Blackhawks Re-Assign John Quenneville To Rockford

Late Saturday night the Blackhawks re-assigned forward John Quenneville to Rockford.

The move leaves the Blackhawks with 12 healthy forwards on the NHL roster. There have been no indications that Brandon Saad, Andrew Shaw or Dylan Strome are ready to return soon.

In his ninth game with the Blackhawks, Quenneville skated 11:55 with one hit and won his only faceoff. Quenneville recorded 14 shots on net in 55 minutes with the Hawks.

The Blackhawks acquired Quenneville from New Jersey for John Hayden on June 22.

90 thoughts on “Blackhawks Re-Assign John Quenneville To Rockford

  1. Best move for him.The coach was not using him properly here.He is set up to be a 3rd or 4th line guy taking the body and playing solid in the defensive zone.

  2. I would think Strome will be ready is the reason for the move. Using ltir, so not accruing cap space. My bet woulda been Sikura to go down first, though.

  3. right on with sikura.
    but bowman wont admit that mistake.
    hes pais the sikura family alot of cash for microscopic returns.
    Bowman needs to be gone asap.
    lustening to him talk ,its clear he’s pulling the wool over mgmts eyes.

  4. Bowman has to go before he does something really stupid once again…like the Jokiharju trade. He’s done this three years in a row. The team gets worse every minute he’s still GM. He can take Colliton with him on the way out. The big wigs in Mgt need to WAKE UP!

  5. Bowman has and is cashing in on his last name, not his skill as a GM.

    His father is in his 80s, and living in FL.
    He is still on payroll, but his age and location render him out of the day-day equation. Leaving who you see now making ALL hockey personnel decisions.

    He will not fire his meathead Junior Achievement coach.

    To do so would be to admit a mistake in dumping a HOF coach for said junior achiever.

    A mistake that would get him fired.

    So until Rocky steps in and says ‘Enough’, this merry-go-round of missed playoffs
    and fans calling for firings will continue.

    Cue Van Halen song: Runaround.

  6. Maybe you guys feel the same way I do. Bowman is pushing Colliton to play Nylander, even though he’s awful. Trying to play like that lousy trade was a wise move. Terrible trade, I think. And Colliton looks to me like he’s lost half the time. He doesn’t know what to do next. A minor league coach in a bad Bowman script. C’mon, Rocky!!!

  7. Quenville should of been reassigned a few games ago, hard worker but no offensive threat to his game what so ever and doesn’t finish his checks off to be a 3rd or 4th line player. Someone besides Gilbert and Cagguila needs to step up and play the body more

  8. Quenneville is a tweener. A good AHL player who cannot break through in the NHL.
    He got nearly 10 games on Toews line.

    Vegas looking for a left handed defenseman who can play 18+ minutes per night.
    They have 3 second rounders this year and 2 next year.

    Stan should be all over this trying to move Erik Gustafson who is now just a third pairing defenseman. Boqvist is our first unit power play defenseman and Ian Mitchell will be the 2nd unit guy.

  9. the sad part is it didn’t have to be this way. on balance, very poor general managing and cap management. no one expects to win a cup every year, but bowman has clogged this roster with fourth line forwards, third pairing d-men, only one quality center and his abilities are declining, and cap hell starting again next year. in general the team is slow and plays a soft game. in the neighborhood of ten years now and the best center bowman has found to play with kane is anisimov. talk about damning with faint praise.

    time for a new regime. everyone replaced except rocky.

  10. They don’t seem comfortable with Schuldt, been saying for awhile their going to add at tdl, caphit their issue.

  11. Vegas has Theodore, Schmidt, Hague, Holden, and McNabb to go along with Merrill and Schuldt as left shot D. We heard the announcers talking about the D from Chicago as a trade. But I don’t know how that’s an upgrade.

