Blackhawks Players Headed To World Championship Quarterfinals

Russia – Artemi Panarin has five goals and seven assists through seven games, ranking second in the tournament with 12 points. He has put 22 shots on goal thus far and has two game-winning goals. Panarin has scored twice on the power play as well.

United States – Tyler Motte has been credited with six shots on net and two assists in seven games. Vince Hinostroza has one goal – a game-winner – and two assists with ten shots on goal and ten penalty minutes in seven contests.

Sweden – Erik Gustafsson has two assists and 16 shots on net in seven games. Again, there are two Erik Gustafssons on Sweden’s roster; the Blackhawks’ Gustafsson is wearing #56.

Finland – Ville Pokka has two assists and six shots on net in seven games.

2016 World Championship bracket

13 thoughts on “Blackhawks Players Headed To World Championship Quarterfinals

  1. if you’re following the trend across the Hawks’ players stats…

    Michal Kempny has… wait for it… two assists in seven games with 16 shots on net and 8 PIM for the Czech Republic.

  2. 4th defenseman huh. The most interesting news i heard recently was Brian Hedger saying he didnt feel like Pokka was NHL ready or going to be Hawk anytime soon.

  3. All this talk about Kempny. I was wondering. Is he the only defenseman from the entire KHL who appears to be worthy of playing second pairing defense in the NHL ?

    I realize Toronto agreed to terms with Zaitsev. But Kempny is the only other guy who is a legit NHLer ? Seems strange to that there are not a handful.

  4. Need cheerleaders in the aisles of the UC.

    Regarding KHL guys converting to NHL. Forget everything you know. Would you want to leave friends,family,home. To go to a place with a different language, different culture, different play hockey? The KHL guys, most were undrafted for a reason. Either not good enough. Or a reluctance to leave. A few guys slip through the cracks. Of those few guys that were never discovered. How many are under contract? We’ve seen Cam Barker light up KHL scoring. There’s a reason he’s there.

  5. I would love to see the Hawks go after some goaltenders our depth at that position is very weak. Given the salary cap how much longer can we go before we need to start moving out some of the core players. I know I’m selfish given the teams success but I remember the sad days before Toews and Kane when there were maybe 5,000 fans at the UC. I hope SB can work his magic for next season.

  6. Ernee, if there were cheerleaders in the aisles at the U.C., you would have to be
    bring a change of underwear.

  7. Morrison, like the one near the Canucks penalty box when Eager went to the sin bin as a member of the Sharks?

  8. Observations from Czech/USA game today…
    watched 3rd and OT

    Motte- very strong protecting puck, + speed/skating, willing to block shots,
    looks like an excellent PK guy (perhaps paired with 16- if he makes the team)…
    imo- best player on Hogs now! Plays way bigger than his height with solid lower body

    Hino- looked ok- I like Hino- but he is small

    Kempny- played very smart/solid… BUT- Huge TO late in OT- Foligno picked his pocket behind his own net… (- just didn’t realize skill/reach of NHL guy)… hope he learns quick… has a little nasty in him… not afraid to knock guys down around the net… or wall guys off down the boards.

  9. USA USA! Sweden/Canada next for us. Kempny on the penalty kill… I agree… He seemed solid. USA power play was like the Hawks… late 2nd, 3rd period. Finland/Denmark on now. Let’s see how Pokke looks.

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