Blackhawks Lack Offense, Lose To Carolina

Marian Hossa returned to the lineup on Sunday night at the United Center, but the offense did not.

Carolina was playing the second night of a back-to-back and had more jump than the Hawks all night.

Justin Faulk scored the game-winning goal, his 14th of the year, with 18 seconds left in the first period. Victor Rask extended the lead to two with his tenth of the campaign 4:48 into the second period, and that was the sum of the offense until the final three seconds of regulation.

Brent Seabrook, who played his 800th career regular season game on Sunday, scored the Blackhawks only goal with three seconds left and Corey Crawford on the bench.

Crawford kept the game close while the skaters in front of him fumbled their way through 60 minutes of hockey. He¬†went to the bench when Andrew Shaw and Joakim Nordstrom were sent to their respective penalty boxes for offsetting penalties with 2:48 left in regulation, but the Hawks weren’t able to generate any offense with five skaters to the Canes’ four. Chicago’s netminder made 25 saves in the loss.

Eddie Lack played well but wasn’t tested much until the closing moments; the one goal he let in was an awfully weak goal to break up a shutout, but Carolina will happily take the road victory.

Chicago put 18 of their 36 shots on net in the third period, most of which came in the final five minutes of the game. But they failed to put traffic in front of Lack, and didn’t get many rebounds from Lack.

Phillip Danault was one of four Hawks with a team-leading four shots on net. Bryan Bickell led the team with five hits. Jonathan Toews won 12 of 23 faceoffs. Shaw picked up the only assist in the game.

The holiday trade freeze lifts tonight, and the Hawks are back in action Tuesday night in Arizona.

36 thoughts on “Blackhawks Lack Offense, Lose To Carolina

  1. Hurricanes blocked a lot, Faulk had a strong game, and the Hawks F had bad luck all night.

    At least Hawks showed morale and put bug pressure on CAR at the end of the third end messed up Lacks shutout.

  2. Well ,more of the same ,.,,.the 3rd and 4 th line crashed the net a few times but we don,t seem to have a guy who can finish.

    Danault ,s line had some speed ,.,Bickell,s line was sustaining some good cycle and zone time.,,.man Bickell was laying the body. P.P lacked any type of cohesion and, looked dysfunctional. I find 72 plays to much on the outside ,.,not in the dirty areas at all.As i said in the past lost some great North American style guys for to much European finesse type. That has been real apparent the past 2 games.Proud of Seabs,most consistent d dog in the league.

  3. Well that’s a big disappointment, not sure what happened but not playing very smart that’s for sure. Good for Seabrook to at least show something.. and in his 800th game to boot. 3rd best in points all alone on the Blackhawks. If the Kane/Panarin duo is cut off we sure don’t have much punch..Shaw is doing well. Hope we can handle the Coyotes and have a good bounceback because we face the Av’s and that friggin Varlamov who loves to shut us out.

  4. Hawk head is on point about losing gritty North American grit in saad and sharp. Panarin continues to be in my doghouse. He is learning the hard way that the NHL is a tough physical league where talent without effort doesn’t work.

  5. Panarin is not showing any grit or tenacity. His skill is incredible but he needs to work harder as do many Hawks.

    Where is Toews ? He is not scoring and doesn’t seem to have the same drive as in past.

    I love the Hawks but this team is not going very far as constituted. Team seems like it doesn’t care or is just worn out.

  6. This marks about the 3 week mark of troubling play from Panarin. He should be squarely in the Q doghouse and in fact I would go so far as to sit his ass for a game to send message. Big problem brewing with this kid that needs to be addressed.

    I’ll say it again. This roster is the least talented during the 8 years of Q in town. The impact of the salary cap is really being felt. Now the roster is overpopulated with grinders and specialists.

    The hole at LW on the Toews-Hossa line is severe. This team greatly misses Saad. Toews and Hossa have seen their effectiveness greatly neutered because we lack a viable LW to pair with them. It is a tragic joke that the insanely overrated hot Euro garbage that is Teuvo gets paired with 19 and 81. It’s also sobering that Marko Dano may not be all we wanted to pretend he could be given a small sample size of playing time with the sh!t show on skates that was and is Columbus.

