Blackhawks Recall Adam Boqvist

On Thursday morning the Chicago Blackhawks recalled defenseman Adam Boqvist from Rockford.

Boqvist, 19, was the eighth overall pick in the 2018 NHL Draft. He scored one goal in six games with Rockford this season.

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  1. Interesting is right. Did not expect that. My hunch is after that debacle Tuesday night, Seabs is back in the lineup and Gus is out, Boquist is in and KooKoo out. My question is what the hell happened to Gus. He’s as bad on offense as he is on defense. He’s worse now than when he first came up. Also don’t look for Bowman’s firing, it ain’t happening. I do think Marc Crawford will take over for Colliton soon if this shit keeps up.

  2. We have a great Gm. I think he set an NHL record by having over $10 mil in salaries sitting in the press box.

  3. –Greyhawk, I am looking for Blowman’s firing, and JC’s as well. Crawford can’t be any worse. I just don’t think the core is onboard with JC. They know something we don’t but can speculate that it’s JC and his deer in the headlights look. While they’re at it they can fire Brookbank and Mitel. You can see that JC is feeling the pressure and lashes out at the team in the press conferences. He needs to be more “Q” like and just say things like “we’ll see” and “you betcha” and “I didn’t mind him”.

  4. Boqvist is here which signals a trade in the immediate future. Seabrook should play against the Kings because they skate at our speed; mired in quicksand.
    Re: Jim my favourite Q quote was “that was hard to watch”…and this sh@t is even harder to watch.
    Our two Euro coaches; their personality and styles work in Scandinavia but not in North America. As Chelios once said about his teammates, “they got their head up their own ass”.

  5. Jim, Bowman should have been gone but Rocky has given him a long rope and carte blanche to rebuild the team. To me it looks like the players have given up on JC. They don’t want to play for him or his system. However he has to be himself. He’s not Q. This is who he is..This is what we’ve got. Your’e right about something going on that we don’t know about. Key players like Toews and Kane look dead. The PP is puke. Just as it was under Q. Very slow, long passes, can’t get out of our zone. It’s very predictable. Zero urgency! Shaw should be in front of the goalie. Gus as I wrote before has completely lost it. We might as well bring Seabs back to the point because at least he can shoot the puck and Boquist at the other point. Saad needs to be out there, he’s our best battler in the corners and boards. Towes needs to not be on the PP anymore!

  6. Speaking of chelios….sign him to take over the D corps, and ya, fire JC, Little, and send Brookbank back to Rockford.
    There has to be a trade coming, Kookoo or Gus….not sure which, and if you have too….sit Gus in the press box too, he has been horrible, his one good year went to his head.

  7. We will get nothing for KooKoo. Gus has more value. Although he has more value to the Hawks sitting in the press box!

  8. I’m ok with any move right now. Changes need to be made, not sure of which ones need to be made because at this point I have no idea the state of the team. Players are not playing to there potential at all, this is on Colliton. I want action not speculation or theory crafting at this point on changes made to the front office…. So talking about firing Bowman or Colliton is just stupid. I will provide data though of the current situation.
    1. We are in last place in the conference
    2. We are last in Goals Scored, probably because we are playing more defensively.
    3. We are 23rd in goals against. Defense has improved I guess.
    4. Core(Kane, Toews, Seabrook, Keith) doesn’t want to play for Colliton
    5. Bowman has put together a dud so far, looked good on paper but these guys aren’t playing for Colliton. I would agree selecting Colliton is defiantly on Bowman…. So not sure how to get the core to play for Colliton? Also I would like to say Colliton’s only job is to put players in a place to succeed he has not done that. Calling out the team is just stupid because he will loose the room even more. Think about it, you are calling out guys that have won 3 cups, and he has won what????
    6. The Seabrook situation is getting worse. The guy deserves to retire in Chicago he has definitely earned it and is a top 5 defenseman in Chicago History. Why isn’t this guy on a third pairing and cutting back his minutes? I don’t think Seabrook is the problem at all. This is again Bowman/Colliton, can’t manage the situation. Contracts, minutes, etc etc etc… Put Keith & Seabrook as the bottom pairing and build the top two pairings.
    7. Legacy Burger is delicious if you haven’t tried it.

  9. This seems like a premature move. It seems a couple games ago the feeling was Boqvist not ready, so what changed? I didn’t see anything from Boqvist to indicate he was strong enough to play defense at the NHL level. Maybe it got better? Call me skeptical about this move…

  10. My thought exactly Miro.Just last week Colliton stated that Boqvist needed to work on his defense at the AHL level for the season.What changed in 5 days?He scored his 1st goal and now he is ready for the NHL?Gus and KOO most likely manning the press box for the 3 game swing through California.This is a train wreck.Can they let Nylander and Saad play 1st line minutes for an entire game?Watched Florida and Vancouver play late night games.The difference in skill and intensity is obvious.What a pleasure watching a NHL team string together more than 2 passes.

  11. Agreed Miroslav. Good teams don’t bring up a blue-chip player when they need a band-aid when THE TEAM is ready.
    They let the player develop outside the bright lights and then being them up when THE PLAYER is ready. We’re becoming the Edmonton Oilers pre-Holland.

