Blackhawks Rally Late, Still Lose In OT

After getting back into the win column against Pittsburgh, the Blackhawks looked to stay luke warm against a Winnipeg team that has given them problems thus far this season.

The Jets flew into Chicago after a game on Thursday, so the Hawks had that going for them… which is nice.

Starting fast was the Blackhawks key to success against the Penguins, but they were back to allowing the first goal of the game. This time, however, it took Mark Scheifele more than 14 minutes to score.

The goal came while Winnipeg was on the power play, something else the Hawks were able to survive against the Penguins.

Chicago came back, however. In the closing seconds of the first period, Jonathan Toews tied the game.

Toews’ 15th of the season came with assists from Duncan Keith and Brandon Saad with 10.2 seconds left on the clock.

The Jets out-shot the Hawks 14-13 in the opening 20 minutes.

Chicago scored the first goal of the second period, and it came off the stick of Toews again.

Saad added a second assist in the game on the goal, and the Hawks had some momentum. Chicago was skating well and their speed was keeping them in the mix with Winnipeg.

That didn’t last, though.

Patrik Laine tied the game less than three minutes after Toews’ second goal.

And, within seconds of leaving the penalty box, Mathieu Perreault beat Corey Crawford to give the Jets a 3-2 lead with 18 seconds left in the second period.

The Hawks out-shot the Jets 13-11 in the second period but trailed on the scoreboard.

In the third we saw more line mixing from Jeremy Colliton. Dylan Sikura got a few shifts with Patrick Kane, who was riding a personal five-game point streak. As has been Colliton’s trend since taking over behind the Hawks’ bench, Kane was skating what seemed like every other shift in the third period.

Chicago got a power play late in the third period when Dmitry Kulikov went off for two minutes with 3:35 left in regulation. Unfortunately John Hayden, who had played another nice game, got called for high sticking in front of the net on the Hawks’ power play and the two teams skated 4-on-4 beginning with 2:47 left on the clock.

Crawford skated to the bench almost immediately when Hayden left the box and, with the extra attacker on the ice, Erik Gustafsson unloaded a missile that found the back of the net to tie the game with six seconds left in regulation.

At the end of regulation, Kane had put a team-leading eight shots on net in 22:55. Crawford stopped 36 of 39 in a superior effort through 60 minutes.

And we headed to overtime.

The Hawks got the first couple good looks in overtime but then Winnipeg got the puck deep. Toews got pinned behind the net and Scheifele was able to skate the puck out in front of the net and, as Kane and Keith watched, Scheifele picked a spot and put home the game-winning goal for his second of the night.

Winnipeg won in overtime for the second time in as many nights.

Toews added an assist on the Gustafsson goal to give him three points in the game. He also won 12 of 23 faceoffs.

Keith and Saad had two assists each.

This was a significantly better effort from the Hawks than the last two times they played the Jets. The Blackhawks allowed six goals in each of their last two games against Winnipeg and were dominated in their last meeting four short days ago.

71 thoughts on “Blackhawks Rally Late, Still Lose In OT

  1. Good effort for sure, just fell a little short. I would keep the defense the way it is i like dahlstrom and gustafson. If they give thos effort.every night losses.wont be so bad

  2. Laine’s release is incredible – his goal was an absolute bullet. Thought we had one of the best efforts in quite a while.

  3. Dahlstrom looks NHL ready. He’s playing with so much more poise and confidence this time around.
    Kahun is really using his speed effectively lately. It looks like it took him about 30 NHL games to get comfortable with the puck in order to make plays. Great to see.
    Saad is playing really hard North/South hockey. He’s probably a better playoff player than regular season player because every inch of space is fought for in the playoffs.
    Colliton is really going to have to coach up Perlini. He’s like Bickell was his first couple years, a wicked wrist shot but not much when it comes compete level. Can Colliton cajole him to play harder and go into the scoring areas ? Don’t know.
    I absolutely love Hayden’s effort. He wants to be in the lineup badly.

    I’d Get Keith off the overtime first unit. As soon as he fired that prayer of a slap shot and gave Winnipeg possession the game was over.

  4. Overall interesting game to watch, tolerable to the eye. Gustafson is an offensive force, he needs to improve defensively, but he’s not someone to get rid of. Look at Byfuglien as an example.

    Martinsen was “ok”; in Q speak, that’s not so hot.

