Blackhawks Recall Dahlbeck, LaBarbera

On Sunday evening, after the suspension of defenseman Brent Seabrook was announced, the Blackhawks recalled defenseman Klas Dahlbeck and goaltender Jason LaBarbera from Rockford.

Dahlbeck, 22, was a third round pick of the Blackhawks 2011. He scored 10 goals with 25 assists in 75 games in Rockford this year.

LaBarbera, 34, was acquired earlier this season from Edmonton and was 15-15-2 with the IceHogs this season. He was 1-3-0 with the Oilers before the trade.

55 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Dahlbeck, LaBarbera

  1. Only Dahlbeck and LaBarbera? That mean Zues is staying and we won’t see Morin/Regin for tonight?

  2. Assuming Chicago had a full roster (Morin, BB, Rundblad, Regin being scratches) , is LaBarbera replacing Raanta as backup?…..and why?

  3. Um Rockfords season is over so I am assuming they are some black aces.

    Playoff roster expands to infinity if I remember correctly.

  4. labarbera is going to play forward for zus. just like brookbank plays forward sometimes.

    they told labarbera he will still have to wear his goalie gear to simulate zus’ gametime speed.

  5. AJ, I don’t think so. I think the roster limit of 23 still applies. Teams have access to there 50 player limit but must recall/send down players to do that.

  6. See the problem with putting Morin in the lineup and taking out either Zus or Bolig is that if the Hawks win the game then people start questiong the coaches on why it wasn’t done sooner. Anything is better than that, so I assume the coaches will stick with Zus and Bolig to the end.

  7. Gosh- I wish the coaches would have taken someone’s advice on this thread…
    and given Dbeck/Cden a “look” during Reg. season!!!

    Might of come in handy right now!!!

  8. Interesting that Q isn’t making any changes. I would have liked to see Morin replace Bollig but I’m not surprised. Hopefully the Hawks come out focused today for the entire game. No room for error tonight. If Crow was ever going to steal a game tonight would be a nice night to do it.

  9. Not sure the Hawks “lose” Morin; he’s a restricted free agent. If he goes, it will most likely be on the Hawks’ terms. Not many offer sheets for guys w/ his NHL resume.

    That said, I agree that it’s possible both are playing somewhere else next year. At some point they have to either let Morin play or move him. Same discussion we’ve had about Pirri – he’s done enough at the AHL level.

  10. I think Q is overthinking himself by keeping Bollig in the lineup. I get it, the Blackhawks nearly won 2 games in St. Louis so part of this is just do what you are doing and it will work out. Additionally, maybe Bollig plays tonight because it could be “rough”. I just think Morin deserved a shot here so the Blackhawks could play a little different. Roll the 4th line a little more with someone who has more offensive skill than Bollig. Morin goes hard to the net as well. Just would’ve liked to have seen him out there.

  11. I really wonder if Bowman and Jamie Kompon are fully on board here with what Q is doing with the lineup.

  12. Good lord, the problem isn’t Bollig…and it isn’t moving Bickell to the top line and dumping Versteeg to the 3rd. Hasn’t everyone got it yet? The Hawks are handicapped skating Zus as their 2nd line centre eating up 17+ very valuable minutes. Minutes that Ben Smith or Jeremy Morin or Peter Regin could put to good use. This is what hurts us, and against a team as good as STL there is NO MARGIN FOR ERROR.

    Q is staying put, and if it doesn’t work, if leaving Zus as the 2nd line centre in this critical playoff series fails, then ALL of the blame gets laid at Q’s feet. We have a LOSING RECORD this season with Zus in the lineup. Doesn’t anyone else get the significance of this stat? We play almost .800 hockey without Zus and are now at 48% with him? What the f$ck else does anyone really need to know?

    And here’s the kicker boys and girls, Zus WON’T EVEN BE IN THE NHL NEXT YEAR. Chew on that thought for a while. Even at the end of the season, when Zus came out of the lineup we WON, when he went back in (to the expense of Regin) we LOST.

    Get it through your heads. The difference between winning and losing this series is RAZOR thin, Zus’ “veteran presence” is a luxury that we CANNOT afford.

    Even Tab has made it perfectly clear that Zus shouldn’t be in the lineup! Q is risking a chance at repeating by playing Zus and Bollig (players he has benched down the stretch)…and denying Morin. How well did Morin play against STL towards the end of the year? He was our best player against the Blues, strong on the puck and tough after the whistle.

    What a joke. Handzus was REMOVED as 2nd line centre during game 2, and he’s back at the same spot during practise this morning. Good thinking…

  13. Kevin Hayes seemed to seal his fate over the weekend with the Tweet of “free Morin.” I can’t believe McDonough, Bowman or Quenneville will take that lying down. Maybe the kid has already been told the Hawks are going to take a pass on signing him to a contract. Regardless, seems like a real stupid move by Hayes. Time to put down the i-Phone before you dig any more holes to climb out of.

