Blackhawks, Jackets Lineups For Preseason Opener

Scott Powers of The Athletic reported the following lineup for the Blackhawks’ preseason opener against Columbus on Tuesday night:

Earlier reports indicate Philipp Kurachev may be headed back to the QMJHL already, so we’ll see who takes the ice this evening.

Brian Hedger reported these lines for the Blue Jackets:

33 thoughts on “Blackhawks, Jackets Lineups For Preseason Opener

  1. Q’s infatuation w/ Martinsen started at the end of last season when he was recalled and was one of a handful of guys trying hard. This is NOT the type of player Bowman needs to provide Q access to, like giving chain smoker access to free cigarettes. He is NOT an NHL player, he has no distinguishable, positive skillset. We’ve danced this dance before (Bollig, Mashinter, Tootoo…). Martinsen is barely an AHL player if you ask me.; He played for dog breath Colorado and likely has less than ten goals in his NHL career. He is arguably the least qualified forward in camp. He does have very nice hair, I’ll give him that (that didn’t help Kempny’s cause w/ Q).


  2. P.S. He doesn’t kill penalties, he doesn’t play on PP, he doesn’t take faceoffs, he is not a goal scorer, he is not an assist distributor, he is no spring chicken however old he is. What is the purpose of him on the team? The days of an enforcer (if you want to call him that) are long gone. If he makes the team (and he has a very good chance to do so), he will play 40-60 games, and play 4-7 minutes a night as Q will realize (he gets it eventually during games, but dresses guys like this regardless) he can’t keep up/isn’t contributing and it turns into an eleven forward rotation.

    If the Hawks are going to keep an almost 30 year old guy on the roster, how about someone like Ben Smith or Vermette (examples only) that actually have useful skillsets? Alternatively, the spot can be filled by a young player that actually has potential to grow and contribute to the team.

    Lastly, if you ask me, the Manning signing was an utter waste of cap space, and bringing in someone like Davidson on a PTO takes away a roster spot/opportunities for a young D-man to grow and contribute.

  3. I would argue that you don’t need a fighter type guy on teams where you have players who can play and take care of business if it comes to that. But the Hawks have so many guys for whom fighting is just not an option, they just don’t fight, that they need someone to be able to do that when it is needed.

    Someone went through the list in a thread earlier in the year. Even to say Seabs can fight is taking it too far as he just doesn’t do that anymore. Certainly Kane, Schmaltz, Dcat, Sikura aren’t going to fight. Has Saad ever fought? Toews sure shouldn’t be fighting. Keith either.

    And with little guys like Kahun and pacifists like Edjsell on the bottom six, you are looking at a lineup that will likely have Martinsen or Hayden to do that kind of heavy lifting during the regular season anyway.

    If your opinion of Martinsen is so low, and I can understand why, what do you think of Hayden? Martinesen outplayed Hayden by a wide margin in the AHL playoffs last spring. I say give the job to whomever shows he’s a better player. I hope its Hayden but it might not be.

  4. You are very passionate about your disdain for Martinsen. It’s game 1 of the pre-season, I wouldn’t get to excited yet.

  5. Martinsen fits the pressbox role type, who playing time in Rockford isn’t going to help at this point. As Hereismike pointed he can bring an element to this roster that is lacking. Don’t see him as a season long regular but a part timer for a specific role if he sticks, not a sure bet either.

  6. Why are they forcing Anisimov with Edsell and Sikura? Why not play Fortin with the two other kids to show why they were so dominant in Traverse City?

  7. Was mildly surprised with Martinsen’s hands and skating at the end of last year-he’s OK as a fourth line player or sub.

  8. Matrinsens as 13th FW makes sense but IMO not as a top 12 every day player

    We’ll see how it shakes out – I could live with Hayden-Kruger-Kampf (or Kunitz) on 4th line

    Maybe Hayden (or Kahun) gets a shot with Toews freeing up Kunitz for 4th line

  9. It won’t bother me one way or another if Martinsen makes the team. He can play a 4th line grinder kind of role and skates well enough to not be a liability. I don’t believe he’s one of the best 13/14 forwards but if he gives Q a nice comfy “binkie” feeling to have him on the roster – so be it.

    I never would have thought Ejdsell-Anisimov-Sikura would make a good line but they actually looked OK together in the scrimmage yesterday. Kind of an intriguing idea having 2 big bodies with Sikura.