    If they get a 2nd round pick for Gustafson, it’s a damn coup. Honestly, I’d be more interested in prospects than picks. They’re closer and more of sure thing than picks. Elvenes or Schuldt would be nice

  12. Not sure I want Bowman involved in any player transactions right now. Despite all he did last offseason they are only break even with stellar goalie play. Bowman has no concept of team chemistry on the ice. He should be the first deadline subtraction

  13. If Ryan Hartman (who was and is a 3rd liner at best) can get you a 1st and a prospect then a 2nd should be the minimum for Gus who will be attractive to some playoff bound team as a PP specialist especially since he’s on on an expiring contract

  14. John Quenneville was reassigned before game 10 because of waivers. He passed through them to start the year. So he could be on the roster 30 days or 10 games before he needs to pass through waivers again to be sent down.

  15. Seemed a bit strange to me that Sikura had been more noticeable, then got his first goal, and then shortly after started getting scratched. I would have thought there would be reason to keep him playing and try to build off better play and confidence. Didn’t happen though.

    Although Nylander has played hard these last couple, I’m still surprised he’s been in there.

  16. Vegas is ripe for the picking right now.After losing the last 3 at home and being shutout last night I would offer them Gus and Nylander for any 2 prospects.After they got Pacioretti and gave Stone that huge contract,that team has not been the same.Watched them last night.They definitely dont have that same work ethic and sharp edge to their game that was there during their first couple of years in the league.

  17. Craig, the 56 trade needs to happen.

    Some of these guys got some games because of hard work and playing good in Rockford for a nice reward caphit wise and for a tryout?/fill in when people hurt.

    Its good to get these guys cash like that. Then when players are healthy.

    Wrap, we should get decent/fair returns for the players we trade. If its a seller market and were wise and trade the player we can, we should get some monster deals like Hartman. Not on all or alot just one monster would be good and we have a few players like Hartman/or better to trade.

  18. Tim, lets get them the players they need 56 and 92 and other.

    Bowman has to get this right. Nows the time for these players.

    That way at deadline were talking about big returns for 50 and maybe a large return for 20.

  19. Kubalik shoud not get 3.4m caphit for one yr of 30 goals. If he scores 30 goal again next yr, then sure thats fine. The bridge contract somebody said recently would be good for a fair caphit.

    Doesnt matter if hes rookie of the yr.

    Ian, does 8 have player bonuses.

  20. Boqvist is a blue chip prospect but is NOT ready to be in the NHL until he learns to defend. Good teams groom players to a point where they are READY before a callup.
    2 and 27 as a pair has been a disaster and the only one not seeing it is JC. Even when they are not giving up goals, those 2 are forcing our goaltenders to make highlight reel saves. They cannot be paired.

  21. ER, agreeing with what you said earlier and just adding to it for what I think about 24 and 8.

    27 is a whole yr younger then his draft yr right. So hes early like 86 was.

    Ian, yea figured something. Thats normal and good and not the 3m player bonuses of being rookie of yr top 10 in pts like Bread Man kind of stuff. Didint know if he has those kind of bonuses.

  22. Only Dach and Strome have those bonuses in 2.5m range, 1.6m or so of them each may not come into play. But 8, 17, 27, 77 and 92 all have $850,000 that is reachable, so could still be significant.

  23. You guys think its about getting BoQ time with Dunks on the ice as a pair, not to be a good pair Defensively but to learn how Dunks does things and how he goes about it, first hand right there seeing on the ice with him. BoQ isint going to get that in close view/on the ice at same time, playing with a DEF Defensemen.

    Otherwise, other then shutdown pairs like 27 4, make more sense? more good with a OFF and DEE Defensemen pair for each pair.

  24. So really we should be rolling with 22 players so we can bank space for player bonuses and not maxing the roster with 23 if we have however much in player bonuses.

    We can just send the press box nachos to Rockford as a benefit.

  25. A silver lining of D-Cat not going off with 40+ goals this year is it’s saving the Hawks some money in the near future. Still think with the right combo and some consistency, he will be a 25-35 goal scorer as we move forward.

