Blackhawks Re-Sign Mashinter, Rozsival

On Thursday, the Blackhawks announced the team has agreed to terms with forward Brandon Mashinter, 27, and defenseman Michal Rozsival, 37, on one-year contracts for the 2016-17 season.

62 thoughts on “Blackhawks Re-Sign Mashinter, Rozsival

  1. Terrific! SB painstakingly clears enough cap space by getting rid of skilled players, not even in their prime yet, for over the hill defenseman and goon wannabe.

  2. so much for letting the skilled kids grow into the positions, or even the Montreal twins from last year, who is running the asylum

  3. Two roster spots taking 1.175 mil of cap space on a cap strapped team for a spot starting # 7 D-man and the guy that Q seems to use as motivation for anyone who isn’t bringing it everyday. I mean that has to be what Mashinter is right? If you get scratched for Mashinter, it has to be Q sending a message, “How bad is your play right now that Mashinter is playing ahead of you for all of 5-8 minutes a game? Think about that up in the press box…”

  4. (Done) “Time for regime change. Fire Stan and Q now please.” — more than a little extreme.

    I would rather have heard they spent this cap space elsewhere. “Cheaper” almost never equates with “Better”. And, this gives Q the opportunity to rely on old “favorites” while keeping other younger players out of the lineup (tending to retard their development — sucks.

  5. Arrrgh! Seriously? You have got to be kidding me. This is a joke right?

    Miroslav- except he sent “that message” twice in the playoffs last year against St Louis. Not the time to “send a message.” He will be having Mashinter and Rosi play the full 82 games this season no doubt about it.

  6. Miroslav, good post. I guess I get the Mashinter sign, a little, that’s what Q wants, Rozival, while I have not been as down on him as some, Q sat him for the last 3 games with the playoffs on the line for Runblad, so we bring him back at another year past his expiration date? Maybe I missed the news that Rozi had a secret injury,, I don’t get it.

  7. Why am I not surprised by this? Disgusted but not surprised. A total waste of roster spots. It’s got Q’s prints all over it.

  8. Every dollar counts and you brought these guys back? Rosy cant play any more! Mashinter is just a guy. Whatever.

  9. Just 4 posts ago, so much talk about what a good job Stan and Q did analyzing the talent in the pipeline and letting guys go who, turns out, weren’t all that good. Today, nah, they suck again.

  10. They should have given Mash 1M so they’d have to bury him in RFD. With only 500K or so he sticks around on the roster for cap reasons and gives our “coach” a convenient excuse to play Mash and healthy scratch more competent players who can actually SKATE. Same old crap as last season. Can’t wait for the same passive penalty kill and stationary power play.

  11. I am so disgusted by these signings because the “mindset” of our stubborn head coach continues to adversely hamper our roster. He had 20 or so games last year to incorporate 25 and 12 into the lineup FULL TIME instead giving his favorite car detailing employee time on the ice (and I believe 2 PLAYOFF games!!!). He’s the guy with 3 Cups.

  12. Rozival is going to help kempny adjust may have been agreed on when he signed and mashinter some much needed grit and physical play and very little cap space to do it.

  13. It’s funny to me that everyone is flipping out about this like they’re throwing in the towel on the season. Rozsival and Mashinter aren’t going to be playing in the games that matter. Sure, they’ll get spot starts here and there, but there will be more healthy scratches than not. Come playoff time, they’ll be in the press box where they belong.

    These signings were made for cap reasons. Someone has to take the role of the 13th-14th forward and 7th D. You don’t want it to be prospects, who should be playing every game. By signing two vets to cheap deals who know their roles, it frees up more money to bring in another forward or two. You know, guys who may actually be valuable come crunch time. I’m okay with that.

  14. Looking for some angle here besides the “Q loves Mashinter” theory, but I can’t find it. Q loved Shaw, too, but that’s a different kettle of fish (or better said, clams).

    The oft-repeated line by the Chicago Tribune that somehow Andrew Ladd is in the mix looks more and more like a dumb rumor, and we thought that here all along, because it just didn’t seem feasible.

