Blackhawks Lose To Red Wings 3-2 In Overtime… Again

In spite of an incredible performance from Corey Crawford and a late game-tying goal from Jonathan Toews, the Blackhawks lost to the Red Wings 3-2 in overtime for the second time in a week.

Crawford may have lost feeling in his legs and feet late in the game because he stood on his head for the first almost two hours while the skaters in front of him waited until the third period to show up.

Chicago allowed 21 shots in the first period and 43 in the game, while only putting 11 shots on net in the first 40 minutes. The Hawks failed to get a single shot on Jimmy Howard in the overtime period.

Only two Blackhawks forwards skated less than 12 minutes in the game, with Jamal Mayers skating 10:05 and the continuing downward spiral that has become Bryan Bickell only getting on the ice for 7:11 in the game.

The Hawks failed on a few great scoring chances throughout the game, including Michael Frolik early on the first badly played puck by Jimmy Howard, and again on a couple chances for Brent Seabrook during a four-minute power play later in the game.

Andrew Shaw opened the scoring for the Hawks in the second period with his third goal of the season. He has now scored in consecutive games. After the game ended, Toews was credited with the late tying goal. Chicago’s captain also won 15 of 23 faceoffs in the game and was credited with two hits and two takeaways.

Chicago dominated the third period and were rewarded with both the tying goal and a point in the standings, keeping them ahead of the Wings for another day.

17 thoughts on “Blackhawks Lose To Red Wings 3-2 In Overtime… Again

  1. How does Mayer only skate 10:05…???? And Bickell is a waste pure & simple. Another guy MIA is Kane…… saw him several times dogging it on the back check….. I hate to beat up on the kid but we need him to step it up & quick!!

  2. That was an awful game plain and simple. They played for 15 minutes tops. Crawford played great and deserved a better team. I always look forward to facing Detroit because USUALLY they play their best hockey on these games. NOT THE CASE. It was painful to watch.

    1. I agree to an extent with joey. Kane is MIA but i dont hate to beat on him, I was so happy at the begining of the year when he was playing defense and also putting up points. I honstley haven’t noticed Kane doing anything special since late november early december and with sharp out that in unacceptable.

    2. Mayers and the rookies have been the most consistent players from shift to shift in 2012 plain and simple. Mayers needs more ice time plain and simple.

    3. Bickell is going through a slump, I thought with Hayes playing so well he would pick his game up… Not the case.

    4. The hawks were lucky enough to get into the OT period and immediately gave up. Both goals from the hawks were completely lucky. Then to go into OT and not take a single shot? EVERYONE was moving at half pace. If they tried to play a faster paced period we would have at least got a shot off.

    All and all am disappointed, this team that is playing in 2012 right now may be able to squeeze past the jackets and a struggling Wild team but they are not going to win a cup playing this way which is really sad.

  3. Bickell isn’t going through a slump, he’s having a downright horrible season (9 points, -6 in 39 games). I don’t think I can stand to watch Frolik play another game either, how didn’t he roof that empty netter in the 1st?
    Until we make a move for a true 2nd line Center or a top D man that can help our team Defense and increase our puck possesion, I find it hard to believe we make a Cup run. We had no business grabbing a point in this game, but with the standings so close – the Hawks have to feel good about taking a point from a playoff caliber team in a game that looked to be heading in a bad direction from the puck drop.
    On a good note, are people as excited as I am to watch Hossa play? He’s like a damn machine out there – almost willing the puck to his stick at times. I don’t think he’s had an off night all season… Hawks fans have to be pretty pumped that as mediocre as the Hawks have been at times, we can only get better – and oh yeh we have 58 points, not too shabby. Looking forward to what Bowman pulls off before the deadline..

  4. The Hawks were very fortunate to get a point…and let’s call it like it is…since day 1 of this season, the Hawks are a Top 4 DMan and a 2nd line Centre short…

    Most knew this over the summer, everyone has known it all season long…and until we make a trade, or trades, to rectify this, Toews and Hossa will have to continue to carry this hockey team…but clearly Patrick Kane won’t…and he gets a free ride for hibernating during the rough patches…its 2 months now, and basically nothing from Kane…

  5. The Hawks came out so tight in the first 2 periods that they couldn’t even connect on simple passes. A different team came out in the 3rd. W played loose and hard. Finished our checks. The kids led the way again.

    We salvaged a point but came up short. It’s time to package some combination of Frolik, Bickell, Connolly, and Beach and a 1st round pick for a top center and possibly a defenseman (would or even could you include Hammer?)

    We need to CONSOLIDATE some of this talent we have to make room for the cream to rise to the top.

