5 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Four IceHogs

  1. Good point, Ernie. Wonder why McNeill didn’t come up. I’ve been expecting him to be with the big team next year but perhaps not.

  2. the hawks 1st priority this off season is to hire a person who can run a pp
    the stradegy to beat the hawks is easy…..get a goal up on them and then take penalties for the rest of the game….put the hawks on the pp because you know their noy going to score

  3. @Jon Young

    McNeil for whatever reason is not a guy the Hawks think can play at this level. He has been bypassed for so many guys and for so young its hard to believe the Hawks have any faith in him as a pro. He’s been an early cut in camps and hasn’t sniffed the pro roster despite being with the organization for a while now.

    As for the 2 dmen I would imagine if the Hawks dropped tonight’s game we might see them in the Conference final

  4. The only thing we don’t know is if McNeill wasn’t recalled due to some nagging injuries. He had a few this season.

    I still think he’s trade bait come next month. We’ll see.

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