6 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Andrew Shaw

  1. Maybe Stan held off on making big moves because he saw the call ups from Rockford as his go to….Maybe he’s just oblivious.

    I really think that this may not be the year for the Hawks…but the way the young’ns have been playing, 2012-2013 looks like it could be good.

  2. Andrew: Unless Stan Bowman fills next season’s roster with a new batch of O’ Donnells, Brunettes etc.

  3. Just adding….I really have my doubts aboot next season. There’s very little chat and I get the vibe that both parties are miles apart in agreeing to a new NHL/NHLPA deal. So many teams are losing money that I think the NHL is going to go in and try to push around the NHLPA again with their demands and the NHLPA this time is gonna say no way.
    It could get resolved but I see half the season wiped out much like 94/95.

  4. Its pretty obvious Stans not oblivious. Everyones throwing him under the bus, but there wasnt anything out there. Oduya was probably the best he could get, at least he got something. Its obvious he was not willing to give up prospects for rentals, thats a good move! And everybody saying this is not the Hawks year/ their season is over, why are you still paying attention then? Just to complain? We should all still believe in this team until the Hawks season IS over, be it in April or June. Lets go HAWKS!

  5. I don’t necessarily agree with Stan saying the Hawks can make a run a the cup this season, because their heads aren’t screwed on right at the moment. They have the talent on offense, but Coach Q has to stop this fascination with Crawford in net, lets stick with Emery for awhile and see what happens. He should never have been replaced after his five game winning streak in December.

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