Blackhawks Lose Jonathan Toews, Game in St. Louis

Marty Turco tried.

Turco, starting his second straight game for an ill Corey Crawford, kept 30 of the first 31 shots he faced out of the net and made a number of huge saves throughout the game, but one man isn’t enough on the NHL.

And on Tuesday night, Turco was all along in St. Louis.

After a first period hit took captain Jonathan Toews to the locker room for the rest of the night, the rest of the team didn’t do anything to help Turco. The first period that saw Toews get hurt also featured Turco enduring an 18-shot barrage. Somehow, the Blackhawks were up 1-0 after one period despite being outplayed in nearly every aspect of the game.

Without Toews, the Hawks had nothing.

Tomas Kopecky won two of 13 faceoffs, Nick Boynton committed some more disgusting turnovers, and despite having Patrick Kane back on the ice the offense was nowhere to be found. The Blackhawks four game winning streak was snapped… now fans have to hope no part of Toews was, too.

2 thoughts on “Blackhawks Lose Jonathan Toews, Game in St. Louis

  1. I was in St. Louis and saw it first hand. Passing was sloppy and there was no spark. Kudos to Marty, he had a great night. I really miss players like Burish and Sopel, they could hold the team together when play was shakey.

  2. That hit sure looks like a blind side hit that the NHL is trying to get rid of. Makes you wonder if the league is going to take a look at it, I mean meatball got suspended for a very similar hit earlier this year. Also we do not need a fighter in the lineup, we need someone who will finish a check and who can win face offs and help kill penalties yet coach Q decides to sit Johnson in favor of a slow skating goon.
    Kudos to STL for intimidating the Hawks to the point where they did not want to go into the corners or skate up the boards. The blues showed up ready to play the Stanley Cup champions and the Hawks showed up ready to play two hand touch hockey and they got the ass whoopin their effort deserved.

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