Blackhawks Recall Ben Smith, Place Daniel Carcillo on IR

On Tuesday morning, the Chicago Blackhawks officially placed Daniel Carcillo on IR and recalled Ben Smith from Rockford. Carcillo’s suspension was complete after Sunday’s game.

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4 Responses to Blackhawks Recall Ben Smith, Place Daniel Carcillo on IR

  1. Peter says:

    Is there an option type system in the NHL like major league baseball where a player can only be called up and sent down so many times before he gets placed on waivers? Ben Smith seems to be up and down constantly. Thanks to anyone for the insight.

  2. Kevin B says:

    I don’t think so. Leddy was called up and sent down after like, every single game last year.

  3. Dave Bonnema says:

    they did that for salary cap issues. I think they did that in 2009-10 as well.

  4. wall says:

    Practice today-
    Very fast pace-
    Kruger, Smith, Hossa, and Shaw shot the puck well in drills.

    Hayes, Shaw, Smith, Kruger, Frolik worked w/ skating coach after practice drills.
    ( wonder if Hawks are reading my posts here???)

    Downside- Hawks were pathetic on PP in practice- didn’t come close to a goal!!!
    Even against the PK of Scott, Lepisto, Stalberg, can’t remember.

    They even tried Shaw in front of goal on 1st team- They really need a “Buff” type in front of net.

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