    Try watching the plays of the month (Dec.) on the Rockford site. I knew Hagel could score but wasn’t aware that he had those wheels. Yes it’s the AHL but he can skate.

  26. re: Kubalik extension – if he scores 30 this year a bridge deal could be 2-3 years @ $3M per. And that would be appropriate. I wouldn’t lock him up for long-term and I doubt he’d want to sign for longer than 4 years based on one good season, either. But he’s a terrific player and Bowman stealing him from the Kings is another example of the hit-and-miss resume Bowman has built as GM of the Hawks. There have been some really bad deals… but there have also been some really good ones. If I told you the Hawks traded Jokiharju & a 5th round pick for Kubalik & Nylander the deal wouldn’t feel nearly as awful as Joki for Nylander in a vacuum.

  27. hey tab, put a lid on a player who has played 44 nhl games and only recently is emerging from something better than a 1/2 a point a game player as being a terrific player. i like him a lot as i am sure most hawks fans do, but terrific is an adjective that applies to kane.

    and please don’t tell us you are singing the praises of bowman. as long as you are combining trades how about throwing the kahun and shaw trades into the mix. or danault and terravainen.

    bowman has crushed this franchise with his net result moves since 2015.

  28. I apologize in advance about my comment, and it could have been answered earlier as I haven’t read all the posts. But, I know there is a clause that if Queneville stayed up past 9 games, and they wanted to send him down after that he would have to go through waivers and would have been easily claimed. He was up as an emergency call-up and I think that only lasts for 9 games without putting him through waivers. I think he did more than enough to warrant future opportunities. And, I could see that happening after the trade deadline when we rid ourselves of some extra contracts. I thought he did really well, a few posts and a few near misses; otherwise, he is exactly what we need in a 3rd or 4th line winger. Job well done John Queneville!

  29. @Noonan – Derrick Henry not Travis Henry! Travis Henry was a short chubby f-F, while Derrick Henry is the MAN!

  30. The Jokiharju trade was based on a Coaches stubbornness and dislike for a top Defenseman that he could not coach.Their treatment of him should concern Ian Mitchell.What if Colliton cant coach him either?I hear Jimmy Howard from Detroit is available.The Shaw trade alone should get someone fired.Deepest draft in years and Hawks give away 2nd and 3rd round picks.Maybe Bowman can find another Center capable of losing 24 of 28 faceoffs over 2 games.Keep sipping the McDonaugh-Bowman koolaid.

  31. Let me say I’m glad Shaw is back. The trade itself was a bit much….as far as picks given. It’s too bad Shaw is out because he was fighting….again…..the guy should not be allowed to fight.
    Shaw just had a career year in Montreal and the Blackhawks sorely miss scoring depth.
    Shaw is the kind of player you want on the team in the playoffs.

  32. Yeah,with hardcore dig in the corner physical wingers and centers like Nylander,Sikura,Strome,Kamph,etc why would you need someone like Quenneville?Yes,you are all set.I can see why you would not mind the Jokiharju trade.

  33. The leaf’s Morgan Reilly is out for 2 months.While the Hawks are in Toronto maybe they could leave Gus there for a prospect or 2.

  34. Tim – my thought exactly when I heard the Reilly news – Maatta could be another option for TOR however good offensive yet weak defensive players fit TOR’s MO so Gus would be a natural fit there

  35. Looks like 88 is back with 92 and 22 for tomorrow night.91 has been elevated to line 1.95 back in the lineup.

  36. Regarding Quenneville, I must admit I had been rooting for him to succeed but he did have a horrible last game. Pretty well every shift, every play, died with the puck on his stick or in his vicinity. He looked lost. Too bad. Hope he finds some missing elements to his game back in the minors and gets a second chance again in the future.

  37. Even the best team in league loses to NJ.

    Toews is right pace for career numbers average. Even with slower then normal slow start.