  12. Q viewed Boqvist as close last year maybe he is closer than people think. Gilbert can be sent down without waivers, so that could happen until somebody moved.

  13. After a dud game Keenan often brought players up from the farm team to shake things up. Boqvist is probably a desperation move because there’s nobody else worth bringing up…rag doll Sikura ? …..anybody else ?

  14. It was well publicized and reiterated by Bowman and his superiors (i.e. McDonough) at the end of last season (when the Hawks got “close” to the playoffs), during the off-season, and training camp that the Hawks were now a good team and would make the playoffs again, at a minimum. (i.e. “One Goal”).

    Just like the beginning of last season — w/ the HUGE difference being the roster intentionally sucked so Bowman could get rid of Q and preserve his job status, i.e. $$$$ — the Hawks have gotten off to a horrendous, nearly irreversible/irreparable start to the season. Last season, Bowman had the built-in, hip pocket excuse to by himself time to fire Q. OK, done, mission accomplished. Textbook DISTRACTION.

    A year later — w/ a far better roster, but a coach at the opposite end of the qualifications and results spectrum — deja vu, and even worse than that. What does Bowman do, particularly after the latest disgrace/debacle, and w/ the intelligent, rabid fan base livid? Announce during dead time (although that can be argued the last game) Dach will remain w/ the team one day, and the next day, recall Boquist who has as many defensive issues as the rest of the D-men on the roster. Textbook DISTRACTION.

    Let’s pinpoint the issue, and there’s only one: Bowman. Bowman is solely responsible for putting the roster together and hiring the coach. He failed on one of those accounts for certain, 1000%. He can’t dispute this, no one can. It’s one or the other or both. He’s only a year (almost) to the day where he fired Q and into the Collition era, his choice to coach (if you want to call it that) the team. The team is worse off than last season at the same juncture. He doesn’t want to/won’t fire the coach b/c this points the finger solely (deservedly so) at himself. He can’t start trading players this early in the season b/c this point the finger solely at himself.

    How can the Hawks’ ownership allow this to continue? Has Wirtz and/or McDonough given Bob Pulford the reins again? Pulford still resides in the area, I saw him in a store last year. Rocky Wirtz is an intelligent man; Bowman must have photos involving him, akin to what Bollig had of Q a few years ago.


  15. Wow- just not sure what the”master plan” is here??
    Such a cluster Phk and it seems Stan is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic !

  16. Agree with the above. Can someone tell me what Bowman’s vision is. All I see is someone throwing darts at the dartboard and hopes something sticks.
    Last yr in juniors , Mark Hunter sat Boquist in the playoffs late in the game when they had a lead because of his defensive liability. He goes to Rockford where they say he has to work on his D game. All of a sudden he is in the NHL , WOW

  17. I feel like I could write three pages plus on all this. Just want to say while Seabrook has regressed to pinpoint him as the problem is ridiculous. Benching him a second game in a row was a mistake. After that game what message did Seabrook get exactly? And btw Dach is living in Seabrooks house.
    Why call boqvist up now? If he impresses on this team right away I’ll be shocked.

  18. The only thing I can surmise is Gus is done.

    What you see from him is what you get. He isnt getting better. So with Boqvist, who is similar, they probably figure they may as well have him take his spot because he is definitely higher in skill and he is still learning and will get better.

    I honestly dont care where Gus goes just as long at its not Chicago.

  19. Agreed Loags, and take Keith off the pp….heck sit Keith for a game too while we are at it…. couldn’t hurt. Let him see from up top how bad the team plays positionally….oh wait….don’t they watch film of the games already ?

  20. I was thinking what would lines look like if we held onto some of these guys. If you didn’t make some of the Bowman moves for the last couple of years… If we also don’t worry about cap space. If I’m missing someone please post.

    Arizona(Schmaltz, Hinostroza, Osterle, Hjalmarsson, Raanta)
    Carolina(TVR, Turbo)
    Washington(Kempny, Panik)

    Coach: Q
    20, 19, Schmaltz
    Panarin, Danault, 88
    Kahun, Turbo, Debrincat
    65, 17, Hinostroza

    Byfuglien, 2
    Hjalmarsson, Leddy
    TVR, 7

  21. Obviously surprising move but an interesting one especially since Gilbert wasn’t sent back to RKF when Boq came up

    Maybe that’s because they’re on the road – now they have 8 D men not including Murphy

    presumably Boq will play and I imagine Seabs will be back in

    My guess as to who sits would be Gus and Gilbert

  22. Wonder if Boqvist is up to stay or is he just getting games while Murphy being out creates the opportunity. Anyways hope he is an impact callup and Dach who looks to be ready in alot of ways, both have successful years, regardless of everything else that is happening.

  23. Dach will have between 10-15 points this year….Boqvist will be sent down before his 9th game, then brought back when Gus is traded at the trade deadline….I would hope Gus and Kookoo sit Saturday.

  24. Other teams were interested in Gus only at the last tdl. Hawks didn’t bite because they were still fighting to make the playoffs. His value is now greatly diminished.

    It’s still very early and we have a lot of new players, meaning it takes time to mesh. But after Tuesday night’s performance, it is very worrying. Imagine what our GA would be without Lehner.

