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  1. We’ll see where Colliton is on the coach’s conventional wisdom scale regarding making changes to the lineup after a win. Considering the next game is Sunday against the Caps – I would lean toward having him get in a couple line rush practices before having him start his first game against Vegas on Tuesday. (plus it’s not a bad idea to avoid having Tom Wilson head hunting for him in his first game).

    A two game winning “streak” usually isn’t the time to shake things up – but just for gits and shiggles I’m hitting the reset button.


  2. 3 games in Rockford. No points. Awful at the dot. Watched a period and a half. He went 0-3 at the dot. Solid everywhere. Don’t notice his skate speed. But the first 2 strides aren’t quick. Tough to knock off the puck. He wins battles. And plays in front of the net. I think he ultimately goes back.

  3. Will he play Sunday, right now i believe 9 games would take him to the end of California trip. Think he stays all year myself, playing on the wing mostly.

  4. He’s played almost exclusively center so far in Rockford. Save for power play scenarios. He definitely controls play in the offensive zone. Impressed with his board battles and most little things overall. The points arent there which is slightly concerning. But that might be a product of happenstance. He definitely has net front presence and is a pass first guy.

    No Boqvist tonight in Rockford. He did play Monday but haven’t heard if it was a healthy scratch or injury.

    Hagel had a sweet set up to Quenneville for a tap in. Q was noticeable. Carlsson took a 4min high stick then touched the puck before his feet were out of the box. 6 straight penalty minutes and they shut them down. Quenneville was a force killing penalties. Wedin as well. Dach was not on for any PK time.

  5. Apologies, it was Sikura with the tap in from Hagel. Quenneville had a shorty from Fortin who stole the puck on the PK in the d zone and used his wheels to carry it out. He shot and the puck came right back to him and Quenneville was right there to put the 2nd shot/pass home.

  6. Dach is a centre and hoepfully slots in on the 3rd line. No more Kampf.

    20 19 88
    12 17 11
    65 77 92
    15 22 8

    How is 12 19 91 going to retrieve pucks against Ovie Kuz Wilson???? No contest!

  7. Be interesting to see if Colliton feels Dach is ready for a cenrer role right away. If not could see him playing with 19 and 12 to try and spark them.
    Smith played strong pk and defense last night, not likely wants to take him out of lineup, so Nylander may go down for a bit and work on his game in Rfd.

  8. Ian – I agree – that’s where Dach starts with 19 and 12

    I feel they may hang on to Nylander for present until a decision is made on Dach

  9. Hull, what makes you think Dach is a center? How many games of his have you seen? Does his awful faceoff percentage give you cause for concern? Do you want to force all the defensive responsibilities a center takes on on an 18 year old?

  10. Wrap good chance he does, what would you think if he doesn’t want to change lineup to much after wins, if top 3 lines stay as is and 4th line of 92 22 77 for now. Could switch with Cagguila at any point, gives 2 skilled players and grinder on each line. Plus heading into camp there was comments of 77 and 92 showing chemistry in prospects camp, looking at that was something they wanted to look at further. The 4th line has been getting overwhelmed on possession too so could help address that also.

  11. Rusty:

    If the Hawks want Dach to be a center they’ll play him there from the jump. If you’re worried about his faceoff pct the Hawks won’t lost much replacing Kampf with him. Kampf has won 40.4% of his faceoffs thus far.

  12. Rusty, Dach played centre his whole career…saw a few games last season in WHL playoffs and at the junior tournament this summer with team canada, another question Rusty?
    As Tab said, Kampf is horrible on faceoffs and he’s how old? Dach will get stronger with age and Shaw can always take important faceoffs. Need Perlini in the lineup for size and speed as well. Enough!
    20 19 88
    12 17 11
    65 77 92 (or 8)
    15 22 (8, 92, or 91)

    37 shots against a team at home that no longer has Panarin, Duchenes and Dzingel???
    Apart from Connor Murphy who needs to go, 6 & 44 can play defence thus the goalies and dmen are not the problem with this team. Murphy for Neal who have been a good trade! Need more puck possession and puc k retrieval in our zones from the forwards. So, i still believe in loading up with the top 6 as I listed above. Give Shaw to Dach!

  13. And TOEWS is stuck playing defensive mucking hockey with Cagg and DCat which was the problem 2 years ago! Lat year they made a run because 88 & 19 were together.