    Sr. Brad’s parrot will be the only one who makes the correlation of the Hawks losing to St. Louis the result of playing Michael Handzus. Some vast conspiracy worthy of Woodward and Bernstein investigative report according to the resident parrot. BRAUCKKK ! Of course the parrot never describes the clear upgrade that Regin or Morin is supposed to provide, but that’s besides the point because his inference is that Handzus is playing in deference to Al Secord in his prime rotting on the bench !!


  14. Agree with Sr. Brad all the way. This is maddening and, it seems, so obvious. Can anyone on this board offer a good explanation as to why Q is doing this?

  15. Brad- Yep… at end of the day ( this 26 thing is hard to swallow) – Hawk’s true 2nd C wasn’t here or ready (all year – even w 37 try out)… and they didn’t want to skate Morin (cuz they know this kid would score 20g’s in full year (and be too expensive next year))…
    so they are really looking to the next two years for serious cup run ( w some prospects stepping up)— which goes back to guys like Dbeck/Cdening- should have seen some time- just for some experience (then again – roster/cap has been pretty full)- and to see if they can make 27/32 expendable- For even MORE cap space next year.

  16. It has to be the Rope-a-dope. No way he can put Handzus out there on the second line again unless the plan is to immediately swap him with Smith after the opening faceoff.

    It’s also good knowing that Bollig will be in the lineup for that sub 4 minutes of ice time.

  17. Tab, what do you mean by no roster limit? When they publish the line up there are 18 skaters, 2 goalies and 4 scratches. What I meant to say was that a roster limited to a certain number of players (23???) must be put up first by the visiting team, later by the home team. Is that wrong?

  18. Rufus: Sr. Brad didn’t need to explain the upgrade Morin brings over Handzus, because it’s obvious. You didn’t notice the energy and toughness Morin brought? The scoring? The willingness to crash the net? What games were you watching at the end of the season?

  19. Rufus- if you can’t see what Handzus is doing to Hossa and Sharp you need to have your eyes examined. Must be embarrassing to know a bird has more hockey sensibility than you. There isn’t a single metric that shows Handzus having any value, and he looks even worse on the eye test. KEEP DEFENDING HIM.

  20. If only the Hawks had a guy in Rockford that was a dynamic play maker, good skater, good face off guy and top draft pick and was a guy that was an important piece the the Hawks future plans,…hmmm

    Q is going to ride w Zus no way around it. I honestly wouldn’t be against Kruger getting 2nd line minutes in this round and Zus playing the 4th line. Zus isn’t in the hawks future plays at least Kruger is and Kruger has got to be an upgrade in that spot.

  21. Sr. Brad’s parrot has informed us that Coach Joel Quenneville is perpetuating a vast conspiracy to lose hockey games. Clear and direct SABOTAGE is the charge !!! We have hopped a plane and are en route to Chicago as we speak. We will get to the bottom of why o’ why an estimable talent in JEREMY MORIN rots in the pressbox during a playoff contest in deference to the veteran Michael Handzus of all people !!!

  22. Zues has been bad most of the season. I’m not even irritated with the guy, it is painful watching him move around. Seems stubborn to continue to beat a “dead horse” for lack of a better term on Q’s part. Just doesn’t make sense, especially with the “system” they allegedly play.

    SSH, if you mean T2 — he is overseas to tryout for the worlds team.


  23. AJ, sorry that was my attempt and sarcasm. It’s a shame they weren’t seriously considering T2 this postseason, but that ship sailed for this Hawks fan after they sent him down.

  24. Morin should be playing-anyone who thinks differently change the i to an o-and his last name fits.
    I sometimes see 26 going the wrong way as he attempts to get back-his line-mates have approached the blue line with the puck-yes it’s painful but I guess it is what it is.

  25. HarrisonFord- kind of weird that they can come out and say that. Impossible to tell how long it will take you to recover from a concussion. 3 games gives it a week, which seems like they would be rushing him back after a pretty major brain rattle… then again, some people are capable of clearing up over night, so who knows.

  26. Blues lineup after the morning skate

    Ott — Alex Steen — T.J. Oshie

    Jaden Schwartz — Vladimir Sobotka — Vladimir Tarasenko

    Morrow — Berglund — Ryan Reaves

    Chris Porter — Maxim Lapierre — Adam Cracknell

  27. JS, his app said, “Backes to miss game 3″…not miss 3 games. Who knows how many games he will miss.

  28. Rufus shoud be permanently banned from this board. He is annoying, wrong, irrelevant, and not humorous. Wakey, wakey Rufus!

