Blackhawks Reassign Viktor Svedberg

In the wake of Stan Bowman’s flurry of additions on Thursday and Friday, the Hawks assigned defenseman Viktor Svedberg to Rockford on Saturday.

Svedberg, 24, hasĀ  four points (two goals, two assists) in 19 games with the Blackhawks this season. Christian Ehrhoff, acquired from LA on Friday, was at the Blackhawks practice wearing number 55 on Saturday.

13 thoughts on “Blackhawks Reassign Viktor Svedberg

  1. That’s OK…he’s in our back pocket and can be brought back up any time they wish. DMen take a while to develop and he will be a star with the Blackhawks in the future. We have not “lost” him at all.

  2. Ernie- I’m trying to stay positive! …on the other hand it took Chara some time before he was a somebody so there is an upside yet….I hope.

  3. I get it. But just because they’re huge doesn’t mean we should compare. Chara was a 3rd round draft pick. And was in the NHL by age 20. Svedberg signed as a ufa at age 22. Now, granted the Hawks have a stellar example of an undrafted free agent in Panarin. Was 23 when he signed.

    Chara had his “break out” year when he was 24. And while Svedberg has fought (maybe not during regular season with Hawks) he does not have the same nastiness Chara does. When you’re that big you have to be the player that makes others not want to go to the front of the net. That’s not Svedberg. He’s got a huge reach and actually knows how to use it. But he’s too slow and not physical enough for my liking. And doesn’t posess the get out of the way type bomb Chara does. I’ll be hopeful. But I won’t be shocked if they non-tender him.

  4. To be honest, I really can not see why anybody would think he is a NHL player. He can not skate or move well, zero offensive skills. My biggest problem is that he reaches instead of skates. If you are that big, you should own the zone. Anybody remember one big hit, or huge play that changed the game? or the period? Gus has a bigger upside than “Lurch” at this point.

  5. I remember one instance that Svedberg elected not to skate and not take the body and chose to glide and use his reach. It really should have been a hook yet the player still was able to get a solid scoring chance on a nothing play all cuz he can’t/didn’t move his feet.

    I can live with his offense. But dude, when you’re that big you gotta be a damn menace to the opposition. That’s just not him.

  6. Ernie, Do you really think that at this point in his career that he can contribute to the Hawks in a positive way? I am curious because when I played guys that big were easy to move with a modest hip check (a lost art) as long as they reached instead of skated. I don’t see the upside as long as he shows very little offense.

  7. I agree with Ernie that the surprising issue with the big guy is that he is not physical at all. There have been very few who believed he would make it to the NHL so he has proved many wrong so far. That being said he really looked tentative in his recent play. My guess is he will be signed for one more year which will be his last chance to show he can be a dependable 5/6 role player.

  8. The downfall of Chara began when the Hawks went after him. Being that big he needs space. He got it by being physical. Count me as one who Svedberg has proven wrong. While the Hawks have had worse guys on the roster in recent years. They currently have better options. The other thing I’ve noticed is he’s too quick to screen Crawford. It’s like he’ll get lost so he just goes to the front of the net. Which is fine. But be a damn bulldozer and clear the traffic. I don’t have a gripe with his offensive play. I’m not expecting much from a 6th d-man. Just be sound defensively.

  9. I don’t see him being a major contributor to this team unless it is filling a roster spot and really short dollars…that’s it.

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