10 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Dennis Rasmussen

  1. Need the extra forward for the road trip with Carcillo being suspended. Kinda surprised it’s “moose” instead of the more seasoned guy in Regin. Probably doesn’t matter because he probably sits in the press box unless there’s an injury.

  2. Surprised by the Rasmussen selection. McNeil has to wonder when his time will come. Also wonder why Danault wasn’t brought back up. Probably just want to give each guy a cookie. Out of curiosity, did Nordstrom and Rasmussen play on a line in Rockford?

  3. Rasmussen is on a one year deal. Wonder if that has anything to do with him getting the call over Regin, McNeil, Danault, Or Ross.

  4. I have been to several Hogs games…

    Besides TT, Ross looked really quick and aggressive on forecheck…

    RasMOOSEn has looked very solid, dependable… I like the his number getting called…
    Especially like it – cuz Hawks are going to face some of the bigger teams… Kings/Ducks/Jets and I think Blues… This guy might actually be able to finish at the net (unlike the hard working-skinny 42/16 combo)

    I think if he doesn’t fall into Q’s doghouse on a bad play early- and gets 4-5 games… He might be a real surprise!!!

  5. Thanks for the insight wall. Good stuff. Hawks need a 13 th forward and he’s seems to be a guy that can play fourth line minutes and by sitting in the press box on certain nights it won’t hurt his development because he has already played a ton of pro hockey.

  6. McNeil is on the AllStar team and I think the Hawks and Hogs owe that spotlight. McNeil may feel differently, but I am sure he is honored to participate.

  7. Wall, found these comments which point some good things. 73m would be better but 72ish is way better then any negative thoughts people have been having of 69/70.

    Of interest, however, is that the NHL’s projected $72-million cap number is includes the five percent escalator/inflator.
    “Yes it is,” said NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly. “The CBA actually contemplates the five percent as standard. I don’t anticipate that’s going to be an issue. Because I think the players’ association wants to make sure where the cap goes as well, because it’s in their interest to do it. I don’t anticipate any issue on the five percent inflator.”

    “No one can project where it’s going, but the point I’m making is, you are not going to see a dramatic difference. The cap is computed based on currency on a daily basis, it’s averaged over the season. So even with an 80-cent Canadian dollar, still looking at a cap of almost $72 million.”
    And the reason for that is the NHL’s fiscal year is already three quarters of the way through. That’s very important to note.

    Keep in mind it’s an average of the Canadian dollar over the season that they calculate …so they are lucky that it was high 80’s for a good chunk of the time.

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