Blackhawks Reality Check: John Scott Needs to Go Away

John Scott: Go away. Now.

Hockey is a team game. An entire team wins and loses together. In most cases, one person cannot be blamed for a loss.

But in the case of the Blackhawks, I’m pointing the finger directly at John Scott.

It isn’t that Scott is failing on the ice at this point. He hasn’t backflopped and watched an opponent score a goal since the home opener, so it isn’t what he’s doing on the ice that’s killing the Blackhawks right now.

It’s what someone else isn’t doing on the ice when he’s sitting on the bench that is murdering this team.

The Blackhawks have scored 11 goals in their last five games (not including the shootout winner). In their last two games, both 2-1 losses at home to bad teams, the Hawks biggest problem became magnified: the team can’t score.

There have been dozens of good chances around the net, but the team hasn’t put the puck in the net. Jack Skille and Tomas Kopecky have been especially brutal around the net, but they’re at least contributing in other ways. Skille tried to jump start the team with a solid fight on Wednesday night, and Kopecky has been decent taking faceoffs when asked. Both have provided something, at some point, to the team this year.

The same can’t be said about Scott.

How does a team that can’t score justify wasting an active forward spot on a guy they won’t skate more than eight or nine shifts?

Scott is now averaging only 7:15 per game, and hasn’t been on the ice for more than eight minutes since Oct. 22nd in St. Louis. In 16 games, Scott has ZERO goals, ZERO assists (yes, that adds up to ZERO points), is plus-one and has 16 penalty minutes.

If he was brought to Chicago to be a physical force on the ice, the theory has failed miserably. He has 19 hits in 16 games, and if he isn’t on the ice why would someone be scared of him?

He has done NOTHING to contribute to the Blackhawks this season.

Over the summer, Scott signed a two-year deal with a minimal cap number. It’s time that he takes that two-year deal to Rockford and gets out of the way of someone who might make a difference on the ice, or at least warrant more than 10 shifts.

Because of his contract status, Scott would have to pass through waivers for the Hawks to demote him to Rockford. That would open the opportunity for any team in the league to take him. If that is seriously a concern for a team that isn’t even skating the guy five minutes at this point, they need to take another look at their priorities.

The Blackhawks now stand under .500 on the season with a 8-9-1 record. They’re struggling to score, but they’re playing short-handed every night because they’re only skating 11 truly active forwards. This team can no longer afford to give away shifts, or games. It’s time for Scott to disappear and someone who can make a play to be in Chicago.

3 thoughts on “Blackhawks Reality Check: John Scott Needs to Go Away

  1. I disagree with this!

    If you took Scott off of our roster we would be a team that would be pushed around. Other than him we don’t have any tough guys. Opposing players would start to take runs at Kane Toews etc with him not on the bench. Every team needs a tough guy, and Ben Eager wasn’t that great for us last year during the regular season.

    I have been extremely frustrated all season at the decisions to keep some of the scorers in Rockford. Makarov, Beach, and Morin should have been in Chicago all season. This is where the problem is. We have guys like Pisani, Dowell, Bickell all in Chicago and raw talent like Morin, Beach, and Makarov in Rockford. Awful decision making. Terrible on Stan’s part. Just pathetic really. Maybe bringing up a guy like Beach would energize the team, because our team energy is not existent.

    I remember a few years ago when Dale Tallon called up a couple guys named Byfuglien, Toews, Bolland, Brouwer, Hjalmarsson, etc and just let them play. Those guys were young and hungry and eventually helped us to win the Cup. At this point I say bring up the rookies and LET THEM PLAY! There is no doubt that Morin has more scoring talent then Pisani. There is now doubt that Beach has more energy and hunger than Dowell. And there is no doubt that John Scott would beat the hell out of every guy mentioned.

  2. Reality check for bloggers The Blackhawk stars continue to suck but bloggers cannot see their lackluster play or place blame on them. So, bloggers blame Scott, Skille, and other fringe players. Why are so many bloggers obsessed with John Scott when there are numerous and obvious transgressions by star players, including the mortal sin of not giving a good effort?

  3. I invite you to read more than one post before calling me out for blaming John Scott for all of the team’s issues. I’ve been critical of Kane, Bolland and Hjalmarsson at least so far. I’ve also blasted Kopecky on more than one occasion. If you read this article, you’ll notice that I VERY CLEARLY begin, and end, the piece by saying a team that can’t score can’t afford to waste a roster spot on a guy doing NOTHING. If he was hitting, OK. He isn’t. He’s barely averaging one hit per game. Look at the box score every night – Scott’s a zero across the board. Because the stars aren’t making up for Scott wasting a roster spot, the team can’t afford to have a player active every night that doesn’t contribute anything to the effort.

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