Blackhawks Recall Brandon Mashinter

On Wednesday morning, the Blackhawks recalled a forward from Rockford.

It wasn’t Bryan Bickell. Or Ryan Hartman. Or Vince Hinostroza, either.

It was Brandon Mashinter.

Mashinter, 27, was named the IceHogs captain before the season and has posted seven points in 12 games to open the AHL season. He has appeared in 23 career regular season NHL games.

42 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Brandon Mashinter

  1. The thing I remember most about Mashinter in the pre-season is that he blindsided some guy and got a major. It was a real cheap shot but it did demonstrate that he is not afraid to get physical. Wild guess- Q tries him on the first line with Toews and Hossa.

  2. This is a surprise although Mash was playing well in Rockford. Let the questions begin about what this recall means …

  3. hard worker, goes to the net, end of day … Too slow and “just a guy”!- imo

    wts- Desi looked good in Cycle/board game ( in limited one shift) … perhaps Q shifts Mash 1st line and He works there w/ 19/81 cycle???

    or 56/19/81
    and Mash/67/86???

    I don’t see it… but??? or is this just maximizing cap space???

  4. Mashinter makes Bollig look like Stalberg skating-wise. This experiment won’t last very long. It will take Q a half to a full game to plant him firmly on the bench. This is in direct contravention to “roll four lines” philosophy. He will play the standard Bollig’esque minutes until he is returned to the minors.

    P.S. For anyone to think Mashinter is a better player than Ross, Rasmussen, (and of course Morin) — pick virtually any of the Rockford forwards — is absurd.

  5. Why? Is it just me or do the Hawks seem lost lately with their personal? They just seem to keep throwing stuff against the wall and trying to find things that might stick.

  6. Shaw on the lottery line at practice today is interesting. I didn’t see that coming. Could be a good thing now that I think about it a little more.

  7. Based on past results coach Q gets the nod when it comes to eventually finding the right line combos. Rockford guys will just shuttle back and forth. This early in the season, along with the cap purge, and a few injuries will result in the line blender running for awhile I’m afraid. The key is to stay close to the playoff spots while things jell. Teams all go on hot and cold streaks. Let’s all hope the results on the road change soon for the Hawks. That for me is the most alarming development early in this long season.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  8. Lines at practice:


    Garbutt has been banged up, reportedly hasn’t skated in 4-5 days. That being said, Hawks are now at the roster max BEFORE bringing Keith and/or Rozsival off IR (expected this weekend) w/ 14 forwards, 7 defensemen & 2 goaltenders. Someone is going somewhere soon, whether it’s Rockford or…

  9. Thanks Tab. Like to see what this third line will do….. Hopefully for 5-10 games:


  10. Yoda’s trade would work cap wise. And it would be a good/great trade for the Blackhawks IMO… But I cant see Toronto making that trade for that. Even if they’re trying to get younger. Hawks would have to add Shaw and picks or possibly a Sved, gus prospect.

    Maybe that’s why Shaw is on the top line…

  11. Mashinter is a temporary thing because Garbutt must be banged up. Odd in some regard, but not a move of consequence.

  12. I wouldn’t mind Dano and Tuevo switching sides but whatever.

    Also good for Kero for making the most of his opportunity. His game reminds me of Josef Marha.

  13. Hawks1961 – Kane has always been a ‘lottery line’. You could just plug guys with him and that line will produce. Those 2 must play D and work their ass off, though.

    For Coach Q Teows-Hossa in the lottery line -obviously- because they play a complete game. So the 3rd guy is protected on the defensive side as well, while producing points on the offensive side.

  14. I have no problem with them recalling Mashinter. Why not ? He obviously deserves it.
    You can’t just talk meritocracy… you have to implement it. Always.

    Come to think of it…I actually love this move. It’s a sign that the Hawks reward players who do their job and they’re doing it well.
    Just like other similar elite teams in other sports (Patriots, Spurs).

  15. Love the idea, Yoda. That would solve the top line LW and 3rd line C in one trade, though more wishful thinking than anything. It agree with Kyle, doubt that Toronto would let those guys go for the package listed. But it sure would be nice to have those two big bodies to fill those roles.

  16. Shawzer is good at cycle/boards and that works better with 19/81. 86 ad 56 can get each other going. Like these lines for balance and team speed. These lines will pick up the pace.

    Lets go now, get out there and stick em.

  17. Dufus is an asswipe. The Mash Man can be a dynamic feared LW. Another piece to the waves and waves of talent. I’m still laugh lung about his comments on Trevor Daley, who on any other team is a Norris Trophy candidate.