  10. Iceman, wouldn’t your reasoning about Martinsen also apply to Kunitz? Why have his old ass on the roster when we could be giving a youngster with a possible future some ice time to develop?

  11. I have no issue with Martinsen being 4th line or 13th forward. He’s going to play 8-10 minutes a night. Being physical and such. Nothing much more should be expected. While I would prefer and like to see younger players in the lineup over him or Kunitz.
    It probably doesn’t help a young players development to be in the NHL early and playing that little of ice time a game or being scratched consistently.

  12. Q said Jokiharju showed high end play recognition and skills, he thought he was excellent. If that’s not saying he is making the team j don’t know what woukd be. Him and Gus would make a nice offensive pair if 2 and 7 stay together, providing they weren’t too much of a defensive liability.

  13. Nothing can go wrong this yr.
    We do not do good record wise, were looking at a good top10 pick.

    Once we pounce, in the summer of 19, then were going to be too good.
    Basically get a player like 4 and 81, good players that can play those role, not replace those guys. Were back. Need goalie secure.

  14. 3 million for a goalie past his time!!!! Another dumb move by Bowman. Ward is way past his prime. Very nice guy but he looks awful. We could have signed a much better player or players with that 3 million. But this management has bad pro scouting anyway.
    It will be a very long season. Bottom line is talent…And I repeat Edjsell is too slow for NHL.

  15. And Boqvist looks like a Bantam player out there. He may be skilled but we could have used a forward or a bigger / mobile dman.

  16. Boqvist is barely 18 so he is basicslly just a Midget age player who hadn’t had time to adjust to snall ice yet. Give him a year in London to grow up a bit and adapt to small ice.
    Mo going to be a struggle this year, with Crawford be a playoff team, without struggle to make them. Still either way unlike last half of last season should be a competitive that improves as the year goes on and grow together.
    Agree if Kruger and Martinsen take 2/3 of 4th line and Kunitz on top line is not letting young guys develop but what the lineup looks like opening night will likely be alot different than late in season, so no point stirring up shit on that.
    Can see this that callup possibilities could see 20+ forwards and 12+ defensemen in lineup at different junctions, with injuries demotions etc.

  17. That’s why hes only a 1 yr contract.
    Hes not two AHL goalies.

    Everything depends on Crow.
    Were not deep enough this yr to win, with Crow.

    Transistion yr, last yr to, part of next yr to. Then were deep.

  18. Mo saying Lankinen impressing so far, folliw that to see what kind of potentual he has.

    Still don’t buy into the idea of not drafting high end defencemen in year deep in defence, when the need is there. Got 3 pretty good forward prospects late in draft, as it was. If that opportunity was passed and next year in a forward deep draft, you then have to use high picks to bolster defence, that seems kinda of a waste.

  19. Late round drafted forwards do not replace Sharp, Panarin, Ladd or Hossa on a roster. We drafted Beaudin, Joki, Mitrchell and Boqvist, all the same type of smallish puck moving dmen… We could have used half of those picks on strong, speedy wingers who can score and have size, right? I am not impressed by WARD, in fact he has not impressed anyone in the last 5-6 years, ask CAROLINA. They had to rely on a worse goalie in Darling to try to win games last year. Ask Bill Peters???
    Those dmen have talent, but we needed to draft 2 high end forwards in the first round as well and we did not. 5’10” Wise is not the answer. Bowman, Kelley, and Gauthier need to go. Doug Wilson can draft! And Trade!!

  20. I mean Q is talking about Kunitz, Davidson, Manning, Ward and Kruger helping this team??? Scary? Bruins rebulit by drafting well in a year and a half. They played young prospects because they drafted well both on defence and up front. Let’s ask Bowman where are 3rd round picks Knott and Iacopelli? We are hoping that a 6th rounder weighing 160lbs in Sikura can be a top 6. That tells us what has happened to our drafting.

  21. Disclaimer: first preseason game with only a few players in the lineup that will be on the opening day lineup against a team with quite a few “regulars”.

    That said – yikes! There were only few Hawks willing and able to “engage” for more than a flash here and there – Martinsen, Highmore, Kruger and Noel. May have been others but none that stood out to me for more than a shift or two. I suppose Hayden could be included in that group but he had at least 2 bonehead plays that cancelled out any positive thoughts he generated – including one play where he thought he was Kane puck handling and skating around the o-zone until he fell over and lost the puck at the blue line.