  5. Happy with the effort and with Murphy and Dahlstrom playing a lot of minutes the D is more stabilized – Gus and Seabs can get 3rd pairing minutes

    3rd line is a bit of a sore spot – they’re not creating much – when AA is back hopefully it’ll be a bit better – at that point one of Perlini or Sikura will sit I assume

    Great games from Toews and Saad and Crow was very good as well

    Overall that’s too pretty good games – in fact I thought they played better vs the Jets then the Pens – the Jets are a really good team

  6. Watched the PIT game, domination continue up to 9 games win streak.
    And the 2nd period in this WIN game.
    This wasn’t WIN (3rd best team in league) was up 4 or whatever to 0 and let up so we were able to come back. Game was even and were up 2-1, then they get toomany men on ice goal and then our PP they score again. This is just the shit tha happens when we donot have a full roster and a transition yr. When we donot have those two things anymore, were up 2-1 after 2nd.

    Looked good, we skated coming up the ice, and looked like we ‘played’
    Didn’t see to much of last 10 games, so maybe its better I didn’t because we looked like we skated in the two games I saw, PIT and WIN.
    This is the most difficult stretch of games in these 82 games. We could win more games then people think, especially in the 2nd 40 games where sch is more normal.

    Still need full roster and young/draft wave to all get here.
    You could see what 12 was saying after the PIT game in the WNBC talkers, that were are good when we ‘play’ just imagine/cant wait until we have full roster again.

  7. Saad is back! Playing amazing hockey. Toews is playing better than ever. A good performance by most tonight. Crawford was superb. Gus is a great puck mover and has a rocket shot like Seabrook.

    Biggest concern: The two players acquired for Schmaltz had the worst night of anyone. Nigrelli summed up Perlini perfectly. He stands around waiting for the play to come to him and plays soft. Strome was even worse, mostly standing around and slow to react. Laine easily got around him just before scoring. Both Perlini and Strome were rarely where the puck was. Both must improve (especially Strome) if they are to have a future with this team. At least Strome must be a key player in the rebuild.

  8. As fun and feel good and players deserve it, we do need that top 3 % pick. That top 5 skill is needed for us to fully reload. So I wanted to win this one like the last two, its for the cause. Donot look, even though we caught up to and tied LA for a few days, they are ahead-by one game, and about 5 or 6 teams that were a little above/at .500 are now around 2 under. Anyone of those teams could close in on us when we win games so I hope we have a chance at top 5 skill.

  9. Looking much better overall as a team, Crawford playing at a elite level again. Original thats the knock on Strome great hockey sense but doesn’t get there quick enough. Seems when he s moving his skating is fine but when standing flat footed he doesn’t have great acceleration.

  10. First wks of season, people wanted to trade Saader.
    From the trade everyone, talk, some would trade 20.

    Once Saader settled in (last yr was off for him) this yr, now he is still as good as he ‘really’ is. I keep 20 on the donot touch list (unless its contract yr/deadline/comes back as ufa-handshake).

  11. I think Strome will figure it out – he was guilty on Laine goal although Keith was too

    He’s still just 21 – I still like him as a player and I didn’t think he was terrible last night anyway

  12. They looked good in many aspects of the game last night. The Jets got nothing easily and the Hawks fought for every puck. Their passing was crisp and they were holding the passes for the most part. They passed up some shot attempts that they should have taken and that continues to haunt them. We need some juicy rebounds, boys. DeBrincat had a couple occasions where his stick skills seemed to desert him. They sure have had a lot of high sticking penalties lately. That needs to stop.

    I would play this exact same line-up next game. When a team is going as badly as they have been, you need to reward the guys that are giving it all they’ve got and these guys on the ice last night were doing that.

    Laine is amazing. His goal celebrations are very constrained too. He’s doing his job and doing it well and doesn’t need to celebrate each goal like he just won the Cup.

  13. It was an enjoyable game to watch, not just a sixty minute string of mistakes by the Boys. Lots of compete by the Hawks and I agree that Saad looks very good lately. I agree with Robs, Laine is a terrific player.

  14. Granddaughter’s Christmas program last night – got home just in time to see Gustafsson tie it up. Then the OT. The high and low wrapped up in a few minutes.

    From highlights and comments it seems the Hawks battled much more that they did when they played them a few days ago which I believe is the game where JC made the post game comment that they (WPG) played like men and we couldn’t match them. OUCH! So it is encouraging they played with a much higher compete level this time.

    I’ll once again give kudos to Keith for stepping up and giving them the puck before that crazy Toews could do something like score and secure the 2nd point. With 26 points, the Hawks are once again 2 points “behind” LA and there are 4 or 5 teams right on the Hawks tail with 28 points. We can’t be willy-nilly picking up random points if we want to stay in contention for a top-5 pick in the draft. So, way to go Keith – you brought out that ridiculous pop-gun shot just in the nick of time to save the day.

