42 thoughts on “Blackhawks Place Rozsival On LTIR, Recall Pokka

  1. I am thinking that this is an insurance policy for the late season and playoffs. The Hawks know Rozy, he knows their system and he can help develop the young kids.
    Plus, if there are any serious injuries along the way or one of the kids completely screws up he can fill a role.

  2. Guessing Pokka is up for cap reasons only and they will switch out he and Svedberg shortly. Pokka makes more than Svedberg so having Pokka on the roster the same time Rozsival goes on LTIR gives the Blackhawks a little more cap breathing space.
    Pokka is a right hand shot and that’s not what they need, so I’m pretty sure this is just cap gymnastics like they did with Stephen Johns last year.

  3. No sense in rushing Rosy (break glass in time for playoffs) he has nothing to prove in the regular season.

    Nice to see Pokka get brought up, will be interesting to see how much(if any) he plays for the Hawks. Is Cumiskey still on his PTO or has he been released from that?

    The Hawks still have Runblad (who hasn’t looked bad) & TVR in the mix

  4. Svedberg is not really NHL material. He can’t skate…at all. He is a placeholder for something else. We have all of these supposed hockey experts on this blog. If any of you can say with a straight face that Svedberg is projectable then I’m all ears.

  5. I will say this again, like the broken record that I am…

    1. Daley is a liability in the defensive zone no matter how you want to slice it. The ONLY reason he his here is because his contract was the shit sandwich Stan Bowman had to eat in order for Dallas to be willing to take the Patrick Sharp contract. How Quenneville sorta makes Daley work shall be fascinating. Anybody who watched the Stars the past few years…or Daley in the preseason…can attest to the dilemma we now have.

    2. van Riemsdyk is a swell kid and I’m sure he assists old ladies across the street. But lets not kid ourselves…he is a highly interchangeable 5/6 defenseman type at max. He gets a great grade for work ethic and enthusiasm and smiling. He is a placeholder for a year or two and very, very replaceable. In fact we need to root he has a replacement at some point.

    3. Runblad can’t play defense. We all know that. He is a cheap 7th defenseman, period. Both with Daley also being on the roster and being a 3 times the salary kinda sorta clone of Runblad? Where there is where my angst lies. See # 1 above.

    4. Hawks need the ultimate return of Rosival to happen. Do not underestimate this.

  6. RTF – The key words in your post are “How Quenneville sorta makes Daley work shall be fascinating.” We all love to talk about the players but seem to ignore the impact of a HOF coach and his system. This is proven by how guys perform once they join the Hawks as well as how they perform once they leave the Hawks. I trust that we will see solid improvement from Daley as the year goes on as we did with Oduya. Regarding TVR, Rundblad and Svedberg I will trust that Q decided to go with these guys over Hedja and Visnovsky. We need to get 20 minutes a night combined from two of these guys until Rozy comes back and while I share your concerns about their weaknesses let’s see if Q can work some magic.

  7. HOF, I am very interested in your post regarding cap manuevering here. Can you please explain how having Polka up helps with the Cap if he makes more than Svedberg. Also I am wondering how the Hawks look cap wise going into the year with all these manuevers, including Bickell clearing waivers and then back on the team. I am hopeful that come trade deadline the Hawks will be in a position to add someone like they did with Vermette last year.

  8. I speculated that the only reason the Hawks signed Rozsival was to take advantage of LTIR rules. Otherwise why sign him when they did? Was another team going to? Doubt it.

    Anyway, the Hawks had to be compliant before they could LTIR anyone. LTIR only makes the teams cap artificially higher. It doesn’t remove the hit. Here’s an old examole from capgeek. RIP Matthew Wuest.

    The upper limit is $70.0M. A team has a cap payroll or Averaged Club Salary of $69.0M on the day a player with a $4.0M cap hit is placed on LTIR. The team is now eligible to spend up to a new upper limit of $73.0M ($69.0M + $4.0M).
    However, had the team recalled a player with a $750K cap hit prior to the LTIR designation, increasing its cap payroll or Averaged Club Salary to $69.75M, it would have been eligible to spend up to a new upper limit of $73.75M ($69.75M + $4.0M).

  9. Curious. Does anyone here honestly like Svedberg more than Pokka? Im probably getting too far ahead of myself as Pokka will probably be in Rockford this time tomorrow. But I really like the idea of Hjalmarsson with Pokka and TVR with Daley.