  25. When Carpenter has been your best forward and Maata your best DEF, this is exactly what you get. Renne’s quote was classic, his easiest game ever. Let that sink in. I am not sure who is worse: Keith, Seabrook or Gus. Keith just looks slow in decision making. Dcat should remove the D in his name, He does not play in the DEF zone. The first goal he got overpowered and lazily watched them score. Poor Lehner, who is a keeper for next year with the DEF we will have. I would trade Gus and Keith to get what I can. Give Seabrook away to SEA unless u can find someone to take his contract this year. Get rid of Zach Smith and bring up Dylan Sikura. Toews is at best a 3C, time for some humble pie. Here my lines:

    1. Kane/Dach/Sikura

    2. Strome/Dcat/Nylander

    3. Saad/Toews/Kublaik

    4. Carpenter/Shaw/Cags
    1. DeHaan/Bokquist
    2. Keith/Gus (Murphy)
    3. Maata/Gilbert


  26. Original, yea I want to see games 10-20 and hope the sch and the guys get act together, to have a good segment. Then see where were at then.

    If it does take that long to get into the system, then the core isint going to and be stubborn or we do and then what.

  27. Pretty good, I would based on that. Get 92 and 77 with 88 and do a different Defenseive system.

    20 19 8
    12 22 17
    92 77 88
    91 64 65

    2 5
    44 27
    6 ?

  28. People always want the young guys to play. Play the young guys. Well we have 92 77 27 6 in. More coming for 21 season.

  29. FYI NSH at home to CAL is up 3-1 halfway 8 minutes into the 2nd – shots on goal are 21- 4 NSH

    The Preds are good

  30. Wrap the problem is they are really good, along with 3 or 4 other teams. You add that talent and the playoff style they can play and the Hawks are at best Cup pretenders.
    So a miracle happens and they make the playoffs (hard to even say that) then what?

    You need some real luck, hunger, goal tending, the right mix of players and some dynamic talent-they had that for about 6 years and now they don’t.

    That’s not dismissing the players they have, some great athletes. It’s just a reality check.

  31. Wrap, yea I know we have problems right now, but NAS is a top 5 team and they didnt play good in first round so they are steamed, and they are on a hot streak. Sch for us 5 in 7, just made it worse on top of our problems and NAS being steamed this yr.

  32. Danald, basically what your saying just a little tweak. I want 92 and 77 with another guy like 88.

  33. We need to add what your saying. Got 2 top 5 draft players coming here now, sort of. Several young guys that could be good. Get your #1 in summer or deadline might be easier. Tweak the guys to keep like 44 22 40 and not. Keep adding young guys. We ll get there. Just need the right system like BOS has, its why they are good again, Their core is same age.

  34. The power play has been extremely sluggish. Gustafson seems to be very slow to make decisions. He’s a power play specialist and a defensive liability.
    If he does Not produce offensively, he’s useless to the Hawks.

    I do disagree that his value has never been lower. Instead the vultures will be swirling around the Hawks carcass and there will be at least a few teams that likely believe if they can get Gustafson out of a sinking ship in Chicago, he could be valuable.

    To me, if you wait until February to move Gustafson, and he still hasn’t produced for the Hawks this season, then we will get very little in return. I expect him to get moved, pretty soon.

  35. Wow, Rocky should fire JC and Bowman and all the coaches and scouts and just rely on the regulars on this blog to establish lines and pairings and cut trades. Plus, it’s free advice, which is the best kind!

  36. So how many shots did the Preds take on Lehner without Seabs in the lineup? Seabs not the problem. Was Denis Gilbert in the lineup?
    Another classless move by this coach and GM. No one wants to come and play here unless your from the KHL, SWEDISH DIV.2 , SWISS, or GERMAN league!!!
    Again, goalies and defenseman not the problem, problem is the coach’s system which does not work (when he let it go last year, Hawks went on a run). Also, a GM who has no idea how to build a team nor make trades.
    I thought the goal was to make the playoffs? So, you trade Perlini for 3rd round dman prospect still in junior hockey? Thus, we are minus a power forward who was still just 23 years old. We call up a soft 1st round pick, smallish guy named Boqvist who was struggling in the AHL, who needs more AHL experience .(This is Smoke Screen Expert Stan Bowman trying to distract the beat hockey writers in Chicago which always works because they never ask the hard questions) Sad state and before it really falls apart , they need to fire Bowman and JC who are blaming the vets for this bad start instead of blaming themselves. How much more time does a coach need to figure out that SAAD should not be playing with Kampf and Kubalik? How much more time does a GM need to figure out players playing in Europe, neaver drafted or never making the NHL, are not the players he needs to sign as free agents. He needs NHL proven players in the TOP 6 to help his top 4!!!
    And when will JC learn how to make lines.
    20 19 88
    12 17 65
    8 77 92 (8 & 92 because we do not have other NHL calibre forwards)
    15 22 91

  37. Wrap, another thing for NAS while they play hot is they allowed 2 goals in 4 games, at that point agasint CAL.

    Doesnt mean we do not need changes.

    Gusto must be getting traded with 27 here unless its for 5. Even if we were 6-2-2 like last yr we prob wernt keeping after 27 was ready. I didnt think he would get 60 again, thought 35-45.

