Blackhawks To Make League-Leading 19 National TV Appearances

Missing the playoffs did nothing to hurt the perception that the Blackhawks are good for (national television) business. Chicago will appear on national television a league-leading 19 times during the 2018-19 season, more than the defending Cup champion Washington Capitals (18).

Here’s the slate:

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  1. the Hawks obviously draw TV viewers/numbers – if they didn’t they wouldn’t get the most TV dates – it’s that simple

    Lots of Hawks fans out there and still some star power

  2. Great except they black out those games on center ice. And how is NBCSN national TV when about 50 people get the channel?

  3. Even when we have an off yr.
    Still the nations team.

    Only 2 of 19 are at breakfast time. That’s good.
    Though maybe we want to tank, just once more time for the better good.

  4. Lots of games for a team who will struggle to score goals. Will be tough to watch on most nights especially on National TV. Why?

  5. I guess that means the TV execs still think the Hawks are an exciting team and a good draw … they may be a little behind the times on that one.

  6. I think the TV execs know for a fact that the Hawks made them lots of $ last year (despite a down year for the team) and are convinced that they’ll make them lots of $ again this year (despite the possibility that they may suck)

    They’re probably right – the Leafs of past years for instance continued to make piles of $ for decades despite sucking – their fans continued to watch

  7. Chicago is the 3/4 (close to Toronto) most populated city in NA only behind New York and Los Angeles so that probably helps

  8. Realistically we are likely to get evasive answers from Crawford for the rest of 2018. Wirtz, McDonough and Stan as his employers will have to decide how to proceed with an employee who cannot work.

    My hope is that two of Sikura, Ejdsell or Kahun develop enough to be considered locks in the 2019 opening night lineup.

    On Defense, management is going to force feed us Jokiharu. It would be amazing if he showed he’s an NHLer at 19. I have a feeling by seasons end the surprise on the back end will be the number of games Blake Hillman plays.

    The 2019 Draft has high end skill forwards. The 2019 UFA class has some tremendous talent as well. Next June and July will be great for the organization.
    In the meantime, we will scuffle to try to finish 8th in the Conference.
    #reality #realistic

  9. I agree with you in general Craig (although your grim realism might be a buzzkill for some other posters).

    I saw Jokiharju at WC and I thought he looked fine, but he has work to do on his defensive skills. I think the best place for him next year is Rockford. Forsling was rushed and if anything that set him back. I too suspect Hillman might be this year’s best news at the back (just a hunch).

    I just want to see an org committed to developing the young guys and skating a team that is exciting to watch and brings it every night. The can shelve the One Goal crap.

  10. NAS/WIN/and STL could be 20 or more over .500 and DAL and prob COL do worse then last yr. MIN prob same. Those teams are prob 5-15 over. If were around -5/E/+5 then we should tank for top 10 pick. Theres no point in getting blasted by a top 5 team in round 1 other then experience. Playing in the hardest division should help for draft pick.
    Might see STL 1 seed, then NAS and WIN play round 1. Ouch two top 5 teams.

    The core guys will prob play too good, because of last yr, but they know were still One yr away from adding a player or two like 81 or 4 ufa wise and the young wave starting to come in more. Everybody knows where were at, and when deep again.
    The 20 season is really when were back, so its tuff to know that even before the season starts.

    We should be fast and getting better. The young guys can get experience this yr and some take it to another level. Prospect develop different time lengths, the team roster is a development yr. last yr and this. Just One more though.

    Crow plays and core guys play and young guys keep getting better, we could make playoffs and win a round 1. It would be better to get another top10 pick though and just load up for 20 and on. Cant wait to add Panarin or Seguin to go along with the prospects/young player we have/coming. Moar good yrs ahead.

  11. If Jokiharju can contribute a little offense, help the pp and not be to much of a defensive liability that could be huge. Obviously he won’t look like somebody who’s got a coupke of years under his belt heading into his prime years yet. If he can be an 19 yearold who can contribute some positively that’s about all you can expect.
    Hillman may very likely play his way into the lineup and get alot of ice time this year, Manning likely to get a look early, so may take injurues to give him his opportunity first though. If 2nd year guys show improvement and veterans too obviously, defence should be better looking than last year.

