Blackhawks Patrick Kane Named To USA Hockey Olympic Roster

After the Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Detroit Red Wings in a shootout in the 2014 Winter Classic, USA Hockey announced their roster for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Among those named was only one Chicago Blackhawks player: Patrick Kane.

Patrick Kane Olympics

Click here for the complete roster.

Also, be sure to read this fantastic inside look at the US decision making process from ESPN’s Scott Burnside. He speaks about how close Hawks’ forward Brandon Saad was to making the roster.

USA Today’s Kevin Allen also had access to the USA Hockey process. Here are his thoughts.

15 thoughts on “Blackhawks Patrick Kane Named To USA Hockey Olympic Roster

  1. Kane making the team was a no-brainer. Saad was a long shot so I’m not surprised. What disappoints me more than Saad not making it are some of the other selections because it doesn’t appear they were made based on merit – such as Brown, Orpik, Martin and Howard.

  2. no Keith Yandle? mistake imo, but NHL/Olympics don’t really grab me much in 2014. Just hope ALL the players make it back healthy. Saad will have his turn.

  3. I would have been happy if Saad had made the team, but now that he hasn’t I think there is a silver lining in that it may help keep his salary demands down when his ELC is up after the 2014/15 season.

  4. wheeler and brown barf

    could easily be saad and ryan, kind of weird. especially ryan I don’t get that.

    no Yandle is crazy and surprised Johnson didn’t make it

    and how does howard make it with how meh he has played or quick with how injured he has been

  5. No Bobby Ryan and no Saad? Alrighty then.

    Not having both of them on the big ice is a huge mistake for USA.

  6. I cannot recommend the ESPN link enough. If you read that, USA brass is pretty clear that Bobby Ryan is an extremely talented, “game-changing,” ONE-DIMENSIONAL player. It wouldn’t shock me if Saad was the first man in if there’s an injury between now and February, and it’s exciting to see the high regard that other NHL GMs hold Saad in right now.

  7. I’m disappointed Saad didn’t make the roster for him personally and for USA Hockey, at the end of the day IMO you take the best players(yes I have seen Miracle). With a large talent gap that existed during Miracle I buy that. Now with rosters being designed w NHL players how do you leave Ryan, Saad and Yandle off your roster? On a side note does Kane wear a letter? I think he has earned it now!

  8. Bobby Ryan is for sure a one dimensional player. But also a one dimensional player that the opposing team absolutely has to address. Big, strong on his skates and finishes plays at a high rate.

    I get that you want to have a balanced roster but at the same time guys that can straight up finish are far from a dime a dozen. Seems to me like they are overthinking the whole big ice situation.

    You find a way to get your best players on the ice and let them rise to the occasion rather than try to micromanage every little situational match up in my opinion.

    Should be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  9. Dave, I would have NO heartburn if there were no NHLers in the Olympics in 2018. There are 3 things I do not like about the NHL this year
    1 The Olympics
    2 Interference is not well defined by the league
    3 Shootouts

    As for Raanta…..Thank You and see you next time Crow is injured. I believe he will be sent down to continue his smaller ice development.

  10. Mike, are you suggesting that Raanta gets sent down now the CC is back? Not a chance…the kid is an NHL goalie…he can learn crease management during practise and playing back to backs and every 4th game…sending him back to Rockford would be a huge mistake…the AHL, in general, is a bit of a mess in terms of play and flow…Raanta does not need to go back there…

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