  38. Expexct he might leave 77 with 19 and 88, if he doesn’t want to use Dach on special teams, he gets him mins that way, see how they do. See who he puts with 12 and 77, Saad should get a shot, unless he wants somebody like Shaw to help Strome with fos. Leave 8 and 64 together, 91 and 22 and slot 20, 65 and 92 on wing with other 3 lines. See Smith play one of the back to backs.
    Like the idea of 2 and 7 as one pair, Keith can get pk, extra shifts if needed and pair Boqvist and Gus with Dehaan and Maatta. Either move Gus or send Boqvist back when Murphy returns. Either Gilbert to Rfd or Koekkoek is traded.
    Lehner the hot goalie right now, gotta try to get as much mileage as possible out of him. Coaching change may help but doesn’t feel like it will happen, proably this road trip if it does.

  39. After saying how good NSH was they blew that game to CGY giving up a 4-1 lead in the 3rd in a game they were dominating and losing 6-5 in OT

    Winning goal was an absolute beauty – maybe goal of the year – by Tkachuk – check it out it you haven’t seen it

  40. The Flames came back and beat that good team last night. Different response than the Hawks had.
    Well the Hawks play a mid tier team and possibly the worst team in hockey right now this weekend. Let’s see what happens. One or less points and more people will want change.

  41. –Greyhawk, amen brother!!
    I actually like Gilbert and think he should stick over Gus. Gus needs to go now, he looks lost and tentative at best even when he’s moving the puck. I do think this core does not want to play for JC. If they don’t want to lose the season Rocky needs to recognize this and make a change now before the locker room is a total loss. I kind of thought Crawford was a “waiting in the wings” like Q was when Savard was coach.
    Come on Rocky, the time is now.
    And please for the love of hockey can that idiot Bowman already!

  42. Let’s ride this out to game 30-40. If we’re basement dwellers assign Cheli and Savy as Ambassador Coaches. You might not have to pay them, lol. Keep protecting (play against fellow basement dwellers) CC so he can be valuable at TDL. If you can do the same with Gus try it but I think he’s hopeless. Any veteran could be moved for a price at TDL. Have a feeling Q will want one of his “warriors” for insurance for his playoff push. ie Duncs or Seabs. The other we other we can package something for Seattle.
    Games after TDL let the kids play. I’m already for a long season. Now I know what a Sox fan feels like. Hope this isn’t an example of what a Cub season is going to be like.

  43. Have no problem with Gilbert, he is a young possibly part of of the future. Like his physical game, certainly something he can add. He doesn’t make an already slow of foot blueline any faster, lose in that area if he is in for Gus. Could stand to clean up hus passes, needs to concentrate there more at times. Also he is easiest move if no trades made or don’t want to risk waiver wire.

    JR no guarantee Q is going to be in a spot to be a buyer at tdl either.

  44. The Bob contract in Florida is already a killer. Doubt Dale wants Seabrook too. Keith would love to play for Q where he is given carte blanche to play his game. That’s a better contract. But would Keith want to move to Florida with his family situation? Taxes are nice but the bugs are freakin huge!! And the humidity….

  45. Mo, Boqvist could be up just for few games to try and spark pp/offense, while opportunity there with Murphy is out. Not convinced he is here to stay yet. Wouldn’t be surprised when they go back to 7 d, we will see a fwd in Rfd recalled and get some playing time.

  46. does anyone have insight into when boqvist will get his first game? would it be as soon as saturday?

  47. It was suggested elsewhere, not my idea, that Blackhawks could use 7 d on this weekend. Boqvist could be used as a specialist role or even Gus for that matter, playing pp and Ozone faceoffs. Not a bad idea, allow for fresher legs, could sit 2 different fwds each back to back game, plus 7 d keep ice time down on blueline with diferent one sitting on back to back games. Back to back games after road trip too, meaning 6 games in 9 days. Have about 8 or 9 mins that fwds would need to absorb a game extra, should be doable, maybe even use a Gus or Boqvist there to see how they look there.

  48. The 7 D line up never seems to produce positive results based on anecdotal evidence – may I’m wrong but that’s what I’ve noticed

  49. Yea I can see 27 playing here and there this yr when people are hurt like that. Then back in.

    Just keep getting the young guys games everytime we can. They can still do AHL when needed or they need to develope.

    Be interesting if the core and others do not play this system for 40 games. At some point they are going to have to just do it whether they like it or not. We need another new system fine, do it. Another top 5 draft pick would be better for the young wave. That is interesting.

  50. Wrap i realize the history of 7d, this time seems like more of use for it, rather than just because of the need to give them ice time vs sitting too long. May not do it but could be why they want 8d on road trip.

  51. Glad I watched the OT. Tkachuk’s goal was a beauty. Clock showed 0.0 sec. May not see this again.

    No way Seabs goes to Florida or anywhere else without taking back a large portion of his contract and throwing in another player. Stan must go.

    Hull65, Q would have benched Perlini and wanted him traded. We have seen enough to know that he will not get involved in the play and will just float around. His passing is nothing special. Wouldn’t be surprised if Detroit soon gets frustrated with him. Actually think Stan made a good trade here.

