Blackhawks Lose Toews, Game In San Jose

After getting shutout in Edmonton on Monday night, Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville threw his lines back in the blender. Patrick Kane was bumped back to the line on which he won the Hart Trophy last year, skating with Artemi Panarin and Artem Anisimov. After a couple good games, Vinnie Hinsotroza got to start the game with Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa. And Quenneville put Nick Schmaltz at the dot on a line with rookies Ryan Hartman and Tyler Motte.

Unfortunately, by the middle of the second period the blender had to come out because of at least one significant player missing.

In the first period, Logan Couture scored during a brief 4-on-3 advantage for San Jose to give the defending Western Conference champions a 1-0 lead. Joel Ward scored a short-handed goal 3:10 later to extend the lead to two, where it would stay despite the Blackhawks out-shooting the Sharks 14-13 in the first period.

In the middle stages of the second period, Toews appeared to get caught up along the boards.

Martin Jones continued to be strong between the pipes for San Jose, but the Hawks were finally able to break through when Anisimov set up Panarin for a missile.

The Hawks had a few other opportunities in the second period, including one pretty passing play between Hossa and Hinostroza that the Hawks’ rookie put off the post. Corey Crawford, who wasn’t exceptional in the first period, was significantly better in the second – and had to be as the Hawks gave San Jose an extended 5-on-3 late in the period.

During the two-man advantage, Marcus Kruger was sent to the room when the on-ice officials signaled down to the ice that Kruger had been picked out by the concussion spotter. Without Kruger or Toews, the Hawks were able to successfully kill both penalties.

San Jose put 13 more shots on net in the middle stanza, out-shooting Chicago 26-25 through two periods. Both goaltenders were outstanding in the second.

When the third period started, Kruger was back on the bench. Toews was not. Chicago’s captain did not return to the game after skating only only 9:15. Toews won eight of 13 faceoffs before departing.

As the third period progressed, Jones continued to be fantastic in net for the Sharks. The Blackhawks had a couple flurries in the first half of the third but couldn’t convert; on the other end of the ice, Crawford kept the Hawks within one. Niklas Hjalmarsson made a huge save with about seven minutes left in regulation as the Sharks had an opportunity with Crawford out of position as well.

Chicago continued to push the action, but a turnover forced by Joe Pavelski at the Hawks’ blue line led to a Sharks power play when Brian Campbell got caught up with Pavelski with 6:20 left in regulation.

The Hawks killed the penalty thanks to a great string of saves in the closing seconds of the advantage by Crawford.

Crawford went to the bench for the extra attacker with 90 seconds left in regulation but the Blackhawks struggled to keep the puck in the offensive zone. Duncan Keith saved an empty-net goal with 35 seconds left in the game by a matter of inches, and the Blackhawks weren’t able to generate another good scoring opportunity.

The loss drops the Blackhawks to 2-3-0 on the road trip.

While the Hawks put 34 shots on net Wednesday night, there was almost no traffic in front of Jones the entire night. Jones had a very good night, but had a good look at most of the shots and rarely had to worry about rebounds being a danger. Crawford finished with 33 saves against 35 shots.

Some of the Blackhawks’ rookies have stepped up their offensive game recently, but Chicago needs their veterans to play an active role more consistently. After recording nine points in the first eight games of the season, Richard Panik now has one point in the month of November (and it came against Calgary on the first). Kruger has points in only two of the last 19 games as well.

The Hawks are back on the ice at 3 pm CST on Friday in Anaheim.

39 thoughts on “Blackhawks Lose Toews, Game In San Jose

  1. Very similar to oilers game as for lack of presence around the net in offensive zone. allowing shorthanded goals putting us in a hole like pk was early on but opportunities were there ,thought the rookie forwards played a.good game overall need anisimov and panik and hartman to stir up yhings in front of the net to make saves a little tougher. Here s hoping toews not out lobg

  2. We out played them by a lot in 2nd and 3rd. Good thing is every team in division, other ten two teams player each other, also lost (as well as another night we did on road trip) so we didn’t lose any ground.