    If not for Crawford being largely exceptional this season and the redemption tour of Kane I shudder to think our fortunes this season. We desperately need the cap to go up and for Bowman to hit the jackpot on a few youngsters. Too much to ask for the next Saad in the system, but we need something to arrive in a season or so.

    Danault? The tweo way play that is his calling card has been evident. And he can skate. He absolutely will make Kruger expendable given the salary cap hell we shall continue to endure.

  7. Effort = horseshit!! (- except for the last few minutes)

    RTF – by now, I take all of your comments in the context of your track record…and, then I know it’s not all that bad (at this point)…so, I guess, “Thank you” is in order.

    Hopefully, a MUCH better effort in AZ and CO…

  8. On the positive side the fact we don’t mentionScuderi on this blog is a good thing. He keeps the game simple which is something these euro wizard kids need to learn. All the figure skating in the world doesn’t amount to hill of beans in the NHL. It’s one and done in the offensive zone, lose all the board battles, no net front presence, no deflections, no fighting for rebounds, straight line and keep the game simple. We got all the euro wizard kids looking to be Kane. Unfortunately they don’t have his dog in the fight.

  9. Sloppy hockey from the Hawks.

    Regarding Panarin’s play I find nothing surprising. He’s been below average the last couple of weeks. I find that to be a positive thing as there’s no way in hell he can sustain a 82 games full gear season.
    At the end of the day he will be judged by his playoffs performance. And he needs to have gas when that time comes. I would be much more paranoid if he wouldn’t have these brakes in play/form. He has a great all around play actually including toughness, grit and hustle. That’s already been proven.

    Him saving his energy during the season is a great thing.

    PS: There are 2 young guys from the NHL I’ll love to see with the Hawks or simply watch. Evgeny Kuznetsov and Jeff Skinner. Having then with the Hawks is impossible, so all I can do is admire them with other clubs. Awesome players.

  10. 72 and 86 were easily rubbed off the puck all night long. Combine that with Carolina clogging up the neutral zone and you get a very anemic offense. The Hawks continue to have big problems entering the offensive zone. The dump and chase method only works when you have guys who can regularly win board battles. We have a few of those guys on the third and fourth lines but they don’t have the skill to finish scoring chances. Is it time to change the 19-81 pairing or the 15-88-72 line???

  11. Rufus, we get it. Brandon Saad is comparable to Wayne Gretzky and Dallas kidnapped Sharp from us. It’s easy to sit here and state the obvious about needing a LW1 but what’s your solution? How would you have saved 11.5 million in cap space by keeping Saad and Sharp?!?

  12. Losing 2 top 6 forwards after winning the Cup has to hurt…..obviously. That is today’s NHL, live with it. The Hawks are in transition. The Cap constrains everyone. Dallas was prime for a break out year with or without Sharp. On paper Columbus looks good, but that is not turning into wins. Our team has played more games than anyone in the past 6 years and there wear and tear is shows. The league is set up so that dynasties will not happen. WE are the fortunate ones who have witnessed the excellence from the front office to the ice these past 6 years. I have no doubt that the Hawks will be Cup contenders again soon.

  13. Mike- you are correct… Hawks have played a ton of Hard PO hockey in last 6 years… This has “Aged” the Core beyond their “Real ages”… They are still super high IQ core… with skill… but the “Drive/Hunger” from the rest of the league grows- while the Core age continues to climb past it’s prime.

    This coupled with the Cap issues… (and Pens 2.0/ 88/19 making 30% of Cap)… means- Hawks/SB cannot make mistakes like 29 contract…

    Hawks really do need to find the next Saad/Shaws of the draft- VERY soon!!! or the core will be too old/past their primes to matter!!!

    OR- get lucky- and have 19 or 88 go down/LTIR like last year… so Hawks can Buy 2 decent players for PO’s…

    Both of the above – will take a GREAT deal of luck!!!

