STL blowing us out, this game was even basically, we just have no vibe identity.

  26. Yea I am not trying to discount any of the guys there, just the high end prospects arnt NHL ready yet or in college still.

    I like what we have going forward, just want a good system like BOS has and a normal amount puck luck.

    We ll get there before 19 88 are sitting on rocking chairs.

  27. Yes let’s bring in Chelios and Savard.
    Stop the insanity.
    Tab this team might be a top 5 bottom team yet. Whose worse? Detroit, New Jersey and maybe two other teams. The more important question is what teams are in worse shape looking at the next five years-again maybe 2, 3 , 4 teams tops?

    Babcock might not get a job again.

    December 2, 2019 at 8:20 pm
    Do not look now but we are in 5th pick place for top 5 draft player.

    DET 12
    OTT 4
    NJ 3
    LA 3
    CHI 2
    ANA 1

    No one is catching DET, are they diving for the next superstar or what.

    Were right there for 2-6th place pick.

  29. Things are bad, in fact, terrible. But please, no more mentions of Chelios as GM. Fire Bowman, ok. But not to hire Chelios.

  30. Updated standings

    DET 13
    OTT 4
    NJ 4
    LA 4
    CHI 2
    ANA 0
    CLB 0

    Sure were in the top 5 coming off a 1-5-1 stretch, thing is when we go 6-1-1 again were right back in that 8-15 area.

    Do not know if there is so much suck in DET OTT NJ LA, that we could ever be top 4 before lottery top 3 pick.

  31. Worse than the Blackhawks:
    Los Angeles
    New Jersey

    And, depending on the week, there are a few others that could fall. But this is an ugly time to be a Hawks fan.

  32. I am not happy about this.

    Especially getting 6 good players in summer to get a full roster since 2017.

    Now its better for the longterm to get a 3rd top 5 draft player.

    Time to go to the loony bin.

  33. This mess is entirely of Stund Bowman’s creation. He blew out the cap with awful management…even before becoming GM (as Tallon’s capologist). A team this bad should not be anywhere near the cap upper limit… but hey…Stund Bowman. Brent Seabtook currently makes $8 mil pet yeast. Csorakn began is making $10.5 mil oer year. Corey substance Abuser is making $6 mil per year. So many other horrid deals. So many pathetic trades…the most glaring of which currently being Soft serve Nylander for Henri Jokiharju.

    Little Lord Bowman inherited a championship roster and destroyed it. He is incompetent. He is deficient in contract management, drafting, trading, signing free agents and player development. If it were not for his daddy demanding little Stanley get the job as a condition if Scotty agreeing to work for McD, little lispy would not have an NHL job.

    Let us also not forget who won the dick measuring contest with coach Q, and hired a completely inept and under qualified minor league question mark to replace him. Let us also not forget whose fingerprints are all over the knife in his former boss’ back.

    There is one person to blame for the embarrassing disaster currently known as the Chicago Blackhawks.

  34. Chris, Tallon deserves as much credit for 2010 as Bob Pulford and Mike Smith do. After 2010, Tallon is responsible for the exodus of players that had to happen due to cap issues. The Brian Campbell contract from 10 years ago would still be a top 15 contract today. When the cap is roughly 25 million higher. To give anyone else more credit for 2013 and 2015 is just pure malarkey.

  35. Pat Foley behind the bench!
    Have Seabrook & Keith, in suits, run the doors- so we’ll never have “too many men” calls!
    Seriously folks- something HAS to be done ASAP…SB, JC and Crawford all to go, now!
    Rebuilding mid-season might keep fans engaged?!

  36. Can we just make Seabrook the coach? Essentially same age as Colliton. Seems to be the most liked/strongest voice in the dressing room over the last decade. Can only be an improvement, right? haha

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