  10. I get it Ernie. So you want to max out before you put someone on LTIR because then you can go higher and then you can swap out players later with the lawyer salary shuffeling back to Rockford. Pretty cool.

  11. Pete,

    Ernie’s post explains it pretty well but the general gist of it is where a team stands money wise before a guy goes on LTIR.

    The Blackhawks wanted to get their total cap number as close to the $71.4M limit as possible before/when adding Rozsival to LTIR.

    So Pokka makes 925k, Svedberg meanwhile makes 575k. They call up Pokka (first, technically, before putting Rozsival on LTIR) and by doing that they are something like $540k over the cap, give or take a few $$. Because Rozy is still on the cap and not on LTIR yet. Then they LTIR Rozy in a different transaction and they can spend up to $540k over the cap.

    Follow this now, if they had left Svedberg up, they would only be $19ok over the cap. As long as Roszival is still on LTIR, they could have only spent up to that, meaning $190K over the cap. This way, by doing what they did, they can spend up to that $540k over the cap (instead of only $190k over). So by calling up a higher salary player, and then putting the guy on LTIR, they can spend more (a larger amount) over the cap, again as long as the player remains on LTIR.

    They did this same song and dance last year with Stephen Johns. I am not well versed on all the in’s and outs of the cap, it is super complicated, but that’s why these seemingly head scratching moves take place. Since they are so tight to the cap, you will probably see a few more moves like this during the year and guys possibly riding the Rockford shuttle if it’s advantageous for them to do so. And frankly I am not even 100% sure the way I explained it is accurate but that’s the way I understand it.

    The reality is, most trades and roster decisions are cap influenced first and foremost before any on ice implications. It is goofy but that’s the world they live in. And by the way, I completely agree with Ernie’s thoughts the Blackhawks signed Rozsival during camp so they could take advantage of LTIR rules. They knew he wouldn’t be ready for the season and it would give them a guy to put on LTIR so they could spend higher than the cap for as long as he remains on LTIR.

    On Bickell for a moment. They can only bury $940K or so if they send him to Rockford. But for a team so close to the cap, that $940K (or whatever it is exactly) is a big deal. So they still may end up doing that soon.

  12. Yep, you got it Pete. Like Hof said with Johns last year before they put TVR on LTIR. They then sent him down next day and called up Nordstrom and I want to say Dahlbeck. So I wonder if this was all in Stans plan to sign Rozsival. LTIR him right away. If they need him the second half he’s there. If not, then they gained the space they lost from last year’s bonus money.

  13. Hof, its funny. Slide rule guys have 10 NHL games before their first year of there ELC is burned. Whereas Bickell has 10 games before he needs waivers again.

  14. Thank you for that explanation. So how do they save the 900K on Bickell? Does he have to stay in Rockford all year to accomplish that?

  15. According to an ESPN article the Hawks were 750k over from last year. So the Hawks ceiling is roughly 70.65

  16. The second Bickell is in Rockford his cap hit goes from 4 million to 3.05. If he’s recalled it goes back to 4. If you really want to get technical his total hit comes off. But the Hawks are charged 3.05 in buried money. It’s all the same.

  17. So he has to stay in Rockford all year to save the 900K? Or is it prorated in some way based upon how long he is not on the NHL roster.

  18. Gonna need Hofs help. But I’m sure it’s pro-rated. Depends on when he’s sent down and called up. Players don’t get their money in one lump some. But In game checks. It’d be a math nightmare for fans to figure out.

  19. Usually around the Holiday break/roster freeze you see some prospects get sent back down to the AHL. I think this happened to Jack Skille in 09-10. This is going back a ways but I want to say it saved the Hawks like 16k. But it also “screws” the player out of money too. Merry Christmas.

  20. Since I apparently have no life. I believe the Hawks “save” $11,585 for every NHL game Bickell is in Rockford for. Bickell would still receive his full game pay of $48,780. Math wasn’t my best subject so I could be completely wrong.

  21. Bickell is untradeable. If his play becomes that unbearable after a while then rhe Hawks can release him and see a cap hit of $3.05 M versus 4.0 M for each of the next two seasons. I guess in theory if he gets hurt bad or the vertigo becomes a problem they could LTIR him. But I’m sure the league and the players association don’t allow for any monkey business when it comes to going that route with a player. Either he is legitimately injured for a long period of time or he is not.

