Blackhawks Place Kane on LTIR, Recall Morin, Teräväinen

Early Friday morning, the Blackhawks made three roster moves.

Patrick Kane was placed on LTIR, effectively ending his regular season. He will miss 10 games and 24 days at minimum with the designation.

To take his place, the Blackhawks officially recalled forwards Jeremy Morin and Teuvo Teräväinen.

Teräväinen will wear number 86.

40 thoughts on “Blackhawks Place Kane on LTIR, Recall Morin, Teräväinen

  1. TT practices with the team and probably gets in with 9 games left. This will protect a year on his ELC, if he is not ready.

    I am excited about Morin. He gets a chance. Will he become more of a Q type? If he does, he may never go down again.

  2. I think the LTIR move was smart, especially since the playoffs are all but a sure thing. Hopefully they stomp all over Carolina.

  3. I am excited about TT and Morin getting another chance. Hopefully, Kane will be fully recovered by playoff time. I suspect that if Kane’s injury was worse than previously thought we would have heard something, but I am still concerned. Also is there any verification on knee vs. ankle?

  4. Definitely a smart move to LTIR him. Even if he gets ready in 2 weeks, I think it’s still better to be patient with knee injuries.

    Saad-Toews-Morin? A man can dream, right?

  5. Good news. Just hope Kaner is close to if not at 100% when he returns. TT era begins, and I hope Morin can give us a boost.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  6. Is Saad back tonite? JS – that would be a line to watch, dreaming is all we can do. I just hope they DRESS Morin tonite. Maybe they will hold Saad out, does anyone know his status?

    It’s a great time to be a Hawks fan!

  7. And w/ 28 skating 2nd, and 10 on 3rd,,, Mo should look better on any of the “top 3 ” lines…

  8. Does anyone know the playoff roster implications of the cap? Can Morin and TT be a part of the playoff roster, if the Hawks so choose, if Kane is off LTIR? I have no idea of the playoff cap rules?

  9. Bummer than 88 is hurt, will need him to go anywhere deep in playoffs as his propensity for big goals/games is always an issue for opponents. On a related note, not sure what all the moaning was about the Carey signing, Jr & Co are obviously going to make add’l moves to enable the signing of Hayes and Johns..

    The great news from my view is that we’ll get to see Morin’s progress and if he can translate his successful “re-lo” season in Rockford to the show. I am rooting for the guy and think he’ll add speed/hustle/skill/energy ala BSmith.. Will also be interesting to see TT in action, I hope Q is careful/select with TT’s role (as I’m guessing he will be), if he’s 1/2 as special as Wall others here have pumped him up to be, we’ll need to NOT get him run over in a limited engagement to end the year. My view continues to be to let him put on some weight and get ready for NA style hockey (let alone the playoffs.) Hope to be proven wrong..

    Finally, nice to see Bickell coming around and getting some love on this board. As I have been posting for the past 2 months, give the guy a break and some time to heal (knees take a year or so to come around)- we have 4 years with 29 and it’s been WAY too soon to be conjecturing he’s a “bad signing.” In fact, I CONTINUE to promote his value on line-1 to protect 19 and provide a physical net presence in the playoffs (just like last year.) Just watch guys, it’s going to happen again if we’re going to go anywhere in this year’s tournament.

  10. Negzz I’ve been beating that same Bickell drum. First of all, he was coming off of an injury, a serious knee injury. Second, if he played every game like it was the playoffs of last year, he wouldn’t make it through 50 games in the season. It was embarrassing to see people thinking that he got paid so he stopped trying. That guy couldn’t have been more upset about how poorly he was playing.

    As far as TT- I’ve said it before. If he gives the team a better chance to win the cup this year, burn the year. You never know what may happen next year.

  11. Oh, and as far as the negative reaction to the Carey signing… I think people were just shocked that they would put a college kid on the active roster before pulling up a Hog. Get all the talent you can. Never have a problem with that.

