Blackhawks Make Roster Cuts

On Friday morning the Blackhawks announced make five cuts. Chicago reassigned Nathan Noel, Graham Knott, Tim Soderlund, Dylan McLaughlin and Jake Ryczek to the Rockford IceHogs. In addition, goaltender Alexis Gravel was sent back to his junior team yesterday.

Chicago’s training camp roster is now at 49 players.

48 thoughts on “Blackhawks Make Roster Cuts

  1. I haven’t seen any of these pre-season games yet but it’s interesting that when the veterans got in the lineup there was a win! That being said, shots in goal in second game would give JC a few palpitations I’m sure. Being responsible for all 200’ when in the ice will be one thing IMO the coaches will be looking for. Can’t wait to see the roster pared down and the lines mirror less fixed- turn ‘em loose and let’s see what this team can do?

  2. Anyway you slice it, the Hawks have much more depth this year. Depth in all areas plus Colliton has the full season to get his team where it should be.

    Another long summer gets the appetite going to win again. I am interested to see if Dach- assuming that he is healthy, and Boqvist will start off with the Hawks.

    I fully expect the Hawks to be a playoff team come April.

    GO HAWKS.. says Tommyhawk.

  3. FWIW there seemed to be a lot of smiling from JC regarding Dach being back on the ice and he said that Dach was ‘never out of the running ‘ for a spot on the team

    Once Dach is practicing with the team he should get an opportunity to show what he can do – no room for error however I would says far as making the team goes

  4. I read that Saarela demanded a trade because he thinks he’s ready and wasn’t given a fair shot by Canes. I haven’t seen any of the ex games so far. What’s the verdict on this guy?

  5. Wrap on twitter Scott Powers had yesterdays 2nd group and said do you think this will be opening lineup or close to that. He is around the team and usually has a good handle on whats what. I threw a tweet off to him asking if thought Dach was in the picture and his opinion was no.

    Jordy no doubt Saarela could be a starter on some rosters in my opinion. If thats true i would think there is interest. Teams like Leafs, Bolts that need Nhl ready bottom 6ers for a $ 752 000 caphit should be calling.

  6. I don’t think they’ll trade Saarela – he looks good and could easily be a call up this year and a regular next year especially if they have to move on from someone like Saad to fit in new contracts for 12, 17, 8? and how knows maybe even Gus

  7. Ian – Powers may be right but it’s just his opinion – today JC didn’t look like someone who had ruled Dach out

  8. 77 skating is good. The shorter the better for time out.

    He needs to play a good 2 games or more in regular season regardless if eh can in any preseason games. Keep in mind that he didnt get to, warm up, with a couple preseason games and practices like everyone else did. For when he plays his first game or two. I would go by the 3rd 4th 5th games, he plays as many as 5.

  9. Dach will have to be far superior than anyone else to make the team. Hawks are not going to waste a year of eligibility if there are others who can do the job. Look at all the unsigned Rfas not signed. Why waste a yr of eligibility if he won’t have a big impact

  10. If Dach is noticeably superior to Kampf as 3C it’ll be hard to keep him off the team – otherwise I agree, no need to rush him

  11. Hes not going to play preseason game unless ready injury wise, so he prob gets a couple season games in first 10 games, when ready.

  12. Rockford is the better place to hit back, when someone hit us, for dangerous push from behind into the boards with injury.

    They really really should pay back.

    Plus most of the guys that were there are in Rockford, right?

  13. Keep in mind Bowman has stated he wants to be at least 18 forwards deep and he started in a recent interview that just because somebody makes the opening night lineup does not mean that player is up for a full season. That’s a pretty obvious statement but worth noting that if guys like Sarella, Dylan Sikura and J. Quenneville do not made the opening night roster, the competition immediately begins in Rockford to be the first call-up.

  14. Wrap i was hoping Dach be ready to help this year too. For variety of reasons my thought is to start the year anyways if Dach stays, Nylander or Kubalik go down. That makes it a bit tougher to stick. It is only Powers opinion, but to say that definite about how he sees it, he probably has a good reason for thinking that way. Mo agree if Dach gets a few games, won’t likely be pre season, maybe after they come back from Europe.

    Craig i would add Highmore and maybe Hagel to that list for potential callups.

  15. Ian – maybe someone will go on the IR thus opening a roster spot to carry Dach for at least a few games while keeping both Nylander and Kubalik up

    I doubt they send either 8 or 92 down if they’ve otherwise earned a place on the team – sends the wrong message and not consistent with getting off to a fast start

    I think either someone mysteriously has to go on IR (or maybe it’s deemed that de Haan is not quite ready to gofer game 1) at the start of the season so 77 can get an NHL game or two to see what he’s got or Dach goes back to junior before the start of the regular season

  16. Thank Goodness Kirby Dach is okay, but he was severely delayed in his mission to make the Blackhawks which would have made the Hawks a better team I believe. Am I too “old school?” I think that the first time the Hawks play the Wild (the team that did this to Dach) our players shouldn’t even bother wearing gloves and carrying sticks onto the ice. It should be a total retribution game even if it agitates Commissioner Betman’s petite sensibilities. It’s hockey, Gary! It requires something foreign to you – testosterone. Why don’t you retire? You already downsized the masculinity in the game thinking the NHL would, therefore, draw the casual fan. You were wrong. Good teams (like the Hawks) were handcuffed with salary cap due to insufficient revenue – YOUR FAILURE! YOUR MISDIAGNOSIS! Yet you are now in the Hall of Fame. Puke! Back to the point … yet another reason to declare open season on the Wild and please go after one of their aspiring prospects!