  38. I agree on Morgan Reilly. This could certainly increase the market for Gustafsson plus Toronto does not have the cap space to add a big contract.
    Gus could be the perfect fit.

  39. Yep.
    The playoffs are a reality now.

    I just read Kane is skating with Nylander and Carpenter.

    Coach Greg Brady puts an all star, a lazy ass, and a grinder together.

    When does Mensa meet on this one?

  40. Again, Tallon built this team not Bowman who has had 10 years to draft and get us prospects! No goalies, no dmen except maybe Boqvist who is one dimensional. No power forward since Saad? No right winger since Dcat who is good but way too small!
    And do you actually trust Bowman to trade a good offensive player like Gus on defence , get a 2nd round pick and turn that pick into a better player than GUS? Who did we get for 19 goal scorer Ryan Hartman? Beaudin and a 2nd Div. Swedish center who was 6’5″ but couldn’t skate. Beaudin who is 5’10”? Boqvist who is 5’10”? Mitchell who is 5’10”?
    Did Bowman need to draft Beaudin in that 1st round when we had no prospects on the wings…no skilled power forward (like a DeBrusk, Tkatchuk, Evander Kane, James Neal, Kreider ? No! Bowman cannot be trusted because his staff especially Mark Kelley and Pierre Gauthier are awful. Did we need Strome who can’t skate? NOPE!We had Nick Schmaltz!
    A GM cannot screw up 1st round picks but more importantly, his 2nd and 3rd rounders need to make the NHL…not all but more than half to stay competitive. Did he need to draft a slow skating Vlasic in the 2nd round this season? NOPE…he needed a winger.
    Did he need to draft a smallish JACK WISE at center in the 2nd round? Or Tim smurf Sunderlund? NOPE and where is that winner Jack Wise?
    So, BOWMAN needs to go and his Pee Wee coach as well. Where’s Palliota, Johns, Knott, Dalhstrom, Hayden, Iacopelli, Anthony Louis, Mark McNeil, it goes on and on!
    NOTHING TO SHOW FOR! And his arrogant smoke screens with KHL, SWISS league signings…just proves how bad he is. Kubalik? Don’t care…where are your draft picks the last 10 seasons. And Rocky, fire McDO, all the staff including Rockford and please get rid of all the Bowmans especially Scotty!

  41. Enjoyed the post HULL.I too have wondered about Stan Bowman,s curious strategy of drafting very small defensemen.An article out over the weekend on how Beaudin has to be tricky and smart in order to compete at the AHL level.If that doesn’t make you feel queasy about his future.This years deep draft has larger and talented defensemen available in the 2nd round but the Hawks dont have that pick because of the Shaw trade.You get into these intense playoff series against physical teams with small d men and you have no chance.Organization needs fresh thinking about the Draft that’s for sure.

  42. What about Morin? Lol re myself.

    I’m not wrong on much other than him.

    For the record, I’ve been pounding 1000% against Colliton (Bowman’s fault, not Colliton’s that he isn’t an NHL coach) since the afternoon of November 6, 2018.

    Greg Brady lol above post Rutherford. MS as well.

    Good evening.

  43. ….. In follow up to Bowman moronic managing, Panarin w an outburst tonight.

    Bowman does a great job finding a gem like Panarin and the poof, he’s gone w the wind. He should have never traded Saad in the first place, let him simply sign elsewhere as FA, get the draft picks restricted comp, and leave things be. Wild goose chase that’s still going on.

    The worst move, however, was hiring Colliton instead of an accomplished coach (once Bowman decided Q had to go, just like Hoffa had to go in recent movie; how did that work out for all the hoodlums at the end of the day?).

    What’s next, trade Kubalik for Pirri?