  14. Kudos to the Canes for doing what they had to to win. Unfortunately they have to play the trap. Every team in the league does it. Every team traps, and blocks shots. Decreasing goalie pad size will only slightly increase scoring, ditto for increasing powerplays, and I dont think the redline or trapezoid (regardless of how dumb) do anything either. The bigger issue is the neutral zone trap. It’s what brought the Devils to prominence, It’s why the Yotes made it to the WCF. Hawks don’t have the speed to beat it. They are supremely skilled. But when all 5 defenders are in the slot, how do you get pucks to the net. Goalie down in butterfly and it hits him, even if it does get through. It’s boring Hockey. Thank god guys like Guy Boucher aren’t in the league implementing a 1-3-1. If a coach can figure out how to beat it other than speed and perfect passes, give that man the Jack Adams. Until then anybody got ideas how to get the trap out of the league? My idea is unless on the pk, have a rule similar to (gulp) the NBA’s 3 second paint rule. Another idea that I’m unsure of is changing the icing line from the redline to your teams offensive blueline. Anyone else have thoughts on how to clear up the muddyness.

  15. I’m tired of hearing about the “gaping” hole on left wing. Guys with the talent of Toews and Hossa should be able to play with me on left wing and score. And why knock Panarin? Even with his “below average” play he still has more points than Crosby, Ovechkin, and Stamkos. The Hawks have the talent that they need, it just has to come together. And sometimes, the other team just plays better. You could hand pick the best players in the NHL, put them on one team, and over the course of an 82 game season they would still lose some games.

  16. Holy Faulk! The only upside for y wasted time watching was Faulk, in a way for Hawk fans and NHL fans a good to “compare” what the future of NHL defensemen will look like! Hawks have Dunk but that is about it when it comes to a offensive and skilled D-men.

    They get the Canes and a average Goaltender and they played as “expected” with so much time off and no real practice and looked like CRAP! the 3 and 4th lines looked okay at times but WOW SLOW and They BLOW. It is one game but that top line must have a “bigger stronger body” not TNT. Just can not have production from that line!
    we rely on on d-men to produce but we have slower, more pure zone defensemen than two way. ( Daily and Oh-do-ya)

    Crow Played well compared to the rest of the team . . .

    As I have said, The Hawks play well as a TEAM, normally when they are ON it’s all four lines, they do not have a LONE that can carry them every night, and even Crow as good as he is not a PRICE who will stand on his head, and keep ya in it,

    Canes Core Defense is worth watching, Faulk is amazing, what skill and patience and he does not over play the defense, perfect body position. Watch him when we praise TVR, wow.

    go hawks

  17. I am not giving up on the Hawks….no way. Just being realistic. Teams make their fortunes by drafting, developing and trading for the parts they need. Look at Dallas. Yes they are excellent, but they are on a short time frame. $56mm committed to 14 players next year and $34mm committed to 7 players the year after. We will see if their front office can manage the Cap as well as SB and company.

    Further, look at the Conf Finals teams from last year Hawks and NYR have 44 points, TB 39 points and ANA 32 points while teams that exited early or didn’t make the playoffs at all are riding high.

    This is the NHL. The primary goal is to make the playoffs in a relatively healthy state. Yes, I am concerned but I am hoping things come together.

  18. Last night was a really boring hockey game for the most part. I sold my tickets based on the possibility that this would be a holiday rust game for the Hawks and regrettably they did not disappoint in coming up with a lemon. Yes, Ernie is correct about teams just bogging the whole thing down, which results in boring, tedious hockey. I think the players hate it, and we all know that the fans do. Canes applied puck pressure stacked their blue line and then just packed it in around their keeper.

    Pretty hard to win games when you 1 goal or less. The Hawks just need more balanced scoring from 4 lines. We knew that the Anisimov line would slow down. Hawks are up against it as Cup champs. All teams try and bring their A game. Yotes should be no different tomorrow night, and then we get the Varly wall Thursday. Hawks should have an axe to grind given last 2 results. If they can put forth strong 60 minute efforts they should bring home the needed points. No one ever said this was supposed to be easy. My hope is the Hawks make the playoffs with a healthy core and solid goal tending. It is months away, and while I don’t like to see the Hawks go through the motions it is what the good teams do every year for a period of time.