    Nylander is a more talented version of Perlini. If he can learn to play more physical, this may turn out to be a good trade.

  52. Florida has only a few hundred thousand in cap space, no room to take on any contracts, so forget about that idea.

  53. Mo we were close:

    Blackhawks lines appeared to be:

  54. Guess no more protecting Dach. Not much scoring support there, though. Like him on pp though go to net. Got to think he ends up with Kane at some point if he stays at C.

  55. 8 and 64 got Saad and Nylander going, looks like he’s going to the well again to try and get Kane on track.

  56. If Andrew Shaw and Duncan Keith are both on your first line power play the power play will be terrible.
    A net front presence with no size and a defenseman that can’t shoot the puck.

  57. I like those D pairs – not sure about the FW lines and Saad should be on one of the PP units – he’s only been their best FW all year

    I like 20-19-92 (finally 20 with Toews) but giving Kane Kampf as his C is maybe wishful thinking – there’s a chance it could work with 64 digging out the puck and playing D and 88 able to work creatively with 8 but I’m pessimistic nevertheless – I’ll stand down if it proves a workable line

    77 with 91 and 65 is interesting and may work for a while – hopefully it gets Shaw going

    12 -22 -17 worked well vs LA and Carpenter gives those other 2 a defensive conscience but I thought Strome was the C on that line – maybe the idea is that 22 can take face-offs and then 17 takes over the centre position because Strome seems wasted on the wing

    So glad to see Gus take a seat

  58. Donald, keep on working it. There is a formula that can work well. System is another thing. My main thing was 12 not on line with 19 and have 20 with 19. This is way better then before no matter what else is going on.

  59. In different ways, 27 and 77 is like adding 12. Another quality player thats prob core player. You only have about 6 or core players. Thats half od the future core right there.

  60. So Dach and Boqvist are both in the lineup, our 2 blue chip prospects, add Nylander as well and truly there is only one kid to look forward to seeing between now and the end of the year, and that’s Ian Mitchell. Fortunately he’s having a really good season at Denver. Big gap after that.

    The questions going forward are :
    What can we get for Gustafson?

    Would Duncan Keith welcome a trade to a contender. If so, what can we get in return for the future?

    Third, we’ve got a fantastic goalie and leader going forward in Robin Lehner. So would Crawford be willing to accept a trade to a contender knowing that he will not be back next year with the Hawks ?

  61. One thing that was talked about before I haven’t seen anything about it since Boqvist has been recalled is the idea of staggering the introduction of the young d-men so there isn’t 2 or 3 of them starting their NHL careers at the same time. The premise being you’re not going to have success with half the d-men being inexperienced rookies. Bringing Boqvist in this season (and keeping him for all or most of the year) starts his experience clock so he isn’t at the beginning when Mitchell is brought onto the roster and starting his NHL career. Boqvist this season, Mitchell next season and then maybe Beaudin the season after that.

  62. Sorry but this coach is simply out to lunch. Now the best forward the HAWKS have had for a decade is playing with KAMPF and KUBALIK? Kane will be so frustated that he will want BUFFALO to be his home very soon. Do you think KANE plays with any other team in the NHL alongside AHL / ECHL calibre players. How many goals did KUBALIK and KAMP set for SAAD? Answer is NONE! Then calling up BOQVIST to sit GUSTAFSON who had 61 points last year is stupid. Does he want to win games because why is NYLANDER playing alongside SAAD & TOEWS while KANE is stuck with 64 8 rubbish! Pathetic!

  63. Leg work guys 22 and 64 with 12 & 17 , lus 88 & 8, see how it works, Shaw to take fos for Dach and Toews and Saad together again. See how visible Nylander is agaimst these teams. Not sure these ladt very long.
    Like 44 and 7, had that to start year, said right off 6 and 7 too slow a pairing. Mo 27 likely gets a chance, but more than likely 5 ends up back with 2. If Gus moved do they keep 27 with 6 for pp specialist.

  64. I actually like 77 and 88 on different lines. Then theres no pressure for them. Other teams are going agasint 20 19 and 12 17 lines first. Which means those lines get other teams 4th line half the time. Could work well per say.

  65. What I know is, even with playing real shitty for half the games, when we have had 44 and 5 in were 2-1-2 and when we do not have both those guys we are 1-5.

    We might be last place in points, but games over .500 are what count and we are -3, LA is -5 so were 2 games ahead of them. Were in 2nd place for top 3 pick. Does it matter, if everybody wants to get rid of the coaches and administrations.

    Whats not cool is we are suppose to be enjoying this yr, in preperation for a really good 21 season and on with young wave and new sysytem that works well. After the past 2 yrs, then adjustments we made game 30-82 were fun and the start. What do we call this, on our way to a better roster for the 21 season and on with more of the young guys.

  66. Are the core players really going to no show for half the 82 games because they do not like this system enough to ‘play’. What the F. I mean they played last yr. Why.

  67. Other then trading Buckaroo, Nylander could be just as good, what have we done thats not in the goal for loading up with young wave of good players. We got Lehner and the new guys this summer know our players are not this shitty so there not going to run away. You have to think they know changes will be made to make things better normal again.