  15. ER, I go by games over .500 and LA is ahead at 9 were at 8. Games played is the between pts or games over .500 and your right there about 5 or 6 teams that were 1 or 2 over and around even and now there all 2 under and can close in fast, as they are worse teams then us and play an easier sch. So hopefully we get that top 5 skill because we deserve it and need to reload like we want to.

  16. In terms of top 5 skill, I be a little worried about having a good record the 2nd 40 games, with a normal sch and its easier, then getting 1st pick. We could easily end up with pick 11-15 and that would suck.

  17. Ian said this most difficult stretch of games, were still in until mid JAN. So we do play 6 of next 8 against top 5/10 teams.
    Its after mid JAN we might win too many the rest of the way.

  18. Update on the WJC. I don’t know if anyone has said this but Ian Mitchell made team Canada, but unfortunately Beaudin was cut yesterday. I have Entwistle has a good chance of making the team as well though there is still one forward cut for either him Shane Bowers and Anderson-Dolan who might be injured through the tournament. Just thought I’d let you all know if not already.

  19. Also anyone not interested in Jack Hughes, the guy projected 2nd, Kappo Kakko from Finland, is scoring at the same pace as Patrik Laine was in the Finnish elite league at this time in his draft year. I’m not saying he’s Patrik Laine, but he’s 6’2, 200 something pounds and may be a better fit with the Hawks. The kid can also play center or wing. Just throwing something out there

  20. Always post, even if someoneelse already did. Not everyone reads from 1st post.
    Same with links to important things.

    Wall and others think Hughes might not be the best and for what we need the most, make sure its best available, those big and fast FW are rare as well. Like half of WIN roster (remember thought WIN would still be 8-12th best team in league if salasry cap didn’t water down the top 5 teams of the last 5-8 yrs)(salary cap paved the way for PIT and other good teams that couldn’t ever beat the top 5 teams 2015 and prior).

    Still, TB and NAS are top teams for a few yrs now and havnt won anything yet. WIN is 3rd best roster and I would rout for them to win Cup, they at least deserve it like SAJ and PIT/VEG teams deos not deserve it.

  21. Agreed Morrison, I think we’ll see TOR vs WIN SCF because TB always chokes. I think a big fast forward, top 5 talent is what the hawks need the most, but should they pass on Hughes if they have the 1st overall pick? I guess we will see. There is a lot of excitement for this years WJC from Hawks fans and for both drafted players and potential top 3 or 5 picks. Will be interesting to see

  22. I just want teams that deserve to be there and deserve to, win. I cant stand when a team, and it has to happen from time to time that someone has to win, tat doesn’t deserve to get it. TB and NAS should have won along with WAS.

    2010-15 were the best yrs of hockey since, long time because (not that we did dynasty bad intention things) every team that won earned and deserved it. By beating other top 5 teams to win, that were stacked/loaded (SAJ10, LA1314, BOS13, TB15) not watered down, oh all of sudden there good and win, okaaaay. 201–2015 PIT didn’t do shit, because they couldn’t compete with ‘real’ top 5 teams.

    Now you have this ‘bunch of pus/waterdowned’

    I am so proud that every yr we win CUP we did against the other top teams of decade.

  23. TOR and WIN would be good for sport. So would NAS and TB because those teams have paid there dues and if they win its deserved.

    I think weve gotten past the waterdowned Cup wins and were back to having ‘real’ op 5 teams again as teams are reloading. There just was a gap there. Sort of like the one hit wonders the first fews yrs of cap era.

  24. Your right, looking forward, we have lots and lots of good players coming. Seeing TOR and BUF get good fast means we can, BOS did. So it wont take as long as people think because its different now, with cap.
    Want to do it right way though, so were rewarded.

    I watched Teuvo and Hayden at juniors so I like seeing where guys are at/how good they are at same yr level. Its a glimpse into the future/once those players are established and not green in league.

    I like the big and fast (WIN style) FW for top 5 skill. Just better be a goal scoring machine.

  25. Agree Jets look like the team to get through west. The team that comes of Pens division usually has easiest route to conference finals, no travel miles the first 2 rounds so alot fresher also lot less miles over course of season too, so tough to count that factor out of it.
    200ft, Kappo be an excellent pick, Wall has been high on him.
    Option could be there too to trade down a few spots and still get high they want plus get another solid piece with it, high pick or prospect maybe even ready to make an in impact at NHL level.

  26. Mo just meant if happen to luck out and get no.1 pick maybe somebody sitting at 2nd, 3rd or 4th might really want Hughes and an opportunity could come to swap, get the top 5 pick plus another high end type.

