24 thoughts on “Blackhawks Place Brandon Saad On IR

  1. Good to see Sikura get in and hopefullu he gets a goal tonight but that really changes the makeup of that line now.

  2. @Bob – Hilarious Bob! I agree he sucks! He’s a horse jockey trying to play hockey! Why is he even up here? Why is John Queneville in Rockford and the Sikura sister is up here?

  3. Why is Strome giving out line combinations?Can any of you imagine a player leaking line combos for the nights game if they played for Trotz,Tippet,or Quenville?

  4. Queneville will never get a shot on big team because of his name and bowman won’t swallow his pride and admit he made a mistake with Sikura he is seriously not good

  5. Why is up simple he played well all fall and earned callup, not just last few games for Rfd. Whether he sticks or not, who knows but his last 2 games were on top of back to back games in Rfd. Good to get a real look to see if he has developed and able to improve at this level. Players we don’t like do that too. Wouldn’t want to read daily rants on how stupid Bowman was to let him get away.

    Tim agree very odd Strone commenting on lines to media.

  6. Sikura had his look he sucks you can see in his play and his eyes he’s scared he’s a bust move on he mite be a nice kid but he’s just not a HNL player the dreams is over maybe he’ll be a better paper salesman

  7. Call up anyone else what have they got to lose there’s a name for ppl that do the same thing over and over and expect different results

  8. On a positive note, it’s good to see Rockford playing well as a team lately.
    9 wins of their last 11.
    Eventually you need guys on the farm really pushing to play. Hopefully that is trending up.

  9. How could Rockford be 9-2, I thought there was no one good there.

    ER, peace man. I think I wont post as much like you guys, Phil others. Its hard to stop once you are so invested into Blackhawks. At least we were the good guys here on committed indians with good vibes and positive thinking and enjoying the Cups more during the dynasty.

    Nothing is as good as believing and winning, then just complaining and winning.

  10. Sharpy wasnt the only to take a cheap shot from them during those yrs.

    We still did a dynasty, taking that along the way. So should they if they are so good. (I know they are top 5, prob 2 but eat it like we did if you deserve it)

  11. Morrison

    But after having Avs their bell rung, will have PP, and they are tied for #1 in amount of goals scored per game.

    Yes, get some hits in, but don’t hopefully they aren’t stupid. Hawks can’t afford to spend too much time on PK.

  12. With Robins attitude you think he stays, once he sees organization led by Wirtz do the refresh.
    Seems like he wants to lead the way or be apart of it.

    Robin Lehner
    Huge win in the north. #88 ?was great tonight and ?was feeling it. Great job by everyone. Gotta keep getting better. Good night Chicago.

  13. Are we worried about winning or losing one game or showing them they we wont just do fly bys and let them get away with stuff.

    They need to pay, so does MIN ahl team player.

    Lenher and Gilbert are the start to the resurgence.

  14. Have to laugh at the comments on Sikura here…including ‘garbage’…while he may never by a regular on an NHL, he will achieve most of the losers on this blog that make comments like that…you guys should really grow up a bit

  15. BKF2, sure. This is the time, just like they did. They drew first blood, during our dynasty yrs as being chumps because they wernt as good. Now here we are, for a couple yrs, pay back or go and be a bunch of sissys.

  16. Were not taking a hit to make the play here.

    defending the honor of Charlestown (I mean Chicago) at the time.

  17. Until we get that attitude in here, players and committed indians, we aint playing.

    I want a system that gets out there and stick em.

    Lenher and Gilbert.

  18. Even playing the hardest division, by far. We still wont be able to get 4th or better pick because we are too good, at best.

    Everything would have to go in the right way to be top 10 pick. The problem with that is were not good enough, with this system, to beat top 10 teams in playoffs.

    Its not the roster its the system. 19 88 window is open until 2029. have to have supporting role players and good system. Those thing superseed other teams star players.

    Wake up people.

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