  12. Word is Hawks are actually trying to work a deal for Panarin who openly said he wants to come back. Contract is to be reasonable first couple years and extremely higher as it goes on to make up front years of contract Which I tend to agree with various players leaving or being traded in future years that also have big contracts allows hawks to clear away cap room So this sounds like a descent long term contract. Now other aspects of what’s involved I don’t no and my info comes from a reliable source. I for one totally was pissed on the trade to begin with but most of the posters liked it.

  13. I hope we add as ufa for free. We need every prospect we have for that next wave.
    Caphit wouldn’t be much different as ufa or resign. Bread Man is not an overpriced terrible contract you see un the summer every yr.

    Funny thing we drafted and he picked the Chicago Blackhawks. 20 and 72.
    Be funny if we ended up with 20 and 72 and not 15, after the dust from these trades settle.

  14. Slammer caphit is an average if all years covered by contract, so pay being higher after a year or 2 has no effect on caphit. Agents usually want more money in early years, partially because it makes a buyout in later years unlikely with caphits that come with buyout due to lower salary later in contract.

  15. I think we need to stop with the “Panarin is coming back” talk – the chances are slim and none and Slim is saddling his horse. Panarin’s market value is easily $8M and probably more in the $9M range. Why in the world would he agree to sign for considerably less his market value? The Hawks can’t afford a $8M player, much less a $9M one. Dream and comment all you want about it but those dreams are in Slim’s saddlebags and he’s on his horse heading out.

  16. The Hawks absolutely love Panerin. I had an employee tell me the Hawks are looking ahead to 2019 free agency and the big goal of this off-season was ridding themselves of the Hossa contract, which they did.

    I doubt the Hawks move their 2019 first rounder, that’s likely going to be a blue chip forward.

    Columbus is in a tricky spot. The league knows Panerin is not signing an extension there. He wants to a UFA. Columbus does not want to wind up like a Islanders and Tavares. But the max they will get for Panerin will be at the trade deadline. Not now.

  17. Panarin at deadline to TB. Then goes to ufa, as he wants for summer. Just in time for the 20 season, where it starts for us.

  18. Would love Bread Man back but not in a trade – we can wait until until next summer when he’d UFA

    Chances of him signing long term anywhere before that are highly unlikely

  19. Money can be freed up. If Crawford cannot come back this season. Hawks buy out the final year. 2/3rds of 6 Million is 4 Million, spread over 2 years. So Crawford’s cap hit would be $2 Million in 2019-20; $2 Million in 2020-21.

    Anisimov’s contract can likely be moved to a team like the Rangers, who will lose their big Center Kevin Hayes next summer. Dallas will need a Center if Seguin decides to go UFA. The Islanders could use one as well now that Tavares is gone and Brock Nelson is soon to be UFA. Same thing with Ottawa and Duchene.

    In other words, this years sleepy little off-season might lead to a huge Summer of 2019

  20. Yeah they loved the Breadman so much they sent his ass a packing to the Jackets .
    This broken record has been sung and played to many times before ,..,drop this insane subject please .

  21. Craig actually according to cap friendly Crawfords caphit would be almost 2.7m next year and carry an extra 1.7m caphit in 20-21. Based on actual salary and structure of contract, not the caphit. At present looks like Nalimov be signed next season, although a rfa at 25 yes he no longer is signed to an elc but a regular contract and not eligible for performance bonuses. So while not commanding a huge salary he will take 2 or 3 m likely. Plus a good backup option will be needed so savings there could be only 1 or 2m at best if any depending how much is spent on goalies.

  22. Usually wins/losses is the main thing that matters, but not so with the 2018/19 Hawks, at least not in my opinion. I think the main determining factor of a successful 2018/19 season is the development of the young players we will need to be successful in the 2020/21 season (or maybe as early as 2019/20 if a lot of things fall into place). That is what I will be enjoying this season – the growth of the young players, even though it probably means more losing games than winning games.

