Blackhawks Lose Sixth Straight

In what is becoming an all-too-familiar story, the Chicago Blackhawks lost a road game. They haven’t won a game since before the All-Star Game, and haven’t played much defense since then as well.

Brent Seabrook got the Hawks on the board first, but the Avs answered with the next two goals. Patrick Kane tied the game with a wicked backhand shot late in the second, but that was all Chicago could manage against Jean-Sebastian Giguere. Colorado scored three goals in the third period to run away.

Chicago wasn’t short-handed in the game, but they appeared to be on their three power play opportunities. The phrase “man advantage” no longer applies for the Blackhawks, who have scored only once in their last 15 power plays.

The six-game losing streak is the longest for the Blackhawks since the 2007-08 season. Their next game is Friday night in San Jose.

23 thoughts on “Blackhawks Lose Sixth Straight

  1. I wonder if the hawks were favored to win that game since Colorado has been losing as well. It is not looking good. I wouldn’t blame Bowman if he started thinking about next year. This is a disaster.

  2. The good news is???? Kane took a hit to make a play.

    Every Hawks loss puts Tab one step closer to buying that Deion Sanders Jersey!

    I am taking a poll– who was the worst Hawks player tonite?

  3. It’s looking like this team doesn’t have what it will take come playoffs. Must. get. defenseman. And i don’t know what the hell is keith’s problem

  4. @ wall – I already own a sanders jersey, but I’ll let you borrow it when you start making sense.

    Worst Hawks’ player tonight: the entire blue line. I’ve got nothing at this point, I really don’t.

  5. Wall, I think Tab called Brunette an upgrade on somebody for the 2 millions were paying him. I guess it was crucial to clear off cap space by getting rid of Campbell then throw away 2 million on Brunette and 3 million on Montador. I vote Brunette as the worst player just because he is generally useless and you can’t even use him. Then the rest of our players start pressing. I think Keith and Seabrook are pressing because we have 3 1/2 defensemen and its breaking down our whole team.

  6. This team has NO drive, determination, spirit, hustle heart or focus . Gee , whose fault is that ? Is it not Q’s job to demand those qualities ?

    This team has quit on the coach . Period . Three power plays and NO shots on goal.

    I have been saying this for the last year . Time for Q to go —–now . Bottom line .

  7. I wouldn’t brag about being the guy saying Q should go… it’s a laughable idea. He’s going nowhere.

  8. I understand that assigning Bickell to Rockford would me he would be cherrypicked off the waiver wire. I don’t think he deserves a spot on the roster, but there might some diminished value in him for a trade scenario at some point. So he is on the roster and I accept that as a viable reason.

    How and why are we still paying Lepisto or Scott? Why not recall Hayes and Olsen to shake up the roster with character guys? Is having Lepisto or Scott in the press box doing anything for this team? When was the last time Lepisto laced up for a games? When was the last time Scott skated more that six shifts?

    If Bowman is content to not make a trade, so be it. At least make the effort to get the kids some experience and possibly save some face this season.

    Anybody else miss Torchetti and his special teams prowess? Kitchen has been an abomination.

  9. Wow I cannot believe all of the hate… I mean I am upset too but good god people yeah they are in a slump, yeah they look like shit, yeah they dont seem to have any determination but what the fuck did they look like last year? We looked awful all last year and they may have lucked into a playoff spot but I honeslty believe if they would have beat Vancouver in game 7 we would have had made it to the stanley cup finals. Look at how well we know that they COULD play when they do have their determination and spirit to win, they had it at the beginning of the season, SO MANY PEOPLE were saying how we were the team to win the cup this year. The fact is STILL HAVE A LEAD OVER 8th PLACE IN THE WEST. They do have time to get their shit together and still make a solid playoff run.

    People saying that the season AND EVEN NEXT SEASON are already over are the worst fans I have ever seen in my life. Maybe they do need a big trade, or a staff change to light their fire. But the fact is the season may have hit a BIG dark place, I am not throwing in the towel and for all of you who are, then stop coming to these websites and go bitch about something else somewhere else.

  10. Thank you Vince. I read this blog a lot, but don’t comment much. Somebody needed to say what you said. This amount of crying and moaning is ridiculous, even considering how bad the Hawks are playing.