  27. Really enjoying watching Murphy & Dahlström pairing. Physical and aggressive. Also think the Hawks have something in Kahun, Hayden and Kampf. You can see some pieces starting to fall into place. Let’s see if JC can coach up Strome, Perlini, Sikura, Joki. Assuming we see growth there and add 2-3 solid defensemen as well as 2-3 impact forwards, you can start to see a path forward. Keep grinding.

  28. Btw, all has been quiet on the Edjsell front. Seemed like some folks on this board liked him early. What’s his deal?

  29. Edjsell has been underwhelming in Rockford. Keep in mind he was playing in 2nd division European leagues until last year. I think he is a long shot to make it.

    Regarding Strome, I had never watched him prior to the trade. My assessment since he has arrived is that we need to give him time to mature physically. A lot of taller players need more time to get comfortable with their size. I think his skating is ok – hopefully will continue to improve. His hands and offensive instincts are very good. I think he could become a very solid player in the next two years. I also agree with Craig that Dahlstrom looks much more confident and poised than last year. We may have at least some defensive pieces to build on for next year.

  30. Kakko would be a very nice consolation prize for missing out on Hughes. Both of them should step right into the NHL next season. Hughes may need to play wing because he’s only about 165lb. Either Hughes or Kakko would look good on Toews RW.

  31. Prospects
    Ryczek 1g 2nd star
    Gravel 31 saves on 33 shots
    Wall Kaliyev 2a on Bulldogs only 2 goals this wknd

    Schedules in jrs and ncaa winding down for break.
    Ushl slavin 1g last night
    Hakkarainen injured? Out a couple of wks
    Peeters mia ?

  32. Roman not sure if Berglund be something you want to touch. Suspended for not reporting after being healthy scratched or something like that. In first year of contract at 3.85m caphit per year.

    Ms never saw Ejdsell play was just saying what some beat writers were reporting that they thought he would be a candidate for a call up at some point. Hope your right on Strome.

  33. The Blackhawks are far from a lock of top 3 pick at this point in the season. There are some teams

  34. Daniel Sprong was a scoring machine in midget, junior and Ahl for Pens’ farm team. A second round pick that Bob Murray scooped past Bowman for a dman???! Where was Bowman? That’s a hockey trade by a hockey savy GM!!!
    Fire this idiot, please!!! And his entire staff!
    By the way, any goalies drafted by the HAWKS on Canadian junior team or any National team at the World Juniors? Answer is NOOOOO. And if you look at where those goalies from Team Canada were drafted (2nd &3rd rounds) Bowman and his amateur draft once again were asleep at the wheel organizing the July convention!!!

  35. @Big Indian. Tommy Hawk should be the enforcer on the team. The only guy with fight left in him after the Bowman debacle! This team now has hit rock bottom. Rocky you stopped caring ! U also got fans to stop watching.

  36. Hull look at the top overall goaltending performers at wjc.
    1. Trevor Kidd journeyman backup
    2. Maxine Ouellet 2 nhl games career
    3. Stephane Fiset mostly career backup
    4. Carter Hart still young butin AHL and Flyers looking for answers in goal this season, he is still not considered to b near enough ready to help yet.
    5. Craig Billington career backup
    6. Al Jensen couple of seasons on very bad 80s Caps teams, then brief backup.
    7. Zach Fucale yet to play in NHL
    8. Jimmy Waite agaon catert backup
    Not really much of a measuring stick.

  37. Ian – facts quit mattering in this country about 30 years ago. Now it’s about picking a point of view (usually chosen for you by someone else), digging in, and sounding like a fool. Even more sad than our defense!!

  38. Ian that’s a great point about trading down, but I don’t think Bowman would ever do that unless he’s smarter than we think. I have a feeling Kakko could dominate the WJC this year. It will be interesting to see how Kakko and Hughes play against each other. The Fins, Swedes, and the USA are all in the same division which means we could potentially be seeing our future best prospect with Hughes or Kakko, playing against Boqvist. The divisions are very lopsided this year with Canada and Russia being the only notable teams in the other division.

  39. Before we get all lathered up about the future HOF’er Sprong that Stan let supposedly through his fingers – let’s take a deep breath and try to find our way back to solid ground reality. Daniel Sprong was taken in the mid 2nd round because that is what his JR career said he was – a decent player but not great. Before he scored 3 goals in his first 5 games with the Ducks, he had scored all of 4 goals and 5 assists in 42 games with the Pens – hardly “stuff of legend”. He’s not big and he’s not a center – he’s a decent prospect that may or may not turn into a serviceable player. In other words he isn’t a slam dunk player that all other 30 teams got in line to acquire when the Pens made him available.