  44. 500 times is not enough when speaking about a fraud like Bowman as GM. And Colliton who has no clue what he’s doing! Had a homestand with Kane playing with 22 and or 95 / 92? So, 47 plays about 10 games on the 1st line and then he’s back in Rockford? So, why did this coach put him there in the 1st place when we all know his is a career AHLer like 95, 64, 91, 92, 57, 36…… DUMB

  45. PANARIN 5 points.
    Lehner a 45million dollar contract! All he had to do is trade Murphy, keep Joku, never sign the Backup goalie or Carpenter and use that money to sign Panarin.
    TOO LATE anyway! Trading Panarin and The Hammer along with firing Mike Kitchen showed his true colours even though we saw his ignorance trading Danault and Teuvo!

  46. As much as I want Bowman to go, I do not hold the Panarin trade against him.

    IMHO, Panarin is the most overrated player in the NHL. Him and Carey Price.

    Panarin is a great player when it is cold outside.

    But when the weather warms up and the game gets played by men, not boys, he is nowhere to be found.

    He had had 4 years to strut his stuff in the playoffs.
    He is 1-4 with minimal appearances on the scoresheet in the money games (5, 6, and 7).

    So yeah, he can score in January…..but I do not remember anyone raising the Cup in January.

    Until Panarin shows up when it is put-up or shut-up time (5-7), I will retain my overrated opinion of him.

  47. @Noonan – I’m sorry! Your post and name was right after this one, and I got dyslexic…my bad.

    JR Roman
    January 12, 2020 at 5:58 am

    Going back and forth between Hawks and Ravens/Titans …
    Oh almost forgot. Caught Travis Henry put on a show slapping the Ravins and having the lowest seed wildcard (read 8th seed) beat the number 4 seed and number 1 seed to advance to conference final.

    BTW – I still like John Queneville’s game, but I also like Alexandre Fortin’s skill set and think he could be a weapon for us on the 4th line. I am baffled as to why the skinny Sikura Sister is still with us!

  48. Panarin has 67 points, which is 3rd overall in scoring, just behind McDavid and Draisaitl. Wouldn’t call that overrated by any stretch.

  49. Hi Trip
    He does that all the time.
    But scoring big in January does not win the Cup.
    Presidents Trophy maybe, but big effin deal to that trophy.

    We all know this game is about the Cup.
    No ifs, ands, or buts.

    Til he scores big when the league is selling out all over the ice, trying to bury the puck in the opponent’s net, while using face (See Andrew Shaw SCF 2013) to keep it out of yours,
    I maintain Panarin is overrated.

  50. The repeated “Tallon built this team not Bowman” drum banging is exhausting and inaccurate but keep going, Hull. If you say it 1,000 times it won’t magically become true.

  51. So let me get your plan straight. Don’t sign Lehner or Carpenter, trade Murphy, sign Panarin and keep Joki. So that becomes a cup contender? I didn’t realize how simple it was…my bad. By the way I thought you were all in on tough physical guys but I guess Bread Man and Joki get a pass.

  52. Interesting remark by Stan Bowman to Chris Kuc regarding trades. He says this next 6 week stretch will determine the direction the Hawks take on February 24, the trade deadline.
    During that time, the Hawks have 16 games : 5 at home, 11 on the road. Looking at that stretch it’s going to be a very tough road to hoe for this group.
    It starts tonight in Ottawa. Hawks need to win, then defeat either Montreal or Toronto and go 2-1 on this short trip. Anything less is not suffice with a tough game against Winnipeg lurking on Sunday.
    Having said all that, it appears pretty clear that by the time we get to February 24, Stan will know whether he is buying or selling.

  53. And those comments by Stan Bowman clearly illustrates the delusion that this organization operates under.Sell your future to get to the playoffs for 1 year to be dismissed in the 1st round.That is sone vision that the McDonaugh-Bowman regime have there.

  54. Lookout HULL,the Bowman has made good moves crowd is out again this morning.Maybe he can trade our 1st and 3rd round picks for Phil Kessel at the deadline.Could be another Nylander out there also.

  55. Panarin has been gone for 2 and a half years …..let it go for gods sake .
    Most of us here are old enough to know what a record is ….It`s Broken .