    We do not have a good record at deadline, then that maybe good in terms of goalie thing and Gusto thing and Dunks thing?

  68. Mo think this season could still be salvageable with a new coach, just not convinced it happens under Colliton.

  69. And Craig-another question–Kane and Toews are ufa’s after three more full seasons (2023/24) at around 33/34 years of age. Are they both here until then and do they stay or leave as UFA’s
    Kanes’s base salary is 2.9 in his last year.

  70. Ian – from what I’ve read it sounds very unlikely that the Hawks will fire JC – they seem committed to him for the foreseeable future

    Of course that could change if the season never turns around but unfortunately we may be living with this coaching drama all year

    I’ll admit to being wrong about JC if he does turn it around but he’s got a lot prove and a lot to improve upon

  71. Craig it’s unlikely we see Mitchell until next season. Another impressive night for him last night, with Mitchell’s leadership Denver U is ranked number 1 and Frozen 4 is april 9-11. With Nhl season over April 4th, looks like be almost 2nd round of playoffs before he could join them.

    Wrap agree, don’t expect Colliton to be fired that’s just my feeling that a change behind the bench is needed to show a big turnaround this year, hope i’m wrong big time. Time will tell i guess

  72. You know what’s so great about being a fan – we get to sit on our high perch and make (un)informed proclamations based on our (in)experience without accountability except to fellow internet schleps. It’s great – Stan should have done this and Colliton shouldn’t have done that. Yep, gotta give myself and my fellow experts credit where credit is due – we are darn good at what we do. If we had been in charge the Hawks would have won the Cup every year since getting to the mountain top in 2010 … well … actually … why stop there? We could have won all the Stanley Cups before 2010 too. Makes me wonder why my phone isn’t ringing with Rocky on the other end pleading with me to take over hockey operations. What is he thinking?

  73. Hawks are dead last in goals for as of this morning. Hard to win when you can’t score. Hope they get that figured out soon.

  74. Hull65, we all know how much you despise Kampf and Kubalik, but both have more points than Toews, have a better plus minus….so why rag on them and you nothing about Toews ? I understand what he has done in the past, same can be said about Seabs and Keith and yet everyone wants them traded….so give it a rest, these 2 are playing better than the majority of the forwards, if you can’t see that, then you have no idea what hockey is.

  75. @Craig Blackhawks are in win now mode… whatever that is supposed to mean.
    The cost of win now mantality is going to cripple future Hawks teams unfortunately.
    Dumbest thing in my eyes is it seams to me that many hawk fans are really happy to try to just make the playoffs.

    Trading players when they are at their highest trade value could be a good idea.
    Eric Gustafsson is a perfect example. Gustafsson should have bean traded before the season started to ensure a higher trade value. Nope we can’t trade him we need him.
    This is where the problems occur, Gus gets of to bad start and now being health scratched has to lower his trade value. Secondly the potential for adding a blue chipp prospect is definitely being compromised.
    Worst part about it we couldn’t afford to sign Gus anyway.

    Can’t trade Keith while he still has value… we need him for our playoff push.
    Forget about trying to add to our prospect pool we will worry about that later.

    Win now mode is not going to come cheap.

  76. @Stape – definitely some truth to what you say

    I wonder if the Hawks management really believe in making the playoffs this year or is it just a selling point

    I’m already thinking of this year as a mostly a developmental one for the likes of 77, 27, 92, 8, 39 and even 17 and whoever else including JC

  77. Stape how many years should they try and stay at the bottom to pick up high picks. As i said before Oilers model hasn’t worked well, Leafs still questionable. At some point you try to get better and make playoffs and try to keep improving. The team will never contend if the younger players don’t learn to compete first, that’s the only window the core has is to show them what it takes and pass that on. If it doesn’t lead to another cup, so be it 3 is better than most, if it does all the better.

  78. Really really like the progress of Mitchell. Hes going to be good. Thats 2 high end FW and DEF with 77 27 92 46 that could be core players. Kurachev is a player and some others there. For as far away we look with this shitty at times, we have a bunch of good young fast players coming. Just what we need.

  79. With what we have since preseason started maybe its the 22 season and on, but how in the F can we not score and a lot. We have that top 5 OFF and bottom 5 DEF kind of thing going on, wehen we went 6-2-2, 3-16, 25-15. Now were off the charts, this makes no sense.

    Good thing is we have come keepers like 44 40 and 22. I like 65 so we need to be good to decide on whos staying as young wave comes in. If we cant do it without a #1, then F get a # 1 in the summer. Do it.

  80. Other then Buckaroo, who do we not have thats going to be good for he future core or role players. Nobody. The Gusto thing and Dunks thing gets you, what, another Beau? Thats fine he could be good. Still think Gusto could get us a first like 38 for Beau and Kurachev at deadline, same with Dunks. Crow is an interesting first pick and 3 or 4 pick like getting another Kurachev, since we might not have good at deadline and Lehner is younger and good goalie.

    Lots of good things and plenty enough to work with to bring in young wave and get fast like the shit teams of the past 10 yrs are now.

    I like keeping deep roster though, and add quality deepness when we bring in young wave.