  12. Regarding Bickell – Don’t forget he played with his serious knee injury through the play-offs, which undoubtedly did more damage, but he gutted it out & won a cup!!! It’s good to see him healthy finally! I love how he sticks up for teammates as well…..

    I don’t expect too much from TT, but you never know….. The experience he gets tho is invaluable, & the Hawks are smart & will bring him along slowly to set him up for success rather than throw him to the wolves…..

  13. Thanks Tab. Guess the guy I talked with was correct concerning Bicks. I may tune in the skate this morning over at and see what’s up.

  14. JS/Negzz- I was probably the 1st guy here to suggest that 29 was playing poorly- cuz he is still hurting/hopefully (otherwise he was dogging)… imo- the Hawks/29 shouldn’t “play into shape” IF he is still hurt/especially knees!!! Only way he should play hurt is in PO’s.

    Realistically it takes about 2 weeks- of playing to “get the legs” back- if the injury(s) have really healed… And I do understand “ya can’t bring it every nite” and Bickell has always been inconsistent… But he hasn’t skated/hit well until last 4-6 games.

    My stance is- he shouldn’t have been playing- most of year- cuz he was not healed…
    If he truly was healed 100%-(which I still think he wasn’t healed-by watching a drop in speed/skating) than he was dogging… EITHER way should have been sitting…

  15. It’s been fun watching Bickell regain his form. When he plays big and tough it’s awesome.

    When he got in that fight the other night in Philly the commentators talked about the fall that Simmons took, but I was immediately worried about the tork on Bickells knee. Looked bad.

    Thank you Tab for the calming voice. It’s so easy for us to get worked up about stuff, but we know so little about the behind the scenes, the thought process, injuries, etc. Good to remember to trust the guys in charge – they’ve delivered us teams we can be proud to root for and hope a dynasty emerges…which as I recall wasn’t a possibility in a decade or so ago.

  16. Wall- any physician would tell you the final step of rehab for an injury is playing in games. It’s why Derrek Rose got roasted last year, he wasn’t listening to his doctors.

    Bickell should have been playing if he was medically cleared, but after the second injury when he slid into the net, he should have had a rehab stint in the AHL as to not interrupt the flow of the NHL club. He NEEDED game time, sitting in the press box wasn’t going to do anything to help him trust his knee/get in shape.

  17. At this point, as Tab mentioned, we’re essentially playing Colorado barring an epic collapse. It would be nice to get home ice, but that’s a bit nearsighted for the entire Cup run. I’d rather see Kane, Bickell, Rozy, etc get enough rest to be healthy for a legit run. In addition, it gives some young guns ice time with the big boys down the stretch.

    As long as Q rolls 4 lines while guys heal up, then the roster as a whole should be primed for the post-season. Give Raanta a few more starts too while you are at it…

  18. That Rose thing had me so irritated. Then he popped his other knee. Oops.

    Basically JS is right and wall is right.

    If he is medically cleared then he absolutely needs to be on the ice to play back to match fitness since he cant go to the minors and sort it out there and practice just isn’t the same, especially during the regular season when practice time is limited and (correct me of I’m wrong) when Q doesn’t run the most intense training sessions.

    If he has a medical issue and such than obviously he should not be on the ice.

  19. JS- resting doesn’t literally mean no action/no work outs…
    it is pointless for us to argue about 29… IF you truly believe he was skating well (as good as last year) all season long… which implies- he was 100% healthy…

    So Rose got hurt this year… cuz he didn’t play near the end of last year???
    Terrible example… It couldn’t be that Rose has a 40″+ vertical and cuts on a dime,,,and uses pretty much raw physical talent (at 100 mph)to beat opponents instead of mind,skill, technique??? Couldn’t be because he has suffered multiple different injuries (and played hurt -like Bickell)…So why did Rose get hurt the 1st time???

    If anything… Rose proved he was right- cuz he wasn’t ready/feeling right… and playing while nursing/favoring one injury- can lead to other injuries!!!

  20. With the long anticipated arrival of Teravainen, the horns blare fanfare and the headline is proclaimed “THE HAWKS GOLDEN AGE HAS GONE PLATINUM”.