  18. Really, that trade won’t happen but not for he reasons you’ve suggested-Babs would take TT in a heartbeat if he could make the math work (including TVR) and Chicago was dumb (they’re not)
    A lot of people continue to undervalue a 21 year old with great hands, vision, he’s teachable and has something you can’t teach-a very good hockey IQ.

    There’s only one untouchable in Toronto.

  19. Noonan – I totally agree. I would not surrender TT for anything. I was just commenting on the IDEA of a trade like that solving two of our biggest question marks. Don’t think it would happen, but…

  20. You would surrender TT for TVR in a heartbeat in our situation. especially if you get rid of the Bickel pickle.

  21. Kyle- pretty sure you mean JVR …TVR is already ours.

    I think Stan is going for it yet again this year….the team and management know how to play their cards right throughout the season …we will own the hammer come playoffs and it will be hopefully four in seven with smoke coming out of Bettman’s ears. We have a beautifully skilled balance of Swedes, Finns, Russians, Slovaks, Canadians and Americans. In fact we have the best American born player on the planet who is going to win the scoring title and the first American to do so and the best all around Canadian born player on the planet as our captain. The supporting cast is stellar. Just wait and see come the playoffs.

  22. I don’t see Marleau coming to Chicago any time soon. Why?

    WTF do the Sharks want w/ Bickell AND Daley? Because it would take at least those two to make Marleau’s cap hit – for TWO years – fit.

    Why would Bowman trade a talented kid like Teravainen or anyone else inside the Western Conference? As we’ve discussed at length in the past, Bowman has a long track record of trading younger players to the Eastern Conference. The Sharp deal is an outlier – not the norm.

  23. Tab, I agree/understand very unlikely…to me not because in same conference… just hard to get $$$ and right prospects (Hawks don’t have)… and I am assuming TT is not one SB would trade…

    Was thinking more of 29 or Daley + Hog + Young D (like 43 or 5) and Pick…

    SJ, years away from being good-imo- so the Conference thing , really shouldn’t be a factor…

    In the end- Better players/offers will trump just about anything Hawks can/want to offer

  24. Wings signed Abdelkader for 7 yrs at 4.25 per.

    Career wise Abdelkader who will be 29 this year has averaged .33 ppg
    Bickell who is 11 months older has averaged .36 ppg.

    Detroit better hope Abdelkader doesn’t fall off a cliff career wise.

  25. Bickell is untradeable. He is a shell of his former self physically and mentally. At this point he is playing out the string in the AHL. It’s a sad story to a good guy. But to think any team would look at him to contribute, even if it cost them nothing, is a stretch.

  26. Look for Mashinter to square off with Reaves and Bollig this weekend. A no-brainer why he was called up if Garbutt hasn’t skated.

  27. Interesting quote from Quenneville in Sun-Times article by Mark Lazerus.

    “I like our defense,” Quenneville said. “I thought the guys who were playing in this stretch of games, I thought they did pretty well. I thought they showed they can get better, [and they can] play against good players. That was a good process for us and gives us some depth as we go along here. It was a learning curve, and I was very happy with how they handled it.”

    Sounds like they have made their decision on Sved and Gusty, with Keith & Rozy coming back.

  28. ^I think Craig is right, as usual, and the question of course is what if anything they do with Rundblad? They are cap compliant with him hanging around as an extra guy along with Keith and Rozsival back, but he’s clearly out of favor.

    Quenneville has ben full of cryptic quotes the last week or so if you listen to his media sessions. Asked about Mashinter he sprinkled in a “we’re looking at a few things” in addition to his standard coach speak about how Mahinter can bring some consistency and physicality. He also said the upcoming personnel decisions and the cap situation go hand in hand.

    Hey Craig, what if anything is new on Snuggerud at UN-O ?

  29. Hey Hof,

    He played better last weekend, which is a good sign.
    He probably needs to put on a bit of weight. Still on the thin side.
    UNO is a very very good team, that plays fast and he’s definitely a key player.
    This year is going to be very beneficial for him.

    I also spoke with a contact of mine this past week whose pretty close to the North Dakota program. Schmaltz has yet to score this season. My guy told me that Schmaltz is uber talented but loves to play on the perimeter. He compared him to a younger, smaller Jason Spezza. He says if Schmaltz would go to the dirty areas he would surely be a Hobey Baker candidate.

    I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.

  30. One more thing Hof. If you get a chance, interesting read about Mike Reilly in the Hockey News. Of all things our old buddy John Torchetti and his Blackhawks Stanley Cup ring are trying to make the kid who spurned the Hawks an Nhl player. Page 48 .

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