25 thoughts on “Blackhawks Place Hossa On IR, Recall Hinostroza

  1. 10 games/21 days for LTIR. Krugs is ready for LTIR. Bowman must have something up his sleeve/benefit to wait patiently to put 16 on.

  2. Personally I think they’re trying to convert Dano to the left side. I think it would hinder that by putting back at right. Plus Hinostroza has been lighting it up recently. Says more about Hartman and McNeil than Dano.

  3. Thanks, Ernie. Now feel free to call me an ignoramus, but if Dano’s natural position is RW, and Hossa is still an effective 200-foot player but not the scorer he was, might it work out if Dano became the RW on Line 1 and drop Hossa to Line 3? Just a thought.

  4. They’ve dropped Hossa to third at times this year. Look at the roster and you’ll see why they want to make Dano a left wing. On right they Hossa, Kane, Teravainen (he’s a right wing. Not left or center). On the left side they have Shaw ( not really a left wing. More c/rw.)and Panarin as guys with enough skill to crack the top 6. So really they have 1 left wing.

    In Rockford they have Hartman as well as a right. Left its Garret Ross, and Bickell. Neither are top6. It’s arguable they’re even NHL players period. So they have a relative glut of guys that are c/rw. Dano is one of them but if he can be a left wing thatd be ideal.

  5. I think this move has very little to do w/ Dano.

    To the comments made by Ernie about the organizational depth at C/RW, Rasmussen has really struggled at the dot lately. I know they’ve worked with him on it, but Hinostroza is another guy who can take a draw. When he was up earlier this year, Hinostroza won only 41% of his faceoffs; Rasmussen is at 45% in 32 games. Hinostroza’s at/near the top of the Rockford scorer’s list so why not give him a shot. We’ve seen some from McNeill and Kero already.

  6. For the dano comment: why not let him play more in Rockford? If Dano isnt going to play top line minutes, then call up someone else. Also, why not call up a guy who has been lighting it up? Now is the time to experiment. Better to find out now that hino isnt ready then when they play the blues in the first round, etc. i wouldnt be surprised if dano gets called up later anyways.

  7. Hogs won 4-2. Dano with an A. Bickell with a pair. Hartman with 1-1. And Pokka with 2 assists.

    Also looking at the AHL page they’ve got an article on Shinkaruk. Could care less about the player…but those jerseys… Those need to be on an NHL team. Sharp!

  8. That’s kind of the thinking Nick. He’s learning a new system in a new position. We all want to see him. But 3 rd line minutes at 10 min a night doesn’t help anyone

  9. If the Hawks can get 27 points out of their last 23 games they will be at 104. I think that is more than doable and I think it will put them in the top 4 for the playoffs. LA worries me the most. 8 points behind the Hawks but with 4 games in hand.

    Hossa getting a 4 week rest does not bother me a bit. Frees up some Cap and lets some young guys bring their energy to the club. Also will be interesting if the Hawks do put Hoss on the LTIR, what SB will do with the extra dough

  10. Hossa won’t go on ltir and wont get 4 weeks rest. Q said he doesn’t think it will be weeks. So, most likely its 2 weeks.

    Interesting thought regarding LTIR and Kruger I would have to assume there is a reason he hasn’t been placed there already. Maybe its to prevent them from making a move too soon. Can’t spend money you don’t have type of thing. Maybe its the hope Kruger could return before the season ends. Although he probably just got his cast off and needs quite a bit of rehab to stabilize the wrist.

    I also wonder how LTIR works. I’m assuming they get relief from the prorated portion of salary rather than the full 1.5. I’m sure Stan has a reason for not putting him on, just wonder what that is. Personally, I think its Stan’s way of preventing himself from not being able to take full advantage of Kruger’s LTIR. Let’s also remember they can add space by placing a guy like Scuderi on waivers. I really hope he retires, otherwise that hit is going to hurt just as bad as Bickell.

  11. Whether were 1 or 2 seed, it would be better to have a higher seed on LA/ANA. If LA plays the way they have in recent 20 games ANA will/could pass them. I think the only thing that hasn’t been determined is whether VAN/CAL/or ARI, which play an easier sch., can be ahead of two of MIN/NAS/COL and then theres 4 in, not the 5 assumed/deserved. Based on how good the teams are and hard the divisions are.

    Not worried about seeds even though we want better. We know when to rest and go full speed and we did (sort of) at the normal times of the 82 games we normally do. We have 3 game/wks sch (two 2 game/wks) for these 11wks. So there is extra time to rest and turn it on when we want. Just want to keep engines warm and work on things we need to get better at/team game wise.

    The Blackhawks can flip the switch when we really want to.

  12. @ Mike

    I think your math is spot on; that’s 13-10 in their last 23 games. It will be curious to see how Dallas finishes up. The Hawks will likely need to go through both STL & Dallas and LA or Ana. Id be surprised if it played out differently.

    If the Hawks plan on repeating they will likely need to beat LA. The Hawks had home ice on 2014 and still lost so its debatable if that really matters. LA is still a tough out after wetting the bed last yr.

  13. @ Ernie

    I think Mike Yeo is a good coach, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wild really sink like a stone. I like John Torchetti but that Wild roster stinks. They have zero playmakers; Thomas Vanek hasn’t been a front line player since his Buffalo days, Parise as good as he is isn’t a pt producer, some younger guys haven’t developed and it was unreal to expect Dubnyk is re placate his season from last yr. That roster should really be blown up!

  14. …..time for player moves asap…hope its not just Bickell that we bring back for the playoffs… Despite their achievements this season…they are a banged up and exhausted group …hopefully Bowman will revitalize team like last year and give them a better chance to repeat….there is still a lot of hockey to be played and rookies although they bring a lot of enthusiasm cannot be counted on in the playoffs….

  15. Scuderi’s deal was signed before his age 35 season. If it was signed 1 year later it would count if he decided to retire. Since he signed it in his age 34 season he could retire and it not count.

    I also think Yeo is a good coach. However, I think he lacks the skills necessary to lead his team. As evidenced by that tirade he went on in practice. Kuemper basically said fuck you and left practice. Speculation was he was sick. Nope, just couldnt stand the coach. Not sure if anyone saw Suter’s comments a few months ago, but going by that it’s not hard to see the team quit.


  16. @ Ernie,

    great link, I remember hear that clip at the time and thinking huh, my reaction was Suter needs to just accept it, but it goes without say that as a coach and leader its important to put your guys in a position to be successful.

  17. …..what’s up with TT..????….looked like a shoein during playoffs last year but is slowly playing himself into coach Qs rookie doghouse…..my guess is he is slightly intimidated by north american game or is homesick and cannot adjust to rough and tumble game despite obvious high skills……won’t last long with Blackhawks if this pace continues….

  18. ….lol..TT…. Must have read my comment and finally gets on scoreboard….interesting rumour JVR from Toronto united with TVR….in exchange for first round pick and Bickell.etc..etc…lets do it boys!…

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