    Only thing that matters is Johnny Wayne is ok and short term. Might be blessing in disguise for him timing wise.

    I blame those fuckers who announced the circus trip sch after 2017 for this road trip record. You do not ever ever say certain things. Those people should be beat by somebody.

    Liked what I saw from guys, we outplayed them with them getting the bounces breaks calls shorthanded last mins of period 5on3 no penaltys called agasint them from that pt on and so on and still we showed our pride.

    Now Rufus will show his pride.

  3. Tab, Dietz had a longer post up that showed Toews finishing his shift. That first one made me think skate to the back of the ankle…went down in a heap.

    One plus for the game is the corsi. Not having net front presence is one thing. Not possessing the puck and not directing the puck at the net is another and that’s been trending to the good.

  4. At least we did not collapse after it was 2-0…I was worried we were going to get routed but we gave good account and shut them down…really good hustle by Keith to save that empty netter….who would have thought that shorty would end up being the game winner. Hell of a shot by!

  5. Not getting much out of Panik, Rasmussen and others offensively. Trent Yawney once said the NHL is not a developmental league. But obviously with the salary cap what it is in, some senses it now, is.

    The hope is that Motte, Hartman, Hino and Schmaltz will grow their games and be much more confident come March and April.

    Stan could send any of those rookies to Rockford but anybody they call up is not going to make any difference.

  6. Would’ve preferred a win in a rare game I get to watch, but I always like a good team taking a frustrating loss. I didn’t predict the Hawks leading anything at this point in the season. SJ, TB, PIT all looking truly elite, it’s nice to be thought of in the same sentence with those guys but we don’t belong in that company. I know the D barring injury will come up big late in the year but don’t see the kids being good enough to make the forwards matter this season. Fun game, hope 19 is ok.

  7. Thought this was one the better games I have seen this year in terms of a collective effort. Shame that Crow badly misplayed the 2nd goal – he could have easily come out and played the puck. Panarin is playing as well as anyone on the team – not sure how he does it but SB needs to get him signed. I have always been a huge Kruger fan but man we need more out of him at $3m per year. Young guys created a number of great chances and looked more comfortable than I have previously seen. Many were worried about Hartman taking dumb penalties but it appears that Motte is the one that needs to improve in that area.

  8. MS- good call on Motte… what’s up with the slashing???

    Anisimov- another stupid penalty- like the Refs weren’t going to see that???

    Positives- Young guys- and that line of Hartman/Schmaltz/Motte – looked really good… Team- really is playing Solid 5 on 5 team D for most part of season…
    I think the Both Goalies have played well- But not “terrific” like most here see… I think the Team D- has been better at suppressing Odd mans- and High Quality chances- which has Helped the Goalies look good (just my opinion)… NOT a negative on Goalies– But a positive on Overall Team D Structure.

    Negatives- At this point 72/AA/ 81 or 88 looks like the only true scoring line… next “good looking line” — Rookie line??? that does NOT bode well for Hawks.

    Seabrook- contract- I really like Seabs… but he is slowing down- big time… and the last few years -will be painful Cap wise… in the “sign Panarin” world… I might look to move Seabrook Versus Crow… IF Someone HAS to go cuz $$$ aren’t there… Dahlstrom- has size down in Rock- and Kempny/Forsling are NHL’ers…
    Tuulola in Finland-is another under the Radar D guy – that may surprise and make the NHL soon… really liked the way he played for U-20 Fin/Gold team… more of Hammer-type player though- not Seabs.

    Lastly- Toews- has to be bigger factor for the $10.5M paycheck… seems to be losing puck battles he used to win… and a half step slower than couple years ago!

  9. I agree the young/rookies are doing very well and they are making me feel optimistic about this year and beyond-(Forsling is being exposed a bit but he needs to play to get better and he has nice upside)
    It’s funny that the effort was there the last two games, better analytic numbers and two losses.
    I cringe when they take a penalty, and they need to find a second scoring line or they\ll be in tough against the west. Panik is going back to the mean, and I kind of chuckled at some who thought he was very good-he’s a serviceable big body. who should be a bottom 6 forward on this team. He can fill a role.