  23. Good point Ian and totally agree ER.
    2018-19 is a development year. Sikura, Ejdsell, Kahun, Hayden all with a chance to prove they belong in the NHL.
    Murphy must prove he’s worth his bloated contract and win Q’s confidence, on defense.
    Ruuta must prove that getting run into the end boards last year did not make him fearful of being an NHL defenseman. Gustafsson has to show he’s ready to be an NHL regular.

    We shall see who takes the opportunity and runs with it.

  24. I find it hard to see where the ufa money is. Next season Schmaltz be in the 5.5 to 6.5m contract extension. Then there is Sikura, Ejdsell, Kanpf, Hillman and Forsling, maybe others needing to sign a few if not all to new deals and Nalimov, who if he signs next season will be rfa for 3 years at least before ufa.
    In 2 years Debrincat extension, Shalunov reportedly coming over, no elc but a one year rfa then need to resign him as ufa. If Mitchell signs after ncaa year is up it would be 2 year elc and he could burn one this spring. So in 2 years he is looking for another contract plus other rfa signings that will need attention.
    Other prospect signings in system be manageable elc s for a couple of years hopefully.

  25. Looking at birthdates, Nalimov is 25 in August, cut off point is July 1st so he would be considered 24 in another year and next summer would sign a 1 year elc and 2 years as rfa following that.

  26. If Crow cant play anymore. We could add Panarin and Seguin.

    81 covers oner of these guys. 50 would cover another.

    Were adding.

    Not sheading anymore.

  27. ER, that’s right. Were not guaranteed season 20 and on, it might be 21. Where ever were at during the 20 season, that’s the starting point when the general public will get excited.

    I am getting excited, when more of the young guys emerge, because that’s whats needed. Not worried about core guys, as long as we add 72/and or 91-50.

  28. Look at where they are positioned to ready themselves for another cup run.
    In goal it seens like it’s milk all you can out of Crawford until his contract is up and either Nalimov is the guy or go ufa/trade route if not. Forsberg or Delia may be a decent backup for a year or 2.
    With Jokiharju and Hillman on the cusp of making lineup and Mitchell may be late season add, unless Boqvist and Beaudin develop quick its possible that most defensive pieces for next run are going to be here this year.
    Top 6 if Sikura the most hoped for candidate can show he belongs there, you have 6 pieces with option of an ufa, trade or draft pick to bolster it. Maybe Shalumov factors in here too.
    Bottom 6 needs some stalwarts, who knows in a couple of years could be looking at a siberian express 3rd line of Kayumov, Shalumov and Altybarmakan. Others will be ready by then and a few names from current roster could be still around to play a key role as well. Things could fall in place fairly quickly and clearing room for adds next year may be in cards, although waiting for the 2020 trade deadline would look more likely for big trades. Too much has to go right this year to be a factor but 3rd place/wildcard is definitely a possibility. I am not a fan of tanking, as i think it can kill morale worse than the benefits you might get back in return are.

  29. Ian – love your optimism!

    I’m also not a fan of tanking – how are you building a winning culture by purposely losing? you’re not – you’re telling the players not to do the thing they get paid for – compete your hardest to win

    It’s one thing for a bad team to trade away vets at the TDL to bring in prospects (which is good management) and perhaps improve your draft position it’s another thing to actively coach to lose games (which as Ian said is counter productive)

    I’m looking forward to training camp to see what the young guys have – given our bad luck with sh% and %of posts hit (#1 in NHL) and perhaps some bounce back from the vets – if we can have a couple of the young guys contribute significantly (like Dcat last year) – we could challenge for the playoffs

    If we don’t challenge then we have another high draft pick but to lose for Hughes (ie. purposely tank) IMO is not a winning proposition in the long term

  30. I fully believe we can be 3rd or 4th/5th (which both are wildcard), we just need Crow.
    Remember we just played, shitty, and without 81/4/50. That’s a lot.
    We get 50 back and add 72/91/ufas, we get back 2/3rds of those guys that we did not have last yr.
    The Four Horseman are coming, might be be more then a 4 in there. Plus theres 4 of them.