    Wonder if Weise is wanting more than what the Blackhawks are willing to pay?

    My head hurts.

    Go Blackhawks!!!!!! (………ow!)

  15. I always respected Rozy but he sat games 5-7 vs. Blues. Was that due to injury or was he just benched, cuz if it’s the latter I have a hard understanding how it make sense to re-up a guy if the coach is going to sit him behind the twin defensive black holes Runblad and Gus.

  16. Ok, I don’t chime in on here ever, but…

    I don’t know how old anyone on here is or how long you’ve followed hockey.

    I’m 45 years old and started following the Hawks in about 1983 and I’m FAR from an expert.

    But what I can tell you is that I sat through some pretty pathetic years of hockey in this town and I’ve been blessed enough to have enjoyed an unbelievable stretch of hockey since Q and Bowman have come to this organization.

    I have to believe they know what they’re doing better than anyone making comments on here.

    Some of you that want to get rid of Q are probably the same that were calling for Crawfords head on a stake too. So that shows how much faith I have in your abilities to run a hockey club.

    So go ahead and and start roasting me.

  17. I honestly think the Rosy signing is nothing more then a guy the team is comfortable with to help Kempny adjust. He is a cheap insurance policy and mentor. His game really fell off last season. If he really cant play he will be sent down, cut or traded just like Tikinov last year.

  18. Mashinter is not an NHL caliber player. He can’t skate, has no offensive skills and is too slow on the forechecker to actually hit somebody. Rozy should have retired. He can’t skate and has nothing left in the tank. The Hawks are continuing to get older and slower. Very disappointing signings.

  19. I didn’t think that either of these players would be back, but we have to give Q and Stan the benefit of the doubt. Rosy is a steady D man who can be a #6 if necessary and we have an injury or to just give someone a breather. Rosy may be slow and an older player, but he is loyal and does exactly what he is asked to do. Period.

    Mashinter, my guess, is that he is a good soldier. He does exactly what Q asks him to do, nothing less, and at times, more. There is a lot to say about a guy who just skates 7-8 shifts a game, does not turn the puck over, plays the body, makes the simple plays and doesn’t bitch about sitting the bench. He also gives the top guys a breather for a shift or two.

    While I don’t always agree with Q or Stan, they seem to get it right most of the time.

  20. “In further news, the Black Hawks have issued a press release naming Coach Joel Quenneville to the newly created position of Associate General Manager. Quenneville’s duties will include signing and re-signing all players currently on the Hawks’ roster.”

    In light of this breaking news, a highly placed source advised Committed Indians that although General Manager Stan Bowman had previously advised Brandon Mashinter & Michael Rozsival to seek offer from other clubs, Quenneville overruled him and facilitated brokering the contracts for these two stalwarts. Quenneville believes Mashinter’s skillset will bring the Hawks closer to 2014 playoff form when the presence of Brandon Bollig on the roster cost the Hawks advancing to and capturing the Stanley Cup, which in hindsight would have been their third in a row.

    Thanks to Coach Q.

    P.S. 1961 spot on

  21. WTD192,

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Stan and Q, while not perfect, have been great for this organization, and I will trust in their judgments.

    GO HAWKS!!

  22. LOL, when I read comments I think that everybody is better fit to be GM than Bowman. What’s your choices for 13F and 7D? Hit me.

  23. Rozy will play roughly 30 games. He must be loved in the lockerroom.

    How Rundblad played games 5,6 and especially 7 against St. Louis, instead of him, is still beyond mind-boggling.

    I Rozy was not capable of playing in 3 elimination games with the season on the line, how is he suddenly an option a year later ?

  24. People who say fire Coach Q are not true Blackhawk fans. Coach Q is one greatest coaches in history NHL .

    Mashinter is a hard working and hitting defensive forwards that does not cost much.

    Rozsival might be a little slow but is steady defender, a good #7 who can fill in to give players a rest or for injury. He is also a good mentor and a positive teammate. One of coach Q’s favorite players.