    I wish Stan had a crystal ball but like the rest of us he doesn`t .
    Has Stan made some dumb ass moves…? Hell Yeah .

    But untill he gets fired ,whats the point in whimpering and wining and crying and blabbering over spilt milk ?
    It does the mind ,body and soul no good .

  56. How about Alain Daigle and Peter Marsh?

    True story: Back in the 70s before helmets, I saw the former take a shift at the Stadium.

    He glided around, did not touch the puck or a Maple Leaf.

    Went back to the bench and combed hid hair.

    Still the most amazing thing I have seen from a Hawk player.

  57. @JR Roman – I thought it was funny! Larry and David, from Seinfeld fame?

    I wish we had a defensemen like Larry Robinson.

  58. 92 77 95 on the same line??? They will get pushed off the ice out into the parking lot.64 22 15 a sure guarantee of not coming close to scoring.

  59. @Tim

    I want Kimmo Timmonen for 2 2nd round picks!! The guy had blood clots, but Stan still thought he was worth 2 2nd round picks! WTF!!

    Stan’s band of Merry Men can go and hide under a rock. He’s Peter Chiarelli 2.o!

  60. Just to see only offense. And the fourth line as a shutdown line. Need something different. Possibly find chemistry between someone. Ottawa should be a team we could beat at any given time and must start thinking that way. Also would like to see Hull’s allstar forward Duclair.

  61. Tommy,I hear you.Man with the deep Draft this year I would love to have those picks that he traded away back.With the caveat that he and his people dont make the picks.We dont need anymore small defensemen.

  62. I would imagine if you are with Ottawa tonight and you see the 77 92 95 line there would be fist fights to get on the ice.

  63. Enrico Ciccone is already a Hawk. He is wearing his old number but has changed his name to Dennis Gilbert.

  64. Tommy Ivan,

    I would much rather have Timmo hoist the cup than have those 2 draft picks. Now, I am not sure who Chicago would have drafted but the Flyers ended up with Jeremy Bracco (AHL Marlies) and Wade Allison (still in college). Bracco scored 22 goals last year in the AHL and to be honest, I know nothing about him but something must be up with him since he is not in the NHL. Allison’s stats looked good his freshman and soph years but have taken a dump JR & SR year. Also, they were the 61 and 52 second player respectively chosen. The only player the Hawks missed out on during 2015 would be Cirelli from TB chosen 11 but they missed with Graham Knott too before Toronto took Braco. Maybe do a little research and fact finding before criticizing a trade for a class act player like Kimmo and a cup win for what amounted to two somewhat suspect prospects at this venture.

    Three SB’s and we got a bunch of spoiled milk brats.

  65. hull65

    you keep on speaking for us bowman haters. 500 times isn’t nearly enough.

    maybe someone five times removed from rocky will show your posts to someone four times removed etc., etc. nothing will change until bowman is gone. hopefully mc donough is on the same train out of town.

  66. My thoughts about Bowman and Rocky
    after watching Turnstile 56 play lousy defense (again) on Sens goal 2:

    When the season is over (even though the intelligent Hawks fans know that is now) in April and the Hawks have missed the playoffs for 3 straight seasons;
    Rocky will clean house upstairs.
    Bowman and Greg Brady will certainly be gone.
    Not sure about McDonough.

    But a hockey savvy person will be in the GM chair, and a coach who is a winner will be behind the bench.

    So watch with bemusement for now.
    These guys are the New York Knights before Roy Hobbs.

  67. Bread Man is an all star player. Is he a playoff beast like Saader, no. Could he be, sure. He hasnt done it yet. Does Saader looked past his playoff beast yrs, maybe. Doe Bread Man look like he could be a plyoff beast, in the future yrs, sure.

    Hasnt done it yet. Saader has. Same age? no because Saader came right from juniors.

    Bread Man may have more good yr then Saad, but Saad is Way ahead.

    Two way player.
    goal scorer in 82 games season style.


    Not comparing players, just style.

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