    I’m not a Stan apologist anymore – I finally came to my senses – but Stan not jumping on Sprong is not something that should be held against Stan. We don’t need to manufacture rage against Stan – there’s plenty there he’s earned all on his own.

  40. I believe there is a very strong chance that Bowman stays.
    Despite this season and last, the club is getting high draft picks, in a position to add big fa signings. Expansion draft is not going to be an issue an quite possibly in a position to make key adds from other teams scrambling to get ready for it. Also in a position that keeping any young stars reaching potential under contract shouldn ‘t be a big issue.
    Doesn’t translate into surefire success, nothing does, but really there is alot of potential.

  41. Indian, I think that’s why people like Martinesen, on yrs like this its the only thing that makes you fell, that way.

  42. well….I’ll ask again; anyone know where we can download old playoff games; I’d rather rewatch the golden years of this team and the current roster.

    During the lockout the St Louis Blues local sports channel would simulate the season with a video game and report on the results of the video game. Good Stuff.

  43. I have every game on dvr. I am not sure if there is a way to burn them to a dvdc/cd.
    That’s would be sweet. Someone could send them to, people here on this site, not sell to make money.

  44. The dvds they make only have clips and maybe one full game I think.

    I have every game (deleted a few we didn’t win or want) from 2013-2015.
    I only have game 6 2010. They played them during the summer, all summer long for that season each summer.

  45. Right Ian….Then you forget about Price, Fleury, Gibson, Luongo, Allen, Theodore, Vernon, Burke, Bernier, Pelle Lindbergh, Dominik Hasek, Rick Di Pietro, Tukka Rask, Steve Mason, Markstrom, Jack Campbell, Mrazek, Oscar Dansk, Filip Gustavsson!!!

    Wow, nice list of goalies!!!
    Anyway, I guess our Belgium goalie, Gravel, and Nalinov are real prospects?Not really right?

    Anyway, Daniel Sprong on the right side of Toews and Saad would have looked mighty “Ducks” good but Bob Murray is like his old teammate in Chicago, very SAVY!
    While Stan and Scotty are watching Habs highlights from the 70’s!

  46. ER, yea theres no reason to hate/create. Bowman might be like Seabsy boy, hes just at that point in career where he isint in prime yrs. It happens to the best of em.

  47. re: Quenneville to Flyers report – one report says it’s done, Darren Dreger is one of a few who have refuted that and said nothing is done/final yet. Stay tuned…

  48. Per NHL Network about a week after Q’s firing, Quenneville was proposed as a likely scenario (which I’ve rambled on here about before).

    Philly has to have Chicago’s permission to talk to him, as Q is under contract for this year and next for $6MM per annum.

    Surely there would have to be contract situations involved, but don’t know if Philly has to actually pay to get Q. Philly would have to pay Q to make it worth his while, unless he really wants back in the game and would take less than the big money he’s already promised by not working for the next year and a half.

  49. Sorry for the lousy typing above ….. Quenneville TO PHILADELPHIA was proposed as a likely scenario (if things went south in Philly this season, or if there was a decision to get rid of their coach in the off season).

  50. If Q was anywhere other then CHI to retire. I ok with PHI. Be great to see him make them good and beat PIT a lot.

  51. You gotto be shitting me that Crow gets run/pushed into on hits front of helmet on 17 waist and then back of helmet on post. On the same yr, couldn’t even play one yr without anything/contact. Jesus.

  52. Other than the obvious no response to Kane and reckless push-(who would take him on? )
    Chicago 31st in PK and 31st in PP-other than the how is that even possible? A lot of that is on the coaches-both past and present–yes the players are partly responsible but really? It’s hard to be that bad in both.
    And Kruger is REALLY irresponsible with his stick. And Seabrook was the double screen on the 4th goal. Take the guy or get out of the way-at least do one of them!

  53. Hoping Crawford ok, looked not good. Careless play. Noonan was Krugers play not a follow through on moving thevpuck and no penalty, how i saw it anyways. Couldn’t understand why the announcers were making such a big deal.

  54. Maybe they didn’t think he touched the puck. Otherwise.

    I cant handle hearing people saying things like, will he be the same when he comes back. 10mths was enough of that. Better not have to go through with that again.

  55. Fire the Bowmans! Fire McDo! Fire all the staff including JC.
    Hire Eddie O as President.
    Mark Hunter or Zito as GM
    Hire Pascal Vincent as coach! Unless Coach Q wants back in!

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