10 thoughts on “Blackhawks Place Marcus Kruger On IR

  1. Good player. Not a 3 million dollar player. I liked Frolik better at slightly less.
    To me, your third line center has to put up close to 10 goals and roughly 35 points.
    Kruger to me is a 4th line center in this league, numbers wise, decent penalty killer, faceoffs etc. But truly you can find plenty of defensive specialist types in a lot of places.

  2. I’m not terribly worried. Desjardins was great at center during the preseason. He can fill in amicably. My question is who do the hawks bring up from the minors? Keep is already up. How about McNeill to get a lil sniff while Kruger and Hossa recover?

  3. Not worried about this unlike not having Hossa , this guy can be replaced by anyone. Maybe time to give Schmaltz another try.

  4. I agree Big Al. The Hawks are lacking skilled finishers. Tootoo and Desi couldn’t score into an open net from 20 feet out. Bring back Schmaltz and keep Kero up.

  5. Schmaltz was injured December 18. On December 28 Dent said he thought he was still a ways out. December 30th he’s in the lineup and scores.

    He’s not a center at this point. So he’d be more of a fill in for Hossa who should be back shortly. I doubt they recall anyone to fill the Kruger injury and hopefully Kruger going on IR means Hossa is coming off shortly. Hossa is already eligible to come off. But they don’t have a roster spot without someone going down or being placed on ir.

  6. Tab, as they rotate player’s above 3m dollars on IR are the Bowmans creating cap space for moves at the deadline? Are they using the system again. I love it if it is shrewd as I think.

  7. Cap space is the space between the cap and where the 23man total is. That is whats banked. Bowman will find cap space that nobody else can think of so we can add want we need, he always does.

  8. You can’t bank space using IR or LTIR. The only thing IR does is exempt the player from the 23 man roster. Currently the Hawks have 24 players on the roster. But 2 are on IR so they only have 22 players that count. All 24 players count against the cap. So the Hawks need to have space to accommodate all 24.

    The only time you can use LTIR to your advantage is when you have an injury that would extend into the playoffs where there is no cap.

    LTIR temporarily gives you a ceiling that’s higher by an amount. Say your 1 million under the cap and have a 5 million dollar player go on LTIR. Without other moves to get you closer to the ceiling you can now go 4 million over the cap until that player comes off ltir. The Hawks recalled johns when TVR went down because they knew he TVR would be out until late in the playoffs. By recalling Johns prior to placing TVR on LTIR they were able to send Johns down and call up 2 players with the few thousand Johns got the closer. Allowing them to go over by almost all of TVRs salary.

    If you place a player on LTIR and the player returns prior to the playoffs the net gain or banked space is zero. If Kruger is out until the playoffs then they can use those dollars to acquire a higher dollar player.

    By constantly having a player on IR they get extended looks at guys like Kero and Schmaltz. Had it not been for injuries I doubt either guy plays games with the Hawks.

  9. Morrison- I can see a scenario where if the Hawks are healthy at the deadline a couple guys getting sent down especially if they have a points cushion. If that’s what hindering a deal. I wouldn’t be shocked if there isn’t a deal to be made.

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