  29. Plenty of humor. But the Hawks – and their fans that are stupid enough to put that shit on tshirts – aren’t being well represented in the wake of the Seabrook hit. There are better, more creative – funny – ways to get your point across.

  30. re: why Handzus – he has value as a penalty killer and the Hawks haven’t been able to stay out of the box. If they can stay out of the box, Handzus’ value goes down… but they haven’t shown the ability/willingness to do that.

  31. Handzus is NOT a great penalty killer…his F/O % while shorthanded this year was 42%. His movement around the box is painfully slow. The Hawks have got by on the PK because of improved shot blocking, of which Handzus does a little, much better physical play from our DMen and way better goaltending from Crawford. Handzus can easily be replaced on the PK and it will improve the PK…Versteeg alone is a big upgrade. And again, you can’t use F/O’s as a reason, when he’s been so bad at them this year.

  32. Tab, a little self righteous…. That horse you’re on is a little high! Seabrook got what he deserved because of the result of the hit. He is not a headhunter. Rufus is a little dazed and also somewhat self righteous. Maybe you’re his parrot?

  33. No matter what, we are going to have a better center for the 2nd line after this season. Wall, others is right that are role and depth players are going to be better these 2yrs coming. The guys we have are going to be in their 2nd & 3rd full yrs, so there all around games will be better… Teuvo will be MOAR nhl-ready for our roster. We can add a 5m player with a tweak in the roster (there will be some/more then usual good ones out there with the final push off wave of buyouts…). There are so many good things to come/coming for our team. We are going to be loaded for these 2yrs coming up & its going to be exciting to watch.

  34. @ Morrison – this year’s free agent class is mediocre at best, and the Hawks don’t need to get in a bidding war over Matt Moulson. Bickell needs to play 82 healthy games and they need to start matriculating some of the kids up to the NHL level. They key to this summer is getting long-term extensions done w/ 19 & 88

  35. Bicks being healthy and fully recovered 12-18mths from injury are huge. Signing Tazer and Kaner to the max 8yr contracts will feel like winning. We are going to be stacked again for these 2yrs coming. That makes me feel righteous, again.

  36. Lots of talk about the next 2 years. The time is now. Toews, Kane, Hossa and others are not guaranteed to be healthy in any given season. They are healthy right now. They are one of the best teams in the league right now. Play to win. You do not throw away seasons with a core like this…see 1985 Chicago Bears…or see previous period from 1962-2009 for this team’s history. There were plenty of solid teams in there that were good enough to win, but they never did. Don’t accept anything less than our best…and sadly we aren’t getting that with the current lineup.

  37. I agree with the point above from Jocelyn Lemeiux Beatdown and I would add that the Hawks have a chance to repeat as Cup champs, which hasn’t been done in the last 15 years. The coaches owe it to the fans to put the best lineup out there RIGHT NOW. If Q has to have Handzus then sit Bolig and use him(Handzus) as the 12th forward. Or sit Handzus and keep Bolig where he is. But the two of them together in the lineup is the problem in my opinion.

  38. Worse things are said every second of an NHL game than “wakey wakey Backes.” It just so happens that the time it was caught on tape.

    Peter- I really need to stop drinking at work. Reading comprehension = good.

    And Rufus is allowed to have his opinion, but you’re also allowed to call him an idiot for being so clearly wrong. Rufus was the first guy off the bandwagon last year too. Here’s to hoping he looks like a fool again! here here

  39. Also why keep Bolig in the lineup and play him 3 minutes. If the theory is he deters the Blues, my response is that it didn’t stop Reaves from crushing Toews in Game 1.

  40. I know we have a good chance to win this year and repeat like 97 & 98. I was just saying that we are going to be stacked again for these 2yrs coming.

    Get Smith at center, now.

  41. Q is a great coach but his arrogance is showing in not putting forth the best lineup the Hawks can ice. Why else would a great coach break up a line Bickell-Regin-Morin that was playing so well and had momentum. It’s like going with a goalie with the hot hand. It’s plain arrogance on Q’s part saying” this is my team I will will play who I want and win with any line up”. The Hawks have been playing the Blues game and not Hawks hockey and it’s Q’s job not to get out coached by the penguin in the other bench

  42. He’s clearly an excellent coach–no doubting that–but he’s fallible. I believe he was very outcoached by Babcock last year in the playoffs and took too long to adjust strategy. Why the blindness now? Why wasn’t it evident how much energy and spark we played with at the end of the season with Morin, Regin, and Nordstrom in the lineup? We need that speed and verve to beat the Blues. And it’s right there–eager and willing–but Q can’t or won’t see it. It’s bizarre.

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