  25. Some of these comments are laughable, but said with such passion that you guys must be die hards!

    Look, the cap situation sucks. The positive spins here are that either can be buried with no cap hit if needed and Rozy knows the system and will help Kempny. It’s all about options heading into camp but neither are guaranteed anything besides a paycheck. I’ll reserve my overreaction for the end of camp if needed. BTW I’m not a fan of Stan or Q. I think this team’s depth and talent in years past have masked quite a few flaws. I believe Stan has followed in Dale’s footsteps when I comes to overpaying his players and it’s preventing this team from chasing another Cup. If this team sucks, I’m sure Mash and Rozy will be the least of the team’s worries.

  26. Agree with comments about 13th F and 7th D. You want them to be cheap vets for emergencies. I don’t think these two spots could be filled any cheaper.

    My thought this week was with Stamkos signing for $8.5m, it makes the Toews and Kane contracts that much worse. If they could have been signed for $9.5 or even $10m, that $1m to $2m would have come in handy.

  27. Q is an outstanding, Hall of Fame coach. The problem is providing him w/ players that he will play/dress ahead of others far more qualified. The facts don’t change, it is part of NHL history — the ’14 and ’16 seasons are in the books. Arguably, the Hawks could be going for their fifth Cup in a row this year.

    Case closed.

  28. Take a deep breath. If we are counting on Rosy and Mashinter then we have much bigger problems. There are several slots for young guys to take if they prove they can handle it. I personally think we signed Rosy just to give him $600k for being a true warrior over the past several years. He may play some games as the 6th d but I think it is another sign to players in the league that the Hawks take care of their own. Mashinter is signed cause we have no other physical presence. Hope he doesn’t play a lot of games but it is what it is. Also, I would focus much more on the signing of Soupy as he will improve the defense significantly.

  29. Not sure how this would work, but might signing these guys again be a play during the Expansion Draft for next year? Let these 2 go without giving up guys we want to stay?

  30. Pretty sure I was the only CI to always come to Mashinters defence. You need guys like that. It’s all good. Besides…he scored 4 goals, pretty heads up nifty ones at that, vs. 3 million dollar man Kruger who played the exact same # of games, 41, with a grand total of 0, that’s zero, goals.

    Tab dosent like Mashinter as do many here but I think they just all echo each other.

    ‘Course I don’t think the Cap is a good idea at all and that also is a minority position.

    So what, the world needs some difference in perspective.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow morning 10 am my time ( mountain) for free agency. Hope it’s not a dud like this whole Stamkos thing.

  31. …and by the way…Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July…lots of BBQ in the works for the big weekend. Yee-ha!

  32. If Q didn’t start Mashinter in 2 games last playoffs there probably wouldn’t be the outcry there is. I think at least 1 of those games was on the 3rd line, if not both… I’m afraid Q will slot him in on the 1st this season to replace Shaw/Ladd!

    Said in jest, I think. But…

    DirtB if that’s the reason to keep Mashinter I’m ok with it

  33. The Stamkis signing can’t be compared to the 19 and 88 signings as the Cap was expected to go up then and there is now the hindsight that it won’t now. Also there is a whole lot tax manoeuvring ( cap manipulation) in this deal. Stamkos also has a serious medical condition and may not be able to fulfill this contract.

  34. Nick in San Diego- President of the Rozy fan club? Wow and all the way out there in San Diego…must be a lot of members! ( guessing you’re the only guy who knows who he is)…let me know if you will accept a Northern Saskatchewan chapter.

    Too bad the Sharks couldn’t pull it off,….at least you could have gone to the parade. I was rootin’ for ’em. We had Pittsburg’s number but alas to no avail.

  35. A broken stick and a bag of practice pucks are worth more than those two. What this does is it assures someone from Rockford will not get a shot this year and that is a crime. There are good young forwards that should be getting a chance but instead will get passed by yet again. Rosival has had his time and its time for all to move on.

  36. Hey Dave, if you think my comment is laughable, then add something worthwhile to the conversation. Thrill us with your acumen.

    I’m disgusted because Mashinter, despite his low cap hit, is a waste of space on this team. Rosy not so much.