  6. The Wings game today took me over the edge…there is no way this group is capable of a deep run in the playoffs. Far too inconsistent, sometimes seemingly uninterested, far too soft, too many guys who aren’t producing & finishing or even appearing to be a threat. On the soft comment, I’m not at all advocating gooning it up as their makeup doesn’t support it and I’m not a proponent of that level of play but there is so little of anyone taking a timely body and delivering a firm but legal hard check. Our guys with size who should be capable just don’t do it. After I saw Brower get a hat trick the other night and now with 14 lamplighters…geezus; wouldn’t he look pretty good wearing the Indian Head this year? I also think that, aside from the lucky bounce off Lidstrom’s skate today, we are not getting bounces, breaks, deflections, etc. And there’s far too much looking for the picture play involving a cute, perfect pass while passing on a decent shot. While I know that Soupy’s contract was a major issue, geezus, we absolutely miss his abilities to quarterback from the back end. I truly hope I’m wrong but what did the immortal Orval Tessier say more than a few years back; that his Hawks needed a heart transplant. I did say I hope I’m wrong but something is not right with this group. Beyond that I hope we can come back the kick the hell oout of the Sharks tomorrow night.

  7. I still have to get one more thing off my chest so I can sleep tonight…when we absolutely need a penalty kill we don’t get it. And our PP has turned south again…4 minutes after Shaw was bloodied today with a chance to steal the game and nothing…the second 2 minutes of it were embarrassing.

  8. Here is a fact-
    Troy Brouwer put up 3 goals and 8 hits in his last game…
    Kane – 10 goals, 15 hits in season!!!!

    Is there any way we can get Moulson (Isles) or Pacioretty (Habs), and a true top 3 Dman???

    Can Q buy Frolik a new stick? His must be broken because it doesn’t work.
    Sad thing is Frolik was one of our best forwards today!!!

    The Team (once again) disappears in 4 on 4 overtime hockey!!!
    With all of the speed and offensive talent blah, blah, blah!!!

  9. We need a defenseman with SIZE, what they probably thought they were getting in Monty. We have skilled, but small dmen who can shut plays down before they start and start the offensive rush. But when plays do develop, we need a big, bruising dman who can push around anyone who tries to get in front of Craw. Just watch how easily other teams’ forwards have their way with Keith, Hammer, and Leddy.

  10. I Agree James.

    made a mistake on comment on Brouwer- Kane… Brouwer had 8 hits, 3 goals in last game, Kane has 10 goals and 7 HITS this year!

  11. Bowman inherited Tallon’s salary cap hell but he has done a pathetic job IMO in identifying who and who not to move. It’s been obvious for well over a year that Kane is not a player who should be part of the core of the team. His value is plumeting. He could have moved Campbell & Kane as a package 2 years ago when all the tough character guys (Byfuglien and Ladd) were given away. Imagine getting Getzlaf or someone comparable and keeping Buff and Ladd. This team would be unbeatable.
    Tallon was over his head and Bowman’s ego is even worse. This is the team that got bullied around by Vancouver and the Cancucks got absolutely abused by the Bruins. If something doesn’t happen to make this team harder to play against they will have NO chance come playoffs. Other than Mayers his additons are crap: Instead of crap like Kane, Frolik, Brunette and Montador we could have had (potentially) Getzlaf, Ladd, and Byfuglien. Bad GM’s destroy teams – we’ve had 2 bad ones in a row

  12. with all due respect, Mr. LaPlante, you’re clueless in your assessment of Bowman. On Sunday night, a 20-year-old 5th round draft pick scored the game-winning goal. The team’s second goal was scored by a Toronto castaway. To say the Blackhawks have had two bad GMs in a row is arguably the stupidest thing I’ve read outside of my high school yearbook’s back cover signatures.

  13. Definitely agree with Tab’s comment…Tallon constructed the key components to a Cup-winner irregardless of considering the exceptional issues that precipitated the roster changes last year. How many team’s would love to have had a GM who put into place the pieces he did? And I’d say he’s done a credible job so far in FL as they’ve become nothing short of very competitive on most night’s.
    On Bowman’s record, at worst I’d say the jury’s still out as it’s too early to judge his draft choices as the time element is still too short; if Shaw is an indicator that’s a good thing. As far as FA’s I would say he definitely got it right with Jammer; hindsight now appears wrong with Carcillo although there were decent stretches; Monty and OD were brought in to be 3rd pair guys so that’s been OK; Scott, Lepisto well…who knows what Bowman’s expectations were? One thing for sure; whatever Bowman does I’m thinking Scotty has some input. I think it pretty much is the record the old man knows talent evaluation…

  14. Another comment…I’ve never thought of or heard anyone characterize Buff as a character guy. Not that I don’t like him and indeed I wish we still had him but I do question is motivation and work ethic on / off ice…what did he balloon to over the off-season before he got into trouble, was it 280-290? Character – Ladd, absolutely; Buff not so sure on that point.

  15. Bowman has done an excellent job thus far…his FAs have been okay, but he hasn’t had a huge amount of money to work with until this year, and we will see on that. But his trades have been very good and his drafting has been outstanding. This team is loaded in young, prospect talent, and that is why we will be able to execute 2 trades to pick up a 2nd line centre and a top 4 DMan and still be in good shape.

    Let’s see how Stan does helping this current team down the stretch and then make some comments.

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