35 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Johansson, Send Schmaltz To Rockford

  1. The clown known as hawkhead said:

    “Any one remember me saying something not quite right …? Mr. Toews has a little more going on that a slight upper body thing . The boy ain,t right . …… The 10 million dollar man needs to be i.r. or long term i .r . Open up some cap space and move on .”

    Wrong again hawkhead. Toews is fine they’re just making sure it doesn’t nag him all year round. Putting him on long term i.r. is the DUMBEST thing anyone has said on this board in a long time! Move on without our captain. LOL!!!!

  2. Here we go again. Believe that 8 defenseman will be 7 at some point this year so that would make way for schmaltz to return

  3. Everyone thought Schmaltz needed time in Rockford. This move means Crawford will miss less than 3 weeks. Probably 2.

    Serious question to those talking about putting Toews on LTIR…what is gained by transferring him from IR to LTIR?

  4. If Toews was to be transferred to LTIR he could return the 13th. Just over another week. This move squashes the need to put anyone on IR or LTIR. When Crawford returns Johansen is sent down. And Toews should come off. IR to take up the Schmaltz roster spot. When that happens that’s probably the roster they wanted to start the season. Except Desjardins got hurt. Then TVR got hurt. Desjardins came back and Toews got hurt. TVR was ready to come back to take the Toews spot. Now they need to free up a roster spot and salary to have a back up goalie. When Toews and Crawford come back Johansen will go down and the Hawks will be at max roster size.

  5. I have to admit ernie i thought he showed enough to stay butguess not and your absolutely right ltir gains zero at this point

  6. Ian, I think Schmaltz coming back will dependent on making a forward move. Desjardins, Tootoo,Rasmussen, or Hinostroza. Vinnie’s hands still haven’t caught up with his feet.

  7. Once crawford back and johansson goes down could end up similar to whats been going on all year with roster too

  8. Also good to bank cap space for deadline. No need to have extra FW unless were rotating every one in to keep every one playing, like the defenseman. Be better to have 22 on 23man.

  9. I hope you guys all realize I am an insecure gutless little pussy and can’t use my own name when posting? That’s why I make up names when I am going to post childish criticisms of other people. I still wet my bed even though I am physically an adult. My intellectual capacity is less than a gnat. I have to go, I just shit myself because someone rang my doorbell. I sure hope it isn’t Wall, Hawkhead, or any of you other guys I insulted that are here to kick my punk ass.

  10. Schmaltz looks like a scared kid, he needs time at Rockford. TVR needs to go the guy is in the words of Rufus “just a guy” and taking roster space from kids that can play. Rosival is just old and slow.

  11. I criticized Rozsival being here. I thought he was just a translator. But when he has been in the lineup, I haven’t seen him make the bad passes or dumb plays Kempny,Forsling, and TVR have had. He’s steady. You know what you’re getting. I like the 3 man rotation of 32,6,and 42. TVR is just too many bodies. But we’ve seen why he’s here…injuries.

  12. Today’s comments …

    Ian Campbell is about to take the Overparticipation Trophy away from Ernie.

    Ernie continues to think he’s the board’s salary cap expert but he still gets most thing wrong, not to mention he still has a goof name. As a salary cap expert, Ernie makes a good welder, and as a welder, Ernie makes a good message board poster.

    I like this Hawkhead Is A A Clown guy but he needs to learn how to spell, unless the two A’s stand for An & Ass … as in Hawkhead Is An Ass Clown, which I have no comment on since he doesn’t post much nor make a goof of himself like Wall and Ernie and PhatBoy Phil …

    Wall is still a world class buffoon. Anyone who suggests Calle Dahlstrom in Rockford as a potential replacement for Seabroook is deranged, which describes Wall to a T.

    PhuckPhace Phil still likes fried food … a LOT of fried food.

    The poster RTF knows hockey but appears to have offended Flab Bamturd by suggesting Flab lay off the helpings of stuffing at Thanksgiving. I thought it was helpful and pertinent advice but apparently Flab has a sensitive streak.

    Morrison still can’t figure out teams can’t bank cap space, even though it has been explained to him dozens of times.

    The sun still rises in the east and sets in the west.

  13. I just finished cleaning myself and am changing my name again. I bring nothing to the board but insults. I should stifle myself…I am a jerk…I am an idiot… I think I am smart, but no one else does…


    Sniff, sniff … go get that goof name changed.

  15. Bleeding Heart Ernie will be back in about ten seconds because he is ADDICTED TO MESSAGE BOARDS instead of focusing on his welding job like his daddy wants him to do. Posts all day on hockey message boards (more than one) rather than working like he’s supposed to. Bleeding Heart Ernie is a message board addict. Tough way to go through life, having a goof name and being addicted to hockey message boards.

  16. You are hilarious and must be smart. At least I think you’re smart!

    So you got that going for you.

    Not quite as handsome as Fabbri though.

  17. Over the years I have learned a lot and really enjoyed reading ALL points of view on this site, but the personal attacks and nonsense from these cretins have turned it into a cesspool and ruined it for me. I’m gone.

  18. At the end of the day, I believe in freedom of speech with no limits. You can say what you want when you want to who you want. However, this is a space (domain) owned or at least managed by Tab. He has the right to manage it as he likes and at this point I’m all in favor and proposing a two or three strike system where if your ip address/handle whatever makes insulting statements to another poster (no opinion is a dumb opinion in the way that no question is a dumb question. We are all hear supposedly to learn and share from each other’s opinions and knowledge). If you prefer to be a troll and get off on calling people names, etc, there are millions of less civilized chat rooms on the web where you can hang out and display your immaturity for the entire cyberspace to witness and then rewitness with the wayback machine 50 years later if anyone wants to check your behavior. At the end of the day, it’s up to Tab. This is his house. We are all guests though some of us don’t act like it. #OneGoal

  19. One more thing. The other really effective technique for this kind of trolling is ignoring. There are only soo many posts someone will make to themselves (this is my 3rd or 4th I think) before realizing no one cares what they have to say there and move on. Ignore then ostracize. Very effective combo. All they want is attention or validation or both. Give them neither and they soon go away.

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