    Okay, that’s a little over the top. I’m being somewhat facetious. I’m looking forward to seeing TT as much as any Hawks fan – I just think we need to temper our expectations until he has atleast a few NHL games under his belt, if not 40 games or even a whole season.

    I just watched “the morning skate” on Comcast and actually saw #86 participating, which was cool. I saw Toews come up to him and kind of grab him and kind of joke about something with him – it was a classy captain move to make the new guy feel at ease. I saw Morin (#11) practicing too which I’m happy to see. What I didn’t see was #20 or #29 out there (although I could have just missed them). I didn’t realize Bickell got hurt again – what happened?

    With Kane out and if Saad and Bickell are out – wow, that’s a major problem. Carolina isn’t a top team but they are an NHL team and playing without 3 top forwards will be a challenge.

  21. I think you misinterpreted what I said. Rose’s injury this year has nothing to do with his injury 2 years ago. If DOCTORS tell you the next step of your rehab is playing in games and you won’t get back to 100% until you do, you should probably listen to the doctors. They are paid professionals that know what they are doing.

    And IN GAME movements are different from anything you will get in practice. The intensity is different, the reactions are different.

    No point for us to discuss Derrek Rose on a hockey blog. I was just using his knee injury as the example of needing minutes playing your game to get your knee back to 100%.

  22. To be fair Bickell could be 100% healthy but still not be skating “as well as” last year. Again, in terms of getting up to speed in the NHL or any professional league, TOI is essential to “get the legs back” unless we are discussing Marian Hossa who is the man the man the man yes he am yes he am yes he am.

  23. Yea, he said Bicks and Saader might be a game or so. ER, captain excited with a little hug tap. Mo is in tonight for sure.

  24. Yea Rose’s injury was totally unrelated to his last one that is a fact. He just stepped weird… again… and pop it went. It is pretty ridiculous to claim anything other than that is factual. Sometimes it just sucks to suck.

    And he was 100% wrong to sit out as long as he did.

  25. The DRose situation is different than Bicks knee in that Rose hurt himself doing a jump stop. Very stressful to the knee over time. It was an accident ready to happen. The genius of D Rose talent was his translating street ball technique to a very high level as he danced around the edge of playing in/out of control physically every time he stepped on the court. It also meant putting heavy strain on a not so large body. Sick vertical leaping ability coupled with the fact he was really fast with an amazing first step. That Rose hurt the other knee was not an uncommon thing. Could be had he slowly played himself back to full speed might have decreased the chance of his hurting the other leg. We will never know. I think lots a rehab is psychological. Injured players have to learn to trust their bodies again to do what the brain wants it to do. A very fine line.

    Bicks had to go through this with short off season and a not so strong knee. Was it a structural issue or more in his head. He was skating with a brace which apparently is a real pain in the ass and almost impossible to fully get used to. Take that into account. Then you get into his head with a big contract and limited on ice positive reinforcement. So he pressed, clutched the stick, and maybe lost confidence, along with feeling guilty about getting the big raise. Complex stuff to be sure.

    Good news is Bicks really seems to be coming out of the shit. His play is improving. It’s what we all ever wanted to see. It wasn’t his fault he got paid. Might be a stint with the Hogs would have better helped his rehab. Water under bridge now, but we should all be happy that guy is playing better. We need him on the upswing into playoffs.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  26. Bicks is a Mack Daddy Rig.

    The guy needs his sushi.

    ‘That man is a… fucking anim…mal.’ (goalie from youngblood)

  27. Why isn’t Garrett Ross a callup candidate?

    I’m only going by what I’ve read, but my understanding is that Ross plays like Andrew Shaw but has far more offensive talent.

  28. Drop the puck, agreed on Ross at least at some point I think he makes it. I have not seen Ross this year except on hockeystreams but I went over to Saginaw watch Saad play a couple years ago and spotted Ross then (his teammate) and thought he was pretty good. (Also saw Trocheck and grinned when I saw uncle Dale had him drafted.) This guy named Yakupov was in that game too but that’s another story…about 10 scouts came out of the press box after the game.