    I will say Kahun was engaged from a “willing” perspective but I’m not sure he is “able” enough from a size/strength perspective. He is a nifty player with good quickness but he needs to be put in the right situation to be effective.

    My boy Fortin had a few flashes too but the goal he scored is probably stopped 9 times out of 10 by a legit NHL goalie. He also had a nice dish to Kahun but the goalie made the save. I still think his main challenge is learning how to use his speed – he is good on the forecheck but too many times he puts himself into a situation where he “runs out of runway” and turns the puck over.

    Sikura shows very good puck control and vision but he doesn’t look as fast as I thought he was and kind of like Teuvo a few years ago needs to find his comfort zone in the big brawny NHL.

    Joki and Boqvist show flashes but I’m leaning more towards starting Joki in Rockford.

    Overall a pretty “meh” performance.

  22. I should have included Anisimov and Davidson in my list of players willing and able to engage last night.

    A comment on Ejdsell – he looked like the Ejdsell in Game-1 at Traverse City with a bad case of puck fumble-itis. It seems like he can receive/handle the puck sufficiently when it’s on his blade but if he has to adjust by moving his hands/arms/feet to control the puck he is too slow to get it under control before a defender is on him. He needs to learn how to use his size to stay between the defender and the puck until he gets it under control but he doesn’t have strength/weight to use his length in that manner. Defenders will know to rush him because he isn’t quick enough to avoid getting engaged and they can push right through him and dislodge the puck.

  23. @ByScottPowers
    6m6 minutes ago
    Today’s Blackhawks lines and pairings from the first practice:



    Is Rutta injured? I don’t recall seeing him in the scrimmage.

    I’m happy Q swapped Ejdsell/Kahun. I think Sikura-Anisimov-Kahun is a better line than having Ejdsell with 15-95.

  24. I am not worried about anything that happens this yr.
    Want everybody to improve/take it to next level for the young guys.
    Some guys get established.
    Crow get better, no rush. Hes gets back or doesn’t. So do it best way.

    I look at 72 replacing 10. 16 and others were part of the 2010 cap thing, nothing to do wit roster now/in yrs.
    We trade 72 to get 20 back, then we might trade 15 and get 72 back. The it all comes to full circle. Its all coming around.

    Now the 81 and 4, yea that needs to be replaced/fixed/filled again, no doubt.

    Plus we draft FW not load up on D, then it would look worse then last yr and this yr, going forward. Good FW no D.

  25. Hull65 the upcoming draft is deep in forwards and opportunity will be there in first couple of rounds to add some high end wingers and/or centers. Insuring you have enough high end defence available isn’t a bad thing at all. Maybe have some high end tradeable pieces to fill those other voids too, by using the opportunity to stock up hopefully will be alot more beneficial. I thought that others should have been picked too at the time, agree with route their going now though, making it lead to winning in a couple of years, gets everybody, most everybody anyways onboard.

  26. Will be in Ottawa watching game Friday and well see who shows up and what kind of effort displayed.

    Ward leading this team doesn’t inspire a lot of optimism. But on the positive side it would be good to get one of the nice C/Wing prospects in the top 10 of the next draft.

  27. On Sikura: I posted before that he is not especially fast. Shifty yes, but no reals jets.

    On Knott: He was actually a 2nd rounder (54th overall) although (and I’m not making excuses for Stan) only 4 of that year’s 2nds have played 75 or more NHL games.

  28. Yea nothing agasint Ward, hope he plays like a top 10 goalie. If not and Crow doesn’t play 60 of 82 games, then a top 10 pick is very welcome and better then making playoffs when were not deep/experienced enough yet. The core guys do not need any playoffs games to, not get playoff rusty. Wait until were deep. Its where were at.

    The beauty is were going to be deep soon enough, even though people will use/say things all throughout this yr, that even if these young players get better etc its not enough to be good again.

    O B Crow, your our only hope.

  29. 44 is day to day.
    5 is 8-12 wks

    Playing every road game in first 3 preseason scrimmages, is good, it gets a longer look at prospects and then they go to their teams then, instead of drawling it out over two wks.

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