Blackhawks Loan Prospect Robin Norell to Swedish League

On Thursday the Blackhawks announced they have loaned defenseman Robin Norell to Djurgarden IF of the Swedish Hockey League.

Norell, a 4th round pick by Chicago in the 2013 NHL Draft, has not appeared in an NHL game yet. He has played in 136 regular season AHL games over four seasons with the Rockford IceHogs. He has scored three goals and 15 assists in his AHL career.

16 thoughts on “Blackhawks Loan Prospect Robin Norell to Swedish League

  1. For whatever reason, this kid just did not impress enough to get a shot. I hope he does well in the Swedish Hockey League.

  2. The scouts in Sweden got a lot of leeway after taking Hammer in the 4th round. A whole lot of draft capital was spent trying to allow them to make that next great Swede defensman find. But what are we left with? A bushel basket full of guys like Norell that either will never play in the NHL or if they do they will hope to have as illustrious of a career as Klaus Dahlback.

    Really how many have there been? Dahlback, Dahlstrom, Norell, Press, Carlson off the top of my head and I’m sure I am missing 5 or 6.

  3. Good luck to robin. It needed to be made for his development with all the dmen in Rockford this and last year. He was playing 4th line forward.
    Housecleaning is it.

  4. does he still count toward the total numbers of players on the roster (54?)

  5. He looked solid at the WJC a few years back, especially on the PK and matched against other teams top line, but it doesn’t look like an Indian Head is in his future.

    @Mike: maybe still a shot for Carlson, but you make a valid point (and that’s without even bringing up Runblad not that I would do that).

  6. Recliner yes he does count against the 50 contracts because he is eligible to come back at end of year when on loan, as Runblad did his finsl season over here. but doubtful in this case it happens. Only players going back to juniors on a slide year don’t count as Boqvist doesn’t count next season.
    Mike hopefully Biqvust changes that trend.

  7. 2013 draft though, yielded NHLers Ryan Hartman and John Hayden. Luke Johnson likely will make the NHL. Carl Dahlstrom is close. Not bad for a team that had just won the Stanley Cup.

  8. Hartman, Hayden, Luke Johnson and Dahkstrom? Having a cup of coffee in the NHL does not mean you will have a long successful career or have an impact. Bowman and his staff which includes Mark Kelley of course, are simply bad. Itr has been like this for years.

  9. Enjoy the cup of coffee when your waiting for the meal to arrive. Microwaves heat it up quick but don’t stay hot as long.

  10. Time to renuite Keith and Seabrook while the others on D find their own chemistry.
    Like Bob Murray and Doug Wilson!

  11. Exactly! Keith and Seabrook have had to play with below average talent last year and it showed. Leave them alone and let Bowman’s poor prospects find chemistry.

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