    Its just that we want to be deep/quality deep.
    We could have Cup on any yr we did without being as deep as we were/or without they guy who played really good for them. Just nicer to have the deeper team no matter whos playing us. I do want that deepness.
    Point is we still would have won if we did not have 29 that yr, 80 that yr. Someonelse would have played really good if hey wernt there.
    Its the group/being deep that someone will always do that.

    I think we do good this yr, hopefully Crow is healthy, I just not worried if our record is outstanding. I want the young guys and each guy were they are to take it to next level for them/develop- those things to be outstanding. Then were ready from then on/and adding not sheading-with lots of extra pieces to be creative with moves.

  31. If this is a young league now (no one can play between 35-40 anymore-like 51/10)(unless your franchise type players like 19/88/2/50) then having a lot of young good players will have us right there.

    The difference is well have the older core, whos better then guys like Nash/Backes/Perry those types who are good but flatlanders. To go along with a large group of young guys. I like that mix.

    Look at Vegas, they have that large group, but no champions/franchise guys. Got extremely lucky bounces/crazy bounces. It got them close (only with WIN being completely worn out to play) but they had a full roster was why. They were the most balanced team ever in history/all 2nd and 3rd line and 2nd pair team.

    We need a full roster deepness wise. Then were back.
    It will be nice to see Kaner smiling when the young guys have us on even playing field, then he can do his thing.

  32. Like 15, TB played really good but it was there speed that closed the gap with our way better skill/talent team. We didn’t have as much time and space to outplay them.

    Once we get a full roster, then were good again.

  33. You guys watching the prospect list.
    I go by overall ceiling.
    We know how close/where each guy is at.
    Its how good there going to be is the real list.

  34. Tab, you updating the prospect list or waiting until after training camp.
    Is that list most ready or how good to be/as of now.

  35. Mo i’m watching for this season is to see if defensemen like Murphy, Gus and Forsling are keepers or not and also to see how rookie dmen look. Also besides finding a top 6 forward from young prospects, looking for some bottom 6 guys to help anchor those lines for a few years. Obviously the core guys showing they can still bring it important too. If Crawford can get back and show he has some hockey left for next season, plus Nalimov has another solid season in KHL and looking the part of future no. 1 guy, that would put a brighten 2019-20 seasons outlook considerably.
    If Kruger doesn’t show he is the answer at 4th center look for Luke Johnson to get a chance there and Kampf a shot being a number 3 center especially if AA used in top 6 until one if the prospects ready for that spot.

  36. There’s tanking and then there’s tanking. I would hope no coach/team would ever tell their players to not play their best and play to win, but most of the time the more talented team wins. Rebuilding is a form of tanking because the focus is on winning in future seasons rather than winning now – and that usually results in a worse record than if the team mortgaged the future to win now. So while I don’t favor tanking in the one definition of the word, I am in favor of it when it is the rebuilding form of the word. Another aspect of the rebuild/tank is how much time the young players get over veterans. If the objective is to rebuild in the shortest time possible then it necessarily results in fewer wins during the rebuilding phase as those young players make the inevitable mistakes as they learn on the job.

    It’s a make the roster with an eye to the future and let the wins and losses happen as they will.

  37. “If Crow is healthy “, sadly a team’s fate should not rest in one man’s hands for this long. His lack of health blew up our season on approximately December 23rd of last year.
    We are now in late August of 2018 and his appearance/remarks at the convention were troubling.
    Truthfully Cam Ward is the Hawks number 1 goalie. The sooner the narrative flips to this, the better.

  38. Thing is, even though were not wanting to waste last yr/without one guys like that (not blaming only Crow/there was 10 things that were wrong)(on normal yr 2 of 10 things go wrong/every yr)(10 for 10 is very rare)

    We weren’t deep, and got a high top pick (normally a top 3 pick quality), so that was a reward for how bad we did.
    Were still not deep yet, so I am ok with letting Crow as much as we can, hes a top 3 goalie. Hes worth the wait. If he cant get to full health by 2nd 40 games then that’s not good. If so he could be ready for 20 and on.
    Crows worth the wait, for our 20 and on runs.
    Just play Ward like hes the starter if Crow cant go.

    We still have One more yr before were deep again. Its worth it, when hes a top 3 guy.