    At least Crow is playing some pretty great hockey, and Danault looks like he has what it takes to develop into a solid NHL player.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  19. Again one game, no panic in this Hawks team, but at times it does reveal the “holes” and all teams have holes! One good new player on that TOP LINE away from a cup run!


    It is about a “General lack of Speed” for the Hawks to get outside and into the offensive zone. The last guy I saw do it was when Saad was a rookie! Shaw tries!

    It is evident when you see how HARD IT IS for the Hawks to get into the zone with the Man Advantage on the power play! ( they take so long to re-group, I timed over 40 seconds to re-group, they wait soooo long behind the net )
    It is evident with our d-men except Dunk, but we are slow to get the puck up and out, and if anyone but Dunk is skating it out, it is slow mo. TVR is so slow with the puck, Rozy, Hammer, Seabrook all of them! SLOW, the only reason Run-Bad is okay is his offensive speed ( not all that fast) and his shot.

    Hawks Generate Speed with the pass! Repeat Hawks Generate Speed with the pass!
    They are not and have not been the Fastest team even with 3 cups! Speed breaks these so called ZONES and makes YOU turn on your skates and reach, that is all hockey is! Get YOU out of position for 2 seconds! That is why when the Hawks don’t connect with the LAME STRETCH PASS, it’s a long night, like last night. Crow even adds to the slowness of the exits, too, if he was able to confidently exit the puck or pass it, that would add SPEED. Crow is the worse NHL Goaltender handling the puck outside the blue paint,

    IT IS NOT ANY ZONE that is the issue, it is only the lack of speed, so teams are all able to get back into the defensive zone vs. the Hawks, so your skating into 5 guys, even if it was Five Cardboard boxes it’s HARD! No room, no space, SOOOOOO that is why ya see The Artist, Kane, Hossa even Shaw hold that puck and skate around in the Offensive zone THEY ARE TRYING TO CREATE SPACE, Once an NLH TEAM has all 5 guys back in lock down mode ( Canes core d-men are outstanding what a treat to watch) the game is over. ( you pray for a power play)

    So don’t confuse back checking to hard core defense and getting back in position. All Smart Teams to beat the Hawks know if your chasing which is BACK CHECKING you lose… it takes much more effort! All Smart teams know you do not need to be overly physical with the Hawks, just leads to dumb penalties. Canes did not need to back check last night they just got BACK and turned and picked up their man, simple grade school stuff, nothing fancy, as Hawks sleeped walked ( sleep skate) If your back checking as my coach told me YOUR CHASING! So don’t fall too much in love with the concept!”

    Speed breaks down EVERYTHING, in all SPORTS. Zones Schmones! Blah Blah!
    Speed in the NBA watch Curry breaks down every zone! Even D’ ROSE in his day broke down all defenses all by himself!

    Hawks are fine . . . They where slow to the puck all night for obvious reasons.

    Danault had 4 face off wins. Toews 11. 17 hits total . . .

    We are just one very good player added to Hoss + Toews away from a little run!

  20. MtM- great observations – as usual… Canes- D guys (and Young) are exceptional…
    really take away time and space…

    I wonder if/when the league – adjusts/changes rules to help bolster the offense???

    smaller pads? bigger goals??? Blue lines??? no offsides???

    several snoozers for Hawks this year!!!!

  21. Obviously it was the bad loss, but not the end of the world.
    I don’t care much about December, April and May makes the difference.
    Still plenty of time for hawks to get where they need to be…

  22. how much better would Hawks look… if Kept Oduya, traded Sharp out east for Picks???

    and how much worse would Stars look???

  23. The Hawks won 3 Cups to the conscious exclusion of Russians and Eastern Euros on the roster, with one grand exception in Hossa who quite simply will go down as one of the great two way players in history. I’m just saying.

