Blackhawks Place Jiri Sekac On Waivers

In the wake of the Blackhawks acquiring Andrew Ladd on Thursday, the team placed forward Jiri Sekac on waivers Friday morning.

Sekac, 23, has zero points in five games since he was acquired in a trade from Anaheim that sent Ryan Garbutt to the Ducks.

25 thoughts on “Blackhawks Place Jiri Sekac On Waivers

  1. I think Sekac got his first point last night on Seabrook’s goal. He had a good game, not sure why they are putting him on waivers. Is it needed for a trade coming up? I think he’ll be picked up.

  2. Only reason why the Hawks swapped out Garbutt for Sekac is that his contract expires at the end of this season. Like Garbutt, he isn’t a good NHL player. So what that he can skate.

  3. Strange move. Acquire a guy, never give him a real chance to succeed, and then dump him. And Mashinter and Rasmussen? Why are they still on the roster?

    The only reason for this move could be to free up cap space for another trade. If that’s true, the SB must really need the extra $213K. Someone will pick him up quickly.

  4. I thought Jiri Sekac had more potential as puck controlling forward than many guys the Blackhawks kept. He had a nice assist and also had a great hit on opponent lately.
    I am sorry to see him go on waivers.

  5. Sounds like a trade may be coming, id also be surprised if he goes unclaimed. I bet someone takes a chance on him.

  6. Must be the room making for someone hopefully a defenseman. That Dallas trade gets the Dallas fans laughing at us but that was to clearly free up cap space jokes on them in April.

  7. If a trade happened with Toronto involving bickell, the only defensemen I even recognize on their roster (not including morgan reilly, who they won’t give up) is jake gardiner. Not really sure how good he is or what he would cost, but he seems young and promising. Maybe bickell and a decent prospect for gardiner?

    also, any chance we see pokka any time soon if he doesn’t get traded?

  8. Jared Cowen is also on waivers. A team can buy out Cowen and have a 650k credit to next years hit. I thought Sekac had a good game. Q did too by bumping him up the Toews line at points.

  9. Claiming team acquires the player. Contract and all. He’s got a .925 cap hit so even if he’s unclaimed the entire hit goes away.


  10. T.V.R playing like the new Nick Leddy . I was wondering who was the odd man out after Ladd showed up.

  11. Its interesting Toronto also waived Cowen. Toronto has Hunwick and Robidas is injured. Hunwick makes 1.2 unti next year. Robidas is at 3 until next year. Due to his age Robidas is ineligible for a buyout and if he retires his cap hit also goes against the cap.

  12. Sekac never got much of a chance. At least the guy could skate. That is more than I can say about Mashinter or Rasmussen.

  13. Mashinter has Bollig’s portfolio of incriminating Q photos, which may also contain incriminating Bowman photos. He might be sharing them w/ Rasmussen.

    Agree w 1961’s posts re them (and particularly Mashinter) — those two cant be anywhere near playoff roster, not even pregame warmups. If the Hawks are looking to gain more cap space, fine go ahead waive Sekac. The next step in the process (as long as you have 12 heatlhy forwards) is send Rasmussen to Rockford, w/ Mashinter to follow immediately thereafter (or waived, whatever). Maximize the cap space once Hossa is back playing.

    Danault — although he has taken a step back — is a far better player w/ a motor and higher skillset than either one of the two previously aforementioned herein.

    Even the Kings have some better skating forwards this year from top to bottom; its going to be 2014 revisited in west conf finals if Mashinter and or Rasmussen are regularly dressing. Allowing Q access to them is like leaving little kids at playground w/ no supervision and busy street traffic adjacent to playground. No way.

  14. I have no problem w/ Rasmussen. Needs to get better at the dot but for a bottom six guy who can swing the LW or C he’s been fine. Probably becomes the 12/13 fwd when Hossa comes back

  15. I like how Hawks1961 always thinks his scouting assessment is superior to that of Quenneville and Bowman. You’ve taken over the role of resident gas bag from Sr Brad who I presume is in lockup somewhere in the Rockford metropolitan area.

    Sekac can skate and that’s about it. No loss.

  16. Sekac was acquired because his contract ends at the end of the season. Sekac was put on waivers because he is highly likely to be claimed right now, meaning the Hawks shed his salary right now and therefore create manueverability. Panik, Mashinter and Rasmussen are each their own brand of suck, but the ability to simply waive and expect to be claimed by another team was unlikely to happen. So Sekac drew the short straw. Zero loss really.

  17. Rasmussen was a free agent signing. He was a depth forward the Hawks found and control for a resonable price. He is the least of our problems. He will likely be out of the lineup when Kruger returns.

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