33 thoughts on “Blackhawks Place Tim Erixon On Waivers

  1. Jeremy Morin since the trade: 17 games, 1 goal, 2 assists.

    The Blackhawks traded a player who wasn’t doing anything for them to Columbus for a player who… did nothing for them. Net zero deal. Hate to break it to the Morin lovers (of which I was one), but his health is a legitimate concern and he didn’t do much for the Jackets when he was on the ice.

  2. They’re trying to get him to Rockford. I wonder if he gets claimed, wouldn’t be surprised if he does. He barely got a chance here so maybe Bowman should stop trading for these type of guys.

  3. if he gets claimed, so be it. Rockford has 9 dmen on their roster before Erixon gets there already.

    Bowman needs to clear out some of the dead weight in the organization, and he’s been able to get something back for the Dylan Olsens and Brandon Pirris of the world. This time he didn’t get anything back. That happens.

  4. Doesn’t matter there’s 9 in Rockford, they have the likes of Justin Holl and Zach Miskovic and what not. They can go to Indy. Yes obviously if he gets claimed then so be it, he’s on waivers after all.

    The larger point being, even if you’re somewhat over a barrel i.e. with Morin, either get something that fits for this year or fits for the future. They thought Erixon might be someone for the future, played him in a handful of games and then put him on waivers. I think Bowman and staff could have done a better job identifying something, anything, that could have fit … young player, vet, draft choice, whatever.

    Not to beat the Morin horse, he wasn’t all that great shakes (like Erixon is a fair point) but you don’t let it get to that point where you’re over a barrel. They need to be more proactive. And now they’ll be in reactive mode this summer trying to get a few draft choices back. It’s kind of ass backwards.

  5. Not this sh!t again. Morin did nothing with the Hawks and Q’s evaluation and approach on using Morin was right on the noney. Same as it wa with fellow NHL nobodies Brandon Pirri and Jimmy Hayes. If the Hawks received a can of Simoniz from Columbus in return for Morin it would have been a win. Erixon was modest step above a can of paste wax, so it was a great win.

  6. Chill out Rufus, your opinion on Morin has been stated several dozen times, we all get it. How about some info on what you posted yesterday from a “source you trust” about a dust up involving Toews, Keith, Bickell? And that Sharp’s behavior is supposedly pissing off Rocky Wirtz and McD?

    I hope you’re not referring to Bernstein.

  7. Hof – I hear you but I think the issue is that the Hawks thought Morin would step in to a permanent role this year. I was a fan but have to admit it didn’t work out. At that point we had no leverage since Morin would have been claimed on waivers if sent down.

  8. not saying morin was great, but just sucks to get zero for him. it happens i suppose, just seems like a pick would have even been a better deal if you never really planned on giving erixon a shot

  9. MS yup you’re correct. Part of my point is don’t let it get to the crossroads. I was not much of a Morin fan, more talking about approaches. They knew him long enough and should have had a better sense whether he could step in or not and yes, it didn’t work.

    I just think they need to be more proactive with asset management, that’s their job and it speaks to Tab’s point about moving out some dead weight. I will give them credit for moving out Clendening, they need to do more of that. I understand being patient with prospects but if they don’t move 1-2 of them before Monday afternoon and instead move more draft choices I’ll consider that a fail. But we’ll see.

  10. I do not see what Stan saw in Erixon. It was obvious from the first game the guy could not skate and was a lightweight on the boards. Stan got fleeced on that trade. He has made a number of questionable moves lately. Keeping 32, bringing back Handzus, sending Leddy packing instead of Oduya, Erixon and the Hayes fiasco. I have lost a great deal of confidence in him at this point. There has been much conversation on this blog about defensive deficiencies on the team and there are some. I have a feeling the bigger problem now that Kane is on the shelf is the offense. We have too many guys that can’t finish. The Hawks will never move past the first round with only 19, 81, 20 and 23 capable of scoring. The decline of 10 is unbelievable. There must be a physical problem.

  11. I said it when the deal was made,… trash for trash deal. No offense to morin and Erixon but these were two high potential guys that never panned out. There are lot of things to criticize SB on, this move is not one of them

  12. Nick Leddy had to be the guy to move because Oduya and Rosival had no-trades and were immovable because of their contracts. And lets be clear, while Leddy has some neat skating ability he did very little in Chicago to suggest he earned his lofty paycheck, or that in a salary cap world he was anything but expendable.

    Jeremy Morin was yet another “just a guy” type in Rockford that some of you ridiculously overrated. Ditto Hayes and Pirri. And I hat to break the news to you fellers, but McNeil and Hartman fall into the same category. So if you want to get angry, then direct it toward Bowman and not your usual default response that Quenneville is an idiot and doesn’t know how to handle younger talent.

  13. Schmaltz, Hayden, TT, Johns are the only prospects that I have seen that I really believe could be impactful

  14. @ Rufus

    I’m with you on the ability of Hayes and to a lesser extent Pirri. However, I’m not buying your Leeds argument. The rumor was Oduya heading to Long Island for the longest time. If SB wanted Leddy to be kept over Oduya he could have been. It was the wrong move then and it’s the wrong move now.

    Letting the other Hayes skate out of town was another horrible decision as well.

  15. to Rufus’ prospect analysis: when you’re drafting near the bottom of each round, there aren’t many superstars laying around. Hawks got great value in the 2nd w/ Saad and Teravainen fell into their lap as well. Also, while we’re throwing shade at Bowman’s picks, let’s keep in mind that he’s stacked each class w/ college kids as well. Johns, Paliotta, Hayden, Calnan, Hinostroza, Motte and Schmaltz could all do something in the NHL.

  16. Also, let’s not forget what they got in return for Leddy. Pokka could be special. A touch on the small side, but still. He’s doing quite well in his first year on smaller ice. Perhaps that’s why Leddy was moved. Maybe the Islanders offered something for Oduya, but they offered more with Leddy. On point production alone, he’s not really blowing his previous Hawks years out of the water. On a point per 60 basis, I’d be willing to net he was more productive with the Hawks.

  17. I sure hope Stan is not thinking about trading Sharp for Ward. He is a big body but has never been much of a sniper. I would much rather wait for Sharp to get out of his funk. If we are going to trade Sharp we either need to get a #1 draft pick or a dynamic scorer.

  18. @Mike.
    I believe Sharp has a “limited” no trade clause. Which would mean he could be dealt but only to certain teams.

  19. Ernie/61, also the weaker division/conf. sch. adds to points totals. I would rather keep 10 unless its for something worth it. Whatever makes the team stronger/better now. What about Dubinsky.

    Scotty, I like Hayden (as well as the others you mentioned).

  20. When I heard the Sharp/Washington rumors. I first thought of a Brouwer reunion. Then of Mike Green. Especially with the Caps acquiring Gleason(not that he has much left). Joel Ward doesn’t really do much for me unless its a Ward for Bickell swap. In all honesty, I’d probably trade Bickell and Sharp for Ward and Green. Would free up a ton of dollars in the off season.

  21. Can someone verify the .750 in bonus Timo will get can be put on this yrs salary cap (as an option) so we do not have to have it on the ’16 (as a caphit).

  22. Morrison- I don’t see Dubinsky as an impact player. Plus I think he was injured recently. Mike Green would add some offense to the D corp. I have a feeling Stan is done messing with the D.

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