    Panarin has become a problem. You cannot focus singularly on his scoring. As some of you have very astutely said, he simply can’t or won’t go dig out the puck. And teams have adjusted for this fact. The salary cap loss of Saad is proving more horrific by the week. In Saad we had a fast skating maniacal worker in the offensive zone who got to the dirty areas, grabbed the puck and made the crisp pass or the shot on the goal in rapid fire. And was elite in playing the patented Q cycle.

    Teuvo remains the antithesis of a Quenneville forward and I’m so incredibly tired of trying to make him work. He’s a floater and that is all he us going to be. Only Kane can be allowed to be a floater. Please for the love of God Bowman get rid of Teuvo now.

  24. RTF I am Not against moving TT but need to get the right piece in return and that’s super hard. I am sure the book is out on this kid and do not expect a lot of value here. You are right, look at the last 10 years of Stanley cup champions and see how they were constructed. This team is too soft in the top 6 and grinders on bottom six do everything right except provide some finish and secondary scoring. If kane is not going, not much else is offensively.

  25. on another note… looks like a couple of BIG FINS are doing pretty well @ WJC…

    P. Laine (huge) and J. Puljujarvi appear to be dominating right now…

    Love to see the Hawks make some moves to land one to play with TT in few years

  26. Unfortunately, the Hawks have been to the dance and just pace and save themselves through the regular season in an effort to just get back to the dance. It doesn’t make for enjoyable hockey during the reg season, however, winning the cup is the goal. Why do you thing the Hawks do not hit? They do not wish to waste energy and risk injury playing physical. It is hockey’s version of the rope a dope. We have to realize this as fans. Yes there are needs that have to be addressed. This organization realizes it and we have to have faith that moves will be made to go for the cup. The cap has diluted the team, but we are still well positioned in the hunt. Plus, we do have the core. Yes it is a core that is aging and that has played more hockey then the rest of the NH. However, remember Brad Richards and Desi’s comments last year. Despite their years in the league, they had never seen a team and players focused on ultimate conditioning like the Blackhawks. The core will be ready for a run and have the faith that the roster will be tuned by addition and subtraction of players. And, there is no team in the league running away with anything. Look at Montreal. It appeared they were running away, but the Panthers just passed them for first place. I believe Dallas will do the same before year’s end. The rest of the division has coole from a couple months ago. The Hawks will make the playoffs and will hit a higher gear when they do. That’s when their real season starts.

    Go Hawks!!!

  27. Ernie- It is a muddy mess ….implementing a 3 second rule and/or icing at the blue line will result in lots of whistles thus slowing down the game. Doubt if the owners go for those…the others related to equipment size, trapezoid and such are nonsense as today’s goalies are huge guys and the equipment is made to fit therefore it’s big as well, not to mention safety concerns. New Jersey Devils and the trap killed even the Penguins at their peak..that’s why high flying offensive teams like the Capitals and Stars are very vulnerable in the playoffs. Indeed, what is the answer? I don’t want to go back to the eighties 12-9 outcomes, and the games today are pretty good even though low scoring outcomes are the norm. Make the nets 2 inches larger all around…shots that get through have a much better chance of finding a corner or a shelf and it would restore a natural ratio of goalie/equipment size to available open net area. That could make the trap less effective without causing a whole lot of unintended consequences. Eventually something will have to be done or eventually every game will become a real snoozefest with a 1-0 result.

  28. Since the Blackhawks didnt show up I’m not going to write about them. Justin Faulk is a beast that kid can flat out play I don’t watch him much but I know the kid fills the stat sheets. He has alot of Duncan Keith in his game with more touch offensively. Carolina should be lucky to have a player like him on their blueline.

  29. Theres no excuse but the people who brought up the hard min/po games over these recent yrs is whats going on, when we have efforts like this. Even though we ‘should’ beat these types of teams every time that just doesn’t happen over 82 games (usually getting every teams best effort more then any other top teams do). What were the games we didnt show up to play (or in this one just didn’t play) PHI/COL/CAR, etc., ‘playing’ to competition. If we ever do not play good enough against top 10 teams too often then that’s the time to worry. Think about how many times last yr people thought/mentioned the same thing/etc. when we were doing shitty. We sort of didn’t play good again until games 60-80 (27 didn’t play good until he came back from injury/getting rest-100% healthy and 23 wasn’t as good after 4wk injury, etc.) but it came together team game wise around game 60. I expect the team to play really good at times in JAN but think we will gel starting in the first few wks of those 11wks.