    (extra: Carpenter (over paid and slow but good on faceoffs) & Cagg)

  18. It would make sense for Haan to be ir for a little and to keep the FWs. Then were set for that and start cycling these 28 players in regularly.

  19. Smith and Shaw are good at faceoffs, like around 51 and 50. Not as good as Carpenter.

    11 and 91 can be like Dejon with more scoring.

  20. @BradAllen –

    You’re not old school enough!!

    We need to get back to the old days of hockey!

    You get a lead it suddenly becomes football! Clutching, grabbing even tackling!!!

    Oh & we need to bring back the “Ogie Ogelthorp” type of player/goon too!

    Bash in their heads! Break their legs! Cripple them!!!!!

    All game should be outdoors too, large venues with huge crowds screaming for blood!!!

    “Hockey Senators” give a thumbs up or thumbs down on a vanquished foe!!!

    Yeah, that’s what we need….. Roman gladiators on ice… /Sarc

  21. Remember back a few years ago when Q put Saad-Shaw-Kane together and they had some success? I saw an article suggesting Colliton give that a shot and thought it interesting. How about a top-9 of this:


    (hehehehe … it’s like switching on the Batman light in the sky)

  22. Yea I had that the other wk before training camp in aug. its works if the 1st line has enough good player with Tazer.

    20 65 88 is a bunch of beautys.

  23. Thats why Collitan had 65 88 pair for some of scrimmage. Have to see who can work well together when we do different pairs / lines.

  24. I am going with were going to have those good chills when we see the Blackhawk head that we did from 2009-2016.


  25. My sense is that several players have moved ahead of Sikura. At this point I would be surprised if he doesn’t start the season in Rockford and probably not one of the first call-ups either. I also wonder whether we try to trade Perlini for something. He is not a 4th line type of player yet he can’t seem to grab a spot in the top 9.

  26. MS have to think Saarela’s play with a caphit the same as Sikura, plus his umimpressive camp so far, makes Sikura an unlikely early season callup at least.

    Mo my thought is Colliton wants from what we are referring to as a 3rd line with 20 64 8. A line that probably plays alot of 5 on5 mins against opposing team top scoring line, plus late in game protecting a lead or trying to insure one point in a tie, why i think Kampf fits for him. Plus a 4th line that he has confidence in those situations, too. Then fwds who don’t play as strong defensively can be not out there in key situations hurting you, which we saw to9 often last season. Maybe he feels asking that kind of role from rookie Dach would be too much.

  27. Plus I think the 4th line of 15 22 ? can go against other teams top line / s the same as that 3rd line, which those guys have more OFF. We have two shutdown lines one checking one two way checking.

  28. My post was kind of a “wise guy” thing because I find it humorous how heads explode when Sikura shows up in proposed lineups.

    I think more highly of Sikura than some other Hawks fans but I think the odds are that he starts in Rockford and I don’t have a problem with that because there are a number of players who could make a good case for making the team – especially with the way Nylander and Kubalik have played so far.

  29. A bunch more sent down to Rockford:

    Blackhawks send the following players to Rockford: Dylan Sikura, Matthew Highmore, Bradon Hagel, Phillip Kurashev, Mikael Hakkarainen, Alexandre Fortin, Reese Johnson, MacKenzie Entwistle, Nicolas Beaudin, Joni Tuulola, Lucas Carlsson and Matt Tomkins.

  30. Down to 33 players. Let’s see, there are the 21 players in the lineup tonight – Toews, Kane, Cat, Strome, Saad, Shaw, Smith, Caggiula, Capenter, Nylander, Kubalik, Wedin, Keith, Seabrook, Murphy, Maatta, Gustafsson, Boqvist, Koekkoek, Lehner and Lankinen.

    Who are the other 12? Crawford, Delia, Dahlstrom, Holm, Kampf, Perlini, Saarela, Dach … that’s 8 … who are the other 4?

  31. Gilbert and deHaan for sure – forgot about them. Saarela was already in my list and I thought Nilsson was sent down. So if Nilsson is still there – then we have to vome up with only 1 more.

    What about Quenneville – was he sent down or is he still in camp?

  32. Quenbeville and Dach both still on roster. Fortin down. Beside Dahlstrom, Koekkoek and Holm also Quenneville and Nilsson require waivers.

  33. Boys we have this depth and nothing is out of the question. The girls are wearing black underwear and we are revenge of the nerds.

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