  37. (Shaacul) “LOL, when I read comments I think that everybody is better fit to be GM than Bowman. What’s your choices for 13F and 7D? Hit me.” — I understand perfectly, the #7 d-man and the #13 or #14 forward at the combined bargain price (approx. $1.2 million), EXCEPT, Q gotta be Q…which means he can lean on them as “regulars” too often — check his track record. (“LOL”)

  38. Mining Man- My club is more about quality as opposed to quantity :) I’ve always liked Rozy, the quintessential stay at home guy who’s above average at holding the point, pretty important on a possession team. Not too excited about the pick up this season, but he can still eat up minutes, tough as nails, and having a countryman for the new guy is the Hawks way, and that’s a pretty good way to be.

    I’m actually really far from San Jose (they’re next to San Francisco, a good 9 hour drive from here) but I try to go to Ducks and Kings games when the Hawks come around. I bought the Uecker seat to game one in Anaheim in 2015, I was literally in the top row, with acoustic tile wall behind my back. Still saw everything, really nice stadium. Happy Canada day to you!

  39. Great stuff Nick- Have a fabulous 4th of July. Many Americans up here this summer en route to fishing lodges and camps. Everyone celebrating Friday, Sat. Sun and Monday! It’s all good.

  40. The Stamkis signing can’t be compared to the 19 and 88 signings as the Cap was expected to go up then and there is now the hindsight that it won’t now. Also there is a whole lot tax manoeuvring ( cap manipulation) in this deal. Stamkos also has a serious medical condition and may not be able to fulfill this contract.

    This is funny. For several reasons.

  41. The problem with Rosival is Q. If he is used to give someone a night off fine but Q thinks he’s a 20 yr old and overplays him way to often. Last years playoffs Rosival was spent from over use and the kids didn’t have the experience needed for that type of hockey.

  42. Good Lord.

    A) A couple of minimum-salary, know-what-you’re-getting veterans are key for a team like the Hawks that could be rolling out three or four rookie forwards and a couple near-rookies on D. Rozy and Mash won’t forget their roles if they have to be stashed in the press box for a week, and they’ll eat minutes — especially 32 — so that the Kempnys and Schmaltzes of the world aren’t ground to paste by the time the playoffs start. Heck, 53 might well spend the season in RFD, given that the team probably has a tad more lineup flexibility if Rasmussen is the 13th forward.

    B) More important, $1.175M for these two guys means more money is available to sign a veteran who can plug a hole and keep the Hawks from rolling out an all-rookie third line. In a perfect world, if CapFriendly and GeneralFanager are right and we have 3.14 or 3.16M left, maybe we have a chance-at-the-Cup discounted shot at Versteeg (making Panik the LW-3), or, failing that, a Teddy Purcell (whose stats were artificially depressed by two years on a horrible Oilers team). If the cap number is more like Spotrac’s figure of $1.72M, we can re-sign a Tomas Fleischmann who, as Russian Machine makes a case for today, can bring some offensive zip to a bottom-six role while not being a defensive disaster.

  43. they just wasted that money when it could of been used towards Vaneck bowman continues to throw money in the wind. over pays every guy till were cap strapped and cant keep guys . Now we got to hope the 3rd line matures but love there ages and if Teravainen comes back next year after playing for Caines garbage team as a free agent we will have 4 young guns .

  44. Slammer, with all due respect, Teuvo won’t be coming back as a free agent next year unless it involves a trade or an offer sheet. He’ll be restricted. Also, Vanek is as worthless as Versteeg was with the Hawks. He’s a shell of his former self and isn’t worth more than league minimum. Detroit will regret this signing soon enough. I’m holding out hope for Hudler. Maybe playing with Toews is enough of a sweetener to make him consider accepting a discounted offer. Who knows.

  45. I agree about versteeg and I would of thought vanek would be ok being on this team .I\ truly like to see what the kids can do . I think Stan is done with roster .

  46. There is no comparison between Stamkos and the Hawks top 2 which have 3 count them 3 Cups apiece. Stamkos may never get one and may never fully recover from his injuries.

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