  11. I was very upbeat last year after losing to Vancouver in 7 games in the playoffs. Even though we lost, it was a great series and entertaining hockey and I was really looking forward to this year. Tab, I realize you disagree, but I just don’t like the offseason moves. I think the games against Edmonton exposed us as slower and less skilled in comparision to last years playoff team. So it looks like we took a step back and its disappointing. Maybe one step back leads to two steps forward. Hopefully thats the case.

  12. can you imagine if the bruins sold/fired everybody after their miserable start? or how about the canucks? in november, both were out of the playoff picture.

    to me, the element missing from this team isn’t coaching, players, or even goalies… it’s sandpaper. we’re getting outhit on a nightly basis. opposing teams can make plays without paying any sort of price, which makes their passes that much crisper, they exit their zone that much faster, they never have to worry about keeping their head up so their attention is undivided, and there’s no fear or intimidation as the game wears on.

    other teams don’t look so sharp against us because our defense is bad. our defensive personnel aren’t that bad. it’s because they can focus solely on the puck and they know that they can make plays with the confidence that they won’t pay a price.

    start hitting people! it’s legal in this game! we have the best enforcer in the nhl on our side! make the opposition make mistakes by pressuring and punishing them!

  13. To those Hawk fans that live in la-la land, yes, everything is fine…it is just a funk they are in…they will be fine…they play shorthanded while on the powerplay, can’t win a face-off, won’t hit anyone, and can’t check anyone, but that’s OK, everything will be fine.

    Q and Bowman demote the young players that were providing the only spark this team has had in 2 months, and still…everything is fine, all is OK…just like the US dollar or the economy…it’s just in a funk, everything will be fine, all is OK…

    Bowman got rid of Campbell, our #3 DMan for no one, to open up Cap room, and doesn’t us it…everything is fine, all is OK…omm…zen…buddha…

    Aren’t you the ones that finally figured out the Titanic was sinking when you became your own ice burg???

  14. Ya man everythin gonna be ok…. lol. I’m jumping the fence! they played like a bunch of pussy’s! Ironically I thought Kane was the only one with a little heart in the game. they’re screwed! Unless… Bowman hasn’t move lepsissy or bickterrible or scotty because he’s trying to package them in a trade that gets us something. I have a trade idea!!! Bick and leppisto for a 6th round pick!!! ok 7th. ok and scott for a 7th. is there no team that would take that trade?

    If after the trade deadline all these players still have a roster spot then I will be very affraid. Hayes and olsen and Pirri/morin deserve some more ice time this year. I totaly agree that krugar blows. I think management was trying to show case him as an “NHL PLAYER” so he would have some trade value.

  15. The Hawks are in desperate need of making changes on the blue line. They have no one who can effectively play the body. Seabrook is the closest we have to a hitter and he just isnt physical enough. Keith hasnt been anything special and doesnt get enough points to overlook his lack of hitting. Leddy is Duncan Keith Lite. Hammer shot blocker yes, offense no, and wont hit. Montador and O’donnell try but just are not effective. I think maybe the time has come to say good bye to Keith or Seabrook but only for an upgrade. If you have to throw in a prospect thats fine. As long as it isnt either Hayes brother or McNeill. That still lets you move Hjalmarson if needed.

  16. Agree w/ Shamrock- Blueline worth too much money to perform this poorly-
    each game played their values go down! Especially the almighty Norris Trophy Winner! ONE GUY AIN’T GONNA FIX IT UNLESS NAME IS WEBBER OR CHARA!

    Kane finally skated like a 5 million player- (only took 50 games)- still holds the puck too long on PP w/ shimmy, shimmy, BS
    Toews looks like he is still hurt-
    Hossa looked like he wanted to be somewhere else-

    Like Professor Cramer says– SELL!!! SELL!!! SELL!!!!!!!!!

  17. Boys, it’s not just the players and the coach. It starts at the top with Bowman. The experienced GM’s in the league are licking their chops and waiting for Scotty’s son to call them. Frolik is a nice men’s league player, but I’ll still take Skille over Frolik because at least Skille finishes his checks. Why clear cap room when the GM can’t get the players to fill the proper roles. If we don’t make the playoffs this year, you can’t let Bowman try and fix it. You fire him right after the season, just like they fired the guy who built the STANLEY CUP WINNING TEAM, DALE TALLON.

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