Blackhawks Place Corey Crawford On IR

On Friday the Blackhawks announced that starting goaltender Corey Crawford has been placed on IR. The Hawks have recalled Jean-Francois Berube from Rockford. Reports later on Friday are that Crawford’s issue is week-to-week, and that he will likely miss between 1-3 weeks.

Crawford is 11-7-2 with a 2.29 GAA and .930 SV% in 21 appearances. He played 60:51 in the Hawks’ overtime loss to Dallas at the United Center on Thursday night, stopping 31 of 35. Without question, Crawford has been the Blackhawks’ most valuable player this season and is arguably a Vezina consideration to this point.

Berube is 6-6-0 with a 2.54 goals against average and .913 save percentage with two shutouts for the IceHogs this season.

This is obviously an enormous blow to the Hawks as they try to claw their way back into playoff contention.

32 thoughts on “Blackhawks Place Corey Crawford On IR

  1. Not good news. We can hope it motivates the team to compensate (or they may be selling at the deadline?)

  2. As previously posted prior hereto, astute catch by Phil as to last night’s injury. Accolades to Crawford for playing as well as he did on one leg. Hopefully this isn’t a long term injury, but hamstrings are quite the delicacy from a medical standpoint.

  3. If Crow is out for any extended period, and by that I mean more than a couple of weeks, this season is done. Would be nice to just be sellers at the deadline, but unfortunately all the big contracts worth getting rid of have no trade clauses. Great cap management, Stan. How much longer can this guy live off the core that Smith and Tallon put together?

  4. Damn, I was hoping my observation was wrong, but something clearly looked off with Crow after he went down in the 1st period with a split leg save and he had trouble getting up. He looked like he was in some pain. A groin/hammy pull seems likely and those can take forever to heal properly. My question again is why did he stay in the game? Corey clearly was not moving well after that incident. One can only hope staying in the game didn’t further aggravate the injury.

    Forsberg can play imo. Remember when Darling came in and played so well when Corey was hurt in the past? Forsberg will need Hawks as a team to embrace playing better team defense knowing Crow is not back there. Less flying the d zone early on apparent possession changes. The team just has to bear down and get that D first mentality as a priority. They did it with the PK, now lets see it 5 on 5. Injuries are part of sports.

    We will know more tomorrow night.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  5. Darling was playing better than Forsberg before Corey went down though. I don’t think this is going to go well. Or will it? Perhaps missing the playoffs is the impetus Stan needs to figure out a way to unload some expensive players and rebuild.

  6. Agree w/ Phil, Vegas has gone thru goalies like butter, virgin team; Crawford is rock solid but the Hawks’ mettle will be tested, next man up, everyone elevate your game during and thru Crawford’s return. This will turn out to be a blessing as long as they perform well, Crawford will get a couple weeks (maybe longer) break which he needs and seems to get every year. Confidence breeds confidence for Forsberg and the rest of the team.

  7. If this is 2+ weeks, (if it’s groin, it could be 4+ weeks) Hawks in trouble–this team without Crow is? Sh#t!

  8. An absolutely HUGE loss for the Hawks, this could move alone could drop the Hawks further out of the playoff race. Its a shame the Hawks have very little in goal in the minors

  9. Didn’t want to imply the team is shit without Crow-I was just saying shit to the injury.
    -re-read it and it wasn’t put well.

  10. Batten down the hatches. Looking forward to see Forsberg in an extended look.
    Better defense in front is needed and much more consistent offense and power play is needed.

  11. At this point it could be next week or new year, but Forsberg has been good in 4 of 5 starts so we will see how he does and see if the rest of the team can step up for him. May end not being as bad as some want it to be.

  12. Let see what the kid can do …off course Forsberg is Not a numb 1 goalie and we all know but he can be a good number 2 iff he has support from the teammates.
    Go Hawks go

  13. OMG, the leading scorers on the team have nothing to do with Tallon, yet he still gets a handjob on this thread.

  14. nick your right about the handjob but what about the 72 for 20 trade, and the long term deals ntc for seebs and toews when past their prime, rocky wont be happy when the hawks become irrelevant like the bears and bulls. no shows at the uc like soldier field will say adios to sb and his pop

  15. Well, everybody loves Crawford now. Forsberg hasn’t been terrible in his starts,playing regularly here will be a good thing for him and his game. Berube? I remember seeing him get pulled twice in the same game last year for the NYI.

  16. This was bound to happen sometime this season. If there is a time for the “core” to step up it is now. I am optimistic that the team will come together and give Forsberg the support he needs.

    IMO the youth movement on the Hawks has momentum and that will not change at deadline……Even if the Hawks are buyers.

  17. Agree Mike youth movenent makes future look bright. Outside of maybe going to 7 D at some point and maybe Panik makes himself expendable I think the roster is pretty much set. With Murphy on a positive trend of late and the play of 42 and 44 defence is coming around. Maybe a faceoff center is all they look to add.

  18. Time to suck it up and play a solid 60 minutes night in and night out, boys. That’s the way to keep the train on the tracks.

  19. I’m not by nature a pessimist. If anything I lean more to see the optimistic side of things. However, in my clear thinking moments, I’m a realist – I weigh all the evidence before me whether it’s negative or positive. Crawford going on IR certainly fits in the negative category.

    Of the 16 games the Hawks have earned at least 1 point (12 wins and 4 OT losses) – Crawford has been the Hawks top performer in 9 of them. Half of those were classified goalie wins where if it weren’t for Crawford the Hawks would have gotten 0 points. Crawford has been the Hawks best player this season.

    The realist in me acknowledges the 2017/18 Hawks margin between winning and losing is smaller then in previous seasons. Losing the best player narrows that margin even more. While its possible Forsberg/Berube play well enough to keep the Hawks in the playoff mix in a very crowded Central Division, the probability is low. If the odds for the Hawks making the playoffs were better than 50% before, they are now less than 50%. There’s still hope, but …

  20. EB agree being realistic is needed but the way look at it is the young defence are improving every game. I know alot of written here and media about no. 7 declining but his role has been reduced and Fransons will continue to be too if Murphy continues showing improvement. Forsberg looked strong in 4 out of 5 games so far and after this weekend no more back to back games until after Christmas break. They play Caps next week then 3 games against non playoff teams so opportunity to come through that stretch above 500 and build on that if Crawford out longer than expected.

  21. Agree with iceman this could be blessing in disguise. We have basically completed the bs part of the sch. First 8 of 11 and now this 7 of 10 against top 10 teams and with very odd amounts of days off between games and then bunched together. Which means during DEC and most of JAN FEB MAR sch is more normal/normal.

    Cowboy up.

    With additional cap space to use maybe this is the time to add/make trade were going to do then make it fit when Crows back.

    The team having to play better because of this can only be a good thing. The younger core players are ready to gain traction with a normal sch during DEC.

  22. Ian keep up the optimism, it’s needed on this site as we tend to shift towards the negative. Interestingly humans thrive on optimism and it helps key parts of the brain become healthier and more functional.
    (Being around at least one optimistic person is also very key to our own health.)

    Realism is also important and we’re about to see how this team responds to adversity.

  23. the hawks pulling together as a team to improve their plight was possible in years before their coordination and stamina fell off the table eg seebs toews

  24. …with or without Crawford…I have already come to the conclusion that this team will be hard pressed to make playoffs barring a major miracle…lol…core players are not producing enough to make a difference…..but I like Forsberg so far…this will be his big chance……

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