  39. Then, Wall, will get his ideal roster. The 2010 form, with more top 4 Defensman and deepness and a goalie like Nemo.

  40. Ian, like Craig, saying about Crow, that’s prob the same for those D guys, they got until the young guys start coming in and if we add.

  41. Love Panarin-think he was unfairly put down before and after the trade but don’t see that contract fitting in unless a miracle happens. (i.e. Seabrook, we can dream) How does adding a 4th huge contract help in the long run?-if you think they can win a 4th in the next few years it would be worth it?, but you also need money for younger players that might excel and take off. Is this team really a 30-40 goal scorer away from a Cup? I wish they were.

    Echo that this is a development year and transition year depending on Crow’s health. No Crow then the primary goal is to get a young goalie with upside (that should be a focus anyway) Also pray that one of these good young kids is a #1/2 d-man and he gets good real quick. The back three guys on this team, shift in and shift out, every game is potentially not good enough. Realism, yes. High draft pick forward would be wonderful.

  42. The comments were made that Crawford was to begin on ice activities to work toward his return in August. I wonder if that is happening or not, that would be gauge if he is looking like he may return sooner or later. I said before that my thoughts are he falls somewhere between not playing again and being ready opening night and still think that is the case.

  43. When is the Traverse City tourney – isn’t it coming up soon? I saw a tweet somewhere that said Boqvist will play in the tourney. When will the roster be announced? Thirsty for some hockey.

  44. BTW – DeBrincat and Kane are playing on the same team in the Chicago Pro league and they both had a couple goals last game. I think Kane has only played in the last few games whereas DCat has played in all 6 games and is second in scoring with 9 goals and 5 assists behind some guy named Scott Pooley who has 11 goals and 12 assists. Other pro players in the top-10 scoring are Anthony Louis with 6g/6a and Vinnie Hinostroza with 4g/7a. It looks like there is only 1 week left (this Wednesday).

  45. This a make or break year for a number of players. The rookies for most part will get another year but forwards who are in 2nd year in Rockford on an elc will need to find a way show they can part of the NHL roster if they want to stay around. With the drafts in next year or 2 likely to focus more on forwards and some unsigned prospects coming, guys like Hayden need to secure a place on the 23 man roster this year. Kampf who needs a more physical game to be a checking center or more offense to be a middle 6 center, which his skating and other abilities would compliment him in that role.
    Defensively Murphy, Forsling and Gus need to show they are part of the future immediately with what is likely a blueline that will change its look rapidly in next couple of years. Dahlstrom would appear on the bubble and Snuggerud needs to have a big year to get back into the conversation.
    With both Delia and Forsbergs contracts up next summer only one may be resigned so they could be competing for future backup role also.

  46. Not that long, havnt looked/thinked about that since 7/1.
    Weve been talking about roster and things, these mths have flown by.

    This season will be good.
    Its a trainging camp and take it to next level season.
    Then we add ufas and more young guys ready.
    Then were on.

  47. It really is a good time, this yr, because we know not everyone is going to make it/stay/were adding a top or couple really good players/things are going to happen.
    Prospects and young guys are coming and are going to be good, the ones that do.
    So as fast as we went, without 81, 4, and 50. Were going to sky rocket once were deep again.

    Now the time to do no shortcuts. Reload the right way.

  48. Mo-got invited to the exhibition game against Ottawa in September by a friend, the former president of the club. Should be fun. Two teams trying to find their new identity.

  49. Nice, I havnt seen that woman yet about Crow.

    OTT, could be good trade relations with lots of prospects going there and here. Like the Sharpy trade or Steeger.

  50. AA Toews Debrincat Anisimovs strong 2way go to front of net game would allow Toews to use his speed and skill on wing and still take bulk of draws, making him more effective.

    Saad Schmaltz Kane mainly because Q said they could be together.

    Sikura Kampf Ejdsell /Kahun/Haydon Show me what you can do line multiple centers tried if needed

    Kunitz Kruger/Johnson Hayden/ Highmore a checking line that can score a bit. Others can factor here too.

    Keith Murphy/ Seabrook To start year anyways. A trade could happen.