    Not sure when it will this 82 games but I thinking were going to do well in JAN or FEB (then usual) and as horseshit the sch. is in DEC and JAN (with 8 games in 13 nights) and (14 games in 24 nights) we have a proper sch. in FEB, MAR, and APR. Games 50-80 over those 11wks we only have one wk were we play 4 games and only have two back-to-back (and only one of those is 3 in 4). The sch. is spread nice and evenly, so we can get into a rhythm and have moar rest then the other top playoff teams. This is big for us (the top core in hockey, that is po aged) and why we might be a little patient (then we want) with the 14in24 by seeing some games like this, etc. one because we know from the 4th wk in JAN we finally have a proper sch. after the crap sch. we got the games 1-50 (3in4 every wknd with 4 days off every wk the first 4 wks of season/what a joke). Have to think big picture and our guys/organization know this better then we do.

    Like someone mentioned the goal is to make the playoffs not be the 1or2 seed and do it with limited injury. It does blow to have to watch some games when we just do not play to our standards but our core/role guys know what it takes to win in playoffs and that’s is to be rested/healthy for it. We have proved this yr after yr and now need the younger/new guys to get experience and see who can play as we put this lineup/roster together. In terms of what we need at deadline the most.

    The only transition this yr is having some really good players in first full 82 games and more then the usual one with a couple guys playing the 2nd 40games. The bread man and Teravainen are going to be wicked and Danault is going to be pretty good too. That’s another good 4th or 3rd line guy (and when Krugs comes back that’s 5 of 6 there).

  30. Who ever mentioned how the other 4th and 3rd round teams have done (record wise) is spot on and you have to factor the sch. strength/returning roster players when looking at those to.

  31. Late to the post game comments section, but then there isn’t much worth saying … but I’ll add my 2 cents anyway.

    First, I don’t if I’ve ever seen the Hawks whiff on that many empty net chances as they did last night. I guess 4 days off the ice is all it takes to require hand/eye re-calibration.

    Second, there have been too many games where Crawford needed to be perfect for the Hawks to win and last night he wasn’t perfect. He wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t perfect.

    That was a lost 2 points sitting there on a pedestal for the Hawks to grab.

  32. Panarin is NOT an issue . . . kid can flat out play, amazing, VERSTEEEG took a long run at him last night and The Artist just sort of “stood up” and did not blink and kept skating. He is young, strong and just getting into a grooove. He has the size to get into the corners and get dirty, playing next to Kane gives you bad habits, Honestly!
    Panarin can adjust his play if TOLD . . . Kane sets the Tone!

    From my couch I do see a problem almost every night but it might just be me . . .
    HAWKS CONSISTENTLY HAVE TO SEND IN LIKE 3 GUYS TO FORECHECK, often I see 3 guys behind the net in a scrum often it is 2 on the corner we do not have the STELLAR forecheckers, speed to the puck and the strength, Hawks seem to need a GANG to tie up the puck? A lot of effort and energy spent, lost calories. 12 times a night in the Scrum the puck is won centered in front of the net and NO ONE THERE, because they are all in the scrum, king of the hill . . .

    Canes and Stars did not bull rush the dump in’s, not many good teams do but Hawks go hard to the puck in Mass, when it works it works when it doesn’t you get shut out 2 games in row.

    Go hawks

  33. We go thru this conversation every month or so… and have for the last four years. The Blackhawks are in the mindset that getting into the playoffs is enough, no matter the seed, and the Hawks don’t care what the road is (see last year w/out home ice vs Anaheim as evidence). Does it make the long regular season road frustrating at times? Absolutely! But we have a strong track record to look back at this team as not only knowing how to close the deal when the chips are down but also the front office is able/willing to make the right move to add a necessary piece at the deadline to make the team a legit contender.

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