  14. @EBONYRAPTOR I Love those lines, lets try that, totally agree. I’m a little confused by all the hate about the last game. Last year we would have lost that game but because the defense was good enough we won the game. We kept them to two goals and won, simple as that. The stars put the puck in the net. Kane, Toews & Debrincat were all on the score sheet and a great shot by Caggs. Also not alot of comments about the sweet pass from Kubalik at the beginning of the game to Saad in tight checking, not sure how that didn’t go in. I’m a little confused on everyone loving Lehner, that second goal was pretty bad… Juicy rebound…. Pretty hard for Dehann or Gus to do anything in that position. Lehner had a good game but Crawford is still the better goalie especially with the revised defenseman. I’m excited about Dach, but please no dear in headlights like we saw with Boqvist against the red wings last year. So where we at with Boqvist cracking the line up. Boqvist has 0 points in the AHL and is a +1 so far. Gus has 4 points in the NHL and is a +2. Gus has looked alot better with Dehann and I think is playing a little more defensively. He has looked decent on the power play also. Is Boqvist the answer to try and keep opposite teams from scoring less than or equal to 2 goals a game??? Last two games Colliton’s plan is working. I’m interested to see the lines and also how we play against the Capitals, pretty good measuring stick.

  15. It all depends on how he handles the transition to the big time and how the team is doing in general. There is a chance he goes back and plays in the World Juniors.
    Mayers is taking an educated guess, but that’s all it is.

  16. Last year they made a run with an unsustainably high shooting pct. 19 and 88 happened to be on the same line at the time.

  17. Kampf fo of 40% has been against the opposing teams top centers mostly, a little bit different, be in 50 % range if up against other teams 2nd or 3rd centers no doubt.

  18. Someone above mentioned not exposing him to Tom Wilson…the game after that features Ryan Reeves…so if we are still worried he is not ready he should not have gotten called up, IMO. (Or really be playing anywhere.)
    As far as the no points, at the prospect tourney he struck me as a player who is REALLY responsible defensively and scores opportunistically. I hope he can do that at the NHL level for years to come!

  19. Dach is 39% against whl competition. Im not saying he can’t get better. I just don’t think it’s best for him right now. Lots of players play center and are moved to wing. Why? Because more often than not teams want their best players as pivots. Then once they come up they’re moved because they’re better on the wing than middle. Very rarely do you see the opposite true. It’s like left tackles in college, they get moved to guard in the NFL.

  20. One thing that is pretty obvious is the game has gotten so fast that it’s a young mans game. The Hawks have looked lethargic in long stretches. Can’t blame that on the Europe vacation anymore. On most nights the opponent has had “ the jump”.
    I think the Hawks are still looking for that gear. Perhaps they believe Dach can help energize this crew.

  21. Ian – I could see JC doing the 4th line you mentioned 77-22-92 just to ease Dach in

    Might be a good idea just to see how he handles the pace, physicality, intensity without a ton of pressure

    Whatever JC decides I’m looking forward to seeing Dach play an NHL game soon

  22. I don’t have a strong opinion on where Dach plays because I think the objective is to get him some games so he can adjust to the NHL – or not. Ultimately we want him to play center but it won’t hurt him to play wing at first and it might even be an easier transition path to the NHL game. I’m just anxious to finally see him play with the big boys but I won’t be terribly disappointed if he shows he’s not ready for the big time yet. The long term big picture is more important than the immediate gratification of getting to play with our shiny new toy.

    If Dach get’s sent back to Saskatoon, I say let’s bring up Sikura and put him on the top line … hehehehe :=)

  23. 22 can take half the faceoff but theres something about 64 st center for the flow of things.

    77 19 88
    12 17 91
    20 65 8
    15 64 22

  24. This kid has played zero games in the NHL and already we have these so called self appointed experts saying he can’t do this or that. Relax and let’s see how he does, he was the #3 pick in the draft and he just might turn out alright.

  25. Ian, thats how good Tazer and Krugs is because they are going against the top guys when they were in thos roles.

    Vermette was good but like you said.

    Really Smith and Carpenter should be good, somewhere 50% area so we really need that patent center we always get at deadline, on yrs were deep. Maybe this deadline and a Gusto trade. Nothing agasint Gusto but I didnt think he would get as many pts this yr, were a deep roster now again and not that high scoring high against kind of TOR thing from yrs past.

    I was thinking he would get 40 maybe 50 pts this yr during the summer. He also could helping the team caphit wise having 35 pts. Someone here said sell high with him, you cant always work it out like that but we wouldnt have a defense as good until BoQ is ready then. Thats interesting.

  26. What a jolt were going to get when 77 and 27 are ready and then established. Young speed to go with the full roster we have now and which guys we keep for coming yrs.

