Blackhawks Place Rob Scuderi On Waivers

On Tuesday the Chicago Blackhawks placed veteran defenseman Rob Scuderi on waivers.

Scuderi, 37, has zero points and is minus six while averaging a little more than 11 minutes per game since joining the Hawks. He was acquired from Pittsburgh in a trade for Trevor Daley earlier this season. Daley, of course, was acquired from Dallas in the trade that sent Patrick Sharp to the Stars over the summer.

The Sharp trade now stacks up as the Hawks having forward Jiri Sekac and roughly $2M in cap space.

39 thoughts on “Blackhawks Place Rob Scuderi On Waivers

  1. Will be interesting if someone takes a flyer on him. Lets hope so! I was just thinking about him the other day. I was wondering if the Hawks had placed him on the Kim Johnsson plan?

  2. Johnsson was better. He’ll go unclaimed.

    Interesting thought SSHM, If he was “injured” and put on ltir they’d get more relief. I suppose it’s worth taking a shot to see if someone will claim him.

  3. Also, I wonder if something is coming soon. Is this a lead up thing, or do they have a deal in place just need the space?

  4. The Panarin bonuses will figure into the cap space mix. So there is less money available than what is reported here. Looks like Buff may be headed to the Kings. Ladd won’t fit for the Hawks on the money front. Think we are looking at a veteran center or another defenseman.

    The pixie dust has worn off Panik. Need to move on from him soon.

  5. The Hawks need a skilled top line LW who can score. Hopefully Stan can find one without giving up a first round pick, TT or Schmaltz.

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  7. Stan has pretty much figured out that once a player falls out of favor with Q and he is just going to scratch him, it’s time to cut bait and save whatever Cap space he can.

    We saw that with a 25-year-old defenseman in Rundblad and now we are seeing it with a 37-year-old defenseman in Scuderi.

    Keep in mind, Stan usually likes to make his “deadline” deals before the actual deadline. Examples include Handzus in 2013, and Vermette last year.

  8. @ Ernie

    Yes Johnsson was better but do you remember how the Hawks literally made him disappear? Seriously its like Stan contacted the Outfit and “he is gone and there was nothing they could do about it” poof no more Kim.

  9. Depends what you are expecting of Fleischman. 1lw, nope. 3/4th line depth. Not a bad acquisition.

    Johnsson was playing when he left a game against the flyers in the regular season due to concussion like symptoms. 3 points in 8 games for the Hawks. Never played professional hockey again. Pretty sure he was concussed.

  10. Andrew Ladd at LW is the answer for the First line. I believe we can squeeze him in under the cap. Leadership, familiarity with Hoss and Toews, complimentary style, Start planning out the Stanley cup route.

  11. I whis Q would give Serkac a shot on the first line. Big and real fast, I think some hands too, but dosnt seem to be getting much of a chance anywhere in the ineup.

  12. Eos is end of season space. Players get paid via game day checks. With exceptions to guys like Bickell, thats how its calculated. Start of the season you’re paying a guy 4 million. Divide by 82 and he’s making 48780 a game. If a 4million dollar player is acquired with 20 games left he’s owed 975k and change. You calculate EOS space by the number of games after the deadline. And it gives you the amount of prorated salary you can take on. If a team has 975 in eos money, they can acquire a a player that will make 4 mil at the start of the year.

    Hope I didn’t totally confuse you.

  13. Deb, I was one of the strongest supporters of Morin. Q wasn’t. Q was right. Feel free to criticize, but he’s not often wrong. Now, when Babcock doesn’t want a guy on his team and when Q doesn’t play him…I got a feeling he’s not as good as we think.

  14. Interesting item, a few weeks ago “Inside the NHL” was talking about the resurgence of Crosbey and linking it to getting Daley who was feeding Sid. The commentator though getting Daley was a STEAL! It now looks like it.
    Good point about the Leaf game, did anyone see the Wings/Bruin game Sunday? First four shots resulted in “3” goals and the Bolts are behind both in the standings? Wings goalie even received a two minutes for stick handling the puck. What is even better, Mr. Tallon has put together a team using kids, rejects, and seniors.

  15. Sorry. Got Sekac and Panik confused. Haha. Point remains. Feel free to criticize, but has a pretty stellar record.

  16. Sids resurgence also coincides with a coaching change. Saying Crosby is back because of a 4th d-man is a reach imo.

  17. Fleischmann- LW 31, 6-1, 192; underproducing from what I gather…used to be a hot commodity and big point getter during a couple of seasons anyway. Looks like a pretty good fit here and if there is a team where he can spark some former glory, given a chance to do so, it should well be us. Coming from the East there would be no helping out rivals and can bring some insight into the Caps, although that’s been a while. A cup run would really motivate this guy for his big chance at glory and we know Q will get the best out of him. Don’t know why but I like it, just a gut feeling. Habs will be sellers.

  18. Broker: someone is using my monicker — without the requisite authority to do same. I do not use foul language like that (in this type of forum). I addressed this in my earlier post, but to no avail., the fraud continued.

    If the fraudulent posts persist, I will deal w/ it accordingly. Thank you.

  19. “At this time I’ll go ahead and toss Tomas Fleischmann’s name out there for conversation/consideration…”

    Tab, how’s his D? I checked his stats and it looks like there are a lot of minuses. I know he was with the Panthers awhile.

  20. Fleischmann’s cap hit is only $750,000. It would not take much to get him. I was hoping for a more prolific scorer at top line LW.

  21. Not as good/difference maker as others (like Hands was) but filled the role well. There was an improvement to the team game when we did 6 for 52/etc and 29 for 14/34/etc., so I see every little (/or medium/large) making the team deeper in quality. Its worth making roster better whenever we can no matter how big/small.

    Krugs, even though will be rusty/doesn’t shoot the puck like a sniper, but for what hes good at/role going to be full of energy and he already is the energizer bunny. This is going to be a big boost at that time/when nobody else is going to get a boost like that (unless they have someone/that to). We know what a 4th of 11/16/65 bring. Its a warhead of a 4th that no other team has.

    Need someone who can play with 19/81 well enough to complete our lines. This kind of guy would be good on 3rd worst case. 41/24/86 is sort of like 10/80/86.

    I am for any/every thing that makes our roster deeper.

    We want moar. We want moar.

  22. Didnt this happen once before? With name robbing. I remember Tab stepped in and deleted some of the shit throwing between Rufus and Hof because it was an email foreign to Rufus.

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