  10. I fully expected for us to play for the 1/2 or the 3/4/5 seed. Every yr since we have had our team (regardless of which yr was more stacked then others) we have been 1/2 or 3/4/5, other then 11 and 12 when we played short handed/not full roster. We did have good young guys coming then. We have that now again.

    Whats really going to help salary cap wise is for the several coming yrs these young guys are going to have team friendly caphits. ELC for a few yrs and then bridge for another 2. That’s means that we will be able to keep everybody we want and add each yr/pay raises as we go. Its the same thing that led up to 2013 and beyond the yrs before.

    Bowman and Scouts keep on finding good players, not just get lucky on one and then that’s it. Do not need to get players like 20 every yr in draft, just every now and then. 42 might be that kind of player, has huge upside.

    Do not mean to call people out/rude things, apologize for that. That’s not my intention and just get frustrated or pissed when people give up.

    We are. An elite team/top5, have the best core in hockey and need the young guys to keep getting better and add what we need (can be a 4th pick for guy like Hands/good faceoffs).

    I am excited for this yr and coming yrs because we know we are in good shape salary cap wise and there is enough cap space to do what we need with a lot of elc/bridge guys to balance core caphits. Its harder to acquire core players then to fill around them.

    Ups and downs. LETS GO.

  11. I have been overseas so that was the first game I have seen since mid October. I thought Ras looked very responsible and hard on the puck in 4th line role. Keeper. Maybe a small sample size, but in one shift (18-19th minute of first period) Forsling misplayed/gave away the puck at least 4 times inside our blue line.

  12. So now the goof Wall advocates moving Seabrook’s contract – and incredulously suggests C. Dahlstrom in Rockford as a potential replacement. Clueless Wall is addicted to personnel moves – that’s well known – but the never ending hand wringing over contracts is typical of a pointy dunce cap moron, as are his “predictions” so perfectly pointed out by Jax in the Winnipeg game thread.

    Just a few weeks ago, the imbecile Wall was all worried about Panik’s contract and whether Chicago could afford him going forward. Panik has cooled considerably so now dipstick Wall focuses on a different contract because Seabrook got outraced on the shortie after he fell at the other blue line.

    Wall do the world a favor, STFU, turn off your internet access and let things play out. It is a long season and you don’t know what you’re talking about … again. Congratulations on your nomination to the Goof Hall of Fame, it is richly deserved.

  13. Seabs has been a big part of the Hawk’s success over the last 7 years. However, there is some merit to Wall’s concern about what impact Seabs contract will have on retaining Panarin. I am not a cap geek, I leave that to Ernie, but if moving Seabs is the only way we can keep Panarin I would do it in a heartbeat. Watching Joel Ward blow past Seabrook made me cringe. I would love to keep 7 but would rather have 72 long term. I would not trade Crawford.

  14. Pinarin is doable and quite possible they have a plan for how his contract will unfold is why we are not hearing much about it but kempny and darling could be a struggle where moving kruegers contract would help

  15. It is not necessarily a trade off of Seabrook’s contract for Panarin space. Wall’s doom and gloom theorizing is unfounded, just like the rest of his “predictions”.

    What’s the difference, he’ll be on to another “contract that needs to be moved” in two weeks … like clockwork.

  16. Really depends on so many variables. Cap ceiling. Performance bonuses. Expansion.

    I’m not concerned with Kempny’s new deal. He was just a healthy scratch. One thing they can’t do is go over a certain percentage of this year’s cap allocated to next year’s team. Not sure if that’s the case here or not.

  17. Ernie you may right that a big contract cannot be fitted into next years cap spacethats why pinarin may sign a friendlier cap hit of 4m or so and renegotiate early next year with a signing bonus paid at end of next season to give him his salary and then we hope makes this year s bonuses because 2.7 m in bonuses plus 4or 4.5m insalary gives you the numbers you need to get under for a bigger deal next year.

  18. Its tough because we want Bread Man to score lots of pts just not be top10 again. Then I think its only 1.25m player bonus.