    Gus/Forsling Murphy/Seabrook again to start season

    Manning Rutta insurance but transtion to Jokiharju Hillman

  51. Just curious-if the goaltending is better than last year, and it was good in the first half, poor in the 2nd half. With the above line-up where do people seem this team going?
    109 to 76 points to? I can see a range of 68 to 90 and probably near 80/84-no Crow perhaps low in the range.

  52. Noonan with elite goaltending by Crawford this a playoff team for sure, with dependable goaltending by backups having to play alot in his absence, in the hunt quite likely. A long playoff run next spring doesn’t look to be in the cards.

    I’m looking more at what positives they can get out of this year. Knowledgeable hockey people have said Toews spending time on wing would help his game. Anisimov not long term answer but with guys like Ejdsell, Shalumov or maybe Entwistle developing, maybe that type of role be the answer.
    Finding some bottom 6 guys who have long term potential is important. The possibilty with some big league experience that a checking line of Highmore, Johnson , Hayden who combine a bit of size and with a speedy, gritty type game all defensively capable and with a bit of chemistry could be a threat to score consistently, whats not to like thinking about that. Hopefully a couple of 3rd line keepers in the mix too. Kunitz and Kruger should be helpful in showing these guys the right way to play defense and penalty kill, which is big. Also Kunitz showing the importance of playing power forward the right way will help. Kruger help with FOs too. Seeing which defensemen step up and show they are part of future and earn a roster spot for the following year. This is what i am watching for this season..

  53. I gave no problem with the forwards and feel they make the team competitive, but it’s telling not one mention of the D-as I said before it will be the back 3-the defense and goalie (if not Crawford and healthy) that will define the ability to make the playoffs.

  54. They say competition is a good incentive. There certainly a lineup of candidates on the blueline to create that. With a years experience under their belt also should push some of the younger returning defensemen to another level, combined with some promising rookies who should play at some point. Obviously 2 and 7 will have better seasons than last too. Signing Ward has raised the bar for backups so that should help them to playoffs also. Regardless of how much Crawford is able to contribute there should be an upgrade there.

  55. We were 17-11 then Crow got hurt.
    That has us at 51-33 with everything else that went against other then that.
    So we would have been better then 18 over .500 and I think we were 17-13 a game he got hurt, so that 51-39 and 12 over .500

    12-18 over .500 with the thing that went against us/other then Crow.
    That would be 3 seed and prob 4 seed this yr, as STL is primed to be 1 seed this yr and NAS and WIN not caring as much in regular, see them at 2 and 3.

    Let those teams wear each other out these yr and last two. Then when were deep those teams will have had 5or so runs in a row.

  56. Yea its tuff. I am not worried about this season as I am looking and wanting what Ian said for expectations and wants. I do think we can be 3 or 4 seed this yr. What seed we get doesn’t matter though, not this yr. Top 10 pick would be real nice, I just donot see us doing that bad again unless Crow doesn’t play.

    Starting next yr, with Crow, right back where I always have been. We can win, need to improve and get better. Then were there again.

    What really matters is the stuff Ian said, because that’s whats going to get us back to a top team again. Deepness and speed and skill and core guys playing as good as they really are. Non of that stinking root beer.

  57. There is also a lot of hate for the Hawks out there. Other teams’ fans want to see them lose – kind of pay back for the cup runs.

  58. Garn true enough, 10 years ago everybody was still feeling sorry for the Blackhawks and hoping their young superstars would give their something to cheer about. Not so now.

  59. Yea, that’s funny.
    Some of my friends, who like BOS, said it was nice to see someone else to win.

    I said, ok, though it should not have been a team that didn’t deserve to win. PIT.
    TB and NAS deserved to win, I would be ok with. PIT there garbage, how they won.

    Just makes us feel prouder then we already are. The dynasty team of this 20 yrs.
    Suck on Thaaaat!

  60. Just like how those NHL network guys were sucking on it, after game 6 2013. That Johnson guy couldn’t get enough. Whats hes afraid of. Hes been bitter, Talk, since that 2013.

    They all thought if BOS could do that to PIT, then that meant they were better then a dynasty team/one of the top teams in the history of Hockey.
    Some were sucking it before we won 4in6, I mean 3in6.

