Blackhawks Olympic Recap – Day One: Two Wins, One Point, All Healthy

The USA played a physical game against Switzerland on Tuesday that ended with a 3-1 US victory. Patrick Kane was credited with four shots on goal, none of which found the back of the net. He did not have an assist, and ended the game even.

Canada looked nervous in the first period against Norway, but after 20 minutes the overwhelming talent of the home country took over. Jarome Iginla had a hat trick to lead Canada to a dominant 8-0 win. Jonathan Toews was credited with an assist, the only point of the day for a Blackhawks player. Roberto Luongo pitched a shutout, but only faced 15 shots behind solid defense from Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook… and a few others as well.

Overall for Day One of the hockey tournament for the Blackhawks: two wins, one point, zero injuries. As Borat once said, “Great success!”

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