    After that small sample I was elated when we drafted Ross and was even happier when he potted 90 point season last year.

    Anyway, I saw Ross at camp at ND this fall and thought he looked ok but had a ways to go, but I think he will be there someday.

  29. Has anybody read the rumors that the Blackhawks are showcasing TT & Morin in order to trade for Ryan Kesler in the offseason?

    Leddy + TT + Morin for Kesler

    I’m really back and forth on it. Kesler is one of the top 2 way forwards in the game. Him & Kane really want to play together. It FINALLY solves the Hawks 2nd line Center “problem”. Also while Toews has pretty much indicated that he is definitely re-signing with the Hawks, Kane on the other hand is much more of a wild card. Kesler centering his line will assure he comes back.

    Also like it or not, the Defense is going to change next year.

    Klas Dahlbeck has turned from a solid stay at home type D-man to one of the best 2-way D-men in the AHL. At 6’2″, 210+ lbs he is physically ready for the NHL as well. His partner on the blue line Adam Clendening is a stud in his own right and has gotten much better defensively to go with his elite offensive prowess.
    Then of course their is Stephen Johns, who has the type of elite physicality that you can’t teach.
    All three are ready for the NHL next year. John’s might spend a year in the AHL but I doubt it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a spot on the Hawks NHL roster is part of the contract he negotiates with the Blackhawks.

    At the very least Dahlbeck & Clendening are coming next year…but most likely all three.

    That means Bowman is definitely trading Oduya this offseason. You can book it. Rosival is also gone along with his 2 million+ cap hit. I really like Oduya, and most of the time he has been great along side Hammer, but with the coming contracts of Saad, Toews, & Kaner the Hawks will have to get cheaper and younger on D.

    Sharp – Toews – Hossa
    Saad – Kesler – Kane
    Bickell -Smith – Versteeg
    Shaw – Kruger – Bollig

    Kieth – Seabrook
    Hammer – Dahlbeck
    Clendening – Johns


  30. @ Windy City Z:

    Yes, we’ve all heard that “rumor.” And we’ve all laughed at it for a couple weeks…

    No chance. None. Wipe twice and flush that where it belongs. That wasn’t a rumor, it was laughable bullsh**. Not worth your time to write out a lineup with that trade in mind.

  31. Thanks Tab.

    Do you agree with me that the young D-men are coming next year & Oduya & Rosi are traded?

  32. Not to mention that the concern with Kesler is that he is often injured, which he is again now. I believe he’s missed the last few games since shortly after the TDL. While it’s true he plays through injuries, his production suffers and consequently he is no longer that dominating 2-way center that he was a few years ago. I think his $5M cap hit can be better used in other areas.

  33. Windy Z – it will probably depend on what the salary cap ends up being. If it stays around the projected $71M – then maybe only one d-man is traded. But if the recent talk about the cap being lower than projected due the devalue of the Canadien dollar, then that $2M or $3M less might mean another d-man gets traded. That $2M – $3M is the cost of that d-man.

  34. Yea, Z nothing personnel but I would rather have T for 20 then 5 (max) of Kelser. Even if Kelser was 27 starting his prime of his prime yrs, no. If it was 8 & 11 for 17, then I would talk about it.

    As for the D men those guys will get in, one at a time. A lot of people thought/talked around training camp about how many open spots there were for the ahl guys… (nothing against any of those guys) and how many are in for 40 or more games. only Smith and he was from a couple yrs ago, had injury/had to wait longer. Same thing with Morin, he was ready a couple yrs ago, had injury/had to wait longer. He could be the next fw that gets in.

    What matters the most, is we are the best organization & one of two best teams every yr. We get to be very picky/patient/etc. with all our decisions and get the most quality out our system.

  35. Yea, ER I heard (after that report of the CAN dollar and all of the talk about cap) that it wouldn’t affect the cap & that the original quote was still the same.

    I think we keep the D longer and if we get less in trade at draft then deadline, who cares. I would rather have the D man for the whole season.

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