  81. I look at this team and I see a team that is so much better than the one they had last year, but no results.

    I submit that if the Hawks had spent more time trying to build upon the success of last years team than trying to integrate Nylander and Dach into the top six, this team would be winning more games than not and would be in the playoff picture right now.

    If you look at the top six from last year to this year, it’s basically the same. 88, 19, 12, 17, 20 and 15. Replace 15 with 65 and you have essentially the same top six. But the bottom six is so much better than last years. Kubalik > Kahun. Kampf is better this year than last. Nylander > Perlini, Carpenter > Kruger, Caggiula = Caggiula, Dach > Kunits, Hayden, Fortin, Sikura etc… Smith is better as the 13th forward.

    This team should be better than last year. I mean, on paper it’s a lot better. So what gives? The two biggest problems I have seen so far are:

    1) Gustafsson has regressed. He looks like a shadow of himself. So much of the offense flowed through him both on the PP and 5 on 5 that it is causing a power outage up and down the lineup. That is my guess why Boqvist is being called up.

    2) How JC has tried to force feed Nylander and Dach into the top six has caused a disruption in chemistry among the top two lines. Instead of taking a more conservative approach to the lines and keeping 92 and 77 in the bottoms six for a few months, the line blender came out and now one was able to develop any consistency or chemistry in the top six.

    If JC can fix the line chemistry and find a way to get the same kind of offense out of Gus/ the defense. This team isn’t going anywhere.

  82. Thats what I am saying. How in the F are we that. Still 10-10 then you can get your act together and be the better team this yr then past yr.

  83. @Miro – I don’t know that the problem has been force feeding 77 and 92 into the top 6

    I think the problem is the force feeding of JC’s system onto the team – his lines are constructed to be more of a dump and chase type offense but the Hawks really don’t have the horses to play that way – their roster is more of a skilled create off the rush type of roster

    Creating off the rush worked last year as far as goal scoring goes but of course it also allowed the opposing team tons of chances as well and ultimately not enough wins

    This year JC seems adamant about changing the Hawks style of play to cut down on the GA – of course we all want to see a reduction in the GA but if that results in being the lowest scoring team in the league when previously they were one of the highest scoring then maybe the system is not the one best suited to the personnel because they’re losing a rate worse than last year

    This I believe is why the frustration is mounting especially among the core – dump and chase is not how they want to play or are even very good at

    Somehow the D has to improve without drastically altering the Hawks long standing style of play – maybe that’s a tricky balancing act but that’s what head coaches get paid to do

    Right now the Hawks are much less than the sum of their parts and that IMO is mostly on JC – hopefully he figures it out or someone like M. Crawford explains it to him because if he keeps insisting on this system it’s going to be a very long year

  84. Let’s face it if the Hawks miss the playoffs for the third year in a row Bowman should be fired.
    Ian im not saying that the hawks should not try to get better and try to make the playoffs every year, they should.

    Oilers management is a total joke!

    I can only dream that the Hawks will become as skilled and talented as the young Toronto Maple Leafs.
    I’m not saying that the Leafs will win the cup but I am saying I like their chances.
    Marlies are deep as well which bodes well for the leafs.

    Hawks should try to trade their aging core now while the still have value.
    At some point the core need to get younger. Does it not?

    Talk about lack of compete for the young players??? What about the vets???

    If the core players show no heart how does a team that looks better on paper actually become better? Core players are slowing down…was it not bound to happen?
    If Nylander and Dach were given Toews or Kanes ice time I’m sure that their point totals would be much higher.
    Toews stats are terrible!

    Ian is you logic down with the ship?

  85. Hard to disagree with you Stape. (other than I do believe this team deserves a new voice at the top now going forward. To be fair Bowman did this job well for a 5/6 year period and history needs to view his legacy based on the whole time here not just the last few years)
    Unfortunately JC is a lame duck coach who’s only hope is another strong turn around and players pulling together in his direction very soon.

  86. Turning the Hawks roster over may become necessary. If you think fans are angry now, how will they handle Seabrook, Keith, Toews and Kane leaving?

    Suck-it-up-buttercup won’t exactly be the phrase used.

    However, I think this core is digging in right now. Management will need to make a decision on who runs the team – the players, or management? That alone will decide where the Hawks and their roster goes in the near future.

    Winning solves everything. Continuing to lose exasperates status quo. This is a big couple of weeks coming, and it starts tonight.

    Staal sitting again for NYR (go read about that). Stay tuned as management across the league prepares for the next round of CBA talks and free buyouts.