  27. Agree Mo, Kampf against opposing teams 2-4 best fo guys holds his own, not dominant but wins half. Struggles if up against the top guys. That’s the thing, who you’re taking fos against, how many their taking every game, mean as much % nos alone do.

    Dach in tonight, Colliton non committal on where he plays. Still like the 92, 22, 77 4th line, Dach straight up for Smith not giving much with Dachs style. Can be swapped with Cagguila for shifts on that wing. Getting a look at him as center, could swap with Kampf or double shift Kane with him and Nylander and move to C that way. Find out tonight i guess,

  28. I’m not saying he can’t be a center. I just don’t think given his skill set that playing him there right now is the best idea as an 18 year old.

  29. Fwiw, in the parts of the AHL games of his I’ve seen. I counted 1-12 in faceoffs he took. That will come up. But he has struggled mightily at the dot. Is that all it takes to play center? Obviously not. But puck possession starts at the faceoff dot. Advanced stats say faceoffs don’t account for that many goals for or against. But it certainly still matters.

  30. Rusty thats why i say on the wing on 4th and double shift Kane with him and Nylander, let him play the up and down ice with skilked players as with center responsiblities vs wing. Fos may be worked on in practice, to try and get a little better over time.

  31. Yea he be better on RW LW like 86 did for those first couple games he played.

    ER, like your lines here, would have 65 at center. I like that.

    Craig, I believe in this first 5 games of getting up to speed and the sch to. We have games 6-10 now so that should get us into a rthyhem but the sch is soo fukked ridiculous by having first 2 games in 11 days, then next 2 games in 7 days, now 5 games in 7 days. Just cant get a normal flow going.

    For a normal flow and playing regularly where theres enough games and not too many games every 7 days wk, like 3 or 4 every wk no more no less.

  32. I think we’ll see Dach move around the line up tonight and probably in the next few games

    JC said long term they see him as a centre so I imagine he’ll get a look there before too long despite his FO%

    Looking forward to seeing how he does – first impressions don’t always mean a lot but they can often be telling

  33. Didnt see first part of game. Tied with 77 with one of the top teams, so maybe even play by us and short handed against on a 4 min PP that looks absolutely pathetic. Were good but you cant be terrible at PP or PK like that. What I like to see is that we play good and need to clean up stuff and get better at those things.

    This game should 1-1, that is pathetic. You shouldnt have to score twice to be up 1.

  34. Strome playing wing?
    And suddenly Shaw is a better 1st line player or NHLer than SAAD? This coach has no idea how to make lines.
    That 3rd line has no offence! Saad is wasted
    20 19 88
    12 17 8
    65 77 92
    64 22 91

  35. With 12 on Tazers line I would do this, then you still have 12 17 together.

    12 19 17

    Then with Dach you can do 77 65 88 and stil have your patent 3rd.

  36. Not a bad idea Mo, Blackhawks winning the 5 on 5 battle, way better possession nos. up 1-0. Losing special teams battle completely, down 2-0 there. Story of game so far.

  37. Its fine to get beat PP PK wise in some games but it cant, ever, be that pathetic ever. The 5 on 5 is the base model and we play even or better with those kind of teams where there and need to clean some thing up, still have a ways to go on that. Good thing is thats on us not how good other team is doing or credit them, its on us.

    We play to other teams level? or what.

    77 can bring more balance to lines with another good top 9 player. Were up to 8 of the 9 now, with 64.

    I know I stated I was going to go by games 6-10 and not first 5 getting up to speed games. With the stupid sch 2 in 11 days, 2 in 7 days, 5 in 7 days. I am going to wait until games 10-20 to go by. What good is we have seen glimpses of how good we are and once we get it together, team game get better as we go, then we might have something here. Make finetune this summer and were looking good.

    77 and 27 can bring moar speed and quality to roster and having several 4m caphit players we can shed 2 of those and be right in line for salary cap. Keeping a loaded roster.

  38. These first 5 games are what the preseason scrimmages should have looked like and record to go with it a split game record. 2-3-1, 3-2-1, 2-2-2 is basically the same its splitting the games. Now lets get in some kind of rhythm so we can just play and work on the team system.

  39. re: Hull’s lines – the Saad-Kampf-Kubalik line has been the Hawks’ best all year. So instead of getting the consistency and chemistry folks like Hull used to bitch & moan about when Q threw the lines in a blender, now we advocate messing with a good thing.

    How about we set it and leave it for a while? Give me:


    Give me this for the next 8 days. Leave it alone.

  40. Thats good to do now that were set with games every two days, get into rythem.

    I though of similar lines like that other day with

    65 19 88

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