  19. One thing is very clear, and I say this as a long time poster, and Hawk fan as we all are, I guess?
    We have lost some good, smart people on this site-some have left permanently. some rarely post anymore due to a few people, most who hide behind a variety of names–who for some reason find it necessary to ‘feel better’ by attacking others–not to their face mind you–

    This team has given me many things to be thankful for, and Tab has offered this great opportunity. We all have the right to our opinions–both good and bad, but I to, grow tired of those few.

  20. The salary cap is 73 m right now and with 24 salaries counting toward it the hawks are right at the limit. The bonus overage if everybody on current roster if made which we hope is would be just over 4.5m with a salary off that at end of season be at least 600,ooo less to carry over 3.9m to carry this year 3m was carried so 900,000 of scuderi s retained goes to cover that the 200,000 left plus pinarins salary gives you 1 m the salary cap is going up it went up 2m last year with bettman lowering it and players ysing their automatic inflator so it worst case it should go up 2.5 m give that to pinarin makes 3.5m. Now look at defense 8 on roster now only need 7 campbell and rozival assume wont be back thats 2.1 m if tvr is taken in draft pokka or whoever is promoted is not going to increase your cap hit your number 7 d with svedberg under contract for 750,000 will be in that ballpark say.8 m leaving 1.3m . Kempny getting .7 m this year as a rfa has played well at times but makes some bad mistakes been scratched from lineup so won t get a big raise next year maybe .3 up to a 1 m a year.that leaves another 1 m now making 4.5 m for pinarin. The forwards not under contract are rfas moose and panik plus ufas desi and tootoo assume the rfas a priority and ufas not. So ufa cap hit 1.4 m if u look at 13 instead of 14 forwards fortin already under contract for just under .7 m you can have .6 m to sign rfas and johansson at base salary which is increasing to 650,000 this year (another reason cap has to go up) as backup. Thats 13 forwards and 7 d and 2 goaliesunder contract without moving an existing salary. If pinarin signs for a 4.5 m cap next year and gets 2 m signing bonus figured into next contract negotiated next fall he earns 6.5 m next year and 7 m in cap space created for him next year to sign long term and if you move kreugers salary you got a lotta room to use on other areas darling 14th forward etc.


    Your game analysis is spot on as always.

    You and WALL should get a room… and Hug it out… if you can squeeze in between WALL and Fabbri


  22. Ian, its looking really good for coming yrs. Salary cap goes up every yr and we add/cover raises. The team is going to get better each yr as the young guys start prime yrs and core is still, whoooo is it. It starts with this season, we paid our dues (salary cap wsie) now we get better and better.

  23. I really think part of why Pokka isnt up is because of the bonuses tied to him…and the obvious numbers game. He is a prime candidate to get an offer sheet. If the Hawks only offer Pokka a qualifying offer he would be 971k, I don’t think an unproven player can make that ask, but some other team may throw paper his way and put the Hawks in a bind…Vegas?

    Hartman has shown his worth and needs to be resigned as well.

    When it comes to signing bonuses, those factor in to a players cap hit. The only real reason for a signing bonus is to skirt escrow payments. Escrow is taken out of the bi-weekly checks the players get during the season. Signing bonuses are paid our before escrow takes effect. Kane makes 13.8 million in salary this year. 6 of that is a 6 million dollar check, So his escrow is only on 7.8 million instead of the 13.8.

    Ryan O’reilly’s deal is probably the most egregious. His cap hit is 7.5 million. In the first year of his deal he made 11 million…but 10 million was a signing bonus. Last I heard escrow was around 20%. . Escrow on 11 million would be 2.2 million dollars in money not showing up in his bank account. Escrow on 1 millon would be 200k. O’Reilly saved himself 2 million dollars by not paying into escrow. O’Reilly like Keith and Hossa and Kane and Toews, gets his money upfront and is paid less later on in the deal to lower the cap hit, but signing bonuses dont factor in. The last year of O’Reilly’s deal is worth 6 million, with a 5 million dollar signing bonus. Each year of the O’Reilly deal has an NHL salary of 1 million with the rest of his cap hit coming from signing bonus. Saved O’Reilly 9.1 million over the duration by not having to pay full amount in escrow.

