Blackhawks Recall Joakim Nordstrom

On Wednesday, the Blackhawks recalled forward Joakim Nordstrom from Rockford.

Nordstrom, 22, started the season with the NHL club before heading to the IceHogs. He hasĀ 33 points (17 goals, 16 assists) in 58 AHL games with Rockford this season.

Michal Rozsival returned to practice, but Jonathan Toews was (predictably) absent. UPDATE: Rozsival indicated after practice that he will not play on Thursday night, but a Friday return is possible.

7 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Joakim Nordstrom

  1. hmmm … interesting.

    Let me do a little quick math here. 10, 81, 20, 65, 23, 52, 16, 28, 12, 86, 11, 25 = 12 forwards who I think are healthy. Then there is Handzus who didn’t play the last half of last game – but I’ve seen no announcement that he’s injured. There is also Bickell who was quoted yesterday saying he thinks he’ll play tomorrow.

    So after taking the 2 best forwards away from Rockford (Pirri and Morin) when they’re in a struggle to hold onto a playoff position, now Nordstrom is called up when it appears he’s not really needed. Strange.

  2. Zero sense in rushing Toews, Bickell or Rozsival. Thats the point of a minor league system is devloping players as needed. Its looking more and more likely the Hawks will enter the playoffs are a 5 seed and I am good with that. I would prefer that actually,…less pressure.

  3. It did look like Sharp got dinged last game when one of his teammates (Shaw maybe?) hit a Pen player at the same time Sharp was hitting him. It looked like Sharp’s arm got hurt and although he finished the game there was one shot of him cradling it on the bench.

    If Sharp doesn’t play – not Toews, Kane and Sharp – YIKES!

  4. ER- the extra forward gives them a chance to sit Hossa, Sharp, or TT (since I still don’t think he’s getting those 10 games). They are pretty much locked into their seeding, so may as well rest them up.

  5. JS, are you sure their seeding is “locked”? Couldn’t they still end up seeded 8th and playing the 1 seed? They could easily lose the rest of their games with all the people they have out starting with tomorrow against the Wild.

  6. Went to practice today…

    JS-TT got a ton of direct coaching during drills today from Q mostly… Makes me think Q really wants to use him??? Just a guess.

    TT – did have a hilite real pass to Regin for water bottle shot during 5 on 5 drill/(scrimmage only in one zone)…

    Nordstrom looked awesome… guy can fly… and really attacked the net.

    11/65/81 — I am guessing 11 sits if 10 plays!
    29/86/12— Regin had good chemistry w/ TT, perhaps they should throw 42 in there for the Euro line

    missing 26,10,27

    Runbad can skate… but whiffed on a couple of passes – w nobody checking him- Yikes!!!

    Carey- has a very good shot!!!

    That was the most 5 on 5 I have ever seen at one of these short practices… really worked on getting puck out of D zone and Neutral zone speed.

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