Blackhawks Recall Matthew Highmore

On Monday morning the Blackhawks recalled center Matthew Highmore from Rockford.

Highmore, 23, has 10 points (four goals, six assists) in 17 games with the IceHogs this season. He scored twice in 13 games with the Blackhawks during the 2017-18 season and was limited to nine points in 12 games with Rockford last year because of injury.

He will take the roster spot of Drake Cagguila, who is on IR.

21 thoughts on “Blackhawks Recall Matthew Highmore

  1. I like the kid but it’s just another guy who can’t score. I won’t place my order for a Stanley Cup ring just yet.

  2. Presumably Highmore will get into the line up Tuesday I would guess for Smith on the 4th line

    Here’s hoping he can bring a bit more speed and forechecking with him

  3. Like the way he plays but probably only gets a 5 or 6 quick shifts for a couple of games if he gets in at all and goes back down.

  4. I think Highmore and Caggiula have a real similar game and similar production to be expected. 4th line energy guy.

  5. Hagel will probably be next in line if things go south.I would think that Smith,s Back will start acting up and Nylander may be sent down.Looks like the younger Sykura is on the outs.I would not be surprised to see him shipped to Buffalo or Detroit eventually.

  6. Maybe scratch Kubalik again and have lines of 64, 77, 65 and 15, 22, Highmore for a couple rotations a period.

  7. Pleeaasse don’t scratch Kulabik.
    Nylander needs a reminder that he will only play if he plays hard, all the time. It’s hard not to have one of the arguably 3 most talented guys playing in the top 6 but he just doesn’t show up many shifts. I was hoping he doesn’t have too much Ho Sang Itis.

  8. Those good players Higmore and other should get some games while people are banged up. Thats the time. These are the guys who will be in next, prob, for next this yrs roster adjustments and this summers adds and not keeps.

    Finetune, from this full roster. Nobody will be rushed out, they get plenty of time to show they got it or not and who gets rewarded for a good yr comes back, like Jammer and Dejon did. Same thing here.

  9. People didnt order Cup rings, at first, when we got Hoss.

    The dark side of the force, red wings then pit, are dirty.

    Once Hoss joined the good side of the force, the rebels won and won without 95 m payrolls mid 90s wise.

  10. Well when Seabsy boy watch scratch it made people do something about it when he came back. He could do something about it and did.

    Kubalik is new and new to league, man he is a good player. Trying to do the same? Hes not slow like 7 is compared to new league speed.

    Maybe someone took a pic of Seabsy boy eating nachos like Craw at the concert jumping steps at a time to get the the exits faster. Wish I was there with him, partying like the guys did when they were 25.

  11. Evil empires play with 95 m payrolls in the mid 90s. What a bucnh of bullys that cant win without that much of advantage.

  12. Dallas playing AGAIN tonight ? They should be exhausted rolling into Chicago late tonight.
    Hawks need to take advantage of this tomorrow. Score early and force them to chase the scoreboard.

  13. Well they shouldnt have energy for the first 10 min or maybe first. Then be ready for 2nd. We should be ahead or even worst case for the 3rd.

    We played 6 in 9 and it took two games and first 10 min of thrid to get legs, when in was 5 and 6 game of those 6. Even though tey are 3 in 4 are they in a log jam thoough, like 6 in 9 days.

  14. Highmore, another undrafted player with the Hawks who cannot score. No one cares.
    Pathetic prospects in Rockford.

  15. Time for BILL PETERS, STAN BOWMAN and Mr.MCD to explain the Akim Aliu incident in the AHL! These guys need to be fired! Such fools! Then Anthony Duclair gets booed by some of our racist fans and he promptly never gets a chance in Chicago? Why do you think? Because Bouma is a better player or because Stan and McD don’t want negative press around ONE GOAL!

  16. Hull65 I’m not going to comment on the racist fan comment, because I’m not in that building, and my guess is every building has a few. But why not celebrate that Duclair, at 24 years of age may finally be coming into his own. This is his 5th NHL team. Lot’s of passes on him in the NHL–it is as you say a performance league, and he didn’t perform. Maybe now he can and that’s great for him. OK!

  17. Does anyone know what’s happened to Delia in Rockford? The other two goalies are 7 wins and 2 losses and Delia numbers don’t look great.

  18. Same line up as last game. Why bring up Highmore if he is going to ride the pine. I would have liked him in and Nylander out

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