  22. RE: Bickell – they could also buy him out. I think the rule is half the cap hit for double the remaining term. Not sure if that works down the road…in particular with Seabrook’s new deal kicking in. Ultimately I figure he gets the Huet treatment.

  23. Huet treatment also went away when the new cba kicked in. Also with buyouts, if a player is older than 26. It’s 2/3 of their salary over double the term. If a player is younger than 26 its 1/3 salary over double the term. The buyout window is a couple weeks long I believe in June. Their is another smaller buyout window later on. But that’s only if the club has 2 player filed arbitration hearings I think.

  24. Less than 24 hours from when we can stop arguing about salary cap and Kane stuff and get down to arguing about hockey – YEAH BABY ! ! ! !

  25. Shhhhh Ebony, were all talking salary cap and Bickell stuff. Let the Kane stuff go….at least until something is known.

  26. Rufus – your predictions lack credibility. At this point you can say things without having to worry being wrong. It happened so many time, you have nothing to lose.
    It’s like you’re 2-14. Might as well go all-in every time. It can’t get any worse.

  27. Ernie – you answerd yourself. Why would they sign him then ? Because they gain in that scenario.
    I don’t think Rozsival is fake signing. It’s a real signing they anticipated because there’s a gain by anticipating it. When he’ll be ready, he’ll be activated.

  28. Ernie – I like Svedberg more than Pokka, because Svedberg has (does he?) PK value. The Hawks need a 4th D for PKing in place of Oduya and Svedberg might take those minutes. Big body, long stick. He could eat up space, clear the crease, block shots and close lanes with that huge stick.
    He was Pk-ing against the Stars and they were leaving the right slot uncovered, trusting Svedberg’s size/block shooting value.
    He could eat up 10-12 minutes a game with solid results. The Hawks don’t need world beatters at the 6th D spot, just solid role players.

  29. DumDum- why don’t you think TVR cant be that 4th PK guy? I’m not expecting a ton offensively. But hes defensively sound with solid size. He probably isn’t ever going to be more than a 4 at absolute best. But he’s solid. He’s got decent height, girth not so much.

    Svedberg to me is a pylon with a long stick. If you only want 10 min a night why not just put Rundblad out there. After all he had 14 points in 49 games and was +17. Advanced stats contradict conventional stats, but still it’s tough for me to ignore.

  30. Did not mean to imply the Rozsival signing was fake or however you want to put it. Merely that the timing was engineered. As Ernie stated, no other team was going to sign Rozsival, he wanted to come back to Chicago regardless.

    The timing of signing him during camp though … when he clearly wasn’t ready to play, gave them this LTIR flexibility. Once he’s ready to play, yes, he will play. Who knows when that will be, but yes, he’ll be out there at some point.

  31. Pokka not at morning skate so it looks like his call up was strictly a procedural play to maximize cap space as Hof and others have explained and suggested.

  32. Kimmo Timonen is at the UC this morning. Nice he gets to be a part of the banner raising ceremony (refrain from obvious sarcastic remarks please).

  33. I saw the picture of all the players with their rings. 2 players stood out. Svedberg literally does. He looks like he was trying to photobomb it. And then Timonen on the bottom right with Toews behind him. I still can’t get over that feel good story.

  34. Ernie – I like TVR a lot. I don’t understand why one would criticize him. He’s a good young player. Love his play, style and flexibility.
    My point is… can you imagine a D pairing that comes on the ice after a PK formed by Daley and Rundbland ? That’s like doubling down on giving the other team momentum. TVR-Daley is a pair that makes sense.

    I like what Svedberg can bring to the table. There’s an open spot on the D corp for what he could bring. It’s what Rozsival brought. I wouldn’t mind a bigger, nastier Rozsival type.

  35. I guess that’s where we disagree. Svedberg is big, the same way Nordstrom has wheels. Neither player does much for me.

  36. Ernie – the name of the game for me is ‘don’t be a liability’. IF he limits turnover in 5 vs 5 and kills penalties he’s good. Maybe level somebody who tries to take a dirty shot at a SC Champion.
    I want Svedberg before anybody else going into those Isles and Caps games shortly. Those 2 4th lines are nasty and going for the total hits standings. Svedberg over Rundbland against those guys every time, for sure. You don’t need a guy pissing on himself when the Isles 4th line is forechecking. It snowballs quickly.

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