    But, by not paying into it, that means the next years escrow percentage is probably going to increase if the players invoke their escalator clause when the league doesn’t make the HRR projection. So it hurts players who dont have signing bonuses.

  24. The rookies are showing more consistency than our veterans on this road trip which doesn’t bode well for us. Hopefully Toews is healthy for the Ducks and we come out flying. We can afford to lose the lead we built with our lasting winning streak.

  25. But point is ernie signing bonus paid on july 1st 2018 if a new deal done next fall could offset taking a lighter caphit next year and still attain salary level desired

  26. Assuming the cap increases 5%, it puts it at 76.5 million.

    Let’s assume Panarin signs for 6,5 per. Hartman doesnt need to be resigned. Forgot his deal slid twice. Kempny resigns for 1.5 and Pokk is on the roster at 850 on a one way deal. TvR has been shipped out. Fortin makes the roster. Panik resigns at 950. and you sign a backup goalie for 750.



    You have a maximum of 4.5275 carry over from this year in overages, but realistically its around 3. With that roster as constructed including 3 in overage, youd still have 3.97 in space.

  27. Well yes Ian, But thats under the assumption he takes less years down the road. Which he may or may not want to do. It really depends on how the deal is structured…short term or long term. I really dont see how he could come in anything less than 6 on either type of deal regardless of term or signing bonus

    On my previous post, TVR is still on the roster. Also, disregard everything regarding escrow and signing bonuses…players do pay escrow on it as well.

    A signing bonus is paid before the current season of the contract year. Signing bonuses unlike performance bonuses are not paid after the year. All a signing bonus does is give a player more money sooner

  28. No such luck Andy. Toews out today.

    I have to agree with Noonan. Should we begin a CI memorial on the posters we lost throughout the years? No sooner did you say that and someone spews this vomit. Come on people. You don’t have to agree with someone, but you dont have to make outward insults either. It’s usually when I say things like this that someone turns on me and makes some personal insults.

  29. If he signed a one year deal next year he could still sign a 6 year deal next fall with a bonus. I was kinda looking at worst case with bonuses may be made or not and bettman already stated revenues from world cup way lower than they hoped and canadian dollar still low and expansion team so i expect them to try to low ball cap. Also glad to see some people condemning the insults totally uncalled for. Your numbers for 12 forwards and 6 d and 2 goalies with overage i get 74.9m which is cutting it close but time will tell i guess. Looking positive in anahiem right now.

  30. Your absolutely right that can happen but pinarin could go on a tear and make his full bonuses. If the owners up it tto 75.5 msybe players decide its not in their best interests to invoke it and still a couple players short of what you would need.

  31. Noonan96 I’ll be THRILLED to say something to your ugly mug in person. Let’s see what you have to say. I’m outside of Chicago, I presume you’re hiding behind a keyboard somewhere north of the border where it’s nice and safe for you so you can take potshots. Come out from behind the curtain, oh that’s right, your schtick is telling people how they should act. How long have you been a Catholic priest and how often have you been drilling the altar boys, perv?

    Bleeding Heart Ernie: Shouldn’t you be welding together your salary cap worksheets. didn’t your daddy / boss tell you to do that? Get on it!

    Great game in Anaheim today, particularly by Seabrook who was excellent. Wonder who dipstick Wall will want to trade away today? And which prospect he’s got pegged to replace his latest trade candidate?

  32. To- “WALL IS A DOLT”- You sir are an idiot. Mr. Big internet tough guy challenging people physically over the internet. lolololol. gimme a break! what is wrong with you? You may want to try yoga or some meditation cause you got a problem. You sound like the big bully who use to dish it but couldn’t take it so you threatened people physically to establish some kind of mentally justified dominance over them. But too bad for you, you got to the real world and figured out you were an idiot and didn’t have the courage to adjust yourself. So intern, to make yourself feel secure you proceeded to bully people on internet blogs! Please don’t be a cop and please STFU.

    Kids who read this don’t be like him^.

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