    I Love it.

  61. I’ve been a hawks fan for over fifty years and always will be even though we reside in Arizona now. I also played this wonderful game for that long of time.It’s a nice tribute to the organization that the networks deem them worthy of national broadcasting. My hope is that they produce a competitive team this season to show the world of their worthiness. Of course dedicate this season to Stosh, he was one of these kids biggest fans. I’ll leave the predictions to the experts until I see what type of team their going to field this season. Thanks for the space.

  62. Interesting that the Hawks have so few right handed shots in the top-12 forwards :
    by my count : deBrincat, Schmaltz, Hayden.

  63. Thats right Craig another reason to keep Schmaltz at center as only right shot one unless J8hnson makes lineup.
    Mo they are both left shots.

  64. Ian, I spoke with a coach here in Omaha a couple years back when Luke Johnson was with North Dakota (right after he was with the Lincoln Stars) and was told that the only issue with him was he needed to get into better physical shape. It appears he has done that and is making himself into an NHL player.

    His hockey ability is excellent. By that I mean he backchecks hard, goes to the net hard, stops in the blue paint and plants himself, gets in opponents faces.

    I think he’s going to be a 5th round steal. A legitimate 3rd or 4th line NHL Center.

  65. Hope your right Craig, i think this season will bring a big opportunity for him to show what he can do at some point. Unless Kruger can bounce back he likely could be just be veteran insurance in the pressbox this year. From what Cotillon says about his progression, sounds like he is ready.

  66. No. 25: Defenseman Dennis Gilbert
    No. 24: Winger Niklas Nordgren
    No. 23: Defenseman Carl Dahlstrom
    No. 22: Winger Alexandre Fortin
    No. 21: Forward Dominik Kahun
    No. 20: Forward Tim Soderlund
    No. 19: Forward Matthew Highmore
    No. 18: Defenseman Blake Hillman
    No. 17: Forward David Kampf
    No. 16: Winger Andrei Altybarmakyan
    No. 15: Forward Artur Kayumov
    No. 14: Defenseman Lucas Carlsson
    No. 13: Defenseman Chad Krys
    No. 12: Goaltender Collin Delia
    No. 11: Forward John Hayden
    No. 10: Center Jake Wise
    No. 9: Defenseman Nicolas Beaudin
    No. 8: Defenseman Ian Mitchell
    No. 7: Forward Victor Ejdsell
    6- Forsling
    2- 12
    1- 8

    You think 42 is higher then the Four Horsemen. That would be good of hes as good as them. Then we got a spare horse.
    Saader is only a yr ish from being 25.
    This list of prospects is impressive, considering most are very young/in terms og being 25.
    Some of these guys have 6 more yrs before 25.
    Which means the quality is just getting started
    Upside could be huge for more then a few of these guys.

  67. B0qvist,Jokiharju and Sikura will likely be 3, 4 or and 5 on the list. Very surprised that it appears Entwistle isn’t there. Johnson, Barrett, Shea, Galvas plus Peeters, Nalimov and Gravel all could have been on it too. Saad, Shalumov and Murphy are too old this year and were there last year.

  68. It was Entwistle but basically same time as draft, if its that up to date , doubt a few days later wouldn’t be or disclaimer about it, if that was why.

  69. If that was the case 48 would bo on the list Mo. Also alot of clips from prospect camp, so i don’t think its outdated at all.

  70. Yea, maybe we here should do these lists. We wouldn’t forget anyone.

    My dogs cable broke an hr ago and she wasn’t in yard. Had no idea how long/couple-hrs. I grabbed my Blackhawks hat hybrid flipflops wind pants and climbing rope.
    She was a couple houses over, metal cable still attached to her collar, stuck between those peoples blocks/bricks and a low branch/shrub around mulch type area.
    Holy shit, was lucky.
    She looked at me, like what took you so long.
    Started downing the water bottle-sofie after that.
    Shes eating pork chops and peppers now/getting a lobster tomorrow.

  71. I gotta a feeling shell be eating chops and lobster a lot more now.
    I need another strange brew order of local goose, in a van filled to the top.

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