  87. Sorry Ian, but 8 and 64 did nothing for Saad! Saad had a short handed goal, an empty net goal and a 5 on 5 goal with helpers from 65 & 77. How can anyone justify this coach slamming KANE with those AHLers. It’s pathetic! Is this coach aware he is out of the playoffs! 88 & 19 saved his ass last year after he reunited them! No one will convince me that 8 & 64 were better than Perlini. And to think that this idiot has slotted those two guys with Kane is embarassing, disrespectful and not motivating for 88. Come on!!! What kind of line is that! Look around the league who the top players are playing with. JOKE!
    And benching a 61 point dman for a 19 year old rookie who is even more soft than 56 is just stupid. Boqvist will be ok in a few years as a PP guy but he can’t defend at all. Hey, let me hold up Kopitar, I can do it better than Seabs and 56?
    And than to handcuff Keith with another rookie is also backward thinking. Put him with another dman why Keith? Two smallish players playing as the first pairing.
    Tell you what, Bowman, you drafted him, than make him play with someone else. This is Bowman’s decision to call him up so the writers can talk about the hype and leave Bowman alone. 1 point in 6 games in the AHL? And he deserves a call up? Time to move on from these posers and again, Bowman won cups all from Tallon’s roster. There’s 65, 20, 77, and 27 on this roster that he actually drafted since taking over as GM (thanks to Daddy backstabbing Tallon). Pretty Bad! How much is are ZACH SMITH & CARPENTER MAKING as 4th line players? DUMB!!! You think Kampf or whomever you have like Highmore or anyone in the AHL couldn’t do that job for less salary? Of course, but this GM is clueless.

  88. Silent – “Winning solves everything” – truer words were never spoken.

    Hull – Are you kidding me with the “Cups were all won from Tallon’s roster”. This crap has been debunked about 100 times but once again please don’t let facts get in the way of your narrative.

  89. Perlini was a minus 2 in his first Detroit game ..if he plays 40 games ….you do the math Hull.

  90. I just hope the Hawks do away with that stupid drop pass on the PP. That worked a few years ago but not today. As far as Perlini he couldn’t carry Kubalik jock strap!

  91. I would have thought 2 would stay to 40, now I can see him going because he will be older. 19 88 can see staying at 2 or 3 yrs at a time for a hometown of 5ish caphits. Then they both will be what each are now, caphit wise. 7 has to because he has to. Just what we have to do.

    We get new coach and system, players ‘play’ then were going to win games and not getting another top 5 draft pick, unless we win lottery again. Were 10-10 and then have a new system we could be night and day, to this shitty stuff.


  92. I liked Kubalik from the start, hes better then Kahun. Good trade there, gets us Maatta for free.

    Young wave coming not matter what we do. Whoever said theres not much after 77 27 92 46 blu chip players, yea. There is some players who could be good role players like Beau Vlassic Kurachev and others. Need them to.

    That should be enough with who we have now, thats good, like 44 40 22 and the young part of core 20 12.

  93. Question what does a #1 take to trade for. What did TAM trade to get Mcdouough at deadline. Deadline might be the time to do it, like they did. What did they trade to do it.

  94. Your right, it deosnt make sense how you go from top 5 OFF, and bottom DEF, to that at OFF. You cant go from getting used to the new system, after Q, then roster adjustments and play a good games 30-82 and do good 25-15 without a full roster. Then add several good players in summer, to have a full roster. Then be like this. Something is wrong. Your right core and others wont play the new system, even after getting used to it enough past yr and doing good with it, 25-15.

    So how long to core and others do this and is it only about the Defensive part of this.

  95. Draisaitl got his 13th today.

    Hawks 1st line: 6
    Hawks 2nd line: 6
    Hawks 3rd line (count all 4 players): 5

    Based on the lines posted by Donald Smith above.

    Hey Don – did you live in the Chicago area (northwest suburbs) as a kid? I had a very good friend a long time ago that moved to California with your name!

  96. Here are the pieces in place for the rebuild :
    Lehner, Toews, Kane, Strome, DeBrincat, Dach, Boqvist, Nylander.

    Trade deadline Feb 2020 : Crawford and Keith(with their permission to be moved to a contender), Gustafson. Get as much as you can for these guys for teams that want to win now.

  97. Have to get that #1 this summer or I think might be better at deadline. That #1 and Haan I would add to the keep list and 22. Others.

  98. Hawks 2015, thanks for the stats on Perlini. Am giving Bowman credit for this trade. A very soft player who skates fast but has few tools.

    Craig, if Lehner is part of the rebuild, it is going to take at least $6M per to keep him. Hope they can work something out.

  99. Goalies are 6 and 5 so we got plenty for 6 and elc or 2m kind of back up. When we got 4 good players this summer for around 4m not counting Lehner. We knew prob half of them stay, so theres 8m right there and another 5m with not both goalies. We got bigger problems to fix then salary cap stuff. Which should take care of itself based on which guys are better.

  100. Prob have a good 2nd and 3rd this time, with 5 days off makes you rusty or a little to get going.

  101. The AHLer Kubalik now has 3 times as many goals as the captain. Whats up with that? He should be in rockford (sarcasm)

  102. Wow that was ugly, sloppy hockey between two struggling teams. Can’t get over how lazy and disinterested Kaner is playing. A real message sent would be to sit him.

  103. Kubalik looking very good tonight with a goal and assist in the first period. This kid is going to be a keeper, his engine keeps running the whole game unlike Perlini.

  104. Right on Earl!
    Ironic that hawks picked kubalik up in a trade with LA. I bet they would take the AHLer back if they could

  105. Here are the pieces in place for the rebuild:
    Toews, Kane, DeBrincat, Dach, Kubalik, Boqvist, Murphy.

    Scratch Strome & Nylander from that list. And if they keep giving up 50 shots against every night Lehner is going to need to be sold a helluva lot more than he was coming here this year to return.

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